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Trump/Merkel news conference

Mar 17, 2017|

Pres. Trump and Germany's Angela Merkel hold a news conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is live coverage from ABC news I'm Erin pitchers heat president jump in term intense anger at America are holding a joint news conference now at the White House. The people's house the White House. Our two nations share much in common. Including our desire. For security. Prosperity. And peace. We just concluded a productive. Meeting. With the German. And American companies to discuss workforce development. And vocational. Training or important words. Germany has done an incredible job training being. Employees and future employees. And employing its manufacturing. And industrial workforce. It's crucial that we provide our American workers. With a really great. Employment. Outlook. And that includes making sure. That we harness the full potential. Of women. In our economy. My administration. Is in the process of rebuilding the American industrial base. Is stronger America. Is in the interest. Leave me. The world has poll. I reiterated to chancellor Merkel. Might strong support for NATO. As well as the need for Aaron NATO allies. To pay their fair share. For the cost of defense. Many nations over at sums of money. From past years. And it is very unfair to the united. These nations must play. What they go. During our meeting I thanked chancellor Merkel. For the German government's commitment. To increase defense spending. And work toward contributing at least 2%. Of GDP. I want to thank. The chance. For her leadership. In supporting NATO. And it efforts in Afghanistan. This has come at significant cost. Including the lives of over fifty German soldiers. Who sacrifice we greatly honor. I also appreciate chancellor mark leadership. Along with the French president to resolve. The conflict in Ukraine. Where we ideally seek. A peaceful. Solution. Most importantly. Our Q countries must continue to work yet. To protect our people from radical. Islamic. Terrorism. And to defeat ice. I applaud chancellor Merkel for Germany's contributions. Both civilian and military. As a counter I. Coalition member. We also recognize. That immigration security is national security. We must protect our citizens or voters who seek to spread. Terrorism. Extremism and violence inside our borders. Immigration. Is a privilege not a right. And the safety of our citizens. Must always. Come first without question. Over lunch that chancellor and I will talk about our economic partnership. We must work together towards fair and reciprocal. Trade policies. That benefit both. Of our peoples. Millions of hard working US it is have been left behind. By international commerce and together. We can shape a future where all of our citizens. Have a path. To financial. Security. The United States will respect. Historic institutions. And we will also recognized the right of free people. To manage their own death and the close friendship between America and Germany. Is built on our shared values. We cherish individual right we uphold. The rule of law. And we Sheikh peace among nations. Our alliance is a symbol ranked in cooperation to the world. It is the foundation. Of a very. Very hopeful. Future. They get. It gives me great pleasure earned. Privileged to be entertaining in the White House together with president a little child and have any faster. Personal one on one new England and social news. I'm in the period heating up his act is a couple weeks it is not expected to talk to one another in the -- another hour. And conversation. And print this. We talk about the international situation we talked about them. I also am an apprenticeship programs when we've not seen those and acquaintances around a table has got the shut interest that we have. I let me look back. Into the power week examines. How a multitude who united America particularly as it turns. The economic the Broncos are off at Tammany. This is primarily due to how well through the emotional harm but. We were also able to be gained seven unity ten. Decades of the United States spending or fall together with lies. Hands. Standing class I hearing the Cold War. And we. Barry. Too early to entertain and live in peace and treating as a unit you to soak crying question continent that the president underlined how important heating Italy's NATO is that I'm report. And it was not. Without good reason that we ads during a summit meeting in Wales all hegemony need to increase it and and attack we committed to this to this and go until 20/20 four week yeah we hate to been spending by eight and that was going to. Want to get. And again and on this and we expect. He and I'm recurrence and security has also different ethnic and doing. On the one hand it supporting missions in Africa expert. At promoting development assistance but also helping patients had to pick up for example. In trying to and that their safety and security we continue to be. In conversation what was important for us today was that we were able to talk about it gonna turn around and talk about. What as a president. And and the continuing mission in all Jenny in congress on I am glad that. They are intending to continue to commit to the commission is well together we fight. Again Islamic terrorism Tammany is going to step up its spot and it continued its while in Afghanistan and handle them. In area awakening to monitor the situation because they were going to black political and fusion. I am in as their capital and Libya but what we talked about. I am very glad content that the American administration and it hasn't hurt earnings. Commit. Now to the mean as we need to come to a nation. Problem. And then has to be safe and secure he's hopeful. I Ukraine and that relationship with us to be improved as well one. He. And the nation that clarified means is that good. Pace is but what she would have me do and they had won two that we are going to work together without the Internet and on to come from this. I'm in my best the G-20 president and you know that we will be home in 1920. Is that ended G-20 summit here and I'm an entity that the president has committed to excellence in here. Attending this army. They're going to. Talked at length open land without the use arm and the police say this as trade has to be president Barack has to be a win win situation. We can talk about the chance that. We've already seen today when we had an exchange. We have as he has and all of resentment is a potential which can tap. And potentially add to the current path. Very moving to seat dealing Amy's consent he had a black to a future is being done by companies that. So particularly in the air flow out transiting from traditional manufacturing. At youth and industry Florida. Could pass it to be announcing. Gaels are so important that he knows anything and people but also for those who maybe have lost their jobs. And and he. To be be killed in order to find its outlook and it matches and it is very important to you here in the nineties it is important for us into and out. I can. A number of issues that we will continue to cooperate and it has a malevolent. But hold on a level we had a very good at interviews on their. It's that people what to talk about half over let thank you thank you very much we'll do a couple of questions Mark Halperin and you. Potentially he is a microphone. It's got its movies. 100 you can bet I. Hit it good for the world for you guys. Thank you muck we'll just have no idea. I really wonderful group of people meeting later. We met with twelve pretty much knows in congress saw that little while ago and it went from all those or yeses. And we have a lot of BS is coming and it's all coming together. And have great health care. It's going to be passed I believe I think substantially yen pretty quickly. It's coming together beautifully. You have the conservative groups you have other groups everybody wants certain things. In the end we're gonna have a great health care plan now I have to tell you that. Obamacare is a disaster. It's failing. I was in Tennessee we had a tremendous crowd that the other night. And they have after the state is uncovered the insurance companies have left. And the other half has run insurance company and that'll probably be bailing out pretty soon also nobody yet many states would have wanted. You have a lot of places now where they'll have none. Obamacare will fail it will fold it will close up didn't eat very very soon if something isn't done. I've often said politically the best thing I can do is absolutely nothing wait one year. And then even the Democrats will come saying please please you gotta help us. And it's not the right thing to do for the people we have a great plan we have a plan that's getting. More and more popular with the Republican base with the conservative base and with people generally. The press has covered it very inaccurately people are truly covered well. And I think it's going to be something that's going to be a model to be looked upon. I'll tell you after we're finished. Yeah and I miss him a well I'm again. The veteran puppet and the it isn't an anxious. Weekend with the president of the united state whose. Well in terms of full. As of right and no amount and into his out time on practically and I must say that. I was I got to pertinent and very warm and gracious hospitality which. I mean NBC yeah. We held a calm the nation well we're we're trying to address also those areas where we disagree but could try to bring people to get a try to sell. What's his our vantage point what the American market two point and then trying to find a compromise which is good for that because we need to be had with each other. Beaten anyone is expecting for his that I need to examine I think it comes out of it for their own people. I am a Gemini I can say about people different. People have different. Abilities have different characteristic catch it carries out. Have different origins. Have found their way into politics among different pathways. Are butch and well let his level to which Clinton. Sometimes it's difficult to find compromise but that's what we've been elected hole. If everything just went like that without problem we do need part of politicians to do these jobs. In a tone from the German press agency net and China. Given the Cannes at the TD you are always saying that you also confident that mark and Paul all out. How dangerous do you think it's isolationist policy of the US president is always the imports. Tariffs that he's cards at all hopeful that the fact that he doesn't think of the EU doesn't deal with the Q and in a very respectful way and then a mr. present. America I don't think that this is going to weaken also the European Union and why are you so get off. And diversity in the news and it in the media that you be so off off. A fake news and that and things Upshaw and the Indian cannot be prudent except for the fact that you have been riots have pines Obama. Most friendly reporter. For so I don't believe. In an isolationist. Policy. But I also believe a policy of trade should be a chair policy. And the United States has been treated very very unfairly by many countries over the years. And that's going to stop. But I'm not an isolationist. I mean free trader but I'm also fair trader. And our free trade has led to a lot of bad things happening and you look at the deficits that we have and you look at. All of the accumulation of debt. We're very powerful company country we're very strong. Very strong country will soon be. At a level that we've perhaps have never been before our military is going to be strengthened has been depleted. But I am a traitor I am a fair trader I am trader that wants to see good for everybody worldwide. But I am not an isolationist by any stretch of the imagination so I don't know what newspaper you're reading but I guess that would be another example of as you say. Fake news. I. Meant to. Implement the I mean coming to pitch in the following ton. But we haven't yet time to target. At great length about economic issues I would so say that sent to us hegemony in the economic but also arm. And security and peace and but the excess of Germans have always been on whether jump has has worked kind of calling on the other. I'm side of the coin has been. European unity a unity and European integration that's something of which I'm deeply convinced him Tony's saying this I come and Hingis yeah I'm seeing it in the united. Name in the United States signals here in Washington in my talk and raise. President secondly. I believe that's a civilized nation ought to be. Shaped in an open minded right that also in a very far away freedom of movement within the European union for a pleasant very important alum and economic program is a piece. Has been for many many decades the European countries are many many and she's waged war against each. We have to protect our panel border because and that we have to want in on the pace of mutual interest with Anita. And migration immigration. Integration has to be watched on top of the armed traffickers have to be dumped but this has to be. Hadn't done. Why you're looking at that refugees are giving them opportunities. That shape their lives wet day opt. Help countries who right now and not an inability to do out. At sometimes because they have civil war I think that's the right way of going about it. And this is a able we have an exchange views about. I am my position is the one that not just them out three. I might. That we have many. Plants and factories coming back into the United States many jobs are coming back to Michigan to Ohio to. Pennsylvania to a lot of places where they were losing jobs. And we will have a different policy. But it's going to be a great policy were not only the United States let. A great policy. Worldwide and a very much forward to Kevin's a ruling. Will Kevin I think we have a very unified Republican Party after we have the presidency. We have the house we have the senate. And we're getting along very well I will tell you if you would Wear at the meeting that I just attended. Where we took. Twelve nose or semi now. No yeses and within a short period of time everybody was. Very much on board and a commitment. To vote yes. I think we have a very unified party. Take actually more unified than even the election you see. When they they talk about me I seem to be very popular at least this week within the party. As we have our highest numbers at the highest numbers and I've ever had in the party. So I think there's a great unification that healthcare is a very very difficult subject. Very complex subject and it is subject that you know goes both ways you do something for one side and the other side doesn't like it. But it's really something that's come together very well and I think it's going to be very very popular extremely popular in trade. With Germany I think we're gonna do fantastically well right now. I would say that the negotiators for Germany. Have done a far better job than the negotiators for the United States. Hopefully we can even in that we don't want victory we want fairness well I wanna fairness. Germany's done very well and it trade deals with the United States and I give them credit toward. But and I can speak to many other countries when you look at China you look at. Virtually any country. That we do business with not exactly what you call good for our workers you look at the horrible NAFTA transaction. NAFTA has been any. Disaster for the United States it's been a disaster for companies and in particular it's been a disaster for the workers a lot of the companies has moved. But the workers are strewn probably the reason I'm standing there may be number one that and may be the military. Building up our military which we will do and we will be stronger. Than ever before and hopefully not have to use it. But we will be stronger and perhaps far stronger than ever before but it's probably the reason I'm here. When you talk about trade so I think that we are going to be a very different. Country. I think we're going to be I'm gonna have great values. But in terms of our military it's going to be. Much stronger. And our trade deals are going to be good solid deals not deal that lead to closing plants and tremendous. Unemployment. Can't thank you. Then. Yet on the outcomes but and I think about trade agreement only European Union in the day eating greens people all of the members of the union of the it is incorrect. Her piety and I say they bring to the table is important to them. We have underlying anger and chairman. In the region business community and meet the experience that. And any kind of agreement that we have concluded for example I'm at the very latest on the South Korea. Protest Nortel are actually people are very much concerned about losing jobs on the tomorrow to into it but in the end it turned out particularly as it counts South Korea. In the end tandem that I and the ticket. And I think it's Tony that found the opposite concluding agreements that sent both sides in. And. That is sort of scary to think in which we ought to be tied it in the goes skating. Any agreement between the United States of America and the EU I hope that we can be sued. On the agreements and that we not take that we have just concluded an agreement with. Canada and I hope that we will come back to the table and talk about the convention between Hugh and sent you this track. Think. I'm cranky pants. Items on a question to you today. We're talking about the change. The president of the power always adds. That Merck he Adam and doesn't like multinational. Trade agreements that it has financial commitment. Do you think from the use point of view I am ET tip is and a bilateral agreement. With washing rumored that the EU and the other side. And that is economy that America the president of the United States and the European. Have that basically different understanding of what the EU is all about that that's my question that he and present my question to you coming. Metro took wife tells claims that the elite. Wire tapping on. And you move on owns a trample on Trump Organization or members of fuel. Campaign Waltz. That subscription intelligence policies are responsible for it or envelope and it them out of these claims are rejected. What is your take on. Other suspects. Lauren. Do you think it will us able to at least take tool. In British intelligence will this and by the way my Christian. They're on prime time to time. It tweets that you regret in. I've heard seldom rose and as you would do so inevitably it would turn out not to have probably wins here right now but so very seldom ever. Tremendous group of people that listen and I can get around the media when the media doesn't tell the truth so I like that. As far as. Wiretapping I guess. You know this past administration. At least we have something in common. And just to finish. Your question. We said nothing. Or we did was quote a certain. Very talented legal mind. Who was the one responsible for saying that on television I didn't make an opinion on it that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer. On rocks. And so you shouldn't be talking to me should be talking to fox sent. Yeah and you know. Who didn't. The president has any time you allow The Who watched trade it means to. Bring about for the American. Side as well I personally to seeing. That Germany need unions it. Not the European Union we devolved competence to the European Union the European Union that the commission. And he goes yea on behalf of them and they are that are going to prevent us from concluding agreements can be indeed this would be then. Qualify as a financial agreement between the EU and the united say if we had to. That's the question is will it be a benefit out to both countries or not and let me be very honest candidate. Free trade agreement with the United States of America has not always been all that popular in Germany that happened as. Demonstrations. And against a trade agreements that I'm in the united they stand in Europe and also in Germany. So I am very glad to note that apparently the it. Perspective on that has changed a little bit that he's in Germany to. Thank you very much Graham thank you. Live from the White House president something German chancellor anger in America. She said it was better to talk to one another and not at one another. Asked about president come stylesheet diplomatically skirted a question and noted he fights for America there encounter. That's really lacked warned there was no handshake in the oval office of there was just now and the two leaders are born straight faced expressions. Mr. took joke here that he and ms. Merkel have something in common. As he responded to a question about wiretapping it was a reference tool WikiLeaks revelation from some years ago that the US had spied on the chancellor I'm Aaron pitchers keep listening to live coverage from ABC news. Respect to the White House for the ABC's. Our drivers Karen and the president not backing down from that claim that. President Obama. Issued surveillance and wiretap on him during the election season and the this is a striking. Lack of admission from the president because now almost a week after the original tweet he had the chairman and ranking members of the house and Senate Intelligence Committee come out publicly on the record on camera and say. There's no evidence that this happened. The White House has been pressed on her in recent days and generals say that the president will be vindicated. President had a chance there to address this the first time he's peaking at an answer a question on it. And he made that joke about what he and on Angela Merkel had in common. Related to who that the Obama administration's surveillance and it's no wording. She did not laugh you did your crack down on health care Karen president had today we have a great plan leave the planet getting more and more popular is he right now he and I have right now does look like he's going to have a tough time passing in the house neck week and a vote is scheduled for next Thursday. The president met with some conservatives today and was touting after the meeting that. He had changed that a no vote into yes votes but Aaron we went back and looked and most of the people that were in the meeting with him actually had cannot supported it. Well we're definitely not strong the nose still cancel opposition to this bill and they can only lose about twenty Republicans otherwise it's going to go down in defeat. Right now our county has about twenty to 21 members Republican not Democrat who have come out with reservations or say they will not vote for this president has said today going to pass financially. And very quickly BC's. Karen Travers live at the White House. President and the chancellor concluding their joint news conference now have lunch at which point they're expected to talk about trade and economic cooperation. And Aaron pitchers keep you've been listening to my coverage from ABC news. ABC news honors winner for the first week here with Edward. Yeah its own.