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The mystery of the alien messages appearing in the NASA satellite photo...

Sep 30, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Gary Parker who has identified hidden messages in satellite images from a NASA surveillance satellite. What does the message say? Who is it from? And why has no one else seen it? 9/29/2017 -

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. Everybody just Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast. Many were stuck in between welcome to be on really eerie feeling myself and Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jamey Johnson thank you thank you we go to a really interesting show lined up for tonight that we're excited about. Gary Parker is going to join us and it's gonna it's kind of difficult to explain what he's going to talk about. Although I will tell you this he has found some encoded messages from aliens. In some photographs. And he says not only are they trying to communicate with us through these images but they are actually giving this morning's among other things. So it's gonna be pretty cool conversation and tell you what let's take a quick break into it right now get another out of the way and then we can bring Gary into the program it's BI. Reality radio adjacent to the the best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the parties CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't rate according. Matthew Miller and shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West in Georgia Merrill with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. Can have fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. It's. Really yeah. Hey guys thanks for having me on. First off they explained everybody else there. Who who you are and what you do. I'm just I'm just clown pretty much is the guy to. I live in a place called sand and valley Arizona. Which is approximately fifty miles south east of Phoenix. And I've been a real estate developer for the past thirty maybe 35 years and I wanted to develop I just told the couple houses a year I'm not I'm I'm not really that could help or. And I had been lucky enough in my life to have lived in numb to put structure looks California. Which is not too far from Hollywood and had a lucky not to so few screenplays and not I'm still in that business also sell it I do both things. And dumb one day as I can not with a great idea. Is that enough explanation about glam. Yes it is I mean that's basically your day job you're not a professional alien hunter uses I don't know how you're not and not somewhere on a mountain looking through a telescope only thing that's important so. How do you go from writing screenplays and Sherman Oaks to finding an alien message in the NASA photo. Two years ago I had this great idea. To raise money to restore the great pyramid in this thanks. I say you know what that would be a great way to promote peace in the world where everybody could be involved like for instance. I was going to look. I was gonna globally crowd on. The whole the whole restoration of the great chemistry so I say restore the great pyramids and apparently take a blocked out well. That would do just put post cold make a look nice because every time you see the tremendous thinks that the Europeans that is. In the fall apart. But so so I hit myself in a lot over onto all contact the few rich people. I'll get some startup money and then I'll opt out setup a web site and try and try to globally can't crowd well fund. This at this restoration. So like it was I have a few Hollywood people know us sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk. And so late model and I think guys in the mining Carrie Parker what you think this idea of restoring the great Kermit could mean you can bring some world peace. Well the next stage the very next states are which are present email me back and think Gary I'd love this idea I don't know who you are I don't know if you've got my email address. He says but I love this site. He hit countless Stevie and I think well I'm just ballpark and now remember this long even as we weren't talking. And I that I think startups like I need about twenty million and I sit and to restore our ballpark at approximately seven billion. And you know email me back and tightening its 730 and I said I want a globally crowd on this so if you kick and a few million to get it don't. Opt out to look up pulsed like says start a web site Coakley called crowd on the where everybody in the world would kick in some money. And media could bring the world together PC cicadas and he says I don't know this for real but I love. It let you do your homework tutoring and doing things get back to Isaac perfect. Didn't get it later that day he almost did not only that but a league by the name of women shop will who's the president. Well SpaceX cheese you know think that she is Gary I got this email from me on is this for real. And I got to back as simple I'm trying to make it for real but I really wanted to achieve simplest and keep this update it will really interest that we could load. To be part of this and I thought oh my god this is some amazing how quickly this has all come together like I've gotten guys in that interface this talking together. So think oh my god this is great so would make it look in order to. See where he would put machinery intended people put your member of the Giza plateau in Egypt. It secretly and you keep you can't you can really walk on there was a provision. You know of even pick but still an awful cookies pretzel could you be stealing. You know low. Secret rocks. Still won't actually locker what happens this is I don't buy. Download a couple. NASA photos casesa well resumed in all the photos amnesty where we could put machinery where we could put people held in the duke assault until. I don't know just this photo and the photo list is actually buy it as tests. 032. Decks. 009123. That's that that. That from the International Space Station that's certain is that the final number. So I assume it'll be great campus well you know most people when they look at the photos from NASA people. It looks like there's Egypt there's Cairo need it there's Cairo there's the group there's think he's a plateau. And and then they just move on to the next picture very few people average in mental. Certainly some men to the great Kermit I see something that looks like it's frequently. And it hit. Attacked several such writings so I I jotted down and and I could take a break also come and I think this is some kind of message or something cause. There's no way shadows could make peaceful. And equity just two distinct so what happens is I write down I take a picture. And I sent it to a couple that you know that you can send an email to to any. Academic suited to take scholar Aeromexico which I didn't and they emailed me back in the I guess if I ask what secret you guys translate this. And I think you know on the back invasive what did you find this. And I said it found that written consent decree pyramid it will most somethings you just totally but I settlement picture. Three out of four of them secure you sort of shot that you approach this and I think and I know back so I didn't Photoshop that. So the only guy who paid any attention to me was that you take scholar down here review the procedures own. In his name is doctor Edward or let the thing he's he's he's actually worked on the densely schools. He sees fit and he says Gary to come down and meet with me and I went out while I don't see how you found this having so I get a caller I'm only an hour and forty minutes from the University of Arizona I go down and meet with him. As you look at the as he looks at the photo. He says Gerri listening since there's not only get writing that I I see some. Some ancient Hebrew here so he just sit down. TP translate to form and it was insensitive says god and the border beyond the world. And it is scary within any if you walk in here I've never met you before he says that you're you couldn't put this year I think it out now crichton no ancient Hebrew. He is I don't know if because I don't know any sick you know he's the guy reputation he says I can't be involved with this is that different from possible. And I think you know what you're absolutely right and I told the understanding and that he's civil litigation could looking pretty much kicked me out so country so. So I went back and I don't yeah I felt some more writing. And and I cynical point to other people want help or another person was Egypt colleges whose name is Celine the doctor Salim and it crammed. At the American University in Cairo. And she thought she knows feedback and she's she's so that the written that she didn't see he's he's Hebrew writings she ancient Hebrew writing she's tall. The problem. The waiting beside the curb it. A mobile on. There written beside the pyramid and she says Gary I don't know what it says but it says something you have to give me some time to try to talk to try to translate it. I think it take all the time you want we'll that was approximately about a year ago and since then I go to CL SU during which she won't be nearly back. So it's okay all right whatever. So. It to my company's words and I really they were ancient Hebrew and I realized they were things that some people couldn't translate. IE simply public since it's people who want to I told the with a couple these Hasidic rabbis. Up into the end because it's think god in the lord and help the world and has something to do with which we would with religion and not. The most religious guy in the world haven't been into a church or temple or synagogue in the past forty years so what happens this. Eichel cities into these so Ratliff and indeed the three of them at a time. And that would fine except that three it would come into adjustments. And facing at the seat to not only see each and even that was so those words if you carry beside these words is that. And I saw what they may say July 26 2022. Elements the world I don't know what that means. Assumed that the maintenance or carry there's ancient people all over this thing. And I together with the due date scholarship but he accused me of like what it accusing he'd just say Gary I don't know regular you know I'm I'm not going to believe decisive okay. So what happened this Ike. I'm blown away and forcible entity be it the rabbi to investigators listened. We can't we're seeing this but we're not completely because this is could be maybe the way this SanDisk situated. And the way the the weight of the sun reflecting off of the pyramids. And remarkably that much to look at the guys I can't forcibly put the I think it's some kind of a message I think it is simple why did you get this message. Actual may be because I'm the only guy who came the idea of restoring the great Kermit. And the stakes. Basically it could point to this so anyway so. So icicle cable now would try to soak all this stuff I come home that night. Guys and I'm excited to is good it got even got here I com home. I go to sleep I had this wild during some voice in that dream to come and voice says to me Gary go down to the river. Saint east and the order facing east India and and and and see these words. So. They were the words or later but what happened is I thought we don't like is this has to do with the great pyramid needed is for real so. About five miles from my house parents content deli there's a place called Akeelah river so Dellucci. The Gila river and water and it doesn't float but there's water and it's like we would go down there and try this because may find in all this stuff is just something easy. So I don't know until the river ice into the water just just up to my ankles. And I'd. It put my hands up the weight of the voice told that you and I think these words in the words they actually work. They were in Hebrew. And it's set up opera problem too don't stick dose to dose which I had a C three times a political leaders say three times I didn't. No it at that time when the political team who would like Google it. And it actually says father father father holy holy holy. So I'm stated that there might yell out and I'll. For making economists say like some Contra and unsafe that fully maybe I'm silly to me it's really laugh out as well as they speak right now real hobble out guys. So I've built up these words and I don't wanna yelled out I sit in like is that in Hebrew. Public ghost ghost ghost and then he could sit. Only I sit where you come from we are you really come from a connection like three or four times well. All the sudden. I -- that nothing happened happened happened liquid they get rid of the first cut. So I about the reflected cinema forever and nothing happens to look at this was kind of cool so like come back home when I can't call guys as similar type. Open up that the photo the International Space Station photo of bomb. Egypt in the Giza plateau all the said. God I could see everything in this photo I mean everything. And I can actually explains you guys hell you can see everything that's followed. So to suit your success so too cute to go down the river due this month show. So honestly open you up more to be able to CFO. Yeah it was on the guys. And I'm I've never seen ghost I've never seen any in I've you know. I put my whole life I've been pretty pretty lucky like split split I've never I've never seen it knows nothing spirituality anything like it never happened in the or already seen the dogs are really you know it's it's actually I'm kind of a boring guys other than this. So anyway so. What happens I come back and I see the photo and now this is so but I see not only the message put the alien and where they come from. Okay now since now remember that was about maybe a year in five or six months ago today since that time I'd been down that river between 3540. Every time. I feel not only do I see more more but eventually. Police started coming out of the sky when I was down in the water. Bait not that big not only took. Number the date that the that the rabbis had told me it was. July Rooney 60022. So that's one we can expect this from another planet. So just be clear Gary. After you recited these words in the river and every time you do go to the river and recite these were you come back you look at the same photo and UCL more and you see more. It's the same photo. Nothing's changed. Nothing's changed but but what is is this. The fold go. It's from the Salvador when I say the first thing it could you've got to get like a tsunami information right now from me but. That the photo is infinite is actually has ordered levels to. And yes I have what I've I've gone up to the university of Arizona state university and I met with. I don't professors subject to a actually. That actually all right programs in design software okay to yourself what I showed it to them. Basic Gary we don't have the technology what you're shown us is impossible. And I can you know what's amazing is similar to what you guys help me out people said no I do how can you see this. As I attacked a litany professor white help snuggle with the professor grouped. And they both say Gary we don't have confidence. And I sit out and not have time for this state that we have 101000 students at peace. I think OK guys know properties to get what you should notices of possible I think look at the problem but I can tell you guys and I can tell your listeners how you can see it and how you can find. Q we've got to take a break and about a minute here but I just need to ask you this if this is our NASA photo were to be special properties come from are you saying that these beings planted this photo. Or plan of the properties into the photo. That if it's like every other NASA satellite image when makes it different we have about a minute for a stick break. I think is what happens okay it yet they get competitive but it actually and just saw this assisted them what I tell you this this is. Because that and on the river 34 times and these things had told me this. What happens this is a great pyramid is a machine it's still works and it actually create these pictures with vibration. Okay I went back Iowa what would have to I went back. To. Not only that not only satellite images from NASA but also satellite images from the Egyptian wrote department. And what you can see this is everything I'm gonna show you this total including built the letters were built if you go back. 2222. Look to itself and also. 21999. 1999. For thirteen years this far everything is the photo was being built if you get all the focus together inflict them. They you can actually see the whole images like little cartoon being built into this photo. It's a let's let's just take the break and we come back more on the heels and lot of you know they'll. The question I should I don't under orders begin here so our heels and adjacent to. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Chase Chang. Kings some really interesting stuff here about a NASA photo. Might give information on aliens or want to return but there's a lot going on here we've got a lot of questions for guest Gary Parker but here's the what I find also interesting is there's been talk for. Years ever since. There's been discussions of alien visitation ends and not ancient aliens and and you know what have you the pyramids have been in the spotlight the the pyramids in Egypt have always been. Suspected of having a different origin and then maybe just a bunch of foot egyptians don't have. The ability to connect different things all around the world as sort of a sort of like a tower. Yes innocent of communications and type of miss mystic power source this whole bunch of series that revolve around the pyramids. Of Giza in Egypt and Gary parkers I guess and he has discovered something any NASA photo. Of the Giza plateau. An alien message and a lot more and and Gary again thanks for being with us but I wanna stop you being in the progression of the story can go back to some of the things you said earlier. When you approached. The various professors and academics with your discovery and they were unwilling to help you. Thinking that you may have manipulated the photo could view it just. Has said hey go to the web sites NASA website I don't have access to the NASA website I can't manipulate those images downloaded for yourself and you'll see it's exactly what I'm showing you. And therefore prove that you didn't have anything to do with creating those images. I think yes that's exactly what I said to them and they all said we don't have time for that. Which is really bizarre. So all in said the same thing Gary were too busy we don't have time to let not forgot to tell you guys I also. Email that to doctor Peter warden. Who is the president of who was the president. The Ames research center at NASA okay. In northern California. Doctor Pete or write email in the the photo and everything and don't email me back. And he says that Gary I don't say it I don't see it nice fit and I according to the guys. There's a certain way that you have to see everything and it had to be done on a laptop computer and it is usually just say this you'll see everything on a laptop. And it has to be done in a dark room so doctor Wharton email me back to carry like can't sit and not actual call and so he called me basically sitting. In the dark room. And he should know until you can you got a laptop he said yes. I think OK get your laptop don't we give instructions over the phone I gave instructions over the phone he do what I told to do so. He figured you know what I see it now. I think yes he says it OK I'll get back in a couple weeks I think great actor that you want to note that senior photo is okay we didn't NAFTA didn't put that in the foot so all. I think don't worry about it just get back to me. Two weeks after that conversation. He retired he got together which he he he he and Stephen Hawking. And now and a Russian. Billionaire. Got together and it started another company further restrictions were freed t.s site and heard some intense that. Ma knock. I mean there's there's so much to this that we we need to get into. And I wanted to continue to take you back and learn a little bit more about you because it helps us understand what you found and why you found it. Now have you ever had assassination. Is the search for alien life for proof for extra fresh fruit visitation is that it ever been anything on your radar. Our ancient aliens to TV show in the History Channel. Tonight and when I was so when I was like eleven years old I did read. Chariots of the gods by debt. I'm Eric on dedicated it blew me away and yes I mean who's who hasn't invested about that but no guys I never put any time it took this is the first time. What and why do you think that they're so many are dismissing news so quickly on that at. Well GGV said that they can go to the go to massive download the photos themselves. See that you didn't manipulate it and why do you think that they're discussing just because it's such a far fetch it. It. Wasn't a cup race since first what you guys and yet remember I've met with probably 3040 academics. Academics don't really want to risk anything especially the reputation on the things like this. This is so out of the this in the and that's what photo even if you can even if you can prove it even. When they show up some people are gonna say all this is a real created the special effects. So so the guy I've run into. People it and also pleased that and I'd met with many. Priest rabbi. Ministers they refuse to believe that they basic Gary this is just it's too much it's way too much. Line and I'm looking at the Fuller now I've zoomed in and I could see exactly the area you're talking about. Agassi how they do. Very mall Lleyton they're very similar to two the right thing that you were discussing Tom. It's fair I'd agency but at. The dissident it is is this Jason or JG's. Chasing if you give me a favor okay if you would zoom out and make the picture a little small. Okay if you do now look now look. Now what you look at the right side in the photo now you're looking to. NASA when they download this photo is actually upside down so so north itself is north. Got. A look at. And should write is west and to the left at least okay. If you look at the photo and you can see you would think he's a practical goes all the way down the right side of the photo. That is the last that is the left profile of an alien. But they are looking is it that you and he's Chien of wrestling he says it's a real elongated head. He has kind of a big brow and would appear bizarre would be where is noses just above the great pyramid and where is noses and it comes down to is now. And didn't see your chin and then you can see is nick he's got like a brutal big thick neck mussina. I can definitely CC you know exude it's our camera. Now what some believe what they tell you get into the river could put signs that the between 3550. A 3540. Yes that's that is the live. Oakmont a legal case that that might be me trick saying just the play out behind his own. It's by it's by design trust some of you can't trust because you don't know. It is it is it is what I'm telling you. What if but I'm a guy and the guy who looks and all things and you paranormal and beyond and beyond reality bottom line cell and that's always something. As a guy who's investigated claims of the paranormal for over 2530 years. You know of course you have to go in questionable and I feel like I'm I'm looking at it and I can see exactly what you're talking about eggs on the rent. He can see you and what can definitely looks just like that writing so I I get all that. Okay you were here's here's one more thing if he is if you see now. If it was seat over in work Cairo is where we're Cairo can you see. Are fond from the top to the bottom can see it at the Nile River the blue the blue river road dozens. He's serious golfer is kind of loops on the top and then goes down as kind of the squiggly line. At and then you can see at the top you can see all of -- it is goes from the left backseat from the east all the way to the west and it's kind of like a looping it makes across at the top. Yeah exactly time. OK okay and actually exceed that that is actually called ring road which is so which is an eight lane freeway that goes into Cairo okay. Looking issue they cross and and and and that ring road not only goes on the east with Angela goes all the way down. And turned into walks on the on the Giza plateau can't see that. Okay that. Where they intersect that whole thing up there is actually the consolation the seat next. To. And they see this is called the swine or that or the northern cross. That's a conflict and say. What happens is in the milking it CU re worth the two things intersect. Tejada Gary your enemies in Europe you first saw it just because we've got a lot of people listening here and it's since run radio. People have tough sought a tough time following exactly what you're saying is they don't see the same thing. Where can they quickly grabbed this picture from trump we're gonna try to posted as well but if if we're working they find this so they might be able to follow along with what you're saying. All they have to do is this. They have to Google ISS. 032. Dash a dash 009123. OK so that'll bring up the photo. Almost definitely do there's a little bit more when that went when they Google that is what will come up mobile some workable thing NASA Pyramids of Giza Egypt. That's NASA pyramid at keeping Egypt don't click on that test. And once they click on that once they click on the net. They're gonna get the picture issues come up but then they'll have to scroll down and doses though he would sign it was they download image. Grateful download image they're gonna click on full size if they don't do that if they don't click on full size than they won't be able to zoom in close enough. That's what I've done yeah yeah. AM because that that's one step that yeah a lot of people that I saw on the students carry like Kentucky instruments so close but you know you gotta. Scroll down and click on all sides that you consume laid it. Give that gives the that those series of numbers and letters again. Itself IE SES. 032. Dash. 00912. Victory. And that's from the International Space Station I SS stands for International Space Station and until 32 is there a law. Is there room is the groups that that are the kind of took the photo. Now Gary do you think that. Hawkins in the and the other individuals started doing their search for alien life because of what you showed them in the ages one and the sort of just touch you out of the and I'll go to. No no I I think they probably get millions of calls and a lot of people. I think what it is this is done I do think that it was weird to me that doctor Gordon didn't even on the back. And so actually it might edit subtleties cut me out of this thing which is which scrapped. But then I thought wait a minute. You know remember guys have been down to the river like so many times these things are not going to look are not going to look communicate with them. What happens is I don't know if you don't set solution is he's the guy from said he. Okay I've emailed him everything. He goes carry out I can email me back into area. I refuse to believe that and I and I totally fits itself. As you guys that city search for extraterrestrial intelligence. I sit. They're not gonna respond. Too many inmates signals you have to be connected to the earth and you have to do with cadence. Are certain cadence. Laura Montero in order to communicate with them. And he's sick Gary he actually meant seagate that's old school when I can't deal that I thought to myself well that makes sense you know there'll billion dollar company they're not gonna. They're not gonna have some guys stand in the river yelled out to the east and it and all the citizens Serb. They spent billions of dollars I spent a dollar 25 cents and gas the army itself. And he had Gary let's take a quick break here and and give that number again of the photos so that during the break anybody who wants to can downloaded and and follow along for the rest of the discussion warmer time do that number. Sure the numbers I SS. 032. Dash. 009123. Okay do is go to Google today go to school type that end the NASA from the campsite mobile lest there just click on it Michigan download the full image size. Agassi would alliger starting spot you know follow along in this conversation would take quick break when we come back we'll continue there's a lot more to talk about what Gary Parker it's beyond. Got really grieving Jason. So back to talking with Gary Parker about this photo because TV I can I can see what he's talking. And it's it's mine it's sort of mind. I mean if there's enough here to say you know where there's smoke there's fire and I'm I'm just really really surprised that none of these. Quote and quote professionals who. Really have in their lives invested in and some of the subjects were talking about here the search for extra triple life messages whatever happens to be that they seem so dismissive of what Gary's presenting here because like I said. You know I don't know if this is definitive or not but I can tell you there's enough fear that it should make people curious that that's the big question you know. What did as anybody. Within those circles. Decided that hey you're on to something here and we need to pursue it. Well yes you know as a matter of fact none yet academics state eight. Got you here did you look in their defense. A guy shows up at your office and says hey look what I found all at all in it it it. Like me I got all this stuff over a course of two years. It took you know I put it altogether things were shown to me. I chilled that your office. I say hey look at this writing look at that this is an ill at all of a sudden I think in this is impossible disguise not get the hell out of my office. I can totally understand what they would do that okay. But luckily for me I have met a couple on producers here. For those who actually at all video company. They saw what they believe that they want me to do a yum a series of books videos and that we can release on the Internet. And sounds so actually we're. We're going to be producing goes so well. Well yeah I. I can also understand how there'd be some on hesitancy to jump on this story here this information but at the same time I'd seen. Many of the same people you're talking about Kamal what's crazier series and present them one way or another I mean they're all looking for a way to. You know outdo one another come up with something that someone else has it seems like some of these people would've. Would've liked taking your story work with fuel and at least tried to do one of two things you approve it it's truly it's accurate or prove it's not and for them just to dismiss it is really baffling to me. I agree get that I don't probably 200 meetings and compensate about a 130 meetings with these academics. And a bunch of religious people and down. Or religious leaders I should say and I agree with him but I told me understand over the coming from you guys had open months a lot of these people don't they but that did that that. They include everything from books written by other men and they've legal believe anything other than what's written in the book soul. It's like that I get it in this guys like you. Or are few and far between believe me. Because you open minded so. Well now why why do you think that they would do the writing of the image in the sand on Egypt instead of making it somewhere where it's more obvious. Summary it's really in your face him. You can tell that there's 100% something there and said something that. Is really is really tough to find scripted it's quick yet. Well guys you know if you look at the total opposite effect and hammer in the mail that to profile field he's looking net he's look at that the consolation sickness. It's so big it's unbelievable. Okay and and yes you're right this could typically cryptic because. We don't know the language how many of us knowing she paper how many of us know that other language so so. And not only that but I don't know if you note the date of when this when this photo was they'll vote won't do it onto the Internet which July 26 2012. And that's what this was downloaded. The mine and they're calendar and get on July I'm sorry December 21 2012. Point five months difference. And also I actually have found the waiting here by the pyramid is also. On the sun and moon pyramids in Mexico. I was gonna Palestinian. All that kind of gotten. I'm upset analogy that you can sell sell. To show everybody in the world what this is what it means don't. Well I'd. Again and so many questions here but on if the aliens. Put these messages here first of all we have any idea when they were put there. Yes it's started it actually started. Like a sitting 1999. And ended in non. And on July 26 2012. In town right now if you look at the if you look at on Google Maps or satellite images of NASA now all the writing has been quite the way it's almost like an Etch A Sketch. Where it was written and all the sudden it. It took thirteen years to build and now don't like the way. OK we have about we've got about a minute for a sticker break here but I'm I'm now I'm even more. Classes because you're saying that that is the rating is no longer in the images. So it was their for a brief time. You have it but now if you went to those photos now they won't be there. I mean this photo Gary is is it it came to its its its. Apex on July 26 2012 the folder that would take them by now. Didn't. Quite a future saying so it's it's a photo was taken today you wouldn't see it. But at the photo that was taken on July 26 2012 which is what we're looking at it's there. And it sent any sort of four and 99 it was not there as well. OK so this is pumped up so he could be one of those things where the image just being covered sands being out there. Okay now have you have you made a site visit you've gone to d.'s in and taking a look at this area. Yeah yeah we've got a good friend Scotty whose who goes over there Austin and and wonder Scott's got pictures of that area at least sensor in the doesn't. I'm from this angle but you'd think that he he you know eat them on the ground might be able to see. I mean from what I can tell these are the images themselves look like there. There this building foundations or rocks or something you what's. They are you saying that it was it's kind of put their name more surreal. Cents. Yes yeah says that is not only that. God I really have to explain how how you and your listeners can see all four levels of the vote. We like there's certainly. That seems not to split screen so as you're looking at it now. Yeah RE let's let's take a break in combatant. Putin the details of the best weekend of the year in central New York it's come. Coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't bring it. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix. In an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com next Erica on dot com. It's. Thursday and press post on Friday on the East Coast and many were stuffed in between now welcome to be on really revealed myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Jamie Johnson I think one of the first mysteries any of us ever really become fascinated with. Is after Vick could of course that's always the first one. Is the mystery the tournaments and we are talking with Gary Parker and we've got a lot of information coming en us that we have never heard before. Tonight's intriguing. It's about so photographs that have been taken by NASA satellites and some imagery that's showing up in those photographs and may be messages. From alien races. Now we're gonna continue talking about that in just a moment I do wanted to make a quick reminder of free you to stop by scare con. And check out what's going on there as we've we get very very close to the date this Erica on happens October 6 through the eighth just gonna scare a con dot com check out all the stuff that's happening a lot of great films being premiered. A lot of great touch panel discussions question and answer sessions with celebrities a lot of great celebrity's lottery vendors parties. It's just a fantastic weekend and everybody's invited so. Do that we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll have more of our guest Gary Parker it's beyond reality radio. Gary. It's actually car. How we can see all the levels of this NASA photo that. Some believe actually has writing and at the talks about winning aliens will be back July 262022. Yeah an and the way this story starts is our Gary head had the idea of starting a crowd funding campaign. To help restore the sinks and the pyramids as we know those. Unbelievable monuments have succumbed to work erosion. Vandalism. On Steve's. All sorts of damage along the way including I think the French army DC used for artillery practice at one point you know before anybody realize how precious they were. And dead during the process of trying to start this campaign to save those. And restore those monuments he he uncovered something out rather unique and baffling and that's what we're talking about these messages they shall open Nina in the pictures that were taken by the NASA satellites from the space station and in Gary on. You know as you found. When you tell people the story you probably get a lot of puzzled looks were trying not to have those puzzled looks because we do love 22 then dig into the stuff and and figure out what's going on here. But what is your standard answer when someone says to you your crazy. But we you know what there's seven point two billion people. In the world I just say hey thanks elements helped out. Of somebody over I think that if someone came to me and shortly that. At first I'd be extremely skeptical and say Gary come on that's impossible but then if I really looked at the Wimbledon so you have your listeners how to look at the photo. If they don't like got to hit. He's right it could take I also it if you have a river but if I can tell you what the state you go down to face peace and meet you open up your mind even a little bit more. And he river public pull my backyard. The net and be connected to an above ground pools that. It was. You still be ill on on believing what they tell you at its best quarter because what happens is is to water. Actually helped. The young. That the message out. Conductor it said this amp I think events and had I only I had two years of college climate. Then that's what was so different. There are no one noticed one and is it any river Gary or does it have to be river words with some kind of magical herb. Now I'm gonna medical's not a word but some special properties. Guys you know what I'd. I don't know but I I got coming could be any river and I think if you say what I say at the same pitch not a it's just so I actually stayed in the keynote. And done everything done and C. Sold out very very loud and I think he's and I put my hands above my head and you have to be connected. To be hurt in the water. Pension and so now. Let me let me ask the stroke or would it be easier for you to take all these images. And put them together in gifts so people can see the changes see the change of one and appears on one when it disappears. And as getting it out there so people realize that this this is really there. Well you know what when I explain to you guys out of it they'll be allowed easier than me doing all that but I don't. But I just mean for people to be able to see that it wasn't there than it is there now and then and sort of disappears again. If you put it into something like that where they can see that the transition. And I'm hoping they'll be silly to say they'll do that themselves. In on any I a operations at that. Just saying what I'm gonna show you guys hopefully people say only got you right what does this all mean we got an old war I really don't want to. Okay we'll talk I just don't tell us how how it works hundred people see it. Okay that that saying the best way to see everything is to use a laptop computer. Look at what you do is he's in the treatment room as dark as possible and and and when you open up the strain put a strain of the 45 degree angle that was the computer screen. You'd know that shoppers were just talking about the letters first. Presume and beat because when they set Wednesday when he aliens put this together it all custom. It all has do with using certainly put the images that pop it. So when you tell what would you do you open up the the computer screen you zoom in on the great pyramid where river the rating is. And you live under that. Under your computer just chopped it back just a little bit tilt it a little bit. And that and the photo I mean that the ratings should pop out that you can. It would make it a lot clear could if you look at its history on a flat is it is it's just not as as and so clear intent. Now. What happens that the more you chilcott and that we use government to certain areas of the photo. There was a guys seem to be doc and there was an incredible convened in Vietnam was was no his great grandfather okay I know the guy with the York. And what happens is being not when he went to happen basically what they haven't and he came back but it would what they haven't seen that he says he's sell ten happens. Well what he saw it and see yes he he talks in heavens but that they want happens they were dimensions. The more you until this the more you're gonna see dimensions there's actually ten dimensions in this photo. And the that you took a little bit it took a little bit more gets a little bit more the total change and you'll see different things and to see different levels. And we're very roosters familiar with the book every night we talked about it many times emotional and regulatory Aslan and all that stuff Tom. And. Yeah I mean this this is on this is this is unbelievable and let's let's let's move the discussion from. Does this exist to what it means and so let's let's assume from minute this is all you know this is all exactly how you're presenting it. And which I mean this compelling argument here but. You had said that your you you're the messenger or use the messenger because you happen to stumble upon this or were you picked. I'm gonna have to say that. Let me just say this Percival I hope not the only passenger okay I'm hoping that. That these that these teams have shown a lot of people because you can't just rely on me you know I mean how does one guy. It deep deep in the weirdest thing was this. And and electricity utilities these kind of stories split. I started thinking about this could I think that would when I've got the water. I had to say. Bob public ghost ghost a ghost which means father father father holy holy holy where did you come from where did you really come from. It. Well win when I was born that it tonight to deny that was being for the morning mode being born in the morning. My mother who was in the hospital she had a terrible experience she actually and she ever since I was five years old she told me. This story and Tuesday and allied I have to say is straight my mother now she equally personal. Every year she doesn't story she should Jerry win when you won't shortly before you were born. RI. I was gonna all I could see was darkness and I yum and and it seemed like I was in the tunnel and I heard this of belief system and police and this man's voice says to me where did you come from where did you really come from. And every year since 75 years old she told me that on my birthday and and and all the sudden win this case. It might turn instead sees things in Hebrew and say. Went to come from bridge you've really come from I thought oh my god this is crazy. So yes that that that the only way I. Then on one and make it part of. So if you're the messenger and you may have been selected to be the messenger. What exactly is the message. First of all these things come from. As an effective as of and they're listening cedar SA TSA. Dealer. In the India and interest rate. Yes SAT art in the consolation Cigna I think that's where they come from okay. As a matter of fact. 18100 years ago in the consolation there was they there was six there was an event the light from that event is going to reach earth. In July of 2022. It was gonna turn them that this got rid that's going to be they're calling code that's going to announce them showing up. At that initial on July 26 2022. And I'm pretty sure it's 721. AM Greenwich mean time okay and they're gonna land. And in the Giza plateau and into crucial as a couple now. No this information came to you through your communication with them while you're at the river. Or you're not reading all this in the photo. Yet now and how well first of all at the river and then when I came back I'd put two and two together I told the defense although you know when this thing is download it. Windy out of the of the mine gates. You know yes so I put everything together put in the voices told me but. I get to play golf for the importance because I don't like him proved that is gonna believe that I heard the voice coming from the sky. Yeah that's tough when it's a tough on W. If those thousand years ago everybody miners might believe him. And now he's one. In my and my job it's for people not to freak out like you know what behavior stood still type thing. They don't want anybody hurting themselves are hurting other people when they shot because people don't know freak. Yeah so yeah I mean there's no question about that before before last with good and before I ask the obvious question of what are they gonna do when they get here. When you hear two when you get the communications and voice from the sky as you put it is this something that anybody standing next you would be able here as well or is it more subliminal. Is it coming to you and M a telepathic way. Hopefully they're not I've actually had people down there filming okay and and they can't hear it they can't hear it. And and I actually yell up to voice it got you got talking illegal. I don't can't let them hear that this could write yes that's right public you know I think it's like come on it's not it's not like John Kerry he's always. Coming from the king command. Says. Now it's like this hey Gary that's countdown. And tonight's sit a guy I Gallup and I think guys. I don't own god or I don't I think guys showed these people come on it needs some help on that couldn't do over of the a year and a well no one else can hear I hear it blow up. Well that's you know and then going back to Jason's point earlier why if they're trying to communicate and they want you to spread this message why do they make it's so difficult. For everybody else to pay. Believe it. I know it's weird man I have no idea and it and they don't tell me hey it's like I I don't know opal I wish they would and it is it is just. I didn't. And then to see yet to make the message soul so hard to find. The sort of because because they don't want everybody to be shocked when they show up but I think. It was it was making it that hard to find everybody would be shocked if they showed up. But yes but how about this so how about. How about maybe there or people it seems some people have heard the voice but he's still too afraid. Count on a couple of these priest that I that and a couple that vicious when I shall go myself that started crying. This security the end of the world and I hit it's not the end of the world as it is the end of the world as we know it. Except wouldn't its top and it's all good because we're gonna leave golf. I wouldn't I wouldn't call at the end of the world who I would call more than be scanning of the new world if if that Jack. That's exactly right that's exactly right. Imus is kinda know what the the movie close encounters I mean in the sense that there are a bunch of people that or receiving message they're all kind of frightened toll found each other and they realized that they were all getting this message would only certain people getting it. Is that where your hoping their other people around the world. Or seeing hearing understanding and at some point they may come forward to. I would hope so I was and plus I don't want had to climb that mountain. Yeah I. Don't know sorry that would be workers. More versatile talented Joseph and Jodie Foster contact wearers it's just that little that little impression being last in another hustle more to mathematics and all but. So so Gary the million dollar question then is what do they want they're gonna come here according to your information in 20/20 two. What do they want and what's gonna happen when they get here. CEB. Negative I don't know everything this city you know I know some things but I don't know where it can but here's the deal what what these things do. They that we actually have souls okay and what they do our souls. It's help their propelled the energy from our souls and it remembers something that they don't just has. 11201. Plan that they visit just thousands that they managed to elect managers say. They end and great pyramids all the thousands of other planets. And all the planets there are living beings like us a lot like and what happens. Our souls people on earth I think it's what is between 55 and 64 million people die each year. Okay our souls are energy that fuel then they're they're shipped. To travel throughout the universe and throughout many universities and they're on a time disintegrate commit their own a timer and Norris schedule. And they're coming back here tell us. To help Clinton to actually increase. Our souls and so this is like god. I just I mean you've just open a hole mother our discussion here if they're using our souls I mean almost sounds like a reaper situation here they're harvesting our souls as an anti personnel to San. Like that it is nothing like that wouldn't if this. It's difficult but they're not that come down killing. Nobody courtesy no souls is kind of when I got out of that. We now know harvesting sit at the wrong term but but what it would mean this is when he died. And yet they've got some sort of jumping around because from the phone if we were here together if we were together I could show you everything I could explain everything I could actually show you. A 101 and you guys could see everything in the photo and be blown away. But what happens this is our souls are energy okay. And and our souls grow old by knowing the truth and that's how we evolved okay. So the more true you know that the let's say the brighter usual become so OK also just noticed that this'll have to do to with. The call when you're dying to come back elect. Don't think Katrina two years ago. Two recent reincarnation that's what this all has to do. Your soul keeps coming back but every time it comes back to get stronger and stronger okay and by going to terms of where you come from. And as good or at least fewer anymore it's a good soul would increase and that the talented that you sell when they come back what they're gonna do. Is they are going to first of all give all this information. To Israel that the first people are gonna get it and then it's going to spread throughout the world. They're gonna give it to the country that sits in the middle countries that all wanna kill the country. I'm now hold on EEU by saying that in by I mean you've you've and you've we brought religion into this. Sense that it almost sounds as though I mean if you're if you're talking about. Israel lights in God's chosen people being in the wants to receive this first it sounds like there's a connection to god hear more and that that's one thing I'd I wanted to. Clear up is because everything you've said almost made it seem like these aliens are really want. More and got two books. A military pulled odd don't answer that yet as we do let's take a break in here and come back we're gonna get into that part because this is this is really every time we we think we we've got an answer we've opened a giant those doors before or are you listen to Jason JB. The united. So we know we started the conversation the currency simple message her millions nearly pyramid so much more random. And in our guest Gary Parker Gary before lent to break there we are talking about from what you're saying. Makes it seem like these aliens are. Our guys do it's who we've who we were praying to and support especially if first souls or what's feeling fueling them and can you can you elaborate on the is this who we see as god. Well let me just say this guy this is the problem I have with the web sites they say can this Hasidic rabbis in Phoenix. Basic Gary here's our problem with this is that we don't think the visible we don't think his arms and legs and aunts and applauding and I think guys. Meeting god doesn't put the person who created us. Don't have arms hit it too late I think I don't know who created this being that you're seeing the profile on the young on the NASA photo. I sit and and I actually went to the ribbon and solicit. Yes I see that your an alien I yelled out I can I can hear and I can see your face second sealing the photo there's actually closeup of his based. I can send you guys be drawing that I did W can locate dealing. Yeah I think you don't send it to us and we have I'd. You saw the drawing a hand and I said I yelled out an exit. We need to do and there was no answer. So. So is this guy. Maybe maybe deeper hand and promote this maybe this is this thing that they call god could be that they call god. But a lot of people say no god is spirit guide is all over it these omnipotent. So so while you know I don't know. Well hold our expert for the rabbis and in those scholars to say god doesn't have arms legs etc. I mean I know biblical scholar but I can tell you that I do I do know somewhere in the Bible it says that god created man in his image there for a I would saying that others arms legs and face I mean that that's not a stretch. And yes I totally agree with that and actually I think it's sick I was content and we created an hour in its. Do you written that's that's says that. And when you say our as such as this feeling that he's hanging out with a point two guys who look human but actually have to reinforce basis but don't let loose on the photo. In the elite and the alien picture that future and you sent to us and had the elongated head were very. Very many. On the on the farrow's Saddam and on the individual's cell. Mean as it does add up I got to give him that. Guys if you have someone here in Phoenix good friend or. We're currently that I could meet I can I can do one whole one. No we don't like community in Phoenix hot. So we don't like anybody if you can just yeah yeah. I think we both and it's just getting. I'm so and at one point the translation of do the writing. Was I am who I am creator of all things again and it's that's a very godlike statement. It and it gets dressed for it and we just say this. It all has to do with religion it all has to ask a college. Which is you know the and the kinds processor that's exactly what this has to do with but it's healing has also. You know so and the whole. Every answer old man's biggest questions is in this old. But you have to be able to say you have to take your time to look at midnight and I actually can. I pointed out to at least a 120 people and it freaks them out and freaks them. I just I just wish it would be more obvious. Picture I think that's what tries means to price so every every time we talk about alien visitation and we we get information that they're trying to convey a message to question is why don't they just say it where everybody take over the television network for for an hour nick I don't go to the masses Superman when they are very early scenery. I don't know if you guys noticed but there's a story in the Tora which is the Jewish Bible. In the tour oh when Moses took everybody out of Egypt. And the role Stanton desert most are sealed up the gods said that you have to you have to speak to my people here. Because they completely so god spoke to them. Treaty all of the all of is that the Jews or or the Hebrew out of the desert heard God's force they all freaked out legal no no no we can't deal with this most visual and airing your brother. You guys fuel that we don't wanna hear his voice actually yes they heard is always. And they all freaked out. My thing is to me beaten me unfurling this photo so. Be slowly. And we have five years for everybody to see you realize what it means maybe that's why they don't. It is that they haven't made it more obvious. Dead and the only thing we and we've always brought up is why not make direct contact with somebody who has the ability. To. Get the word out to him billions of people instill. Well though or in net while NASA or. Straight to the president of the united states of the president of whatever whatever country it's somebody who can. Has the ability to it literally walked out on camera and say this is here this is what we've been told this is what's going to happen. It inside spins and wanted. I don't think that world leaders who would even consider that. Because they. They they just would never believe their minds are not open to that impossible. So when I asked the question before but not sure we got the answer. What do they do when they get here why are they coming. Well what they're doing is they're showing up to Britain is gonna be our next step in evolution. We're gonna learn the truth about everything about all the universe is all the different planets that are inhabited bite bite bite bite beings. And we are going to law. Not an apple we're not gonna having more worse and there's not going to be any more sickness. So low. I guess people live regular life and we will die put. But. Get it in essence. The world will become another guard to be and we would travel well and to distillers. In this is five years from now we're talking about. And this is these this is what they've told you is going to happen when they arrive. Do you suspect in any way that maybe they are concealing their true intentions in this could be more hostile. You know it would be possible I don't know for sure but if you look at the photo and you see everything in the photo. I don't get that feeling full I get like a little guy I've never slept better I've never been more positive in my life. Actually said it it's just like it's like I once from from being a pretty happy guy to like not anybody happy but really really. Like the lakers great people are great vehicle has problems but all the but more so. I think there's a lot more good people in the orbit that. And end and it's him that's how I feel it it's not like just bring both in Europe points but it's like. Were little involvement is something that is going to be awesome and and well there's just a lot of love that comes out of this photo from may and it and it's a real positive message that I can get you guys to get down to river and say what I say. Maybe you would be able to see it better and it would open up your mind even more. So where are you going to be in July 26 222. I hope operate in Egypt on rate in Israel that's what I'm open I wanna be rated Acura front row seat and it's also. Yeah evidence there to hear from malicious reasons that would prohibit or. Tumblr public excellent. You know what because yeah they're they're a lot bigger than they're not and they have a big edge and all that but did. I'd I would definitely throw punches these guys they tried to do anything bad to us. Well but if they have the technology to do it here as a daisy red. Yes you're there exactly they have the technology to it would be anxiously employed you sent us going up. Against a much advance. But what I would do though I would actually if they would take it let Gary and so they'll popular comment like an anti ultimately that things Blake. I am going to get it state that they did. See if they need our soul okay if they veto sort of and they come here tried to do something to look like enslave us Serbia as some point that we got I don't get that message. Did I say I'd say we you know what everybody. Fund these guys that's why don't you know let us do our best because we're not gonna be too late to be sent away. Well we hope not I did I did one asking requests in the exam and understand the origin of the pyramids today. Help or did they build the pyramids. OK so it was their technology that treated those monuments. Yes and I can actually I connect to tell you guys. Hell you concede this or how you can tell how the world could see how the pyramids were built. And actually everything since the pyramids has been here and and just know this statement here for a couple 100000 years. Do you guys remember. There was a guy named Rudolph getting bricks he was an engineer and he put it will buy up these Southern Sudan under increasing percentage shift. Number well yes yeah. Okay and what they did was this is in 1997. Getting brings when he sent the broke it up there it hit is it a limestone block 220 feet up up up to shift. And and the EXP actually saw copper sitting on that limestone blocks correct. You have this. Vaguely yes. And is it weren't for them. Our cable what happens is is they decide drill hole into this limestone block. Okay so fox into the cold it's deejay Eddie project from the Egypt did you get tiller is a power color from ancient Egypt. So they called it. Did he teach you any project and what they did was they put that drill the end of the world but you know. A little booklet and they put it back up 220 feet into the queens chamber they drilled a hole. Then they put a fiber optic camera into the hole to see what was there. Okay. And what that would set an interest from that first limestone block was another block. And it would just wiped it was just like almost like real smooth white okay. What would happen this is this. The great pyramids. Is. Electricity is the machine and it still works in it once and solar and it actually can be tech technology. What happens is when that. When that followed when that. What's called hyperactive camera one into the photo went into the sea. Until hole it's and it shone light onto the block that the second block the lines so blocked. The pyramids sent up by an area code which is all zeros to that position and it started to form a picture. And if you if you Google. Get Brinks. Rudolph get Brinks photos from the from the queen chamber you'll see. Certain pictures that the that the photo talked. If you open up your computer your laptop that you took that you'll see the binary code that binary code I showed that and I showed she loved. Two people professors over an issue. They saw that that binder called Cooper all heroes no one's and they figured this is impossible and I think yes. And what that binary code was doing was forming a picture if you look at the first picture I took you'll see the binary code. Then opposite you'll see more of it in the next door as you tilt the screen you'll see in the long either got his head elongated head. And he's looking at is sitting in the activities that you guys have vote. And you said Gary did there is similar messages. In other sites other pyramid sites around the world. Yes two places that I have sounding a note that the you know I've I've checked everywhere. Our first place what is the sun the moon commit the waiting that's besides the great pyramid is great peace side. Descend into impairments in in Mexico. And also in in around Jerusalem besides the young the temple mount. There's an area there called. This company policy can't remember what it's called but it's an area they're in they're there's also relating. What sound what is this duty your campaign to restore these monuments do you do you feel like now they're untouchable or do you think. This is something that you still gonna pursue. Well see I would look at that I had the putter on the back burner because this sending out Christmas season talking with guys like Q is more important. Then we sure any great tournaments. You know he's so so I think. Mean coming up with the idea and then eventually get down to the river was the point of so Ike I can't tell I actually actually met with they young little real famous astronomer over here that there. Eight issue. And down I went to showing beyond. The the signature and the aliens and he's okay how did you come up this idea and I told him about the great Tennessee's case that the greatest idea I've ever heard usually did that. And I hit but I don't have time I have to warn everybody so. So other than coming onto the fastest growing caramel radio show. What other ways are you getting this message out and and he says amendment videos but what else is going on. That hit that hey you know I'm I'm mom I'm pretty much. A one man show. And I'm trying to get it out there have an effect on everything on the Internet I think everything has to be done through the Internet. So I'm trying to do that I'm meeting with people and does it just seems like for the this year and have some new meeting one no one has done me no good at all. And I thought permissible Wimbledon you know like to talk like to talk to guys. Great people that podcast. And why I didn't think that a year ago I don't know it just can't take it from the asset Smart. Just because it just be clear we we have a podcast who were also on broadcasting and sixty radio stations around the country lives so yes also you are reaching quite an audience right now and what would you like them to do. I would love for them to follow my instructions to look at the photo to your public and don't expect means. I can't spoon feed people you know I mean they have to look at 2220. Minutes or thirty minutes out of your day. That night in a dark room look at this thing angle he thinks. And then and then you know contact you guys and and and hopefully he'll put them like he says people and web site. And and you obviously hit and and it's viewed. You don't realize what it is eventually. And you don't say oh my god Jerry was right this is also this is gonna happen and and I hope they they're. They look like there's positive side. And it's Tuesday comes around and there are sitting here. Enslaving customers and I'm telling you. Have to put a joke well I mean we're gonna blame you for in the half the message. No I thought that you like nobody got on the road I would end up being shot through the gap. I know I know you told us what you suspect them. They will do when they get here but penis picture that's five years from now where we're as mankind going to be in ten years. Well I'm hoping that there's no war wars that there's no more sickness we don't have to worry about cancer or child is that birth defects. And and that we're all kind of like working towards. Aliens the next going to be. Do we become interstellar messengers as well at that point. Absolutely absolutely no I don't think is gonna happen that quick I don't think. I don't know how CC these beings can he look like. What they look like fifth dimensional being. Because I'm pretty short the fourth dimension is time so I would say fifth dimensional beings and I don't think that they can live. In a three dimensional world so when they show up they're gonna bring their own kind of like craft. And they're gonna stay in the air but. But. But do I keep talking and and and I forgot the question what was the. I said we're do you think we're gonna be and will we be interest dollar messengers have at that point is well we get the technology MB can kind of be listed. On the an interstellar mission. Absolutely. Apps absolutely is a matter of fact. But we get brings guy with the photos. Okay and I'm gonna send you this photo and hopefully that is that you'll take economies hit but in the photo one of the photos that were taken by the fiber optic camera in the in the southern shift. Queens chamber there's actually a photo that is of three people. It's it's a man and a woman. And there are signs that there's some is sitting on the bench right shoulder and they are sitting on a crystal drone that's flying over Egypt's. And it's ancient Egypt this seditious pyramids. And all the pyramids that are down below this boat down below them flying over it are actually crystal. So I'm gonna send you the guys the photo you have a look at the laptop and hopefully you get this. So that is what our future is going to be we're gonna become those people and we're gonna help these beings go out and and and find it and and not. Meet on to create new. Make contact to others. Yes with other well we're actually gonna kill. And actually culminate other planets. Well Mulcahy Gary were at a time in a you know and thank you. Time for sharing this with us tonight I encourage everyone if you haven't downloaded the photo yet that we've been talking about you give that number one more time for folks. To Google it. Sure itself IES. And 032. Dash C dash 00912. Victory. Thanks so much for come on analyst Gary and I've got to botched a single opportunity yet and will you promise a scary that if you get more information you will connect with us and and then we can get you back on the show you can bring mature audience. You know I'd love that this was awesome and I really appreciate it guys this is great and not yet anyway. Yeah I can help you guys you can help me I would look to and also please get. Outlook email your instructions to go down to the river and give it a shot as I think you might even going to be more open and they are right now. All right will do that they slider and we'll definitely talk to you instant in the future. Are you listening beyond reality radio Jason GB moved back for a. Tonight and tomorrow night as the best stuff it's beyond reality review Jason JB thanks coming along with us we'll see next. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason thanks GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson since it's entirely. You don't really radios. Yeah. You know start why don't finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase and install an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you like to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.