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3/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You'll 930 WBS. News. Bet last night around 1 o'clock and I just rips up where we should get up to Korea. And not heard that horrible. Tom Bauerle. I finally enforcing our immigration blows we will raise wages help the unemployed save billions and billions of dollars. And make our communities safer for everyone I'm David Bellamy those given a high honor. Of admission to the United States should support this country and let its people and it's that. We cannot allow. They beat schett of terrorists to form inside America we cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary. Or extreme it's it's the hourly and Olivia for that reason we will soon begin the construction. Of a great great law. Along our southern border on news radio 930 W. This is hourly ability that is ready at 930 WB PM. And you know we always say we're gonna do this one thing leads to another and we end up running at a time but I wanna love. Along with David replay call the came in yesterday. Almost at the end of the show yesterday from a young lady. Who I believe is being mentally abused at school how would you feel if your kid came home. And your kids supported Donald Trump. And your kids said hey. Mr. silence no thanks I'm mentally ill because I support Donald for up mr. so and so thinks there's something wrong with it I support the ultra. So what a replay of the call it's not long but it really serves to underscore the theme of a show we'd get a few days back. Dealing with this very subject teachers who. Our proselytize and and try to jam they're politics. Down their students' throats and it's a very unequal equation in terms of power the teacher has all the power in this that you operation this student has not. But let's hear it in the students' words the call from yesterday listen up. Is Amanda and one young lady who is called Pittsburgh my teacher over her conservative view points amid the that I properly tell the story your mom told us when I met your mom kind of mentally she still away one minute she was the store the next minute she got off to the darkness I was wondering I've been speaking with an operation for awhile but. Amanda welcome to WB yeah. Elam I'm sorry he said he didn't mean did not say bags. Are now there was it was like really weird I mean. But anyway Amanda. Without naming the teacher what exactly happened to you two earned the yes or Burkett of disturbed. Oh definitely a lot we would have on debate saying crap over immigration and and I am one of cute students who would definitely support chart. And I would screamed at by the other it and now at Kraft ninety bank he actually he called me night eve and ridiculous at my beliefs. And then keep it. Who Buchanan coming up broken up that last part. I keep their actually put me in the public yet they day. And that he is concerned for my bogey and he said that I only the court. He goes I bet on the apparent voted for trump in and day and I said yes and he doubly when you look at the house and you're you'll be more look I'm. When their future that's completely inappropriate. Where am and that this has to be taken to the principal attention and I I need the principal on our show asked why the principal condones teachers accused students supporting trump of basically being insane. Well I talked to him and he he gave me half credit uncertain assignment that where I went and and bad enough. I definitely did all the web part if I can't believe how you may. Why was he giving you have credit we're talking about high school folks why were you getting after it. Because. Are my opinion and certain article I wrote a. Case of gimme an example of our Calero and what was your opinion. So we have to be newspaper articles. Right basically the claim that on site evidence and they give our interpretation and. OK so give it give us an example of one of those. So the article was about how trump supporters like him because he's at twelve terrible politician though he got a typical politician I would do it went. Dating. He could from the article. And he said he was concerned because. My views about. So you got. Also credit you don't have credit for doing you Simon appropriately and having been an opinion that this teacher felt was worthy of half of the credit. Up another student who gave the proper opinion. While says that's just a little lose power that's not the start actually I'm you know what I'll go on the record and say that this is. This is behavior and I believe it's actionable behavior I think so too I think we can speak and lawyering easy I actually taught to believe that Amanda's rights. Are being infringed upon and Amanda hey you decided. That you opt for example. We're confused about your sexuality or confused about your gender. If a person were to come up to you and say you know Amanda. I'm concerned that you're you're disturbed because you have these different. My goodness gracious you couldn't ever say that they're supposed to give you a bachelor of your own. No I I think things because. But in my opinion he can just spoke to encouraged it and the form their own opinion especially in government act when it comes to power. But my teacher is completely. By at and he checked the way everybody in the class. Amanda Amanda I I want you sent an EL so we can track you'd. Name. That I can attached to you because this is to be taken to the management of the can work of one school district this is unacceptable behavior by teachers and Mandy you know this are ready because you sell what you are great parents. But that check it out there's nothing wrong with the U. And in fact your enduring this now. Is making you stronger you're extremely intelligent you're able to think whatever you wanna think you could be whatever you wanna be. And teachers like this that's what the bullies their little people who never achieved and they want to take a young person with all this potential. And they wanna thwarted. Because that's what makes them feel good so they're disturb you or not thank you for Bergen to our attention and let's make this teacher famous. All right that was Amanda calling him and talk about small world. We had just done the show up about it teachers jam their politics now student's throats. And I went in to win a two mom at a local business and then Amanda called the show so if that rings a bell with you. I'd like to know David would like to know if you are in the same situation as a parent or as a student as a man. We want them now that we don't know what is your advice to Amanda and her family in dealing witnessed. And you know David you made the point yesterday they before bet. When talking about a teenager and you've got an authority figure. Whether to coach a teacher a priest telling a young person that they're either not talented or their twisted their sick. That has a huge impact it is likely to have a huge impact for many many years on the individual. It does and it's it's it's scars and those rooms you know sometimes take a long time to heal. We are breaking news out of the eyed Dutch race for prime minister it appears that. Dirt wilder is the conservative has lost. The Liberal Party takes the lead in the general election exit polls show ten seats. To be anti Islamic. Gert while wilders the they've gain some seats but not enough he has called and basically. For a conceded conceded his his race duties trashes hotel room well he did he broke last vases it staff members. If you consider the day after Hillary's concession speech she actually gave. For the record you know Georgia after that speech and concession speech and but it Laker wilder is Don and instead about you know young people that age. You remember the little things. You might not have played guitar for years because you might have an expert resources that you relieved that you brought it up. You don't mean absolutely don't play because you're not as good as he has as part of plus I figured if my brother's always borrow money off of me maybe I should be applied its tells the south and also the guitar. It's a gimmick limit of that one. Oh no. All right so what you do what you tell me that the young lady who basically has been called disturbed by teachers. Because she supports dropped inch or parents voted for Donald drop what what would you do in a situation like this pretend I'm and it is your daughter but the first thing I would do I would be on the ball at the principal about two seconds flat. And how we go on the record and to make it even more effective I would hire a lawyer. That is the only way to get I mean you want justice we are talking about lawyers. That's the way to do it yeah I mean that no attention has never paid listen if this were a black students. Who was told Horry gave student or any of the liberal. It it's. It's that you did argument is consistent across the board a teacher. Taking a student aside and and OK you know. Casting allegations on their sanity or that there's something wrong with them. It's ridiculous. And we did our student that are disturbed. And there are students that something wrong with. Let's say I'm sorry let's check some of the Texan of command at 30930. As our text and everyone is open on the call in line 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB EM. I here are some of the tax you shouldn't play so nice if it were the other way around with the conservative teacher's name be kept confidential by liberal media hell no. Well what I would like to see. It's up and I want to see it but what I would expect before I don't even think about giving somebody's name. I would like to have corroboration from other students. Saying the same thing is we've not released the teacher's name. But if this is a continuing problem is this an isolated incidents. How do you go about proving exactly what was said. Here's another text tactical electoral history teacher and he local Western New York district and I love my students who support trop. I encourage them to be proud of the candidate they chose to support. Have to be unbiased these days but my trump supporters in class are proud of their candidate definitely some wackos out there in the teaching profession unfortunately. Here's another text I would encounter my liberal college professor in a debate class his only defense was telling me every single conservative statement I said was a slippery slope argument. When it wasn't Amanda where your beliefs like armor no one can hurt you that way. Here's another one Amanda call either the AC. LJ. Or alliance defending freedom. So a lot of problems texting and MM. Those are all great that celebrated vice you know it's just happened on the floor of the senate that's getting some some notice her wanna keep you guys up to date. John so right now Montenegro is that tried to join NATO. Right and Montenegro is hands on there and civil war that there are Russian. Agents that are in Montenegro trying to pull them out from Georgia in NATO. Welsh are senator Rand Paul objected to Montenegro joining NATO. Believes it's gonna bring us into war because they're so unstable John McCain just said. You are achieved to Rand Paul senator from Kentucky you are achieving the objectives of Latimer potent. Trying to December trying to dismembered the small country which is already been the subject of an attempted coup. If you object you are now carried out the desires and ambitions of black Liverpool and I do not say that lightly John McCain just accuse. Rand Paul of working. Flatter verb form. This morning I asked as mine well yeah clearly but what about that idea that you don't attack people where your collar. Eggs in that a wonderful body known as the senate so you heard what Amanda had to say about the the teacher who called her disturbed because she supported Donald Trump. And I'm concerned about you Amanda because Amanda apparently is one of the few that Tim or west to vote publicly expressed support. For Donald track. Concerned about Q. Concern. All right let's set such is our education archipelago today the education archipelago let's go to sue in ten more on WBE and sue welcome. I can and gave that I also am a great joys of the ten times school system like. To have. I'm a little bit older and six if I figured all that great we did in 1970. And when I graduated. Different opinions were widely accepted within 1010 schools to. Now with the taxpayer intense. I've tried to go to some of the board meeting. And the air is in L a lap of the difference of opinion. I not surprised that the student is. Getting it from her teachers because they're all here last week. Well I remember what it was a big deal when the first Democrat may be tunnel tunnel on the town board after 100 years I think his name was Sam a body but at the town is totally changed that from what it was when I grew up. Oh very much though and one things is the reason the fact that I wish I didn't live here. I'm one of the things that's very interesting. And they don't call it are they act as a when I graduated in 1970. But you know the business first does this school ranking. And these school ranking for 2016. For the hand school district. Is now 53. Out of 96. That's amazing to me because I think when business first started that a ranking of schools I believe Canton was in the top 25. All I I'm sure I mean a lot of people. Moved into ten times because the schools are very very good. And I mean I have a variety of friends somewhere in need you know it really excelled someone into the trade. Some of that were more in the middle. But you've really got a good education and what are the things that I can go there. To even grade school how we didn't have the different group expects that in the system. That we can't get free religion that we're very proud. Protestant Catholic and Jewish. And I live in the neighborhood didn't handle large Jewish component probably about a third of my I have if you wish. We always celebrated how to cut elevated Christmas. None of the parents protested. None of the parent complain. They felt it was a way for us to learn about different religions. You know I'm fascinated that you said that because that mrs. Goldberg Arcandor teacher. She actually brought in a menorah explain it's significance and then the next that she did a full lesson on Santa Claus you know saint Nicholas and all that stuff. Nobody complained nobody felt like they were out of place where all first of kids. We weren't any parent ever you never heard appearances like having a meeting and saying I don't want my children pick your debt. I mean I like home and to this day I can go to like got a party and they got caught out and out they won't Wear it would really help. Because the Jewish mother he had. The cradle. At that you wished I. Like Randall that they had ever and made me doom two cradle and her territory we'll start to do that and they didn't extend had been bothered the practical. So soon what is a parent to do wrapping this up here in a situation like this what would you do your intersect these you've got some wisdom how should this family handle his teacher. I try to speak to the principal. I'd be surprised if the principal would be sympathetic. And perhaps they took home school the child. It's not really know let's let's presume for most people that's not an option. You pay your school taxes and that is too much to expect it can also go to school yeah also hit a home schooling if you're student is is struggling in in in a public school they can get a better experience learn more there's tremendous amount of home school kids that do very well on standardized test. But but the other thing is that you know the home schooling is also sign that you're waiving that flag. You know you don't have to surrender just because you think a certain way to meet yet that is an easy solution to see your fight. And I wanna see your whim and honestly in the courts I'm so are you living in Canton. You know if you're a tax Payer that district has. This loss is gonna come on your back pocket too. Aren't we we have to get on some other folks thank you very much for the call 8030930. Stock and I'm 3180616. WB yet we've got isolated the a money shot quote for. A man who called in yesterday this is young lady who's been called disturbed by a teacher can more west because she supports. I keep to actually he called me I eat and ridiculous. I believe I eat there actually twelve million in the hallway the other day. And thank you get concerned and I believe. Think he actually he called me. I eat and ridiculous. My belief is he there aren't actually probably won't in the hallway the other day. And thank you get can Erin and I believe. All right that way as somebody Amanda's family is called actually sent us a text saying that she is an advanced honor student who. Who was only supposed to be a junior but she's graduating a year early. She's obviously disturbed. I'm obviously we have ever reasonably concerned about it you know I'm concerned about her if she's gonna do this Jewish values a teacher. I guess my thing is is that you know look no reason to question the integrity of Amanda or repair its. But you know we I want err on the side of ruining someone's career. You don't mean you always want error on the side of all let's get all the facts all were asking the audience. If they've had similar issues with teachers. In that district and at the names matchup than the names match if we get a few. A few complaints then you got them right but it also could be that a lot of the people in the class agreed that amendment is there somebody about whom to be concerned because she supports Donald for a but that's just not a big that's not cool town but I don't want anymore. And it's really sad that the language in the idea the way it was handled it to me is just. It's disgraceful but what is your advice to that young lady yet situations like that of your all and this is a CJ in check the log on WB Ian Pelosi agent. I didn't create and I have something very important I believe this will not ensure a bullying problem and there's. Young girl to pray that teachers should be teaching critical thinking. Critical point in little old lady goat here what he's doing in dumbing down our charter. Using it kept fighting cocker methodology. Separating our own children from her own hair and because of the way they're teaching our children. And this has got applicant is a revolution here in fact he can be our. It's just me and needs to be an Armenian airline agreed to come. But it doesn't matter they're really doesn't matter what matters is that he is teaching. He is teaching. They were absolutely. The worst possible Communist. Fascist. Left wing is are you go. And teaching Leo and we now Latin country. You know CJ if this was a lunch monitor this person will be fired in two and a half minutes. Obvious misstatement in there there's there's a union involved in when you have those issues it is not going to be easy. It's like you're gonna be like well what you did was unforgivable. There's a lot of things that are on forget will still take closed door sessions of the school board handle. Yeah actually right in this current problem pro prop. I kind of agree with what you said using the word bully in the left always like to say that people are being bullied I mean they need they're safe spaces and played O and you know. Private time. But this to me seems like bullying and end it also seems frankly very very abusive mentally abusive. It isn't mentally abusive if they put in a different person unlike in the end up. Where to get this kind of information or feedback from I got like for a person like a teacher which they air light at that age. They could ruin your entire life. And unethical. We got a lot of spotlight rarely get a lot of sparingly people who are now he sheet well. They're not even paying attention they're going about their life watching the cardiac machines election. Stupid programming that does nothing but don't doubt her. But you're here shall write about what can happen at a young age can affect you for the rest your life I mean can you imagine if you could retro rat. Retro actively sue someone for trauma that only god inflicted at fourteen time travel my marching band teacher would be. Couldn't prove your margin could I tried well did you anything else wanna add to what you already so brilliantly and with such great addition proclaimed. I'll say a headache or future at the pew high school in Manhattan and at eleven a strong woman. It's an. I don't plan teacher who did not think that Cherokee humiliate me. And I really believe it did it because you had a home cleaning it and he kicked what do that are acknowledged girls' gym class. You've got stuck you know perhaps up there and they can try and what that he did not succeed those people who will that succeed impact. Because I am so tired of what's happening in the country. And what people are allowing true happened and parents really need to get involved and they better get out now. It is they don't want out permanently all right now. That if you don't you wake up it actually look at wake people up. This is the same. Whatever techsters just said remembered ten or west helped create Wolf Blitzer back to point well taken. And I heard something that with which I actually do not agree please be aware of wearing the bullying mental do not fall into the victim pit. Well if a high school student is not a victim in this case of a teacher a manipulative teacher and what with the proper word be. The proper word would be that you know a complete. Idiot who didn't act have a clue what he's for. Student Nona I think CJ is aptly at this should we have to use the language the left has created. Were arguing as that people care individual liberty and and actually have some sense of honor. This doesn't happen in a world. Where an individual was treated with respect. This happened in the piece he Petri dish that the left has made so if I. Seeking his own vernacular hitting their own words and in this case this guy as a bull all the teachers also spewing hate David. Hit a device of us we should actually burn our local college. Her. Notion you know I have had dreams David about blowing and government are. I'm glad I'm doing Ashley Judd and expected through your bread TJ thank you very much a digital age it actually call later it was Madonna was with her actually just Madonna's adding equipment but actually to actually judge did you see where she got triggered. Oh did you hear that story is so largely I think George the airport or something that someone was wearing a track pad and triggered her. And she created a scene in a public place because someone with a trump had triggered her anger that this deranged. I think she's the star I think I'm good I am concerned about concerned about you actually. I mean and she does she try to bully the person wearing the make America great again had worked anywhere it's the difference between an adult telling another adult I'm concerned are you because your friend. Any teacher tally essential if support and more noticeable because you charge or custody and while there in your other grades for college and there are their future and in this girl sounds like she's about. Hard chargers should Jews that's about to graduate. You know she needs that great. There is bad enough in East Aurora bella welcome on our ability you know 30930. Start at 3180616. WP EM what should the student do whose teacher basically. Expressed its concern because she supports dropped. I am umbrella. Earlier on the radio guerrilla. I'm in ninth grade and what I'm like teachers asked me what my political views was what are. Everybody and I bet that my family very can there as. And I think they voted for extra. And seen only in I think and constantly picked on me and that the whole class would gang up I mean and light. Makes like comment about. Our choice for a slowdown bella let's get that how did she W what did you what happened. It she would it make comments about. How awful Donald Trump is and trying to like brainwashed me and has not liking him. That don't give us any names but is this a teacher and do what in what district are we speak. So I don't know what what district East Aurora via okay. And so this teacher asked if there was this in front of a class or was this a one on one when it which heats. And the class. They all ganged up on me. And what were some and so what some of the things that you thought were that hurt your feelings. And you know just be as descriptive as you can as to what was said that they did you feel like you were being able. Okay. I brought up how I didn't. Believed an abortion and he went around like a Rampage about how abortion should be legal. And trying to get me to change my use and just make me feel like an error at about. Urged. Encouraged the other you know to make spot in. And obviously you're dead or somebody's in the background helping you with the phone call ones that are now what happened after this took place. Well. Yes my dad had to call the principles. Because it was getting to the point where I didn't want to come to school. And I just felt bullied and he called the principle. And it. They addressed and they talked to me about it and they all my my ball was very understanding. But. Did she apologize to him. Who would've made an apology to you in front of the class stadium pre requisite yeah. I and look at tell your teacher that she's more than welcome. She we will get over an entire segment to segment on this program where she could debate any issue she wants with an adult. And we can see else marchment which one of us is the adult I was that you could. But but but no bella. You know it was it was abortion the only issue that she felt the need to. Jump on a soapbox or whether other issues. G hit gem trade. Pretty much the abortion thing but she risk on the end torque. He has all the prep all the former presidents on the all but she refuses to put Donald Trump's picture. I'll it is just really awesome for teacher yeah what a great example she's setting for the use a -- it took some Easter or school district I know they went through the proper channels allegedly you know the story we we can't confirmed or denied the story but I will tell you this if you have a teacher in East Aurora school district that's been accused of bullying a student. You can just sweep this under the rug without an apology. You can't allow that teacher to the next day act like nothing happened. And you guys she should be forced to write a letter of apology in the may apology approach. Yes she's forced to eat at trump stake. Maybe that's going too far but honestly that that picture didn't really annoys me. I don't get the pick and choose our leaders Millard Fillmore. We don't get to do that. Franklin Pierce is pictures up Donald Trump's is not at Franklin Pierce is the only president ever accused of manslaughter he ran over a woman with his horse and buggy. Ask your social studies teacher she knows that. You know molecular religion and so bella have things have things gotten better or have actually gotten worse since the election of president trump. Well she still tend to bring it up once in awhile for that day after the election and she would like completely miserable. They didn't want it talked and EY and and I think that like affected. Him winning like a fact that our entire class. Bella here's what I want to do I want to do this formula that. I want to go on your class tomorrow. I want your index card the word pest TR US adds stress. And the next time your teacher goes down this way you need to raise that cart above your head and say man you are triggering me and this is my stress guard. I need my own space right now. And go right to the principal's office and say that this teachers triggering me we brought it up through the proper channels it continues to happen. I need a safe space. And we will play the liberal game against them and we'll do with your life bell yes and look up actually. Mean if you were to record a teacher going on a rant against stroke in front of class. You know. We would have no way of going you know how that video was obtained legally or illegally in the State of New York one party to be part of a party of vehicle. I wonder you know I don't wanna give you the wrong information Alaska we'll ask Paul came. Well actually I mean. You can probably look it up on line if you're an attorney can an underage person and a classroom. Record their teacher without their permission and that put it on the local talk show. I've thus whereas. And of course if the teacher in question was actually going discrete against Barack Obama of course it would be released and of course that go on line. Would have the ballot if you brought in an eight by ten of Donald Trump and teacher teacher lost the picture. I jackpot and he's like I'm gonna bring in a picture. All I'm gonna hang a banner Lester might also. Leavitt thank you very much actually you know use Donald Trump pictures as your book rep. Now they make you wrap your books absolutely right that thank you very much bella good luck to you but remember kids never bring a Donald Trump knife to school it's never except not even a piece of bread that is carved to look like to know Donald Trump knife down let's go to Lisa and Lewiston WBE and Lisa. I. My daughter actually and local. Girls all Catholic high school. And now she's actually in China going to the same thing and when you talked about bullying really trying to brought it home because. A couple of times he didn't make it feel all of copter and expressing her opinion. Which again. To be par for the course right now with eight kids. However when it came to report card time they teacher in the crowd that in which he's having a difficult time expressing her. Her report part shouldn't participate more in co. Always that's something YouTube intimidate a child. And now should I talk and they knew digger I'm not talking. It is just such nonsense. You parents out there that have these stories I tell you sentiment you have incredible patience. I mean that that speaks about not only you raised an individual in a world of of sheet which you should be proud of but the other thing is you raise the kid who knows how to deal with the escalation of nonsense and you with parents have showed. Extreme examples of what adults should be when you are not the screaming morons that run in the streets and bash things and break property. But you parents that are during this you show your kids exactly how adult behavior so kudos to you. Look thank you are in fact. My older daughter also graduated from the school and when she was attending school I was listening to talk show aren't. And I remember him saying because your daughter went to the school. That just because it's a Catholic education does not mean that they can answer that yet but it. Well correct a Mundo the Pope has made sure of that hasn't. I mean it almost in the book of Luke he talked about fossil fuels. An excellent education that we really had to do. You know we click track that Jack what they're that they get traffic that. We know what's going. Lisa you're raising a leader you're raising a young league leader she's gonna remembered the way used code behind her and stood in front cover and shoulder to shoulder whether or not tell you what. This is the her real education you know end up for what you believe and not backing down that's the real educate Lisa thank you so much for the call it really appreciate it. And by the way you know David a seems to me we're gonna have time to maybe squeak it one more call we could spend an entire four or show on this one subject I want to do it tomorrow. I think we probably can't here's neutral or WB and hello. Hi guys yeah I'm just rail on board with you guys I mean. Overall that would go out and cry in and this isn't going to be on the news. And we're back in the they're rallies about it. Because we don't act like that. It all. That I should be fired and it's not going to be that way however are or the app for that instance where teacher. You know expressing feelings about. How somebody you know they're worried about. And Hillary Clinton voter. Welcome to measure teachers say to a student who has expressed support for Roe vs. Wade. I'm concerned about your fundamental lack of respect for human life there's a gadget that doesn't have to just texted in here nor my whole life from notable New York okay. And this is a person who is in the education field right. There are teachers in this audience that are listening to this right now. Deer are people that are our tertiary and of their profession this is were supposed to begin. Ever there are people who don't speak English as a first language and some of our schools locally could you imagine. If a Christian teacher sat somewhere down and said you know I'm disturbed by your belief in law and and his Prophet Mohammed at. It would be absolute anarchy. I love it a you know April at a short work we're out of time that is given the doors a frank Mercury Bauerle Bellamy we love you guys god bless president trump. But you're a politician is federal parliament they studies. If it fit to save fuel student has been at best an embarrassment and at worst it is costing you fall asleep. In parliament you know John Boehner cannot. Hyped plug obviously violence is looking for much paging doctor. But that depends on the speaking does apple also revealing to us all we did what you certain regions.

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