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Father James Cloud - Bishop/Exorcist

Jul 11, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Bishop James Cloud regarding his work as an exorcist and the role of the modern chruch in recognizing and combating demonic forces. 7/10/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Some on our west coasters and a skills many are stuck somewhere between welcome to be unreal you redo myself Jason caused me it was awesome chief Asia why it is that no we seem than have to have a few days off that I need a vacation. And I think honestly the few days off always seems busier and at that these are not. And then it's true. Because when you've got the show every night you know you kind of re gonna keep herself low key union you know you're getting ready in your preparing in your you know only got your sights set on midnight for us and see Kennedy gonna reserve but when you're gonna need don't have that take a few days off all holds or bar are no holds Barney do many things all all. Everything's fair game once the decrease in week. And I'm sure everybody Eric and I hope everybody had a great fourth of July but. I mean we had like 75 people here. And we had me folks from out of town in and everything else of course and I've still have all ten fingers. After the fireworks so but it's just it's one of those things where it's crazy it's nonstop actually my last guest. Which my closest friend Ali company he left today I got a Marc train today. I mean chiefs and he's just actually had barely survived yeah. Kids like I said after a few days off we needed vacation and we welcome to the show everybody we are happy to be here it's great to be back in the saddle. We've got really interesting show kind of commitment tuchman exorcism site woods James cloud. Now that's a subject I literally events so and I'm really looking forward to this but before anything I do. Wanna give a shout well now of course somebody's like my brother grant Wilson on main announcement on Twitter via the day that out. He just found out his mother only has a couple days to live and and in the grant's family is is very much part of mice and their families are intertwined and and very close and my heart goes out to it to him and to all of his family is peddling his mother of course as well. And his father which and it rains and know very well and we can we wish them all the best we really do and a much loved to the entire. Wilson clan. Yet these are never easy times for anybody US to go through them so of course our prayers and thoughts and love to the grant's family the whole family so you know we're thinking about chip. Absolutely if you haven't MA she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond really really to FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really to radioed com refi and all the great stations where on a cross country you can the so library from was so so web site by clicking the loss of life tab in the upper hand corner. Or you can just tell the free iPhone and android operator from whatsoever which allow you to listen live catch Pashos and more on the egos checked out now. And if you don't show my iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and read of course to sales pushing forward makes it easier for. We'll find and that helps so. Now tomorrow night show we've got some guests swapping going on some not exactly sure what's happens what's happening slick he's working on that. But Wednesday night we have the dragon lady coming on the program. Yes she came to an Tenet Medusa and I can't beat us she's the founder of modern world and the director for the movie sequel modify too and we're going to be discussing body modification as a pertains. Turn her personal transformation in metamorphosis from being just a regular old human. To becoming the world's first and only half reptilian. Rep toyed. Yet now OK and their second guess will be tolley Ebert can offer our founder of fire walking move of the fire walking movement. Will be discussing overcoming challenges along with fire with fire walking movement. You don't want people. Go to corporate retreats or whatever it is they do this walk across the hot coals. Exercise. To demonstrate mind over matter. I don't know that I would ever do that frankly I don't know that I have that much in need to prove anything dumb but I. A lot from my house to my target of the day barefoot and it was that we are doing and if all the academy and Harris are strong and so right. I teach their I had O'Malley do that of course it's a mind over matter but. Men that just does not sound fun. It doesn't but we'll get into that with I tolley on Wednesday and then Thursday we've rescheduled readings with Rebecca Foster. Because the first Thursday of the month we were also will begin at this week the first over the program Rebecca psychics or she knew she did know that you know well in advance. And so. By the end of the phone number if you have any questions about mine again. Lou when it comes on exorcism and so for the everybody has their own police system. The number is 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. And and TV did you hear our friend Stanton Friedman pretty and pretty much announces retirement. Now stand Freeman is. And probably leave the most well recognized and well respected. Expert when it comes to UFO studies it's in maybe the world right now you've had. He worked on some really interesting stuff yeah in the or sixties and seventies parents house which really connected him into that field and working for government and and well as well as. Special companies that are created different artists. And we had him on the program I remember that discussion very very well he's he's a brilliant man a tremendous amount of insight. I can't imagine that with his announcement of retirement that he actually will stay retired. He's got too much knowledge she's. 84 and we'll we'll be 84 on actually July 29. But. Or over the weekend there's a crowd about a hundred people joined them. And it's in training in nuclear physicist just just a world renowned. Apologist incredible guy. But he had opening talk title traveling to the stars as of Friday morning. And all he had a good size audience gathered but after that hit a smaller crowd that joined him first time a party. And yes took a lot of questions and so forth. But he said he's contributed over sixty years out of work. Using science collecting data for his his UFO investigations crusades and we just we want to wishing the best he's a phenomenal individual coached agree personally venom on the show in the past. And he's he's added so much to that field. Yet and maybe you'll get him on the program we talked about talked to us about retirement. That's probably going to be anything that comes out of his mouth is has sent myself I think he's gonna get bored really quick that's Adams and that's an arms and so. All right so we're gonna take a break a lot more to come Hillis is Jason JPM got. We're going to be talking about it topics. That we now and then on this program that certain wind that deserves a lot of discussion it's a very very interest in when we're going to be talking about. X or systems with our guest bishop Texas sister James cloud in the spring James in the program. He James welcome to the program it is great to have you on tonight. You're gonna be here thanks so much coming on ships. You're very welcome so let's let's get a sense of how you got started and in all of this first tell us what the beginning of your interest in first ball. Becoming. A clergyman. Secondly. It would these topics that tend to. Not only border on but actually live smack dab in the middle of the paranormal universe. Okay well. My story. Really began back as a child. But the age of four. I had my own encounter where. What folks would call in Europe or whatnot but. From that time period. Are seeing shadow people. Into seats. Other things in environments. And later on in many years I would give it played memories when I would go into an environment. And see how things work. As a kid who doesn't adolescents. And these sinks. Both shocked and frightened. And so it was one of those things where. I felt helpless so. I hope world. One would anyone believe me. Two who could possibly help. And so. Mining ministry. Began really under my father who wasn't gonna call him mr. A man. He. Would regularly go out. And do you move deliberate answers. Where you prelude to a hole more for people. You. Have the entities so we've or ruin portion control on the individual. And he was kind of GM the terrorists or. My own. Trajectory shall we say for the ministry. I was baptized at the age of nine Ng and I knew. What I wrote out of the waters of baptism that this was my call. And so. Our loose. What they call. Me exhorted minister. Her Pentecostal denomination. At the age of eighteen. And I began working with my dad one doing these thing. And later on them I got into liturgical church. Through the Anglican church. Best understood as the American version of the church of being. And I think we'll begin a priest and finally consecrated a bishop in the Anglican church. And was accepted. After the brief time and choose the advent international Catholic Church where I'm now they're superior. Further order them arsonists. And and I have some great and then on to remain well you know just and other conditions. That. Are still highly trained. What really. My heart that the thrust of what it's all about. Is about helping folks that do so well as this. There is no one else out there that can you understand them help them. Even a bare minimum and consolation. To what we're going. Or I also think it's important that you your health professional. Mental health professional and a drug and alcohol counselor as well because. A lot of times when it comes down to possessions and I've been involved in the field as well for very long time. A lot of times. It really has nothing to do with with being presents a lot of times it does have issues. Mental health disorders over medicated unmitigated self medicated drug alcohol abuse and things of that nature and correct. Absolutely absolutely. And that's one of the things I do using money. Credentialing as saying he qualified mental health professional as close as certified alcohol and drug drug counselor I'm level three. Which it's equivalent to the master addiction counselor nationwide. When I'm called on to a case and I can do my own mental health screening as well as. Substance. Because I'm qualified to do those. So that I can immediately. Look at the location environment individual. What are some of the family dynamics that are playing into this. Is there a history of mental ailments. Is there. Other mitigating factors that might. Steer away from a per normal explanation. Around. And so are referred out. Two professionals in those area it's no one Simon left wrist. I've ruled out the mental health. Question I've ruled out the substance abuse question. I'm didn't look wait a while maybe this is. Legit this may be dissidents actually. True problem. And once that occurs then myself in my head lose doesn't seem go in. And work on identifying. What the problem in this and that and I pulled. I want to take you back to these childhood experiences you had you said the first term paranormal experience you had was UFO related was is that right today understand it correctly. In the Delaware. I was going to say and then you started to experience city shadow people. Some people we found as we bring guests on this program seem to be what we would call a bit of a lightning rod for paranormal type activity do you consider yourself. That type of person. Unfortunately yes. But it's ran my mother's had decided. My grandmother. All the way down maternal line. As well as on my father's side now my father was insensitive at all. He's basically relied on his face and going in and just dealing with the situation without killing him now. So. But yeah absolutely. Our whole family. Is a lightning rod for of the supernatural. And often there is quite a disconnect between UFO type activity and what we would call more ghostly type activity which shadow people tend to fall into that category. Do you see those incidences as being on related or do you think there's connection or core relation. I think it can be bold armed sometimes there is no correlation. The team events and activities wouldn't like home our. Own separate. On other occasions. Basing should bleed over into each other especially with the shadow people as. I am aware that. You're full object he and then some other sort of experience some of the UFO activity. Also report shuttle people. In those case loose. No it's. A gray area as to where it actually. All into the is it to a close is it strictly spiritual. Or is there. The other idea that you oppose the watchers. From Genesis six the son of god that came down and then. Blended where the human race creed in relation giants. There's a lot of interest loan and all but one could look at the blending into. And it's hard Democrats aim and all that stuff opens up a whole world we conversations. Absolutely it does okay so we're gonna go to break in when we come back we're gonna get into this a little bit more because you're also involved with the paranormal group. That that works on these cases with few. And I wanna learn a little bit more about to work as a clergyman to so we'll do all that after the break. I didn't all open up phone lines a little later but the phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Allison gist. Dvd on relative radio. You taste you can. Exercise james' club were talking about Texas isn't. And all those things go along with a didn't James again thanks for being here wanna ask you about the transition from these paranormal experiences you had as a child. To your pursuit of theology being the clergymen I'm would you would you say that in part. Or in any in its entirety your motivation to pursue that was. A result in some way of these paranormal experiences that you're having. I would say. That the paranormal experiences. That's added to the call my calling was already there. Already. Knew what I have been called to end the paranormal encounters should all the wilderness where the status. As a child and adolescent. Only cemented. My results. And you become a clergyman. And to assist the people. Uttered have been going through a similar thing that I winter. There is a disconnect. In a lot of religious circles between what we would call paranormal activity. And what these religions believe. Did you find that as you studied theology and became part of a church and and you. You were ordained in all the things that go along with a that there was some kind of a disconnect between men and you had to actually struggle. With what you were experiences vs what you're being taught. Absolutely. In the modern church. We negotiated an average church on the corner. They made. Typically read about. The maniac Hungarian. Four. Other cases where Christ himself cast out demons and by the way is ministry was mostly a decision if you give. Ratios in the gospel. But I. I encountered. Have encountered much resistance. Even the firm. Told clergyman in the past. About simply is no apology that the double exists. And that he is attractive. And that entities do. Actively engage the lives and homes. Of other people. So much so. That the last Anglican jurisdiction and losing as. A newly consecrated bishop. They told me. That. The double does not do those things. They wanted me to mainly focused on what I called happy walking by me. A religion. And not. Work in the reality. Of this virtual. Warfare but exist in the work. I mean the state of the world itself tells you there's just virtual warfare. Going. Them. And I was given an ultimatum. Either. Stop being alleged arsonist. And stop serving these people. Or I would be. Removed from the jurisdiction. Needless to say that under your jurisdiction. Because it's the modern church is notorious. For focusing on positive psychology rather than theology. They're they're very keen. It and say Howell. You know you're the best thing on the Serbs since sliced bread and and users just the icing on the cake. Vs now. We have an enemy on the surface what should tell us that cheat someone to the power. And then. These are predators. These are like lions in the Serengeti looking. Personal that already has. Is already in a weakened state whether physically mentally spiritually. And these predators attack. You walk into a modern church has too many if not all of my clients have told me in the past that case and I worked on in the past. I think we both of these surgeons we we talk to these pastors. And they get what sites they they just waved her hand in the dismissive way. An activist they have an automatic mental issues. Instead of spiritual issue. And it has always blown my mind. That men who is now. To know. Believe in the past virtual reality. That god became man Jesus Christ. That at the end of the day. They refused to acknowledge this virtual reality happening in the present age. Well in James on that same note whether it's a modern church or or not even even some of the older ones. It it's strange how many of them they they do exactly what you're saying. But they also have. So a system in place to help with. Possible possessions. They have people that are trained. In in handling these cases what it seems. So tough to get through the initial. People that you're talking to and finally get connected to those that that. Are there for that purpose that are there to let you handle those types of cases. And when you think that is so I mean it whit why have a branch. That is so hard to to make contact with or get connected to win it. If if they're going to make it so hard. It comes down to politics. In all honesty. The red tape is so sick in in some of the religious tradition is. That. No person that needs immediate help sometimes wait to hear more. Just so that. You know they can be satisfied politically. That this is a legitimate thing. In it and don't send someone now. To do a black thing. When they act you know it it would be tantamount to sending someone out with a pea shooter when in need to have a grenade launcher. Well and I Carolina. Won't play as an individual who get sent to Al. On many many claims to write a preliminary reports as I do I get sent out read a preliminary reports. On. Claim possession cases. And like I it's an earlier in the show most of most of the time Cameron a report stating that. It's either. Over medicated under Medicaid is self medicated. Chara mental disorders some things of that nature and and and always. Let's let's be honest I think you can agree with this view is it's always people who are. Highly religious she never seemed to run into somebody being coming possess that it's not a religious individual. So there. There's all these factors in play. So 99.9. Percent of the time. It has nothing to do with a demonic and steal or charm possession has to do something else so Anderson in the church making it difficult. To let every. Tom Dick and Harry coming through there. I'm sure you know it's rule for the fact of the in this economy handling a lot of now most the majority of things that people they're dummies talk it you are people who have other issues. So I can understand them making it a little difficult but. You make a valid point there are people out there who week. I've written a preliminary reports and nine months later I I've heard that OK so finally some somebody's heading out there. To take a look at it and and take it from there. It's just ridiculous that they make it so hard and it's not just one religion that does its most of the religions so. Correct yeah Noah and I and I totally empathize. Myself fired I've been given. A little bit of a caveat in that I'm able to streamline. Much better. And when I do get occasionally the turn around time. Is base. Did at least the preliminary thing going and then if something is found. Within days of taking care of the problem. James you've said that due for it's been mostly political. The reason that the him what we would consider the major religions are shy away from this talker particularly the teachings of of the demonic. Parts of their. History I guess we would top we would call it Omniture but what are things that that confuses me. Is that there's a real story that actually just came on very very recently that it talks about the abandonment. Of religion in America. And a couple of the statistics. That illustrate what's happening is is dead in 1991 only 6% of Americans identified their religious affiliation as none meaning they didn't follow any religion. It was 1991. Today that same study shows that 25%. Of Americans claim no formal religious identity. And if you look at the youth. It's even more striking in 1986. Only 10% of young adults claimed no religious affiliation and today it's 40%. A young adults to ages of eighteen to 29 so my point here is that. On not to head the religions would do anything like talk about demons to scare people to come to church but. Why don't the religions talk about demons to scare people to come to church. Honestly there are a lot of factors that go looking into that I mean. You'd you'd. Churches that try to look almost secular in her approach. Then you know I mean just from a logical standpoint why would you attend a church. If he can just go down to the local nightclub and get the same experience. Vs hey you know I'm I have a desire to see something greater than myself. Just to learn. What. This virtual truth the tar. Verse loose me what's the latest flick I can do on my guitar and you put they had some fog machine open the church or some of. I don't go to church. And then that theology. I mean. The geology has more dramatically. Over the roar of the decade and I would venture that century it's. It's a very. Secular. Theology in many ways as I stated earlier. I listen to a lot of preachers Serb teachers on TV. And sent from a mental health for a post I'm recognizing that there's simply preaching narratives therapy. Or cognitive behavioral fair. Or. I don't electrical behavioral center. And it sent back. And I go. Worst power. Worst yet or where where where is he. Scriptures. Actually being bought for. All of you know the good bad the ugly this is. What it is this is what the state of the world listens to the nature of spiritual true. And I know personally if our list and adolescent or young adult. I probably wouldn't go to most of the strictures myself. Unless you wanted to join a country club. What some theological undertones. In that that might be. Palatable to me but I saw troops. In in many not all but many of the church's two days. You'd be hard pressed to find troops. You'd be very and to define. Now there. Are being preached as. A suitable gospel. But actually. Show the reality. Spurt to war sooner like indecision six. Vs ten to eighteen. Well there's a reason that we need to put on the former. There's there's there's an all of the dolce. But the greatest like. That Satan could ever tell. That the greatest good. For himself that he could ever do. Is get people to believe he doesn't even admit. Because of the person doesn't know that there's an enemy is it like in the battle field. The Marines or are we hear what law. If you have no idea who the enemy it. The enemy can take you down much faster. Just position if you didn't know who didn't loose. You do know what weapons they carry you do know what you need to prepare for you do need to know what trenches to dig and how to do it. Persons while I was gonna wander onto the battlefield alone maybe it won't get shot you know I don't know who the enemy is about eight. Let's stick a gunman wonder how among igniting fire that. It luckiest there. And you and that's a valid point there. Our guest is James cloud and bishop an exorcist we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come elicited Jason TV beyond relative revealed back at this. You should exercise can. We'll be taking your phone calls before 4687766. And will also be talking more specifically about. James is work as an exorcism of things he's encountered things he's done right now we've kind of spent. The first part of our discussion talking about some series here in some issues that relate to a religion as it pertains to exit systems. And James before I went to break G javy had brought up the fact of why oh why don't the church's use that all Fear Factory keep people from. Walking away and if you remember your income sheer number ten to twelve years ago. The the Catholic Church came now and with this whole thing and finally admitting that they performed thousands of action systems and so foreign in. Oh and when you looked really under the veil that is sort showed an analyst sort of show that they were trying to get. Younger generation of people more interested in the church by finally admitting that. All these demons are real we really do these things even though they'd denied it for hundreds of hundred years. Prior to their own that you don't. So why do you why do you think that was that they finally came on and admitted to a do you think that that was mainly to try to give the younger generation involved. And white sense have they stopped talking about it or letting letting the public now. Well as far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned. When it comes to exit systems. There this secrecy is more. Due to privacy concerns or rather than. The political concerns that I was speaking of earlier. They considered their citizens extremely private. Extremely implement. Com. And so most of the year persists. You don't know who they are unless you're introduced or know someone in the church. It's. Healing and because Edgar system is really a ministry of you view the body mind and soul of the individual. But. Really the reason why. They've released that it to acknowledge. Theological. That. The demonic well done in the past that there is an. And they wanted to briefly. Just real briefly talk about why beyond church typically don't. Encounter as many on things as those that are religious. While we might wanna hold off on that the next Arce he's still if times are only about 45 seconds left. Before you take a break but the fact of the matter is they did. When they didn't come Allen finally admitted that that they do and they dual these actresses and they're really it was it seemed at the height of everything that the Roman Catholic Church whose. Was dealing with all the chaos and people walking away from the church is that because of the things that was going on and it really. Just showed that they were trying to do that try to reconnect with the younger generation of people in try to get them more involved in the church. And who it is so is just definitely an awkward thing and we talk a little more about the that we get back from break. Or in the opening of the phone lines the next hour. 8446877669. Again told creative or foreign. 6877669. Get a question for us or guest. In a bishop James cloud gets a shell Houston Jason GB beyond really reveal will be back. It's Monday. So just I was some GB each ounce well. You probably already celebrated this but to done socialized crazy August July 10 my happy chipmunk day July 9 no July 10. Is national Pina plotted. Are so that's so funny because. The whole week of July 4 I was celebrating pinnacle other couple we conceded early you guys are also star guys started on the Monday and I finished. A probably. At some point yesterday. And now you and I are notoriously. Responsive to rum runners I don't think Susan national rum runner days but I shading their Jimmie we we I mean everyone. In Asia for this year I mean we we should really felon everybody arm that that hole. You know. I know which document I do parent I'm sure is very Jimmie and I went to Florida one time and it was and therefore seven days and somehow we raked up a bill. Of 14100 hours. On rum runners you know I don't know how we did I don't know. And the Joker it's a true story it's two story and I mean. She's mother of god and he's doing a I don't know how we did how we explain that to the wise and are still here to talk about it today. Is even beyond me I mean there was no food orders on the bill now. There's not a lot of run that was that would make you think we had a serious drinking issue which strangely we don't. Eddie and it by the way there's good news too because a rum runner is kind of like a sloppy you know it's appease our. In the rom flavor it's therapy. Bush into sounds perfect and I don't July 11 which is 7-Eleven. Participating 7-Eleven stores declaring national free solar. AM and 11 PM my sink so we brought our own rom you can lots and I'm taken this little cases. We do we need cases that are really what what can be honored earlier everybody if you haven't yet. Over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be unreal the radio dot com where you can find all deceased we earn across the country can also listen listen right there from the web site. Or download the free iPhone android heparin spiritual laws listen live cast Pashos showing only chat more. And if you don't the show my iTunes or anywhere else just to us a favor and read it forced to sit helps push of foreign makes it easy of people define and it helps a subtle but I do wanted to just say you are one thing I did say the last hour we started the show is. If any of you follow myself or or Michael's friend grand Wilson the rest of the taps slash go centrist group. On FaceBook come. Grant made an announcement the of the data do you just just found out that is Mulder only had a a couple days left to us to live and grandstand experience part of my family and his family and my channel it always been extremely close so. And prayers definitely go out to him and his his mother's father's entire family which which I know very well and just now then that you has a love it and you're our prayers. Yes absolutely there are. Any time anybody goes through this it's a difficult time and we of course are thinking you've you grant and your whole family. I do want to clarify it's 11 AM to 7 PM as the national freeze their AM to 7 PM at participating 7-Eleven stores they don't sponsor of the program shall not gonna say their name again. That'll be there at 1050 tying him with with a buck off big bottle around and talking about some another demon roms a mythical Roman demons and tonight ordered her a different kind of demons we're talking about the kind it needs to be exercised. With our guest bishop James clouding is also an exorcist and again we appreciate him being here. At what point during your career James do you Jews start to actually perform X systems. Move at the age of eighteen where my father. We did deliverance ministry. Together and actually served under him and his church and pastor. It's got to be quite a load to carry on your shoulders at eighteen years old. I mean. Then there's nothing that's either simple regardless of what the circumstances are just the whole idea of what you're doing when it's for an eighteen year old mind that's going to be a difficult thing to process. Yeah I would I would say I would of had a a proper time adjusting. Having not had all the experience is myself out of it and kind of conditioned me. You know what to expect to. What he's saying it's how you are how they behave. That sort of thing if I didn't have any of that previous knowledge. Oh yeah are deprived and shaking in my boots and Newton depends and everything else. Well and I will say though as. And might sound strange but I think you'd agree with with a stint as a younger individual being eighteen years old and starting to work and actually systems. A lot of times these things when you're truly dealing with in negative type inhuman type haunting score and possessions. Easings. Trail although billed the use anything from your past to try to torment you while you while you're trying to do what what you're trying to do and trying to cleanse the area of them and eighteen. You might have some demons from the past that you don't have as many demons as you would when your Ford. So a lot of times that that's a positive. Positive situation for you as well cracked. Absolutely. And a lot of people don't realize that they think well the older the the exorcist the better he's been in the field longer he's learned a lot more. People need to remember that a lot of times at older exorcist has a heck of a lot more demons on the younger exorcist. And that is the inhuman or negative type entities are able to use that information. To try to torment that person as they're trying to help wealthy individuals Saturday there there to assist. Absolutely. No. You know folks back all the time you know so while watchers should get how do you prepare for the egyptians and I basically tell them I think the grace of golf because I know who. No I'm sinners saved by grace alone. I mean no one special you know myself. And true. Understanding that. I do have those demons quote unquote in the past and have made this state has. Alternate misstate. They absolutely have fuel so that's why IE. He wants Greece and I can prove the chaplain of divine mercy I. I throw myself on whose mercies so that. I don't interfere in the additions in process. When you. Begin with ten performing X is isn't under white religious banner re doing that because you say get one point you had to change leave the Anglican church. And change your denomination to be able to even conduct this type before so exactly how does that work. Well I'm a record seven to eighteen I was in a Pentecostal denomination. Only that called holy rollers and everything else. So initially in that. And I've met my wife and Bible college in her father was. An Anglican priest. And we've got to talking about church history is liturgy etc. And I made it had a desire to go back. To the ancient church and all of the ancient traditions. And so. That kind of started that process something I would is doing a good citizens. Throughout this entire transitional period. And deliverance those how Clinton won it. And then I finally transitioned into the Anglican church and was ordained deacon. Did the house Clinton in the distance. Was ordained a priest. Some incentive. Consecrated a bishop. Continued. And the final thing warrants. That. The current bishop I have at that time. He called me his dragon slight. So he was well aware of what my calling was well aware that ministry peace. That I had. It wasn't until he had brought in additional bishops. In two in the larger dinosaurs. That did not bully basically. In the double or in the way that. In addition Doug cents. And when that occurred. For political reason. Purely political reasons. The bishop I had who is presiding bishop at the time. Let me go. And to have peace and to the bishops to enlarge the diet. So. That will this. That. And golden I would graciously accepted. In June the advent international Catholic Church as. Special but then archbishop of the north where. As well and superior further order of egyptians. Let's talk about your paranormal group as well because that's part of what you're doing here. And believe it's called prism which stands for paranormal research investigators of saint Michael. Tell us about the group and what's the affiliation with same same Michael is at a geographic reference. Or is it to does it mean that you is somehow. Relate to. Say Michael. Our room it's mainly a relation to sing Michael you know in the scriptures what we always see saint Michael going toe to toe with Ian. And we wanted to reflect. Our theological foundation. The fact that we we do go to battle against the effects you know I have. Great team members. Catherine clown Amanda Nelson Troy winner no breach. Professional individuals. That also have been gifted. In many areas in their lives. Then. So much so that we were working if a production company and music producer. On creating TV series called Edgar's history. And where. Looking to hopefully touch that in the future so folks that are entrusted to really. Showcase what we don't sort. You know people have when people think of an exorcist they think those billions recession spending edged pieces though and everywhere. You know the world priests. Didn't Jack. Or an important while Portugal. Also that's never happened it's. Lisa my here. And the priest there who are just always seems like they're little big game beat. In some way. So that notre quickened in the boots or whatnot. And I've never. Then one shape. Or two flinch. My fighter why people fight. That's that's something wants to play play. Not a problem end it doesn't want to play at the end but. Ultimately my flu is the one that hopes. To keep. We prayed out Charlie. The one that helped me to do my job better. Because they never go into a case alone there's always someone. Or seeing someone's Whitney. To pray with. And so called into. Help me do my job. Because I am well aware in and out myself I have no sort. The only story I have there's been crushed. It it was just James walked in him to hell else shall we say it. No bowl games without him or would get tore up. But if I go in with the power across. Ing nothing can touch it. One that I think that's highly important and I wanna get into that there. And after this break because when you normal location you gotta go on with people eat them on a percent reliant on old talk about a little that only come back were talking with. Bishop and X assisted GM's cloud. You listen to Jason GD DR morality radio that kept the. 687766. Our discussion about exorcism through their guest bishop James cloud. Will be taking your calls lines are open. And James bowed before it went to break we you're talking about having people with you to help with your prayers and so forth. The main fact is when you when you go into doing won't forming an exorcism you need to have people that you can 100% reliance that you. And 100% trust because a lot of times. With this truly something negative there it'll try to play you and that person against one correct. Can there's a lot of ways in which you do it to go sideways. And so with a Q I currently have I'd trust them 110%. Be professional. To be purple. And to be on task as I. Progress studio decision process. There's a lot of times it'll it'll make it'll trying to get you to believe that this person has done wrong by you whether it's it can be anything right talent to having an affair with your loved ones for is anything that would fuel yield. To make you angry says take your attention awful what you're doing in this of these things ultra cool try to deal. Absolutely you know they're they're they're game plan has been the main weapon is deception. And so. Nobody I've prepared my and my team. While before hand and we do regular training. They're trained them to thunderstorms what to look out for. Good tactics of the enemy. I basically have put them through its virtual boot who can well. So that they understand. Who the enemy is what is tactics are and what took spectrum. Well and and I would only about a minute left but another part of the effect is a lot of people believe that worry you're able to cause these things harm. And and so for him but these things have been around since longer than than a humans that a so the fact of the matter is. We can push them out of the place make it uncomfortable for them to be in a place. But those just move on ghost and then look for another place to go and did so and is so it's not the you're able to causing harm or kill this thing or whatever you're just pushing it out of location and it goes on to find another. Yeah even Christ shed he says you know when you cast a demon now or NT of different flavors. That they go into a desert place. A place of dark. And then after time they circled back around to see if that person still vulnerable Oregon makes it still won't. Or or another person that they might be able to it to find into the same tune and we get an all so well. And we'll get into that we come back in the four numbers 8446877669. You listen Jason GP beyond pilot radio. 46877669. We have a number of folks and hold the wanna join our conversation with the bishop exorcised. James cloud and I think got pulled over to the phone lines and take some of these calls now. People been waiting very very patiently and hold this is Jennifer from Missouri he Jennifer welcome to the show. I've air power you. I'm glad to be here. I was just wondering if here. Again. I had ever. But like not bothered anything beyond religion. And channel and can't them. Do you mean in terms of the X or sis is systems that he's performed so we're talking about. I'm not sure they're eighteen how many he had and maybe as I've not been made. Involving employees done our. I don't believe there's that much going on it. Is believed that more of this is to do with black inside of each of us. Okay all right so now I think I'd better understand your question James what do you think. Well I definitely can you can understand. But one install. Ultimately comes down to I know what I. Experience. What I've seen. Manifestations. The destruction. That these things have re on a ceremony. Especially when mental health and substance use isn't part of the game. For me personally. Getting mining. Through my loans through my religious you point. I believe. That. It is a war. Because I'm seeing the casualties of war are seeing the enemy within that war. And and we are definitely Airpwn doubles all the 99% of the time. Now we can get doubled to change some dates. However. We also. Have an enemy. That's looking. As a predator. To attack. In Iraq. And destroy. Jennifer thank you for the phone call in the very very insightful point let's go to Roy. Who's in Wisconsin he Roy welcome to the program your alma James club. There are you doing low. What you were shut out to bishop book file well the wonderful. Partner so little calmer project cannot do not have been no word what. While I did work and I'll start to see these are truly a man who's led by guy without that a figure Ito put report appear. Open of people saw this what are shut them out and shot forgot about sort of the racial about it. Think about it. Yes thank you so much with that we always appreciate hearing that. I'm I wanna go back to the question that we have from the previous caller James and she was talking about you know I guess there are a lot of people that may rush into judgment and that we've seen it on TV we've seen people perform axis Susan's on TV and Jason brought up the point earlier in the conversation that you know I don't know what the exact percentages if it's 99.9 percent or whatever it is it's a very very high percentage. Of what we knew what people may claim to be possession cases can be explained. Through either medical science or some other type of he would regular scientific. Approach and it's not did not demonic nature. How do you discern the difference between what you may encounter or as a psychological. Problem verses. A a demonic problem or any other thing vs a demonic problems. Great great question so. A haunting. In an older sister viewpoint take street. Remain faces so you have the infestation. Typical on accounts we have a oppression aware of the entities affecting the person's mind. We may mimic. A major depressive episode order generalized anxiety or anything like that. And then you have an imperfect world market position. The ball all of those are similar. But not the same. So I basically have a checklist that I go down to do due diligence. To identify. Okay. Dissident the substance issue it is located in mental health issue okay now. Let's take a look is that an environmental issue there's there young field. Is there. Some on the geo magnetic train that is. You know per per serving the environment perturbed in the individual. I looked in that entire. You know you you've you've Creighton checklists. To doing it hey is it in. Is that better served. Whitney has been a delicious order to best serve with a different type of professional be it mental health substance abuse. Gas and electric company did you moment. And there are many times I have referred. As Arlo why do what millimeters of her we have in my also wanna get too so let me just wrecked car to the chase here. What would spare you say may be the top three things that you have to behavioral wise that you have to see exhibited for you to believe this is demonic possession verses one of those other things you (%expletive) you mentioned as a possibility. Speaking in the language that they have not known. Manifestations. And within an environment that cannot be explained by any other natural means. As well as other behavioral changes which aren't better understood as a mental health or psychotic disorder. OK so will hopefully we'll have a little bit more time to get back to that the let's go to signal callers this is convinced. Vince welcome to program grid have beyond. And in Atlanta area. Oh get a good look yesterday. I guess step up he believed that Jesus was able to get stabbed in the current. It. Okay well. There probably a good look at Matt is our primary in standalone tablet. I can't quote exactly but he met today man it is probably. And then bring us back payments. And our camera and he can't. The demons out of the demand and any political man tour corporate swine. Andy is kind of salon and jumped copper color interior ocean. And they get rid of the demons. OK my question for the guessed it. Didn't mean. Whoever I meet salon that's so they're reliving. Okay. So I mean how you are after all the demons in the somebody who living and tore off until the clip you know there are problems in the water. And now our stand that part. But an interesting. Perspective on what is is a fascinating story I mean I'm not so I don't know James did Jesus compensate the owner of the swine. For the loss of his blood stock idea I mean I. I mean I would suppose the owner of this one to be happy to get rid of the demons appear anywhere nearby cell I don't know what is ready deserted his or moral of that story that Vincent on. We do know that that. Armour the owners of the supplying the word quite irate at Christ doing. We go to war their livelihood or didn't say. You also got to keep in mind this wind wasn't unclean animal. So it makes theological sense. That the demon would go from a human. Which can be it logically clean. It's sanctified. To an unknown. An unholy animal. That. And now they've they've rightfully deserved to be because they. Arne and physiologically. Unclean. Animal. And so. Well as far as compensation we never read that any compensation happens we know that the farmers got pretty damn. What I can probably understand. Yeah I was young man. You'd have to ask the lord. But look at it let's sinister to sneak one more in here this is I think it's tall calling in from Miami told me of the program. I bishop. There will be war. Actually since then. Where they were generally churches or no and do you. Know more about. And me agenda this watchers. Would say. From our world. Planet are awed but replied. Orasure chime in conditional approach. That you wrote me. Well short. Okay who. All dinner barbecue. Well targets on the real. Deal about. Actually shoot. Great questions don't you agree questions origins. Yeah I'm definitely great questions so. On the idea of Genesis six durable watchers. Well. You watch shows like ancient England in the English on the issue goes as this little. You know extraterrestrial beings from other planet sort of realities. I come. The watchers were special. Class. Angelic beings or lack of better term. They had authority to observe. Humans. And also probably in Iraq with Oman on some wobble. Of course they took that little too far from observing too many women or decided it'd. Get ready for this to voter out there playing. And as a result. They created the national manic humor seem and others which were never to be created in the first place. There's a line of thought that the disembodied spirit of these not Celine. Are also part of the casting. Of demons. And our world will be. Are true that if I don't know. I've yet may want but. As far as the market. However. We don't know what they look like. We can surmise. From a purely biological standpoint. So. Taken to a biological science these watchers Diet Coke created in mingled with the women's description saying. Have hashed to be so genetically similar to us. Actually create all spur. The horse can't have sex with a cow and create you know Morse or. Enforcers you know whatever. They have to beat. Genetically aligned to close enough. That in all spring can be. Produced. So. We can surmise. From my biological standpoint but the look like costs. So that's. That's a little bit who put thought not a big rabbit hole one could go down. For sure. You also I have to think yes about a book you do have a book called YO where ghosts and axis it's memoir of the paranormal. Correct. And that I I do hill. In that book I'd be killed early childhood experiences my family's experience choose. Did UFO encounter. My eight thoughts on how little kind of plays in together. And that's available on Amazon is world Kindle. James let me ask you this why doesn't seem analyzes seemed that mainly. Religious people are. The majority of the only ones really that are dealing with possession. OK so no I eat lunch and Natalie and I gave it some thought into it it's actually quite simple. You have to get into the mindset of the battlefield. So you have so opposing arms army of darkness army of life. What do you do what the civilians. The ones that aren't a threat. We typically don't match what you focus on the end of so if you ticket from a military. Standpoint. Civilians aren't a threat because they're not engaged in battle. If you have the army of darkness and the army black darkness obviously the negative dark demonic whatever you wanna call it entity. And those that are religious those that are seeking god seeking truth seeking. Wisdom and knowledge. And are actively engaged in the battle. It makes total sense from a military perspective that you're gonna take up let not the civilians and our engagement. And I agree with you on that but that doesn't that also open camp warms to the point. If you don't wanna become possessed just don't be religious. I did it but if I think about it from the stand waiting for medicine that it does open that up where you're more you're more. Protected to not be possessed if you if you are not religious and John. Well you know I think the point can be argued to. That because you are engaged in the battle and you eat you do have the cab war you do have the bunkers you do you have. The weapons to fight back whereas if the enemy does choose to go after a civilian in a genocide and whatnot. Typically they're unarmed they're not armored. And they all rather quickly. However in in any. Yeah I agree I agree with you on that but he it's it's sort of like you need to Kevlar. And so forth the I unborn I'm born Roman Catholic and so forth but it won't and that's just one of the things where I've talked to two in numerous priests and and so and just many of them throughout the years but it's just one of those things where you okay you need that you need that stuff to protect yourself. If you religions but if you are not religious. These and I I get sent out so many so many self proclaimed possessions then and had only delivered to discuss that. But the fact of the matter is it's just they're always very religious and of this individuals and the ones who are religious never seemed to be dealing with demonic type entities in my deal with a haunting and there but it's never anything beyond that. Well I I have not had absolutely agreed the majority is from someone that has at least to spur a background and some. But I have brand into the aisle in church did it yes diagnostic. I'd have also converted to christianity. As the result of having a demonic in town. Well I mean they're both the ratio will be out of this that we're looking at ratios I would say. By and large dose that have a spiritual. Lot of doom. Spiritual desire. Typically are attacked more. However. You've got to understand the nature of the darkness. These are predators they're gonna attack in the way in one way or another. Either whether it's relationships financial news is. You name. Just you know honking isn't just special to be specialize in. Malaysia and in corruption and destruction across war. From many cases I've been called out on. Duck Koppel this fighting for no reason they have no reason by the best buddies but. Wouldn't get how that fight like cats and dogs when they go out there are like. But they go back into the environment and they're just tearing each other up. James we are one of the rats one of the or grants we've got tonight is that we didn't have enough time to get into some of your cases and we are at a time now sir were gonna have to let two go. Oh but we thank you for joining us and it's was a fascinating discussion. And we will remind folks that your book is called walking with goes cynnex assists memoir of the paranormal and what are you going to vote your website to. Yeah the good side. Oprah or turn on what team has FR James ST Patrick's. Dot com slash way. Austin only got to definitely have you on again at some point James has been a pleasure talking you know four to talk to you again. Thank you we're here yet grip nine now. RAs so that we're Brit to take a quick break and come back to wrap things up and listen Jason GPB on morality or revealed. Discussion beating death total. The questions are one things I was hoping we could. Talk a little bit about this case is we just seemed to have time for tonight now definitely a big shot on me she tune in for the rest of the week all new shows are covered some great topics and that's gonna do it for us and idealists who is Jason G he'd be on reality radio 'cause she'll tomorrow. And you don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's something we don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason knows all and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.