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The conjunction of podcasting & the paranormal

Sep 13, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome guest Seng Phenouangdeth to the program to talk about his work in paranormal investigating and hiw popular podcast about fact, fiction & folklore - which explores all manner of paranormal subjest. 9/13/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Just and the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcomed me on really revealed myself Jason Mosley always awesome. TV Johnson so I tried an experiment tonight a state needed a little pick me up little bit of energy coming into the show in our needed little you know it's dare cultists are now. What I end up doing was pretty when it's on the head too small spoonful of peanut butter. I'll which senators say look the other way no no this defeat of bush it was very good American allies really you've satisfying to ten a mile down on some peanut butter but now I can and I'm feeling kind of bloated from the peanut butter I don't know maybe had a little too much. This is more information guy in the title I completely support is out there everybody if you look at me like what's wrong with you noted it's laid out here I always enjoyed what's wrong with you open so I welcome beyond reality radio everybody if you haven't yet it over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com. We can download free iPhone and android app you can also listen writer from the website is by clicking the listen live or find any degree ceased to here and across the country. Also if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and read it which is trying to get those numbers up makes it easy for people defined yet in his mind there's my spew that was good you did agree to doing just announced that. A says the beautiful thing you know I was down. Tonight we've got to is saying. Saying doing guest joining us he's spent a majority of his life exploring the debts of the paranormal and unknown through various investigative groups and personal experience easy. He's also the producer and host of whispers in the night podcast. He makes it a point to share his experiences his passions and is open mind. Toward the other worldly with listeners and each episode through talk what the show a little bit we're talking about things that he's learned from the show plus paranormal investigations he's gone on. He's currently attempting to create his own paranormal team. In eight win in the Fargo, North Dakota area which again means most of last night you're going to be apparent. Notice a few weeks you might be on on me and try as well and so I'm going to be up there at the shooting star casino only and October. My daughter Smith will be their Steve will be there I believe sack Pickens will be Aaron and some other people's should be a good time and this week and you and I are heading to man so pleasant West Virginia. Yeah I mean you've you've got your moth man tights and wings and you're gonna look epic and that thing and we're gonna be out there hanging off the first time ever on ten to 151000 people can be about 151000 people you and I have wanted to visit this location for a long time has had his chance to do it although I don't know how much are going to be able to see with 151000 people come in the area but. I'm excited that meant to decrease in Biloxi you'll see a lot of previously perfect people watching. It will be fined it's Saturday they were there in my life will be when me and it's her birthday SOA. She gets to our kids are going around zebra on her birthday camp we'll have a table where you and I are gonna do paranormal Q&A Saturday afternoon. If you're going to already if you're planning on attending stop by and say hello and if you haven't thought about it teased. If you're anywhere within driving distance and check it out I think we're gonna have one of the promoters on tomorrow night for small segment on the show. To say and I and let us know what what what what we can expect going in and expect to see if he that's exactly decreasing us. That is on that is the most benefit. Still exists to see this post that they had recently about the bizarre mass monkey death Newton no. Well there was this post about all these monkeys that were found dead all around each of course that. That brings instant fear but. Com strange the resort to preserve popular Kool aide nearby who wins in Jonestown I don't know would also almost late brings up a movie with what Dennis Hoffman that a virus or whatever it was harder poignant but no strange death of a dozen wild turkeys and in in India has been explained by officials with sort of weird cause they claim it's at tiger's roar. Were that the noise from tiger a war senior digital death killed all twelve of the science. Told us. It calls monkeys is not a movie to Omar and yet it isn't that one put Brad Pitt and something with the future tournament. On the unfortunate creatures are found lying on the ground and force last week. And Leicester area residents baffled by what could've caused the sudden demise that many monkeys all in one bunch on. Although the initial theory for the event was at the animals are poison. An examination of the Monkees produce some rather IE eyebrow raising results according to the authorities the monkeys appear to hold tight from having a heart attack seemingly at the same time. More than that's. Really really strange why should I mean monkeys and he he threw used to dealing with things like that is the trees do you take huge climate change at all yeah. You know it shouldn't be foreign tournaments really relive it exactly. Itself. Sort really to have caused death twelve monkeys to two critic arrest. They claim that he was the roar of a tiger. And that was enough to trigger this this incident. I might drop if it tigers surprised me like the Cano hit a huge he's still around always on this thing correspondent Andrea you might go to cardiac arrest but I mean there's twelve. Yeah and images. Slate and you know how that happens but alt well marquee supposedly to. It that was that was this a monkey they did the investigation of missing came up with this report because it doesn't sound like it's thorough. It was an examination I don't know but it's here. Some other people were saying that possibly lightning started carrying a there appears to be frightened to death kiss him -- while light district I guess if it wasn't close enough to kill them from the strict itself the noise an explosion could have super Lucas could have caused that I suppose I don't know well I I don't. That's so to drop from a tiger shore here's more gruesome and it's far more important to give a thousand dollars you can give me just now. You know a thousand you know just on 999 is timing etiquette paper and no room not to stymie that he could occur because apple as you know today he indeed. They had their big a product launches and they always do in September of the year in the today was the day in the launched the iPhone X now I don't know is the X supposed to be at ten and ensures just iPhone as the you know exposed to the world's most beaten it's it's a crazy but it's a tanyon yes the ten year anniversary so their iPhone X. Has been released it's going to cost 999. Dollars or basically a thousand dollar Smartphone. It's a glass and stainless steel device has an edge to edge screen. And Apple's calling it the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. Really didn't memorize Osama previous of this and I saw some of the images and it looks wilding in the screen size on. The X has the same size is on the plus that I use because the whole thing is screen right. And the the other thing is about this is that it's supposedly. Has an infrared camera as is integrated and and in addition to the regular camera. On our camps and have him Mandy walker on investigating what I think what you thought was really kind of cool they also introduce a product update for the apple watch which. Will not be allowed this new watchful allow people to connect to the Internet without having the phone and also. The deal to make phone calls from the watch which were and he can do that's the I watched three yeah I think it's the third one put it to. You know they're pretty excited about this I think apple fans are iPhone fans are very very excited to be wireless charging for this particular phone and also has. A sensor that to unlock the phone using facial recognition no more fingerprint now it's facial recognition. From locking the phone and there's no more home button if they recently with the iPhone is a little but the bottom that's gone. It's time to hold only learning feed you know the thing about the the I watched three is that. It has cellular service and all you can get 399. From the one cellular service 349 for the without. But 3991. Verizon and a couple of the other countries are to come around said that they'll charge an additional ten dollars month for Sulzer assignment which is funny is that because Verizon was only charging five dollars a month for the Samsung. Now watch from attractive service so why is it double using the Iowa interest rate makes you wonder and an easy to check in general sprint hasn't Kamal. Which in Somalia but. Opens a whole new world of possibilities. The other nice feature of the new iPhone X or iPhone ten is the there's a new screen technology called OLED. Dead features much richer colors in the screen which is amazing to me the quality of the screens already is unbelievable. Well wolf I have a TV here that's the the OLED everything is phenomenal I mean one when I heard they were Macon it was that I was I was blown away because just the image and a black is true black or most of the other things blackest leotard gray now. On the other TVs it's it's just incredible. And then the only other concern right now for anybody who's watching apple is that the usually have the product available week or two after the announcement but this particular time. They won't have any iPhone tens or I finances available until November surge so let's say ignorance of the market that they've been having some manufacturing. Slowdowns or something going on in the manufacturing chain so they're worried that are going to be able not a mile meet demand for a long time. Well I saw something about a month ago saying that they are having problems with. Which getting the amount of OLEE systems to so. It's probably something titans. Yeah a lot of people who are watching Apple Stock in and watch the company's performance take keep a close eye on the suppliers to see if the suppliers are able to meet demand and if their orders are up or down because that is an indication. But what Apple's going to do because apple doesn't release and his information the very very closed lip about at all. And what's a stopgap. Oh boy it's like a hundred sixty bucks a share somewhere around there generally years ago selling for 2939. Dollars a share minutes from the people don't split since then so yeah it's up it's up unbelievably in fact boys tool was at an early round 2000 and he goes on for two and two and a half bucks a share something ruling credible. She's so yeah people go to Mena or Sonoma California a lot of people dead. So CU and are going to be at the moth man festival this weekend we head out and Friday for that Tom and sue notes we get one or you wouldn't dispute I've got scary time coming up October 6 there you go in some more promising time. Haven't decided on the currency working on that and then you're going to be at the in Fargo and after the Libyan Fargo yes North Dakota that should be a blast. Panic it's cold out there. If it's really cool I'm glad they're going to matter to the reporter filming one year I'm filling ghost hunters and it was activists nosed January up there. Let me tell I think aid didn't keep it did not get above six degree assault and Rivera that's just miserable and it was a painful cool you know that's just miserable. Well I'll have to sang how it is up there he lives he loves that area. When we bring on notable bull have that conversation when I should mention tomorrow night Jesse Quackenbush will be joining us Jesse's a filmmaker and an attorney from Amarillo Texas. And his film the last word is a documentarian that takes. The innocent man on Texas death rotate elsewhere dark corner feared by all proving an innocent man has been executed by the state of Texas the discussing that controversy and go into great detail about the film the last word. If he had anything you wanna bring up tonight phone numbers 8446877669. Amidst all free at 844. 6877669. Were to take a quick break more to come to us. Jason chief Giambi unreal literati you'll be right back after they just former single before your next camera thing before we go to break I'd love to hear from people do a lot of people that have very very entrenched views as to whether they like. An iPhone or the goad the Samsung devices and I'd love to hear what people think about calls the battle between yeah I mean yeah I sorry sorry android yeah I've always been an iPhone guy and down and you know I'd nothing I'm considering changing but I know a lot of people learned completely anti apples and carry system what do. What the reasons are. And I did then the past behavior remember initially light and they don't want him this Smartphones or started coming out initially sidekick Amanda sidekick. And then I got an android phone. And I had left for a couple of years and then I switched iPhone and I'll be honest I just never went Mexicans aren't haven't due the the app kill everything on the android and kill the apps because the phone to run so slow the such a pain in the book but I don't know how far they've come on surely they've. Done a lot better restates. Yep I would have loved to hear what your thoughts aren't 94468777669. It's Jerry Jason cheeky. Right back after this. OK game the deepest and approaching and it's time to make your plans to attends Gary Condit in October. It dates are October 6 through the eighth place turning stone casino in Rome in New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars that scare content is pleased to it. They're all there and ordered me hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors. Panel discussions and film premieres you can find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dot com. Com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time dot com. Visit the website today use promo code ER par with your ticket purchase to save 25%. And admissions. The troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary time. I don't you reviewing Jason James seeing some new Jersey's four. 6877669. And we're just we're happy to be here with our guest tonight and I am so -- I -- and up to it freed is at home exercise and -- yeah I got him on that you need to have went around the house you just know our twin boys and definitely need someone you know most people have first -- -- around the house you should also have an -- -- and can around the house -- -- you'll you'll -- the first they'd get after using Texas and -- or -- at their -- surgery -- ordinarily don't always and then if at all almost fills a moment -- that's what we found out the package -- -- from Pakistan -- political with the fact that it's absolutely we welcome back to the -- don't forget tomorrow -- -- Quackenbush will join -- and I think we're also going to have. The up promoter and organizer of the moth man festival that Jason I will be at over the weekend. And Ashley will be talking about the show what goes on there why 151000. People will be making their way the the tiny town of Point Pleasant West Virginia for the weekend. And to those people be you and I sausage here I'll make you check it absolutely. Tonight we're talking all things paranormal and we're talking with the host. Of of a podcast. And we wanna bring sang back in division the show us and welcome again thanks for being with us. We are talking about the origin of your podcast before we went to the first breach here. And I want to get a sense of the type of topics you cover the type of guests you have on the show you know what's what's good. How do you set that up puts the focus. Yes so like I can be tried to break on my iPod has covered extract actionable or being caramel and explained in the midwest. And so basically implement strange. Oppose writings are large topic but. And you should coast I'm looking anything like that that people are able to trust or. Whether it's their own personal account. Com or fictional story as time passed a model to create not shut. And there's a lot of great places I spend some time in and none no. North Dakota and so forth and we filmed a terror at a couple different locations and at the place is rich with with haunted locations are really at its. Oh my gosh yes it is what. I read up and act and actually cannot choose a few different occasions hotels in the right from other interests and that much. But let's let's back this trip to the beginning what got you interest in the paranormal to start with. Well a friend calling them into the paranormal what really started into what I'm I'm democratic candidate. She can bring home like at work she would conduct like pamphlets Orkut site. In here packets of information. Are content or cricket are etched into a moment started. And then just can't go out or aggregate and here at being a director as information about it prompting her well and soda. Or you know be exciting to eat up close or creature. Dirt has started from there. I EA doesn't take too much is known Jim a little bit of a curiosity. In eastern becoming disposed of the stuff you. He tend to develop at least the least and interest if not a passion into it really doesn't take much much exposure doesn't. I'll react ethnically. Lurking like it quite clear to. More interest in that stuff and how much chair her own story. And achieve next year. Turn them on my grandmother's. Arm houses my mom had experienced some thing. Which can not how it's like seeing people walking gonna call her during a late at night. That you just felt like she had connected enough to share about intermission. Now did she think that she was sensitive. Or did she have the the ability to attempt to pick up on these things are. Was it just something that anybody. Well actually. It finally saying that because it wasn't until just recently actually search consider that. My entire election and our story is about. Alec after her grandfather had and I am cutting these experiences are actually actually actually never heard him. Took a whole is at night knowing it was content speaker felt so familiar. But it wasn't telling you you're and I. Kind of nudge turn what you think may Buick wanna look at another sketchy kind of look like looming when you're. What are you what are your own personal paranormal experiences did you before talking and doing any investigations. Of the serious nature did you. Have any experiences of your own. And had beef or going and that's why you're bunch. And that was at present my mom's house number and effort rhetoric at school on patent doesn't size. I'm not just kind of a play on nine and let her mark television land. Firm in right right hurtful or turtle you described as a sort of a coaching Michael light. But it was more like. In in my perception that went public service somebody to migrate the standing holding a polite she. And so well terminal had to publish or let me shoot down all. It shut in my kitchen it's certainly not calling from their Edgar. And it was is just too real and too unlike anything ever seen before. To elect its next that are known to something in my imagination. And did you ever problem any kind of explanation for what you might have seen. Well the only explanation IR. And how but I got in an attack amounts post had actually. The luncheon in your personal friend of mine worm Obama camps and who that friend that died in that car. A couple years before. Ten or besides that it really have any real explanation. You never try to set up any. Any equipment or document anything that was going on there see if you're able to get any answers. Not trying I was armed it's a sweet and I'm not chart as a transition change between. I'm at school and college why wouldn't they are longer to heal that well. And when you Juan started to do the podcast. You said if it's a fact fiction folklore I think he said you covered all you. If people have just. Fiction that happens to fit into the subject matter you you've talked about that we chose to talk about real cases. Who was it your intention. To just provide. I would use the word entertainment. Of loosely I don't mean an attitude to you know understate what you're doing. But it was important to some entertaining that you would a lot of us like to get chills down her response from hearing stories whether they're true or not is that was you're intentional. Yeah it definitely. Look at circuit or arm and a cap ash albeit you to record or ask editor. And I know that like we might or shall it. Ever. It feeling her message just. You know speaking. About your topics and let out and look providing a picture up or can drive. An entertainment factor home where people so they would get that and they could be educational portion. Of income I would beat them something that would differentials. And did graduate to. Into the topics cover everything from whom and when it comes to paranormal to visit Suzy ghosts you'll foes bigfoot anything. I'm asking my and to go to our second he's gonna I'm politics and let her eyes. I don't to capture a couple of topics like. A number in the neck and neck and and just trying to have speed. I'm a little bit more open not closed again. On the played Michael hooker. Only ask you this though and use it may be different things you talk about on your show. Are these things you actually go in and spend time actually trying to. And to research try to investigate or is this stuff so you're trying to pull up information on line you really get your answered with us. As much and I would like to eat into our match our investigation and not at. Until fire. Mostly just in commissioner Paul on the weapon on some used to occur archive. And then there's like eyewitness account can hold those. I'm that's pretty much about what it out at the moment. Right or take a quick break here when we come back we'll get into the solar more rom interest in some of the people we've had on the show saying and also. Talk a little bit about some of your series when it comes to UFO's when it comes to big foot amino opened. North Dakota there's a lot of force a lot of fun mysterious area out there and I imagine there's some pretty cool scripted sightings up in the up in that region. All right so we're gonna take quick break more to come to listen Jason GBM generality really. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The song that tended to find the music the eighties. That's one that would be in the top probably top tens that you dafted you'd have to write a new and to our tents and it was definitely -- about showed great song and it just really had Kaye has that ease identification to a great yet the house flock Siegel director of faraway eyes yeah that's another one you know what it was except top ten list would you give people in our chat islands are an anchor we shooters if Michigan people in March in Herat chat room the couple list of the top ten. Eighty son not to say the best song for the ones that really defined the eighties. You know my personal friend meatloaf. You got you got new England and we yeah we had a great time when embarrassed me in history. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about TV and I ago were hanging out with meatloaf. In a backstage and everything else he says hey you know I wanna ditch and I want you to come up on stage with me and saying. A synonym and now because I was on your show its US via Russia and NASA be onstage and so in the middle of a concert he singing. It is about 8000 people in the audience he literally stop singing in the middle of the concert. And asks everybody who saw him on the show goes Ers and then tries to point me on the audience and tells everybody's gonna give me up Wednesday tuna. I told Massa and leave the outlet I'm confident are you an uphill. You're getting ready to leave you are or go to on nearly got money here as great time doing really well welcome back the show everybody it's beyond reality rating would Jason GDR Foner receipt for four. 6877669. We're talking about all things paranormal and offer this podcast was saying. Paying too winded and we appreciate you being here saying and we wanna continue got a couple minutes here in this segment but I. I'm interested in knowing what your thoughts are. Particularly where you mark did you do your show is primarily focused on mid westerners and Syria North Dakota and I understand it correctly. What are the types of things that are most commonly reported. In your neck of the woods. Yeah can't actually. That it can normal orbit and which. Higher I hear a lot. Shots caught trading. Mountain. Over here just depends so heavily wooded. And fork it over here and besides there are a close reading X one and our parish. Close and June and I it was actually recently looking at home otherwise. Usually just total cash and aren't the only people who out. Her own personal stories about their personal aren't used Orton experienced all of them including a bed and breakfast. Out in our corner out. It's strange phenomenon happening around old. Building political and. And I know there's a large Indian population up that way as well and do you think that a lot of he has to do with with. And native American type on some sort of late I'm up their next month and the shooting star casino. And and a bunch of external investigators will be up there but they've always been extremely into the paranormal and and I was talking to one of the gentleman who ran the thing in and he said that a lot of on things felt that way. Arm and that of native American Indians because so much clashing that was going on and a way that one. Well actually thought it beautiful and yet here massacre and met actually. I'm. Next. I have heard quite a bit about. I'm speaker crashing. Around here I'm not heard much Aaron Hewitt and south are usually we usually see is anger. More centered around. Your English. Near the reservation. You hear stories about but it actually don't specifically built on the reservation. Or inherited a lot of turmoil and all boarding schools for native American students think like that. I'd like all four fortunate while. Yeah of course. Aren't so we're gonna take a break can only come back or you've got a lot more questions for members 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. You listen to Jason NG VM Dioner LA Reid you'll be right back. Okay game to date is approaching anytime you can make your plans to attend scare content October. It dates are October 6 through the aced the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place and this is. A great match if you like to hang out of your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars could secure content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their. Fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors. Panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's Gary Condit. Dotcom desk Erica time. Day scary time. I'd come visit the. The website today use promo code DER par which your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary kind. Excursions on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond really reduce my. Celtics and cause they always Dawson chief each ons so you know one of the things that we we have got a chance to do know we've been doing the show while looser within a calm a year ago August 1 rate of so it's spent a year in them about a month on something like their rates so I'd like 56 weeks something ranked. Summer definitely math pretty close. All things we don't often get to do we know we've got two people behind the scenes that don't work really really hard for us slick Eddie Edwards of course or producer. When it when he gets things right because could you at least 5050 but at his heart is in the right place that's lines in the wrong. Some pine there's always in the gutter I think looking into it and we also of Alex who you screens calls it works pretty artist's greatest thing them or and we battery here in the studio sales say hello imprison people always love hearing your voice Alex. Hey guys saying when there. Memphis but since she's saying Hussein tiger and urine on the Mike Pence to say hello. She's embarrassed. There's an arrest well it's just it's you know you guys work hard behind the scenes people get to say hello to you when they call in and you either decide to put them through Gus or not to miss part of the deal when you know the story moment assay hole. And it's always nice having a nice voice answer the phone and then hang a match. It's certainly clever. Or tied he would I think slicks looking for you Alex admitted that should have been a little and we don't let him know we won't let him on the phone no no. So. Right now exactly. If you having him he should head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio late FaceBook page and had to be unreal you radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app. You can also find any degree stations we Aaron across the country. Where he can listen right there from the whoops I just like clicking the listen life tab mineral connection went online chat as well. So you can hang out that's a question for men telling you when you think of Waco or authors. Know who it was the catch a Stephen King is to convince Stephen King is the king and amber at the same story that's. Now when you come to paranormal. And type movies or horror movies and who was the king of that. King of horror paranormal movies yet. Well I in I don't know dismiss this is gonna spoil your punch line or not but I would say Stephen King. That's correct actually right now and it has been Jason bloom from mom bloom house if we did all right colonel Mike Teddy movies and everything else. But he actually did did this thing where he came mountain and headed to the interview and and admitted defeat. And says that the movie is totally obliterated. His box office records this are we talking images numbers here we totally quality of the film. Well. I give well probably both I would suppose but the numbers are definitely. Yet it brought in a 123. Point four million dollars is crazy for especially from the opening. Yes for hormone and it's pretty amazing I'm. You know what things about Stephen King movies as some of them were great and then some of them weren't so great and I felt like there was a period there where his movies are good kinda cheesy and I can blame him because he doesn't make the movie he writes a story and the stories are always fantastic that's sure it's just you know whoever they decide to get to director rake the screenplay or whatever it is summer hit in summer Mensa mean. Summer awesome like the shining is one of my favorite movies of all time in profit estimates basically ghost story in the and he talked earlier. Omaha and he wrote that after staying at the Stanley Hotel which Eric actually. In her 217 there. Where we investigated numerous times deals have been alive Halloween show there and that's where the clash at a from the inside its own user in my hotel room door opened and closed by itself. But out and of course he's the use a different hotel for the filming of it but. Steven Hayes Stephen got lost in the hotel after a night drinking on the bar which you and I've had and chief spent a lot of value and you don't realize that we're 8000 feet above sea level one drink is equivalent of three we have spent a lot of time retracing Stephen king's steps not intentionally but we surged to the bar and then try to find our rooms and Zach and I remember one night us having to retrace Steve consult status try to fight an indicator you drank like five apple Martinis but right so yet it brought in 123. Point four million dollars. And looking at terrible activity three which was one of the upper the record breakers. That only brought in 52 point six million and total while so it's a big difference. Yes that's the only two did you have you seen it yet if not my daughter way to my daughter story when you saw it. And my mother once sought and us Torre said that it was one of the most. Horrifying movies she's ever seen really I don't know who welter has seen the movie and I would love to I would love to hear from people yeah RN but. It's just I'd I gotta get out Syria but I hate clients freaking hate cries. Thank a lot of people do. But of people do like yeah I make just zero people think about it too I've I've seen some pretty cool. Reviews that seem to indicate it's good so I guess we'll keep our fingers grocery active a good horror movie don't do going into Halloween yet yeah I've only seen like one or two reviews from people on FaceBook and have said anything negative about. But there's always going to be that to happen in 9090%. Or 99% of them people have said the movie was phenomenal. Nia com and our guest tonight only bring him on after the next break sang will talk about that a little bit tubes and clearance for horror web sites and he's a true have something to say about the movie that is well yeah absolutely. So are you wanna take a break them are right let's do that list to those who break generally elicited Jason. GBM Dion really remove the right back to us. And does and wooded road. You wandered through the night. You're familiar with their surroundings if you step so purely on. Tonight is different. This map between catches you off guard and you begin to hear something. It's slow at first. There's something there. Okay. The atmosphere courses with him. Screaming for you to run by instinct. Something else is there inside. Making has. Something inside yeah. You're listening to. Whispers passed in the night. So our guest tonight is saying and he is says the host of that particular podcast whispers in the night and saying thanks rolling on on to be with us here. Again this hour. And you know but listen to that intro to that opening and that was from your first episode called lights episode one it's clear that you had some acting training. Or at least an experienced something you could tell the you've you've got that so. What what's sort of experience in the acting world with yet. Yeah I actually saying accurate cartoons and it Minnesota state university where it. For acting head north but it is a pinch hitter market. And now that in the next couple of sharks don't toward shore. It's I don't. So is good to have and I'm DB profile. Speaking of for you Jay Howard talked about as I'm sure you heard it while you're on hold waiting for us bring you back in but the the movie it is a breaking as some records and seems to be there being very well received Euro horror fan and horror. Writer actually knew you write for a horror Webb had a firmer if I remember correctly what are your thoughts have you seen the movie and and what are your thoughts on. Hardly expect I saw it opening night in order and I'll and I'll absolutely love ruby. I felt like being the keynotes and you know I actually that could have been a little bit on it but it didn't and he. You get an appropriate in my car. To develop the characters are good stopping point. Are they pretty much set it up for a second one. Spoiler. Yeah my don't you don't do that but compared to the India while the NBC miniseries that was what do you think. It was up earlier I I felt like or this new. Yet nobody. They didn't or stock or put a lot of rebate which have been trying to make things a little bit more violent possibly or the jump your current lot. Our of that that I did all this it's it's all jump scares and 90% of them Kamal lately and it's sort of where. And I remember like the sixth sense was terrifying because it was always out of the corner you're right it wasn't jumping in your face to refute either few little parts here and there. But really sensed then 90% the movies that men that have come around or movies have all been jump scares its its year waiting for that thing to jump out and and start. And then that seems like all the form or genre has been over the last you know so many years. That's not right I agree completely. And I think that's what got an intruder the opposite come and cultural the news hit. It's not they can you actually knew where you're here and it took pursuant. So we're urging quick phone call here in this is kind of off topic former Gunner what you what we've been talking about with you sang but when we. And rejoin our paranormal conversation or talk with a SaaS much of this going on up in the midwest but let's bring in. Chris Chris wants to add an idea or suggestion. Base in her conversation about eighty sunk. Songs welcome to the show Chris. I don't do it Davey I. Themselves. Thank you so I heard it yet effective domestic threat that open. It big rig truck has to the united violin. At the end up at you know everything in the elite eight saying from the album -- gorilla but my gosh yes. Op greens are already. And all no one it while ago was but what about their was that you the buyers to either the rhythm of the night. He had us in something I just couldn't do that and so on and on the way it was so exit irritate the crap out of but it was popular. They're what ought I don't Richie. Yet although it's. You say you say hey you're good at it. Yeah those great. And of course anything great journey. The embassy that bad of a journey so I don't I it was it was released in the eighties a lot of it but it it survives beyond that it's so that was so good that it's I think it it's superseded that sound it was. It was not kind of that quintessential 87 it was just really good. Yeah no I agree so I think Chris thanks for thanks for a contributing to that conversation we appreciate that and I don't know if I was saying this is you know any of that those tunes but we like reminiscing on this program once and while so forgive us and until I was actually saying where you even alive aren't that. I. Are sick and some are really -- really you don't generally you don't lie but you weren't paying much attention to music exempt in the wheels on the bus around and around and things like barrack. That's. A. So in the time we have left before break here wanna talk about SaaS clutch in the midwest. He said that you know of other of the reported dead paranormal occurrences around you would in the region that you keep an eye on. On UFOs. Did happen now and then but assess what seems to be the most popular tourist a little bit about what's you know what's been reported how often it's reported and do you have any theories as to what's going on with the with the hunt for bigfoot. Elliott actually a Covert action might she expect the senators Carl sort steps potentially. Come. Like each other quite a bit of treading very popular women that happened at your. Editors around I think you're currently last year. Com and some family outside of Fargo has to having you here. And I believe it and mother. Com was putting a whole range. Which appear to be like some hairy man tracker window. Somewhere it and everybody to the fans in everybody's defense to that a mental local. You break it has. Two. That they think on the track record here. Arm checked out what Clinton column early but seven mile before giving up on a church. But it is it something that's very prevalent are here. I'm in Minnesota try to bring me out and shot on which they are you that they are that they trick capital of the world. It would but appeared to be a big unnatural and. Com. Who caught it to the Doctor Who caught a big foot and trip him. Under. In this. From a reader and a short. I'm curious about the gifts in that that image. So but what are your theories about this I mean we've been we talk about bigfoot a lot on the program we have a lot of people who are noted experts in the hunt for bigfoot nobody has been able to produce say. Significant picture one that that you can disappear suitably say this is legitimate. No one's been able to produce a body no one's been able to produce much more than footprints some hair samples. You know in some anecdotal. Stories about hearing noises and bang Iraq's no we're not. On this program to say that doesn't exist but we're just we're all very very confused as why we can't get better evidence. That. Actually my I have you on the pulpit then aired. I mean I believe that strategically access come and I am skeptical about it because Google and I'm. I don't know what you current marine and in that some clear but it does something you know crystal clear that you can't current round district earned it. On which you know what I do believe that there are are you use her. Animals. Honor that you might not have been a part of the but we're all in a one of them. You know that might indicate there. Arm but you know perhaps. Did something else entirely. We've got I believe that there's some teachers some sightings some experience urged. That it happened not only regional but what's that like the entire world. Yeah and up in the northwest in particular we've there's a lot of lot of stories on people of stories ancillary it's a grim and we're gonna take quick break more to come you listen to Jason GBM. Unrelated really will be right back. Got to play bumper music name that tune for people you know we will play the club music and then people got a call and name what it is in the giveaway apprised. I'd be fun. You know much trouble this song got. To skids into her younger like resumes smokeless voice I mean he just don't get away with it used to be like political things and now violent Akamai to his house. Who do disabling the smoke detectors in the bathroom is a federal affects the happily say guys yeah we didn't. Not welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio with Jason and TV of course and tomorrow night. Jesse Quackenbush will be joining us Jesse is a filmmaker also an attorney from Amarillo Texas. And his film called the last word is a documentary that talks about an innocent man. That was put to death in Texas and he says it's it's a very very dark story and something that we should all talk about. Be doing a great deal about the great detail about the controversy in the films called the last word. Also I think have Ashley on actually is the promoter and the organizer of the moth princess or Jason and I will be over the weekend talk a little bit about the mosque man. And Cecil UC -- running around his skin tight suit with the wings it's going to be epic and really not a big picture is not return immediately jump off a building to see if I can fly with those wings are you because that you know I don't like kites to begin with so then while. Are you what you wings or ethical before I feel like I don't I don't like it if it went nice and Saudia that's in Point Pleasant West Virginia and our guests might actually be soon that saying is our guest saying is the host. Of whispers of the night podcast. He's been involved in the paranormal most of his life and saying I did just speaking of moss meant. Have you ever done one of your episodes based on them off man legend in story. I have not actually haven't actually looked at. Have you followed the story much or looked into it and on it's one of those that. Once you start digging into it it's just it's like peeling back the layers of an onion is just so many layers to go to the whole thing it. You know most people familiar with the because of the Richard Gere movie the most in prophecies which was. Kind of wrote a loose so account of what happened. But again what you are looking into it's really complex and fascinating. Story that brokered 19661967. Around Point Pleasant West Virginia. That's like actually had an Q did I expect I'll and you look them up and but has that grown older. Actually it is several are actually. I'm to practice round personal record as and not go like a never ending holders so much. You know about this situation that has unarmed. More and some here pike in society and yes and I've been listening to a couple of them and so forth. And Samir podcast and podcast episode ten we talk about urban legends. And as soon sort of down North Dakota and South Dakota what are some of those urban legends out that way. We connect and I are there any urban areas incensed with the Dakota to have urban legends I guess the RA in La idea do you think there's any. Just waiting want to bet that. So what are some of the urban legends are. Actually didn't want to cover our medical leave for an hour corner at zealot now well. Com and yet heard that a sudden. And I have not that's why as our schema Mallon. Up cat yet that I'm likely to anger as some. Sure go on an area on the Indy and it's desperate it's. That this young lady and turmoil. I'm and ended up to her and playing. Marquee of the statements. But Adam after researching and being Accenture and find out action this girl actually. I don't do not kill herself over or legend take place it was more into uncle. Arranged marriage gras and I. So in other words are so much and that's behind its own. Yep definitely at a two point behind most of that turbulent entered the looks architecture that really try that story. And what would what's the actual information mind that when he said son. Yup you know and so I am. In a way around her mother had promised. That daughter and in their status this Cutler go to some interior. But before he returned a thicker and marriage. I'm she'd better be on or somebody else he comes back in basically fighting at that honest about what. You go to under their range. Of killed and there are woman that you it is a little bit. I don't bash future mother aunt and an attempt to himself but he's failed and taken Burke and Burke. You basically disappeared and her. Which has so it's actually not an urban legend there is some teachers behind. That's true armed with related income in his people believe that the girl he would die and equipment announced this. This site structure of dirt road up there and and well I'll let not our. On people claim Sierras are driving on the road there. Yes that some hitter nick and their claims about our core calling on the Euro. There's claims. Your radio going crazy. Claimed that scene. A year out girl and a lecture that's what Milan matured or even Clinton just there's regulatory. People has sent here have they see her hanging from. Okay. Yeah you know you know the story like that reminds me of one of the first things that I did when the first things I can remember that exposed me to the paranormal world was my parents used to. Quote unquote go go signing which is nothing like what. We know goes swimming to beat de. This was a bunches my parents and their friends all hop into one of those big fans in the seventies in the kids jumped in the back. And they just drove around and and went to you know look into graveyards in just drove around basically it was as a reason to drive around. And Deb the one of the places we used to go why was this house it was a sold Victorian looking house in the middle of the country and the legend was that there was a U of a woman. And her cousin lives there in the woman and depending on us an affair with one of the farm hands in the mid no husband caught them in bed till Obama the next. Buried to hug the woman and the lover on the opposite sides of the road and every night at midnight the ghosts meet in the middle road. And in we were there every night at midnight and never saw these ghosts but it's this it's kind of a similar thing these stories. My guess is if you went to you know every county in in in. The country you'd find that eighty. 90% of them have a story like that some kind of story that would I guess to be considered urban legend that has the same kind of theme to it. Oh. Yeah independently. Where you were saying JV I know there's matters reports I mean vanishing hitchhiker scene and while Minnesota. And I know there's been some some claims of dosed in dosed kids a casino and purgatory road appear in Rhode Island. And supposedly of a car crash that happened back in the eighties but then when you researcher. He can't find any history behind any car accident happened up there but also wrote analysts Taurus or. Some of our margins and our. So called haunts where you got Nelly on who's considered a vampire yet mercy brown who. Literally was the branch roker. Looked into the case or already Dracula because she was considered the first vampire in new England and Ireland was considered stamper capital of the US. At that point she's the one that they. Remove her partner liver in him in depth cooked and on the rock and agree to disagree put in a soup to feed your brother who ended up dying shortly after. Because they believe that she was a vampire. Result there's a lot of these crazy crazy legends no matter where you go and and pretty much every state yet. So saying the total solar about the paranormal investigating you've done do you doesn't go sending them believing in you've been on the field died chicken some of the stuff out. Yeah actually most of investigating it is our Great Britain are our goal and Margaret sorry I'm not. Struggling Minnesota and our current quarter. And basically every every claim that we had on. Was basically a resident of literature. I'm one of them are the case that should outs and at my. Murdered in excess of these actions sifford who lived an eye out arm in Minnesota that. Around and believe it being Christmas and and they believe that there mother's present don't actually get direction. And touched I am. In her early to mid twenties and political back with the children are there. I'm that they believed that their mother were there and they want you child in the basket and come and check out. Terry brought an art equipment and check it out army. It's pretty compliant we brought our kitchen at that time. I'm so that the girl local to experience something or girls. We're basically talking to their mother at that time. And certainly this is an ordinary guy is actually a redshirt or are now. Comment on what to expect much to speak and that's coming into an open mind skeptical line. As a curled her talking. RKQ all lit up like the fourth of July and we're all sitting in a circle lower. And down when the girl is basically having missed key conversational. Mother. And actually consider getting brighter and that Bennett immediate on the market's going up the court. On that basically. And that the oldest daughter discount rate risks aren't they Margaret that you'll have to in the house of whom are. Like we we love you re we get later you're talking now first you can go leading the outside on her this is your time we've got it. And the moments you sense that everything went debt. Like our kicking just electric current. And that was there. A lot of times a week off and we tell families. When when they're dealing with the situation they need to sit around as a family especially with an intelligent on. And tell whatever is there of that it's just it's time if you move on says this is our place now you're you're really you know welcomes detailing amber yeah of course you're gonna approach it differently. But yeah you tell him that advances our place it's time if you move on unity you know welcome here anymore and and a lot of times that will result that these things will move on by him by themselves you won't have any problems with that. And so forth but I am sure when it comes a family member becomes a little more it's it's a little more sensitive situation. You know I'm I don't Dijjer I don't know if anybody in in check in comment on this or we can get some edited to give us a consoles they think but. You must have experienced this TA when you when you were investigating it in a home where there's a suspicion of a family a deceased family member. Present. Does the Stanley generally want that deceased family member to move honored that they wanted to stick around and that's kind of a weird decision estimate. Honestly when you go onto home what I found through all the years of investigating this when if somebody believes that their house on today and believes that it's a family member. It'd take conference on the and then they want that person to to stay there it's if they if it doesn't have any attachments to the family and the ties them yeah of course they don't wanna there they wanted to move on. But it's a comfort factor of knowing that the deceased loved one might still be there. But also it's kind of sad if you think about it this thing if if it does hang Howell. I mean you really you're you're not able to see it communicate with the net. In any specific part of points and easy. I think it's pests try to get this thing to move on. Saying as you move forward. And muted I think in in the some Christopher Richard you're looking to put another group together. You we not happy with the folks that your investigating with short it would be news to do something different. You had come with a group and outlook explorer. I'm. I don't it's much negative unknowns and then that. And it it's well like each. Item. Italics things that might not have and a terrible experienced. Or check out as there external experience very usually. And so I. Are you or are you saying that there are just a little too eager to mark things paranormal and you're more skeptical. Yeah out there that are running situations where I am but EDT or via credit just put up on their web site at the time. I'll mark on his charitable activity at some sort. It is like especially cases where I was present it was not. And I didn't wanna be part of a group that was just trying to sing on silent at a little bit more integrity as a person. At a group going forward from. Well I think that's important because honestly when you put evidence out there it's going to be scrutinized by people and anybody can call something paranormal. But where's the proof to solidify that claim and if you put something out there that's easily debunked easily shut down. It honestly hurts the field more than hope than than more than helps field because then it becomes sort of a mockery people making fun of footage that's easily debunked and sort of calling. Calling the investigators Al for not being able to actually figure out something as easy. As as Batman and it just made it makes whole thing that we're working on a pierce silly. Eric Decker. Very saying a couple quick questions here then we're going to be at a time but so how frequently are you producing new new episodes of the podcast. I'm all when I initially started I was doing it biweekly Bernanke and slowed down and not. Consciously making an episode or whether an interview where alertness during preacher during that part. Coming up with a fictional portion. Assigning it to my voice actors and then in player. A portion of editing. I am kind of talks quite a long time until it started at a biweekly podcasts treated chew on them so I hit them at the moment. I'm doing on month England or especially suited to coming up in a minute you. One episode months where it's a bonus story. That's not a full and. And what what do you have next coming up oh what's your vision forward removing the podcast. I mean like what your vision forgo what's the what's the evolution of this podcast going to. Other plant and I would like she knew. Expand some of that election people are Internet unit reached. I'm and then from there. Possibly a world wide as far as a story that Carter problem. Both fictional and non fiction. And working people find more information about the podcast in your work. Yeah that's what I'm you can find an infringement participated in electric arc that every every expert. Aspects are. You also visit us on protection case but in more active in the I am I have to come this far but most people that are sharing information. Just across from. I'm sort of stretched out expert and I try out our expert. That's great he's saying thanks so much for being with a sigh wish we appreciate you spending the time here. Yeah I do I owe it to them absolute pleasure being here. Randall flail around and T and then North Dakota when a month or next months are already out. Here. All right so let's take a quick break we'll come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality review Jason G. I didn't talking about a month to start to prove the excuse me an innocent and Texas Communist discussion. Absolutely let's gonna do for us tonight in generality radio make Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. In Dallas show from iTunes and if you listen you listen the surge this year rated for us greatly appreciate that overnight to its Jason NGV will catch all the markkaa. And ingredients to discuss it's include things like Alexandria Johnson and her. Time don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality regular all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you like to be Gaston beyond reality real email to sleep getting less slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.