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The man behind Destination Truth & Expedition Unknown - Josh Gates

Oct 5, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnsonwelcome Josh Gates to talk about his adventures and exploits as witness on the hit TV shows Destination Truth & Expedition Unknown. And, Josh discusses his upcoming 4-part series Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials. 10/4/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. And the list goes Wenzhou. East Coast and start between welcomed me on really hearing you myself Jason was the only solace and GB Johnson is I have a really kind of an interesting story to tell you three very short. We had an animal communicate on last night and I'm trying to reverend Rosalyn burn and burns talked human animal communications stuff like that so. I live in a very small town as you know that there's one traffic quite the whole town of Cooperstown. And everything is within walking distance there's a grocery store about a block and a half way that I go tool is open 24 hour surprisingly in such a small town and I go there. Lot of times after the show grab a snack whenever. So they just I just early sirens going off in the we have a fire whistle on the town of Cooperstown which is annoying as hell. Because it's so close announced it goes often in my pot what the sex going on some crazy gone turns out. There was a deer that made its way into the grocery store and was running around the grocery store and they couldn't captured this year and I think the animal communicators had something to do with it. I think you should call she could result she could have been here's a funny thing you as it was tell what it's therefore here's the funny thing it was trying to check out it was using a credit card. Now that's really really strange because dear always have a couple of bucks on a our fellow. Or are I OK why why so very up and easier to circle Friday gets a B play here all the weeks. That's just the way we want it showed we're gonna have judgment so that's do well yeah it's. And they welcomed beyond reality radio everybody if you haven't yet may Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com where he can find all agree stations where across the country but he can also download the free. IPhone and android app right there which allows Youkilis in the shall live as well. You can listen Michelle on the go past episodes and are having also allows you join me online chat which quick to listen live tab. In new connector right into line chat room achieving and I hang out throughout the show Odom creek community people there. It's just want for place but we do have a great show tonight. A good friend of mine have known for many years Joshua gates is going to be joining us we're going to be talking about well this is the return of his show expedition unknown. Yeah I mean Josh really made a big splash in entertainment television adventure in whatever with you showed destination truth which was on site five for what 56 years something that what I what I say is -- hundred kind of talk about his back on site I was good he went ahead ghost hunters and destination truth and that factor faith and all that's right and he was also the host of the ghosts owners' lives Halloween shows for how many years like five years or something Cerro every originally he was he was there so yeah he's great he's great on camera he's grades. Where are especially under pressure in our agency has fond of and I think that that's just who Josh really is. It is he is he's a lot of fun Mike I've hung element events and downed number enjoyed his work on television. And this new. Four part series he's got coming up it's under the expedition unknown headlined. But it's hard for extraterrestrials he's he's out there around the world in this particular a series looking for proof of ET's. And I will say on wolf first off. Expedition on known as the highest rated show on Travel Channel. And and Josh and he truly deserves. In his show is show wouldn't when he was on scifi I thought the show's great and there I think the problem with that is they kept on moving its nights back and forth so people didn't know what night he was on and they kind of the same things that happen us he doesn't like we had a sorry we said the hell with it where we're or good. But Andy in on it's it's good to see Josh really branching out and you know that they mean they make a great show my and it will my kids and I watch it all the time we love. Yeah it's it's and it's funny because I happen to seek commercial. Up for our tellem our cable provider locally here spectrum or whatever it is. And did they you know they do this quick thing about you know mutant being of these clips about we can get on demand in decimation. Under expedition known was one of them. So clearly it's import enough that the you know on this and it detracts attention cable companies have good for Josh. Yeah us and and let's just say our hearts do go out to. The tragedy to happen now Las Vegas the other names of 29 people have lost their lives and you know 500 injured. And our prayers are with everybody else there. You know hopefully hopefully we can you just. Somehow stop that madness from ever happening again just as an annual. I don't know if that's if that's possible that to stop somebody can't stop people that are crazy in a free society it's just not something you can do which is that. You know some people say is part of the price of freedom and done you know it is sad but that's it we have an open free society that's why. Terrorists take advantage of it that's why mad men take advantage of and it's just it's it's just it's unbelievable I think gun you know we've I think we have to look at our moral fabric and maybe. Work do the work. There so Aaron now all this craziness that happening are too long ago in Pennsylvania with the clowns let's pray you remember that. Of course I care while now. Israel. Israel is dealing with clowns. If it's from the Israel us. Today he hasn't really on a lot of jokes come tomorrow and none of them are by deer in the box there's an. It's it's Israeli police are putting clones on notice following a series a creepy clown sightings in Israel authorities there have issued a stern statement. Following to to put a stop to any further funny business in official release on their FaceBook page. The Israeli police put the penny wise impostors on notice promising that any creepy clowns caught menacing citizens. Wouldn't count are strict and uncompromising. Police enforcement. According to the postings from please tops throughout Israel have already taken numerous teams in the custody after they were found dressing up as clowns. In scaring. Unsuspecting individuals. The message goes on to implore parents keep a close eye on their children. Lest they fall in with the wrong crowd and wind up becoming one of these clowns. Perhaps hoping to prevent the rise of clown hunting policies like temples and that was going on Australia. Authorities are asking citizens report any cloud sightings to police rather than resorting to. Vigilant adjustments. And vigilante justice Sonia Amin Milton when I and I didn't feel much better with the old vigilante Justice Department. A mob rule you know mob justice told me hey here's your stomach doesn't put that thing gets stuff done that's for sure. I don't wanna say quick shout out to all the new folks that have joined us in the chat room and if you if you're unsure with a chance all about you should really go to the chat room either online on the website or through the through via app. Om and find out because a lot of new people on their a lot of actually returning folks haven't seen in awhile and I think gun we have our guest to thank for for that a lot of people excited to hear. When Josh pee test say the night. March Rica which read great show. So our it will won only do this let's take a break and then we'll get Josh on and start the fun now the phone number decision was 844687766. Night and tall treated for four. 6877669. You'll listen Jason. MTV and beyond are really really. It's the best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture. And convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative panel discussions and dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't really look at Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique and enters the skirt on film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then there the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mixed and mingled in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In light entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't Miss America on its week. It's fun for all ages more info can be found at scare con dot com next Erica on dot com. Beyond reality Revere Jason cause in. Champion Johnson and by the looks of what's going on the chat room their whole Lotta people to stop with the words that would stop the world in milk Josh gates and that's me Emery on your own right are starting with fifty different screen and eager to decrease if you're really doing a great job hunt but without any further ado let's bring a guest and tonight Josh gates of course is a TV host he's an adventurer he's a writer Josh. Welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. I am so thrilled to be here and you guys don't. Could I have been just. I've been great man it has been a wave. Way to wait too long. Yes it has I think last time we know last time I saw you we are hanging around Massachusetts together you. You came and we are foaming at that castle you had to promise something. Hammond capsule. Oh lifetime ago it's so crazy that we haven't been in the same place suspense so. Please tell me here's how you weren't going to the prom together news and other amateur. Hour now. We'll just welcome to the show we've got a lot of excited people that wanted to hear what you have to say what's going on. Com and you've had a lot of things going on your personal life a lot of great things and congratulations for all that but before we get into the details of all this stuff. How did you get started with all this and you've been kind of a TV icon TV fixture in the adventure paranormal world for a while but there had to be a start somewhere. PDF icon like that I'll definitely expect. To generate ticket. You know I. I got my start and it totally out about ways that that I couldn't repeat if I tried you know I kept up with. Couple at a local. But it really Kristin Scott fine in the paranormal and all that stuff grown up a lot so let's stop and look to travel. It took me a long time to kind of think we're looking. Combining those things is shop couldn't really good cook I've got a producer in the Los Angeles. Who had pitched should go to decide by channel. Which then was. Not spell SYS I was pretty sixty days. As before they realized they couldn't they couldn't trademark that. That's right yeah it's so Edsel B go to that destination trips and stated chopper pilot. And the city he'd be wanted to ask the difficult stable wasn't working with a vintage shop at they were looking for sure but it could. You know kind of come on after ghost hunters ghost and it was you know being the tent pole chose to air. For a quality and and and everything that they put up after it kind of crash and burn and you know it was kind of I think what was happening and so they they wanted something that would deal with the paranormal but wouldn't do it a little. That show that would speed than its own and be its own thing and this producer says he should should carry it and and then meet these guys in and I just thought as people thought it would just you know are always telling you about some critical after you be perfect score and and nothing and so I have yet to perfect. And down ended up to. Well we're losing to judge. Near heaven ordered Gundy and bad if you IE eight keep on breaking up parts. Oh yeah I don't know I don't know you've you do I would read it loud and clear sort of technical and you know. Anyway I went into the side opposite us but nothing is gonna come out there aside just come back from Africa so I was. Dressed terribly I looked like like I say you know identity huge ear nose dirty and you know III looks like the kind of guy who should be out traveling the world I guess and so that old you know managed to dress for the job you want works both ways if you if you dress terribly enough simulate dirty enough they'll let you switch around the world. True we're to the curiosity come from. They want you wanted to travel around the one they wanted to bring up real quick Josh I thought we are gonna start to sleep at the beginning like when you talked your way into Disneyland. Is that. One step before all that stood these producers that I mentioned the new LA it was this guy Neil Mahan who produced social prettiest Guillen. Public borrowing deal which was used against first reality show. And he wanted to contestants for that we would in the same building at the time in LA executions and in the paper this and I was like. I don't know I'm not a sports guy like they'll ever put me on the show. He's not an outlook of British sports people look at look for people who you know like you know good and recede fast talkers. Comfortable camera. He sits and it hit the just don't be like sitting in a couch saying why you like to be on the show do do some things. Creative that shows all the talking your way in this stuff and so I. And just people right where I stopped into Tuesday in which extremists you know do these statements were having to like your class security so. In this this phony paper talks on way to Disneyland and I was and I ended up on this ESPN reality show. And same producer remembered needs it to come in for destination truth so it was like the beginning of the public said it's like such a weird sequence of events which. He could never plan that Eric. Voice data music are able to work in TV totally do it but I have no idea. This very weird lucky sequence of things happen for me. I just remember you let me see that video and I just I I had no words I had nothing to steady but it was a hilarious video the way you did it so that's why had a general this way and a throwback to that pork that part. Yes yes that was that the that's that's what got me the first thing I had done that I wouldn't about a producer certainly wouldn't ever have become friends with some good deal that would. Content destination truth and Sarfate and I would be on the phone here tonight. So just what to do. What happens during. A growing up until such that gives you the propensity to have such curiosity and wanted essential like that now. I know I've I would love to do it too but they eat anything in particular that really let you down that path. I think a few different things I'm an only child. So your only child you have no friends you have to be imaginative that's like B you know only children or are crossed the likes strong willed people because they become have to make up their own. Little world you know. And so I was a kid I see you know we we grew up in New England near the beach I was always running around in the woods in play on the rocks and you know just just kind of living in that kind of small town. Kind of world where there's you know you just kind of mired in my pocket and took it. Took over. Explored steps so I guess to some Sheen hard wired in their from the beginning you know but also I think it's a lot to do that my folks but my mom's English. So we would go to England every year to visit her simply didn't like dad who is retired now was commercial deep sea diver he's like the real bad ass adventure in the family. And he had this incredible career he worked all over the world these incredibly dangerous. You know one of the most dangerous jobs in the world really. He was always coming back from the you know like to somewhere in Africa are the North Sea and so from an early age I had this certain sense select well there's a lot of world out there. And I think a lot of it was you know Gupta travel bug early on and and love the fact that my dad was softening its interest places and countries Gupta talks. I never got to meet father but I met your mother a couple times and she's very very sweet lady. And. Yeah you look like that he's using either right. So as you. Started working in television and actually got what would be considered dream job we've about a minute here twist go to break. Did you ever have to say at a pinch myself this can't be real. Yeah he. He'd like yeah. I mean at first base said OK you got that thing you're gonna work or works negotiable tightly in. You know which is disabled issues single episode that is things people work has sought but never gonna happen their government issued this thing. Think it showed up look at gets initiated it'll be a disaster. No it and that we shot and it turned out well and they united how well whatever order it since he's there every step of the kind of think it's likely to happen until suddenly you're you're doing it. Rent which is exactly the whole the whole way to go Saunders happen so it's it's nice things we'll will set back and thought it's. Aaron hold dual couple episodes Burton they're never gonna re sign this thing nobody wants an hour and watch a bunch of guys and escape the paranormal and and who would run on that it would have been and become in the top the top show on site. But it's just amazing it's amazing how those things go well we're gonna take a break and we come back we've got a lot of questions fully analyze everybody Alter does as well so. Phone numbers 84468776. Excited until treated for four. 6877669. You listen. Jason TV yeah honor really rely. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And really creating. Chase or chasing. And that we can bring this sounds like Josh gates when trying to get Josh on for a while he's been busy been doing a lot of things at home and professionally and we're really excited haven't you're gonna be upping opening up the phone lines to. 8446877669. And take questions for Josh a little bit later. On the Josh again thanks for being here and talk about the destination truth days because you better you know a great run with that show he did a lot of really cool things. What stands out in your mind is some of the most either fun or exciting or amazing things that you encountered during the eight years you would their program. Well for me it's kind of it's a twofold answer right part of it is being critical locations that we went to a committee experiences that we had which were just absolutely incredible and to an end. And the other part of it is some of the amazing in counters and in peace and evidentiary it would collect I think. You know look we. We went to Antarctica we did one of the world's most remote BBC most remote goes can't ever count and Antarctica. We passed it can touched assume we went to trick noble. Out of at all. Part of force in Romania needs some really cool locations that we look for. It would be awesome creature stories all over the world. So for me. It's tough to pick just one thing and I think the experience of them are going to Antarctica the experience of spending benighted past two of those are things that. They're really stand out for is just one analyst and experiences. And it will save a sense do you less than invest and destination truth and you started to an expedition unknown you deathly seemed to be more Carol just be able to be more yourself more open in just. Just have more fun with that man role and sincere and see what you end up with. Yeah or shortly one of the things that. You know I I I really came to destination truth I think first and foremost. Has. A traveler as a as a guy who really lows to travel as someone who was really into history archaeology in those are. That's the sand box to get the plane a lot more earth with expedition and don't we get to work with these really it explorers and and archaeologists around the world and so that's been a totally. Different experiences just that kind of a bigger political of things to look at which which for me has been Superfund. You know on that list of places that you went to a new era of filming for a destination truth some of them actually sent a kind of dangerous did you ever encounter anything that was dangerous senior travels. Aaliyah. The whole show was kind of like. You know an endemic strategic talk about this like the shows are not right. Planned out like OK here's every single thing that's gonna happen it's like you just get turned loose in some dark. Unknown kind of states you don't know is going to be a staircase missing you don't know if you're gonna what you're gonna countering these places we TV shows. Really authentic in the sense that there's a camera crew following you around in the dark and you urgency what happens and so. In a lot of these places that we don't shoot in like. Pretty serious while plates. Areas of the tigers bears and lions you know so. We a lot of really close calls mistakes we did we get really lucky you know on a number of occasions. Oh where we would get across to stake oriented to fight a really close to crew member of which got that lucky with that stuff. And we had a bunch of injuries on the show that we had lots of folks. Can't banged up from time to time we had a few folks omen that neck braces and and things like that I mean it's you know if it would when you make a show where you're. Really just kind of saying OK let's go into these locations and see what's gonna happen just happens. Well especially when you're flying in a plane and peace rips off he turned to Cameron's you'll see that crap and go sonics what was that about Josh. Well that. Commodity papers. About us I mean that was one of the all time. You know. Craziest things would happen to us we we were on this whole horrible Russian by played in in Romania. That we are flying in and and I was sitting up in the cockpit with captain. Most respite from over the back. Of the plane were flying along and everything's fine and suddenly. Or piece of the roof issue is gone. And you know like I said this a thousand times but it is here to play and it's certainly you're outdoors something's. Wrong. Josh your view you're you're very bright guy but I just can't imagine anybody willingly get into getting into anything that has the words Russian plane next to each other mean that's just. At her too many horror stories of a Russian asked. No I know it's true it's like VP. I shutter everything I'd like I. Like so much for my job but I was selected every plane that's out there. And what I'm talking to on the tarmac and a look at some plane and I go I have never seen that before I didn't know it's Russian I know it's. Old Russian jets. Forcible old beater. You know prop plane or something yeah I did not my favorite things to surrender. Fine some good days some would say bill collapsed. He's got a I got what you setting a set it loads few minutes ago when you are saying that you in the in the situation you never truly know what you're walking into and it because let's be honest with you are doing co signers. You doing destination truth especially during that expedition unknown it's a there's a lot of reality shows out there these days I think you'd agree that. Are very in our very cast today and in you've got somebody setting things up and and it drives you crazy on that but. We will win it with us I mean if that's how one GPU we never knew what the what was gonna be on the other side of that door or walked in to investigate. You never knew what you were you what you were heading out org and getting ready to get involved. Yeah for sure that fact it's one of the great city it's one of the things that's hardest to. Kind of explain to people. You know he used the term dream job a minute ago and I wouldn't disagree and have a really unique job that lets me see the world and and I guess I have these really. Special experiences doing stuff that you know I know right. Two to be doing but. Every job to job right and an end at one of the things it's kind of hard to translate some times it in Beijing. EXE you're mr. McCain desperation truth and no truth goes on as is that figure in this kind of suppose. Kind of pressures that back home this week at the notice of at all that really it's not like. On a script to show horse show or reality show which really planned these sort of OK here's the rundown guys were gonna do this this in this that in order to have dinner. There were issued these three scenes that it's going to be over you can go your work it looks like. He sure is he which is kind of like okay election polite soft. And point at which cameras and us in just sort of see what happens and there is this kind of like. This could go on till dawn this could go on this this this could be a disaster. This could be terrifying this could somebody get hurt luckiest don't know what happened so. One of the really you know it's it's also order things that makes the job so great. But it is also this really kind of strange pressure cooker because. You go into every single episode. With the whole what you folks depending on you looking at you pointing a camera view. And you're just like I don't know what's gonna happen here like tonight might be magical might be really cool it reflects a credible evidence it could be. I burger. It could be a total calamity like let's see what happens. How he's a very strange workplace. Well it's true it's true I remember or what teams sent a Q filming k.'s dominant lowlands and we walked into house policy vacant. And we came we knew it was a grant myself and we locked in and there's literally crack heads every hour. And they're slipping out where they were there at the house and of course we we never aired that episode but it's like at that point you're trying to get help they don't want Judy get help because they know that you now know there there. And that. That's a credit ads in their worry that you're gonna tell somebody so becomes a school situation where it's it's a standoff. In you never know what know what's going to happen so you always have to be prepared for the unknown. It. Just tell us about the team the destination truth team yet some there was some cool people working with you tell us about them. We also group of folks on the show you know destination truth and an expedition and known shares some DNA and I think one of the things that's similar about. Both shows in terms of the crew. Is that. You've got to be a special kind of crazy to want to work on these shows up as a as a crew member because the fact of the matter is. Everything that you've seen me do it and it shows there's somebody else do it with a fifty pound camera there shall there you know so. You know you'd you've got to be up front adventure. A decision tree we had an amazing team of people. Some of them were still with us Evans stone. At least I'm concerned it was it was XP six there's apparently area. In male porn star named Evans so. So he's had a chance. And yes sure he can get your shirt on at the same guy ray we've verified this. I I believe we got back to Joseph the cookie it's. And that you know and has been with me since this is tricky still working with me on exploration and known ten years on no we've been working together. And again he's he's incredible he's he's a guy who is on. Couple shows unequivocally that people might remember from the Romanian force that sort of destination entry he's the guy who literally upload office. I'll just be sitting in in public circle and in Romania. This guy who will do anything you know he he will do anything because the shop he's just an incredible friend and actually everybody has a show we had. Rex who was at a content destination truth was. You know I mean sometimes you go to as scripted show either group will be set an American athletic. You know a guy who just accept the corner all day in which for somebody to call the Milwaukee Jason because they're gonna open Lexus like. How did that you know every night out without squared up camera packs pack wondered around trying to get them Nixon and look for evidence and devalues what battlestar. Writer who's you know my micro Friday. Eric rider who's my longtime friend and companion from. Destination truth and got to pick good people show that writer really. You know talk about it she's just a reproduce or super hard working and you know a lot of it just like you know poke a hole that they don't make people like Hershey issues absolutely awesome actually held incredible work with us for a for a while the show. Again someone who's on the short technically as a producer. But it really is out there are producing and co hosting and you know and and that's true with the team for expedition and known as well we have district duly passed it was those folks I mean. You know both these shows take a lot of time of the year this is what the second family used to really have to like these people you know. Because it's likely that the submarine you know it's like. And the thinking it was mr. Goss and as you know it's like these are these decent become the second apparently be stable on your year. It has been more time with with my crew on exploration and nobody would unfairly. Well that's true it's true I mean my camera guy Kendall he was with me since second season and ran in total twelve years with me wolf ten years and and and it's just and you are dealing with these people for. Well ten to fourteen hours a day for a four or five days a week. And if you are on the road I mean your ear and a hotel and it's the only people you're hang out with as well you're gonna grab dinner with him here. You do and other things and a. Yet there they are there and they are truly is Sam. Yeah yeah. Are sort of take a quick break and we're gonna try to get some phone calls in the next segment 844687. 7669. If you want to call and ask Josh anything world's gonna talk about. The new expedition unknown for part as series it's coming up very soon and sacked and so hunt for an extra restaurant so we are not aware site my kids are site we are waiting for a judge Sharon we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen Jason and chief he'd be on relatively. Priority. 46877669. If you wanna call and join our discussion quick reminder. Tomorrow night we've got Al Lee Webb joining us Alley is the woman who has created a spray which she claims will attract big foot. From miles around and also doubles as a bug spray is so it's a multi functional explicit he wished to talk about a few times not quite sure how it's been tested but she'll get into that and Phyllis little bit and also tomorrow night we've got Tom reed joining us he's the promoter of an event called peril wean. I believe it's enough. It's in Salem Massachusetts but anyway he's also connected to the UFO monument park at ground zero racing grounds there are don't mean New York City I mean. A ground zero for abductions in the United States the first I guess officially accepted it done objection case in the. Sports September 23 while. David had made these predictions not that it's what was gonna happen in the media took an Iran with a nail c'mon it'll explain a lot more about it and get to some details. Rain tonight we're talking with Josh gates and we're gonna try to sneak a phone call in here because we have a number of people waiting on hold that wanna talk to Josh this is. The C this is Victoria from Wisconsin victory welcome to the program grown beyond reality radio but Josh gates. Victoria you there. Eat it at Victoria and I didn't execute the Eric. My app for our dash it NJ you got to vote there are now we totally Roger showed and I can't and I all the time. And and number question we have Josh and what is the number of minor. Roach painting. And that you had during your ear expedition. It's obviously being on beyond reality radio but Ollie Johnston the question yet second place ships. Unit out Josh you there are. We are just I lost six the Victoria hold on the line don't go any quicker to some energized I think he which I think he was just abducted and we've lost the key element. I think it's going to be important. So we have to get Josh back on the phone. Yes so that'll all get just on the show back on the phone and we'll get him to answer that question we appreciate appreciate how long have you. Did you watch Osiris and dismiss teachers from the beginning. Go under I have black I mean I am a diehard and united both runners. You guys are my very favorite all time goat you do it showed I don't everything by you. He like ear might come first movie. Hurry. All thank you so much that you know we usually I look for a comfort movie when I might wanna take a nap in full sepia saying that honors and Jason put you to sleep is that we've sent. I'm done and I. And I don't feel like I'm having a bad day I would totally watch kidnapping and I totally locking up. You guys are nine every year. Right just having any kind of day I would come home and spots Gartner it struck out. Or that's awesome and makes me feel good mix it's time I'm happy that we're such I keep part. Victory hang on the line because remitted Josh back and let you let you ask your question a cable going to be going into a break your seat up to hold on just a little bit for a summit I know slick Eddie and Alex are. Working to get Josh Beck that that breaking up I think we have human cell phones are probably just loss connection. That Sox merrily notes connection. Since the anyways if you haven't if you have an Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio again as FaceBook dot com slash B. Beyond reality radio. What the FaceBook page were consciously doing updates over there and constantly adding new channels and making sure riposte information there as well then non. Can head over to be on really radio dot com we can download free iPhone and android app. Which allows you to listen the show live sketch pad shows join me online chat or click on the station tablet shall give you all the stations we are on across the country. Or click the listen live button. And by clicking that little connect you went into an online chat where GG myself a creek community people usually hang out during the show we talk about. Well things are talked about on the show there's also some weird conversations seem to pop up here and there wouldn't you agree Judith. Absolutely and I do have Josh back but we were hit dead in to break right now. So when we get on the other side of the break we'll take the phone calls for breach back into the program he wasn't abducted everybody arrest at ease he was not abducted Obama and those rumors are false. And I think that's a very positive thing so. Are so we're gonna take a quick break it more a comment you listen Jason TV on Dioner alien radio today. The best weekend of the year in central New York it's coming soon. Scary time central New York's pop culture and convention is happening October 6 the eighth turning stone casino join us for the party CD vendors and informative and and discussions that dozens of film screenings and especially celebrities over twenty of your favorite celebrities will be on hand for photos autographs or simply didn't break. Matthew Miller shaggy from Scooby Doo and the screen films people rich from scream and Riverdale and many many more with Halloween so close. Clothes shopping. Dozens of unique vendors to scare con film festival offers nearly fifteen never before seen films for your enjoyment all part of your mission and then they're the parties Friday night sixty exclusive celebrity VIP party. We're VIP ticket holders can mix and mingle in an intimate setting for their celebrity guests including. In flight entertainment and an open bar Saturday night it's to big bash in honor of Adam West and George Romero with costume contest in light entertainment don't miss Derrick Todd it's a week. No fun for all ages more info can be found at spirit con dot com that's scary con dot com. West Coast Wednesday and the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to be on really you really know myself Jason Ozzie always arson. Chief each arts scene when we talked with Josh during the first hour he said that his job is sometimes dangerous and we just witnessed firsthand what happens. To ATV host. Who hosts programs like destination truth or expedition unknown sometimes you just disappear and he did. During that last segment but I think we got a back that was more like location unknown at this location unknown that absolutely. Whereabouts unknown. Anyway before we bring Josh back in I will remind you tomorrow night we've got LE web coming on the program. Allie has invented a spray that will attract any nearby big foot and it doubles as a perfume no it's a bug spray not a perfect. It's and bigfoot meeting they were sprayed JV with the CO Chicago and went around the woods and my jokes are so. See what happens and then Thursday David meat to be joining is David is of course the gentleman who has been talking a lot about. The end of days that we are actually in the end of times. Much was made about the date of September 23 turns out that he. Isn't the person who said the 23 was going to be the end of the world but the media took a hold of that it he says. It's on the view with some sign that's the beginning of the end of the world so it's not the end of the beginning is at the beginning of the end but it is just the very beginning of the start of the week via an hour some part of that way and a little more sobering Winston true turtle and I understand quote. Anyway so let's bring Josh back in the program Josh are you with a us. I mean is it. Just about my a public disappears. It happens you know we expect that it was an adventure but anyway we we appreciate you being with us and we do wanna get to the phones because we do have a lot of people on phone and in fact. Victoria from Wisconsin had a nice compliment and a long question before we found out you weren't on the other end of the line so auditorium welcome back to the show. Thinking and I yeah me OK we. Great Victoria what's language questions. First what's nice compliment story that. Well my my compliment to go putter and they're completely. And I loved them and I can large national day. And my compliment you Yashin that you are completely up time and I can't and they watched everything needed you know. And he wishes he had your job. And asked the think you're extremely. Ma is getting better and better. You very much care and we're right near failure yesterday. In terms of what my job to be careful what you wish for its. A lot of bad salute. Yeah well I'm excited here and Soviet pennies to that. Sarah what's you question what's going to look at it look at it to. The question as to what is close do you have come cure world changing experience. To a world she's she experience. I've had a whole bunch of experiences Beijing both chose that they have because that have changed our world and in blocks away is on the these shows that we're gonna I don't are quite shortly this this hub for extraterrestrial show. I had an opportunity to chat with some of these astronauts in the space station. And for me that was kind of a life altering experience cannot have a big size psyche exit to be able to put a song called outer space. It doesn't get much triggered an out so that that's for me you're going to be CNET and show. That editors Smart idea and bad debt that was. Like my blowing but it melted my brain. To be able to do that. Hostages had some experiences that I. Can't explain. Incredible pieces of evidence. We've had experiences in places like put departure forced to Romania and I was talking about earlier. Just places where. We interpret something that I absolutely cannot explain that makes because question. What's what's really out there so. How a lot of those kind of experience over the years and then I guess have been fortunate to have those but it does certainly been a lot of questions. Well the other and there's another great experience and I completely agree away. And having though that staying into the not being able to explain that they'll look at the back in my opinion. And I say thank you very much for taking time to listen to our question and we look forward cheered news period this feed them and. Deter you reading the target. Are you reading toughest guy I on the very tonight. It. Oh yeah here with me nice feeling and others who rich critics critical stakes victory of we will appreciate you calling him let's go to Maggie in South Carolina Maggie welcome to be on reality radio. You're on the just eats. Yeah statistician question that you ask and you can't send her it's who can play in and looks scarier experience here apparent. There are certain. Geez they scariest or serious. Although exterior shorts area. It's airing here at 800. Is legal in that first. Think for me. He was. Think for me it was due respect even stated at at Chernobyl bat bat that was a place that really freaked me out. It was scary people that kind of paranormal sense but also just as physical sense of place just was really unnerving. And we caught. Something on the terrible images there of but it looked a lot like a purse and it was look at both full bodied thermal image they're completely. It just was not injured and it was really scary separate I think for me that was the that was the scariest item that goes something we did. Yeah I'm not an geez tool that we've had so many and see most of our cases. Aren't tired there in the fallen confidentiality agreements is there a preliminary checks for for the church or law enforcement but. On the show I'd have to say well the Stanley Hotel because that happened in my room the glass shattered from the inside out. In my room and extort sleep in that and that Rome for and another week. Nine days after that arm but also I think we'll move we filmed that Hawaii. That was one of the scare us but not because of the activity but because Japan while we're there we're doing a case Japan got hit by the tsunami. We in the tsunami was heading towards Hawaii we had no idea how high this was you know how how much damage is going to cause a moral trying to gets in the middle of the island to the highest ground. In case in case because if it's if they initially were saying it was in a 505060. Feet culture element. Hundreds of miles an hour and if that was the case than we would then totally. Decimated there was no nowhere to go but arm. So yeah SO paranormal hesitant to say Stanley but case wise definitely while we're filming in Hawaii and we were dealing with the tsunami so hopefully Anderson inch questions thanks. Com thank you appreciate it let's go to Corey in North Dakota Corey welcome to the shelf. Acorn welcomed the show. Court or. At least your hand yeah. I'm a little publish it here. My question port Josh plays when we're in. Seen any sounds well look like small body that was wrapped in material. And you would like to include alien or something and there I think further rationale that I know exactly what an. I dismissed the question that is the actually get a lot and it's says kind of frustrating conservatives had been truthful answer. Which has said. We haven't really gotten any follow up from this was in the deserts Cilic. And we hope this really weird writing the kind of corpse staying very small in this cave. With logistics for the country you know obviously typical rotting corpse of an airplane so we'd be photographed it in ways from Sunday at I thought. Okay we're gonna take only photographs and they should at least two. Two biologist biologist American that there stale meat. What ever bug eaters something and and that we were told the government their own we're gonna take considerable organ attest that it will let you know what this. And so we. Ended up coming home show in the first two punch of specialists and all the world like I don't know what that is. It was not a primate. That they do have is Betty they thought it looked like to see eagle but weren't sure what. I was so frustrated once we got back because I was like oh wait a minute this is something really don't know that they can't identify. And then we kept calling. First follow ups from the folks who work with pinch delay and it because attribute to the old Indiana Jones. Top that are working on it kind of thing where we never got any information. So I guess it was a tie fittingly mysterious sending but not very satisfying I don't actually know what it once. So our do you think Josh said they were just trying to. Sort of subdue the information on it and just try to bully off so easy. So you can do there there was nothing. He's certainly didn't blow us off in the aftermath which is never gave us a straight answer so whether that was because they were subdued so they have no idea but I mean it. It remains the kind of you know we're open and it's saying that we ever really go against our. Coach thanks to the question thanks for the call Cory let's go to do let's see this is Mina. In Washington Mino welcome to be on reality radio I think he got the name right. He can't care. Who lonely person I'm thinking pretty. Yes and just it's. And javy. I still little so what's your question. It as simple and I it's I in this area until a lot of people are letting now. Shed an apple because I didn't keep. As for Josh that is your guitars and I know Josh did some crazy stuff here. Well eyes I don't I don't think pineapple should ever be put them pizza but again like I think you should go to you Josh because I've seen eat some really scary crap. I. Have to say. People are very divided on the Barbie and apple as a pizza topping our question by a I am pro pineapple on pizza and high standard Domino's Pizza order. Is it double does that cross. Yeah total apple I just heard me ask this now let me ask this though when you were living in Massachusetts where you. Pro pineapple. No no Massachusetts whatever that's right that's right and that was the restroom and that was celebrity and she's a couple. It's thirty minutes an evil in Massachusetts eat pizza yeah all I mean lets on it's we made great pizza. Don't you know. No New York but we make believe naked pizza again know what that's obviously been too much coming California. It mean I'm really glad you got to be heard of this conversation. With that question really question thank you much are you used to have the utmost respect for Josh until now I'm either. Oh let's let's even take one more call here before we have to go to break this is James from Kansas City James welcome to be unreal and radio. Look auction goes Joshua load your higher body of work and all of its forms. I'm glad July is concerning. The Emilia air power investigation that he did in and that showed you mentioned that it it was kind of it has special place in your heart. And though what is your opinion of the new photographic evidence of just came out like two months ago or something it. I'm sure you heard of it and that your opinion that OK maybe not where. I think like everybody else really excited and actually did concede photographs and upon first blush it's it's pretty compelling looking. Fortunately it's been sort of dismantled now our researcher in the I wouldn't say it was in Japan. I went back to the archives of south that the photo was actually published. Quite awhile before air went missing so it's another woman on the docket in the in the photographs unfortunately. But I do have a real special place in my heart for Earhart and for that story and show that we made. I think I've always been fascinated by her had a huge admiration for her. If I could I would just make atlas shows that a rare heart and and you know waste everybody's money going in trying to find out claimed. Because I'm just totally fixated on. That's storied but. Yeah I think unfortunately BD photo is another in a long series of kind of false hopes that that the people pat there's a lot of folks who continue to passionately look for answers to two current and I certainly hope to be able to investigate that story for the future aren't really have a real interest in her. Just give a theory as to what happened to her. Yeah I mean I try to take the outcomes razor. Should probably read it if you look cracks in the ocean theory I mean it's it's up to sexiest. Serious as to what happened Herbert I think that in a lot of ways it makes sense. I think that a piece from radio ripped off of the plane went which took off from property Guinea. So there may have been stood there obviously worsened communication issues. They could hear her calling. As she tried to find Holland island. And she was not able to your exams there was a problem with the with the radio on board which is already you know in that era. Trying to find only airstrip on these tiny the tiny island in the middle of nowhere. With the damage radio is his talks. Here from the radio transmissions which is trying to find the silent and you know look at it this was in India and around the world journey this was tosses. This was a leg where she had to go from the education. The land on. Miniscule. Island with that makeshift runway to get fuel. And so I think that. Earner. Navigator were worse wedding that leg of the trip. And and I think the worst has happened I think she couldn't find the salad for whatever reason they were also their calculations and she's. Trying to find it rated fuel I think play it could probably be surrounded it would just take an enormous amount of boats. Resources and energy. There are people was a group called tiger who actually believes that she landed on another hole. But fiscal pick tomorrow in the Pacific. Based on all sorts of really intriguing little bits of evidence in the island to date they are two days which crashed there and and died as a castaway. It's totally possible I mean I I would never say never in her her whole story is so and so much mystery and intrigue that Pluto as a true that they could've happened. But I don't know are betting man I would say that she's playing probably crashed in diction and into the bottom of the ocean. I were talking with Josh gates. I'm beyond reality radio here in numbers 8446877669. We're gonna take quick break come back with more. With Josh Moore your phone calls to. He took a short segment of their best Josh gates and come back from the next break we're gonna get into. This upcoming four episode hunt for extraterrestrials part of the expedition unknown series and Josh that's pretty exciting but I have to ask you the million dollar question because rumors are circulating all over Hollywood are you really up for hosting the Academy Awards next jurors that. Some connector. I'm concerned I'm the only thing I heard. But it did happen say they asked everybody else in town it and nobody nobody. Let's say just out of that expedition unknown amount of you know first second season and so forth what have what has men we got about amenable what is been your favorite your favorite investigations. What are we which don't DB Cooper at the famous hijacker. Gotten who's yet which which I loved doing that show we do we do is really cool retro kind of thing in the beginning or we inserted into the re creations that we do it. It's just playing for the first time then. That was terrifying incident I avoided doing for years and so. That was a really want from me and also look to that we did two part episode on quoting the wooly man that's in Siberia and that was just a super. Crazy trips to be able to watch cloned dogs being poured in to go way off the grid in Siberia with these guys. You know try to find these mammoth tusks was just really cool stuff political whole different world would know existed. But to say you know like I said myself my kids we we love the show we watch it all the time and I think it's just been a phenomenal job and going on so there were so we're gonna take a quick break the phone numbers 84468776. Exciting until free date for four. 6877669. Newest. Jason and dvd on a really really. Just pizza is well thank you everybody. Join different chat room listening around the country on the great radio stations during the program or listening online anywhere in the world we appreciate you being with us. Tomorrow night will be talking with Al Lee Webb and Tom reed it's going to be agreed to guest program over the course of couple hours were looking forward to that. Yes some issue tune in check it out. Paris and tonight we are talking of my good friend Josh gave sorry about that random techs into such charged with the still there. We lose jobs again I think we've lost and how has this happened I don't know I don't know but we do have ball a lot of callers and I'm gonna go to the phone lines right now. And bring in this is Eric from California so no one of his questions this for you Jason Eric welcome to the program down beyond reality radio. How are you welcome the show. Doing okay actually I wanted to know what you guys and as a collective what you most terrifying and novelists. And. Most terrifying paranormal experience Obama most of our cases are actually. There are following confidentiality. Agreements they're not aired and by Tom. We handle cases are going to preliminary investigations on so called possessions. Demonic type on things things like that of course a terrifying anytime you get involved in a case that. That involves the poll. That's another terrifying situation is in a lot of times they know who you are you don't know who they are due to what extent are involved and so. In the paranormal doesn't terrify me it's it's a lot of it's a living that he it'll tell for the dead and the dead really can't Archie. Well. So hopefully that answers. That went. And then I had another question on the couch. OK okay we're getting Josh back on here as we speak so we should be ready with a minute second to certain that he. Merit so video so strange question Jessica welcome back for the third time. Just like to say is that I'm a land mine that has been working all day you I'm so sorry I had no idea as it goes to negotiate seriously it's. Very very strange and Eric from California has a question for you. There out of I was actually wondering. For you. When you're. When you've been searching for treasure. And Eric felt like you're actually really close to finding editor's note this time you can always felt like curious. Just outer regions maybe getting one to turn it. Totally depends on the story we've had the really amazing experiences where we. Have either been looking for somebody ourselves or been in accompanied archaeologists or treasure hunters to sound really incredible stuff. You know we've we've. Dredged some really awesome beautiful pieces I don't swamps in the stands in the oceans over the last few years. We did a great show on. King can John's loss crown jewels a couple of years ago last year. Found these beautiful. You know people see fuels and ease you know stamps and symbols in little. You know car items he's incredibly beautiful historic things week. Worked alongside. Team. A couple of years ago looking for this lost to both of really famous sultan. And we counties east zones and they were really confident that we were right at the ages two min and it turned out that as they continue to dig. In fact they words it is definitely huge discovery that we were part of fighting missed this lost soon so. Sometimes it's big discoveries and sometimes as little stuff. Sometimes yeah I I feel like we're we're close to stop and and that we don't have enough time to really. Find what we're looking for this were real. An episode I think this season that word that we're doing in in. Season it's going to be airing later this year. Where I became really upset with the thing that we were looking for and it was just kind of out of reach for me the whole time and it drove me. Knots because I really felt like we were close to it so. It's kind of that it depends on the story. Eric thanks for the call. He Josh let's let's talk a little bit about this did the series of premieres tomorrow moves tomorrow night right the expedition MRI. Smart and don't Travel Channel at 9:8 central. Four part series you're you're hunting for ET's tell us about it. Well we. It's it could be four part special cause all over the world can literally all over the world we did about 60000 miles and four continents to filmed the show. And it's a question that look at the question that we all I think at some point which is. Are we alone in the universe you know who who hasn't looked up at the store. Isn't and wondered about this and it's something that I have a real fascination where I have always been into that side I had love. Aliens stories and and I corrupt you know accepts what Ray Bradbury in the Twilight Zone and start tracking all of my good stuff so I love this stuff. And there's been so much in the news the last couple of years about. Finding these planets in deep space that they could potentially support life so we said. Let's go around the world watched the scientist astronauts astronomers in its true believers you know people who. Claim they've had in you know their own clothes and characters and see what evidence is really out there. As do you affirm your firm believer in. Extraterrestrial life Josh. I I came up the other side of the special. Now a 100%. Firm believer that there is life. Somewhere in the universe other than here you know these scientists that we met court released some of the brightest minds in the planet. There's a consensus now among these scientists that that this place is out there I mean. Now they're finding earth like planets like every week. And an act because they're starting to realize that. You know if even a small percentage of those have the right ingredients for life it's probably out there that the second question is has about life ever cup here earth. That's a much stickier issue and a wave or the skeptic about that. I've met some people making the show that had personal experiences and stories that totally spun me. And I couldn't explain away what happened to them. So does that mean that they had a genuine alien encounter I don't know it's hard for me to say that you know me you know this to somebody comes up do you told you compelling story. That's not evidence you know. That's personal account so. It's tough but but certainly there are some people out there whose stories about how skeptical U Lar. Are very hard to explain away. What are we talked to a lot of scientists in the and so forth on the show and and there'll firm believers that they're there's something else that whether it's come to this earth are now a lot of them do believe that things have visited the earth and and so forth and so and some deny the fact of the matter is you get even people Stephen Hawkins talking about well. The one thing we don't wanna do is send out some sort of a beacon to let these things know that we're here because we have no idea is they show up and blew it just it being that advanced we become we become like prime mates compared to them and they start looking Dallas because that. Because there's a lot of folks who think that way and I remember talking talking did say that don't like you know we should be careful. What where what we're trying to attract toward the planet because we've ended up being the cockroach under the boot glucose more advanced civilization. Yet there's a lot of fear and ordered danger and more more talk of that and it's a good conversations an important conversation. Just assuming the squeeze another phone call in here this is patty from Kansas paddy welcome to the show. It will in the credit yeah that's sonic. Well not a for the talk to Tucson but that's that's that's H one's mind. But gosh I just splendid plates that I love your show. I love it when you get into UK. With that we needed Robin then and king Arthur and all that I got to spend time in Scotland. And then I'm going to be doing Italy. Late October can I have and I will idea of the play in games where you are you going to be in Italy by any chance. I don't think we're going to be there when you're fair but you never know we we we pop up and also to replaces so keep your apartment. I doubt that they ET today I use it at like who did you get detracted like did you get to practice meal on the grass types are. We'd certainly like to what kind. Part of yet there's so it was a ton of people on the show week we spent part of the series talking with scientists and astronomers who went to mission control. For NASA in Houston had a chance to chat with the astronauts aboard the space station. Which was incredible. Talk to some of the scientists running some of the huge deep space telescopes in South America. And we also went and talked to a lot of eyewitnesses people who who believed that they've had some sort of internal direction going to be going to the UK. In this show is well aware were investigating. And be read option force incident which is. This release famous UFO sighting in the UK it's kind of the UK's version of Roswell. We talked to the few military people that were. In in charge of the base when there was this kind of incredible close encounter story that happened there so. You know it's 62 really interesting mixes of kind of everyday folks who complain that they had experiences. Two brilliant scientists who are operating cutting edge technology searching for. Alien life deep in the universe. Hey thanks for the call patty let's go to Stacey near Atlanta Stacy welcome to the show. LaRoche options senate Pataki Stacy. Hey there are. My son and I were actually able to meet you in the you probably went too toxic to contend to illegally hills sanatorium. Inherently tickets are type a that was very useful links each day. Yes I would my question is. You know I lived just. Northwest of Atlanta and there's a lot of things but I think there's even a fiction museum in Japan the leaders. Eight foot print that you have donated. That would wondering if you've ever been cheated in north Georgia man whose. To investigate packets literally repaired it museum are actually two people that came is. To get there. Accounts of some sort of creature that they hit just seemed like that we four socket a piano accompaniment to the North Korea actually written. I've you know not really spent time there investigating but I am aware of it and I and I know that it is a place were a lot of sightings come out of and so certainly helped my list of places to to check out what happened at the haven't had the pleasure yet have a traveling there to investigated. Well let's enjoy and you and your investigation. But it lets you know alleged Villanova beat. Thanks for the call Stacy just tackle Josh Wright and what's what's on the docket for future work with X edition and known her there anything anything you've got going on. Yes so so we've got these forest specials on extraterrestrials which really really crowd and it showed they're they're released on episodes in and week. We have some really cool experiences we show off some read we need evidence like stuff that totally blew my mind so. I'm excited about that and it later in the year were gonna be debuting. Are our fourth season. Which has really. Really great stories that we're gonna be going to Stonehenge were doing a huge thing on mass don't circles in the UK. We're doing a couple of US based. Treasured stories this really cool story about. This this book that was written. In the eighties. But these buried treasure boxes. And ten of them are still out there hit in America a lot of folks don't know about this I didn't know about it but there are these ten treasure boxes. Scattered across the US for people to find that to be on show. We're going to be going to Egypt. And headed there next week actually did so we're doing a huge two part show and Egypt it's kind of crazy to me that we haven't been there yet. An expedition unknowns so. We're going to be doing some kind of bad siege apologies stuff. We didn't show it this year. On and on top seeds in in South America which is going to be coming up so. It's it's really big season we have a great mine showed this incredible lost city in Guatemala. It's a big peaks seasons some of excited for for folks to see it. I just can't believe yearning for at season's end. And it's crazy time just text by it's it's basic but. You know we're still have to wait until foresees and so it's. You know just kind of I mean I you know it's like ghost hunters like like I turn around that show it on for ten years. You have a final attack Iran it was for ten years still has stuff but no I don't because we have more. When we are still when you had started over at the Travel Channel. Of course an expedition unknown comes out and what to what time did they put it on smack dab against co stars what's up with that I know. Crazy I don't stupid. So stupid. Josh with the with the C four part ET. Series is second is that four consecutive weeks is that how people are gonna have Alicea. Yet it's four consecutive weeks and it actually. After each show there's a one hour kind of round table talking debts dial. You know kind of deeper diet but he show so before consecutive weeks starts Florida and the Travel Channel act 9:8 central. And then afterwards. Acts I guess 10 ninths central. Are to be and it shows he tweaks so. Kind of four also weak suit of really different stories but all kind of centered around this question of those. Extraterrestrials. So get asked a question how's father retreat. Fatherhood is the greatest adventure. It's it's it's everything it's like it's really fun and it's really hard. It's exhausting. It's like Q every single possible thing wrapped into one I mean it's it's it's been an absolute blast mine my kid is. He's got nineteen months now and he is not what you would call it laid back kid he is. Just spent his entire days have to destroy everything I ever cross. And so he's like he's human wrecking ball so it's like. You know it's a full court press it's as as as you well know. It's. It's a lot but man it's super font that he is erratic he's adorable so I'd look at it but it's. It's it's certainly. A full time job and it's all right. And it's just learn on its just where Josh it's just I don't. I'm six kids in and is the scariest thing everybody asked what's your senior river count and I mean it was the day that the doctor told me that my wife was pregnant with twins. That was the most terrifying situation I was most terrified I like Omar. Stay tend not even my brain is not capable of understanding. Apple execs gets. Comic action I ever let you know. I never knew before I had one kid. I just thought I knew I was like god I've been it's a lot of work like I had no idea. It there have been their for those of mine mine mine now in college so I've done I've been to the whole thing Josh and it gets better every data gets scarier every day so you've got a lot of great great time to look forward to for sure. One more question do folks wanna follow what you're doing other than just turning on the television work and they get more information about your exploits in your ventures. Sure they can find double that it would go over to travel channel's web site Travel Channel dot com or travel channel's official FaceBook page they can check out my official. FaceBook page. Which is Joshua gates. On Twitter at Joshua gates and I'm on is to cram packed deep secret. Sees it finally all those places and is gonna be a lot of social media stuff happening in the next 24 hours as we ramp up for two market speak show. So they'll be clips and photos and W likely injure it shows so lots of opportunities to engage over an extra 24 hours and really. Every week and next four weeks we're gonna be really kind of trying to get the word out about about these Porsche is. Well that's awesome and just know the Euro is welcome him beyond reality radio. Really appreciate it man in duplicate set the very beginning of this wait too long that we that we haven't had a chance to talk Felix. You know we're in the this is like what you what you worked over scifi Europe at a special club word you know words like. You know we we we've been through something over. Over there so it do this this year. Did time. You know it's it's it's a totally unique exhibit such can't. Didn't really understand it what you've been through it it's it was. An incredible experience a challenging experience all of those things and so we we always have a lot talk about what we. Get together to have to make sure we we catch up in person. Josh thanks so much for being on the program we'll have you back when the next the next series is about to debut a new York and a lot of things we appreciate it we gotta like to go red time it's beyond reality already Jason didn't. Just sort of everybody. Heard it time we couldn't get to our phone calls just too many tonight but we appreciate you calling try again some on the night. Yeah absolutely love Josh back on again in the future and so forth so if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com final stations we are on right there. Download free iPhone and android app. Too logical listen live catch past shows join me online chatter and just listen from the one such quick listen live to haven't action when Chet to download the showed us a favor and is rated night tunes that helps get those numbers of forest. And that's what's old I'll make you tune in tomorrow night we're going to be talking about. Well let's see big foot spread into brilliant track them and as some other things but thanks to an and then next to Josh for coming on hanging out with us. Elicited Jason NG Giambi on reality radio okay chill Lamar. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson toxins that get. It's an normally don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello fading centrist because well for Jason and his fellow actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following and it. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.