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3/15 President Trump Speech in Nashville

Mar 16, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're just gonna let the other folks come then fill it up. This I'm grad you have to you went outside you wouldn't even believe it. Unbelievable. So I'm thrilled to be here in Nashville tennis these dog. Of country music. And hospitality. And the great. President and then Jack. I just came from a tour of Andrew Jackson's home to mark. The 250. Anniversary. Of his birth. Jackson's life was devoted. 21 I'm very crucial principle he understood that real leadership. Means putting. America first. Before becoming president. And Jackson served your day in the House of Representatives. And in the United States then. Eddie also aren't as commander. Update and see militia. Tough cookie stop huh. So let's begin tonight by tank you know all of the incredible men and women of the united states military. And all of our wonderful veterans of that. Okay. An amazing. Is no place I'd rather be. Then let all of you here tonight with the wonderful hardworking. Citizens of our country. I would much rather spend time with you than any of the pundits. All or special Internet. Directly or recorders. Remarks he did BC. It's patriotic Americans like you make this country run and run well. You pay your taxes. Follow our logs support your communities. Raise your children looking your country. And then you have bread and despite. In our awards. All you lot as big government that shows you the same loyalty. In return. It's time that Washington heard your voice and believe me on November 8. They heard your voice. Okay. That's forgotten. Men and women. Of our country. Will never before gotten again believe me. I wanna thank you so many of your state leaders. State party chairman. Got golden. Conger has been. Scott DL lane. Congresswoman mark you're black. Congresswoman Diane black. Congressman. Jimmy Duncan right from the beginning. Governor bill has blown. A great friend of mine. Senator Bob Barker. I think credible guy respected by all. Senator Lamar Alexander. And so many more thank you all for being here. We're going to be working closely together then you. To deliver we used as it is up ten to me like you've never been delivered or people who are thank you thank you. We're going to re do your taxes. Big league big. Jake and I want is not that rods there's no quick way. Gotta get that health care done we got inside that tax reductions. We are gonna do implore our trade rules. And bring back our job which is scattered all over the world they coming back doctor. Regard to support the amazing. Absolutely. Amazing. Men and women. A law enforcement. Protect your freedom and defend the Second Amendment. And we are going to re still are re back. For our country at Furyk great and very beautiful plant. It's been a little over fifty days since my inaugural race. And we've been putting our America first agenda very much into action news UN. We're keeping our promises in fact they have signs he's kept his promise or all of the I had. We have done far more. I think maybe more than anybody's done. In this office in fifty days static. And we have just gotten started way you US government. We've appointed a supreme court judge has to replace the late great add that in Scalia his name is judge. Neo guards are. He will uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. We are proposing a budget that will shrink the bloated federal bureaucracy and I mean blooded. While protecting. Our national security. What we're doing without military bigger better stronger than ever before you you what's happening. And you're already seeing the results. Our budget calls for a one. Of this single largest increases in defense spending. History in this country. We believe. Especially the people in Tennessee I know you people so well. In peace. Through strength. That's what we're going down. And we are taking steps to make sure. That our allies. Pay their fair share after. We've begun a dramatic effort to eliminate job killing federal regulations like nobody has ever seen before. Slash. Slash we're gonna protect the environment. To protect people's names but let me tell you. The regulation business has become a terrible business at where going to break it down. Wary chipping. The crowd right now is turning and pointing towards somebody in the crowd seemed likely a protestor it's. They'll be the glory tomorrow did you did that was approach. I. We're going to put our miners back to work. We're going to put our auto it goes back to work. Already because of this new business climate. We are creating jobs. That are starting to Clark back into our country like we have been seen in many many. Decades. In the first new job reports. Since I took the oath of all we've already added nearly half a million new jobs and believe me it's just beginning. I've already authorized. The construction. A belongs to all been delayed key down and Dakota act says pipeline. Not a job. I've also directed. That new pipelines. Must be constructed with Americans. DL. They're a lot of build them where they use ours deal. We believe in two simple rules. Higher air America. A drag. I've kept my promise to the American people. And withdrawn. From the trans. Pacific. Partnership disaster. Tennessee. Has lost 13 of its manufacture. Dream jobs. Since the institution. Of NAFTA one of the worst trade deals ever in history. Our name and his laws. Over 8000 factories. In China joined the World Trade Organization 60000 they get that. More than that. We're not going to let it happen any Maher from now on. We are going to defend. The American worker and our great American companies. Kind of America. Does what it says. And a few president. Does what I've been telling you there is nobody. Anywhere in the world. That can even come close. How do you. If a company wants to leave America. I don't know darkness and then it. They're new products back into our country. There will be consequences. That's what we have voters more and by the way. Are not borders getting extremely strong. Don't even think about it. We will build the walls coated. In fact as you probably read. We went out to bid. We had hundreds of bidders. Everybody who wants to build a wall. Usually that means what did he get a good price we're gonna get a good price public. We're gonna build the line. Some of the fake dead I don't think Donald Trump wants to build the wolf. Can you imagine device that would packet of noble. Fake news. It's big big news. Hey there is not a lot of faith. Now the wall is way ahead of schedule in terms of where we are. It's under design. And you could she's a very good things happening but the bullet or by itself right now. Is doing very well it's becoming very strong. General Kelley has done a great job general Kelley. My administration. Is also following through on our promise to secure. Protect and defend that border within our united day. Our southern border will be protected always it will have the wolf. Drugs or stop borrowing yen at poisoning our youth and that will happen. Very very soon you're already seeing what's going on. Did drugs are pouring into our country folk. They are poisoning our youth. And plenty of others. And we're going to stop it we're not going to be playing games. Are going to be playing. Following my executive action. I don't forget we've only been here for life. Why. Fifty days. We've already experienced an unprecedented. 40% reduction. It illegal immigration on our southern border 61%. 61%. It's inauguration day 61%. Think it. I doubt people saying. We're not gonna go there any book is we can't get in so it's gonna get better and better. We've got to stop those drugs are we got to stop those drugs. During the campaign. As I traveled all across this country. I met with many American families whose loved ones were viciously and violently killed. By illegal immigrants because our government refused. To and explores our already existing laws. These American victims were ignored by the media they were ignored by Washington. But they were not ignored by me and then not ignored by you and they never will be ignored. Certainly any longer not gonna happen. As we speak. We are finding that drug dealers robbers thieves gang members killers. And criminals preying on our that is why I want your reading about it right. They're being thrown out of our country they're being thrown into prisons. And we will not. Let the them back in. We're also working. Night and day. To keep our nation safe from terrorism. We have seen the devastation. From 9/11. Till Boston to San Bernardino. Hundreds upon hundreds of people from outside our country. I've been convicted of terrorism. Related affects. In the United States collect right now we have investigations going on. All over hundreds of refugees are under federal investigation. For terrorism and related reasons. We have entire regions of the world stabilized. By terrorism and I for this reason. I issued an executive order to temporarily suspending immigration from places where it's dead now. They'd only a crash. I. But let me give you the bad news. We don't like bad news right I don't want an alternative to good. But every TV in the band at the ahead. News. Moments ago. That date district judge in Hawaii. Part of the mod overturned. Ninth Circuit Court. And I have to be nice otherwise I'll get treated. Was speaking poorly. About our courts. I'll be out be criticized by these people. Among the most dishonest people in the world. I will be criticized. I'll be criticized by them. Source speaking harshly about our courts I would never wanted to. Hate to judge has not block. Our executive order or travel. As refugees coming into our. Country from certain countries. The order he blocked. Once they water. Down version of the first order. That was also blocked by another judge. I'd have never been blocked to start with. There's no other ways to Allard. To predict tanks. Of the ninth. Circuit in my opinion. Flawed ruling. This is the opinion of many. And unprecedented. Judicial overreach. The law and the constitution. Gives the president the power. Jesus spent immigration. When he teams or G. Or. Fortunately well not me. Hillary she. I. When he he deems. It to be in the national interest of our country. So we have a lot of lawyers air we also a lot of Smart people let me read you. Directly. From the federal. 212 out. Of the immigration. And you know what I'm talking about. Can I read this you listen to it and now we're all Smart people wrote that is where everything I'm a bit but it but it your Pittston. This is a really you wanna meet you ready so used to actually we don't even wanna quote. When the overall it. It was put him for the security of our country. And this goes beyond me because they'll be other presidents. And we need. And sometimes we need it very badly port security. Security of our country that is. How easy how this news whenever the president fines. That the entry. Of any aliens. Or any plans are aliens would be detrimental to the entrance of the united. He way. By proclamation. And for such period he it was a politically correct its issues at your sheet you know they'd. Actually that's the only mistake they made. As Shelby masses. Then again. All ailing or any class. As immigrants born on him or oppose on the entry of aliens. Any restrictions he may deem to be a proper Arabs. Everything they are out there PRD. Whoever is president. Can say I'm sorry folks now please we got a problem. We're talking about. The safety of our nation this safety and security of our people. Now I know you people are skeptical people. Because nobody would be that way in tennis. Not tennis. You don't think this was done by a judge for political reasons do you know all. This ruling makes us look weak. Which by the way we no longer arm believe me. Just look at our border. We're gonna fight this terrible ruling. We're going to take our case is bars it. It needs to go including all the way up to the Supreme Court. We're going to win. We're going to keep our Citizens Bank. And regardless we're gonna keep ours it is and I believe me. Even. Liberal democratic lawyer Alan Dershowitz good lawyer. Just add that we would win his case. Before the supreme court of the united. Remember this I wasn't thrilled. But the lawyers Olson Poland's Taylor. Who is a watered down version of the first. A watered down version. And let me tell you something I think we ought to go back to the first wanna go all the way which is what I want to kill the hardest. The dangers clear though law. Life is clear the need for my executive order is clear. I was elected. To change our broken and dangerous system. And thinking in government that hasn't weakened and endangered our country and left our people defensemen. And I will not stop fighting for the safety of you let your families believe me. Not today. Not ever. We're gonna win it we're gonna win. I. We go to apply common sense. We're gonna apply intelligence. And we'd never quitting and we're never going away and would never ever giving up the best way. A key barring Jarrett horror as some people would say there is as radical. Islamic. Terrorists. From attacking our country. Is is not bad. From entering our country. In the first place. Well tankan. But these are the problems we have. People who screaming break up the ninth circuit. Today a lot. That night Erica you got to me take a look. At a how many times they have been all returned with their terrible decisions take a look. And this is what we have to live when it finally. I want to get to attack his I wanna cut the hell out attack is but. Lou. Before I can do. I would have loved to output of personal be honest. There's one more very important thing that we have to do. We are going to repeal and replace. Horrible. Disasters. Obamacare. If we leave. Obama Caron play. Me and spend millions of people. Will be forced off their plans. And your senators just tell me that it your state you're down to practically no insurance. You can have nobody. That nobody at this is true all over the jurors are playing. He insurers. Are playing it's a catastrophic. Situation and has nothing to compare anything to because. Obamacare won't be around for a year to a guy. So it's not like OT they have this obamacare is god. Dreaming and we'll continue to alarm. Double digits and even triple digits in many case. It will drain our budget and destroy our jobs. Remember all of the broken promise you can keep your doctor you can keep your plan. Remember the wise guys. Remain so why. That is actually at the American people the so called architect the American people are stupid because they approved it. We're gonna show up. Those in congress. Who made these promises have no credibility whatsoever on. I remember this remember this. If we took because there's a device that I'm not just talking now with me. There was with a bomb that there was replenish the level of hatred in him I. With the politicians. I remember years ago I go to Washington. Is always very politically active. And Republicans and Democrats fit like during the day they go to dinner at night. A day. Is a level that nobody seen people just remember those. If we admitted that Democrats plan. Draw everything perfect for the Democrats. We wouldn't get one vote from the Democrats or Alanis that's how much divisive. And there are things there right so it's a problem we're gonna get a bite out. I met with so many victims of obamacare. The people who have been so horribly hurt by this horrible. Legislation. At the very core of obamacare was a fatal flaw the government for people to buy a government. Approved. Product. They're very few people. Merits if he. By the way watch what happens now you just booed obamacare. They will shake up got booed when he mentioned. They're bad people books. In advance of the. And I don't go Ahmad turned on now say listen I'll turn on that television. My wife and I don't you think you got booed I'd get put this was up. I said don't know that we're bullying obamacare watch a couple of well actually do it almost guaranteed but when we talk about it makes it harder for them to do it so was. It's their fake fake media. We want Americans. To be have a approaches to health insurance plans they want. Not the plans forced on them by our government. The house has put forward a plan to repeal and replace obamacare or based on the principles I outlined in my joint let me tell you wouldn't topic that we can all get together and get something done remember this. If we didn't do it the way we're doing it we need sixty votes. It would have to get the Democrat involved. They won't vote no matter what we can upload a quit doing it a different plant complex way it's fine. The end result is when you're a phase one phase to phase three is gonna regret. Gotta be. And then. We get on to tax reductions which I like. That's how a legislation. There's so much for a year and it gives us say. Medicaid flexibility. And some of the date will take over their healthcare governor Rick Scott and Florida so it just sent me the money they're running great plan. We have states it'd doing great. It gives us great flexibility. Thank you folks. Thank you. It three meals hundreds of billions of dollars. In obamacare tax. It provides tax credits to people that merchants they can act that is rightfully banners that bill that will ultimately saw. And that will be up bill would everybody's getting jet into the room. Headway getting jetted down. Would get rid of the Obama can add making health care better for you. And for your fans. And once this is done. And a step further we are going to try and put it and pay me. I'm gonna work on bringing down the cost of medicine. By having a fair and competitive. Bidding process. We welcome this health care debate. Added negotiation. And we're going to carry it out and have been carrying it out. In the full light of day unlike the way obamacare. Was passed. Remember it's out. We don't do anything obamacare is gone it's not like coach it's going to be wonderful in three years it's gotten it done. It's god. Not working out. While we cannot do. Is to be intimidated. By that dishonest attacks from democratic leaders in congress who broke him in the first place. I don't believe you should be able to make your own. Health care decisions. I am very confident. That if we empower the American people will not accomplish incredible things for our country not just on health care. But all across. Our government. We will unlock new frontiers in science and didn't matter we will give our children the right to attend. Says school of their choice one where there will be taught to love this country at its value. We will create millions and millions of new jobs by lowering taxes on our businesses. And very importantly for our workers we get a lower taxes. Kick. And we will. Whether right. Every American child to grow up and as safe neighborhood attend a great school. Did you graduate with actions to a high paying job that they love. Doing. No matter outback. No matter our income. No matter how hard geography. We all share the game home. We all salute a flag. And we all. Are made by this game. God. Okay. It's time to embrace. Our glorious. American death today. Any big weekend dream for our country. We kidded she for our country. Well we have to do is tap into that American pride. That is swelling our hearts. And daring are old and we found that out. Very recently in our last election a lot of pride. We're all Americans are in the future truly belongs to arts. The future belongs to all opinion. This is your mom is your time this is our when he is slowly you have to do. Is put our own citizens first and to get there we will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We would make America. Proud again. We've hate America. Hate the again. Make America. Great and again thank you got glad you thank you.