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Dr Raymond Moody discusses the afterlife and the Final Words Project

Sep 12, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr Raymond Moody about the Final Words Project and the afterlife. What happens when we are near death, and after death? 9/12/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just it's. Anywhere stuck somewhere in between welcome to beyond reality radio with each recent holes in the always. Some GB charts I kinky used to demean sense either conniving and that is that myself Jason miles an analyst and you look at your notes and try to do what's right I know Finnegan was a dramatic I pray exactly but as you know on. Most most of Austin so you know all the funny thing is like I learned a long time ago that in rock and roll if you try to be automatically correct correct and rock and roll which is the sound like the sound right like there are certain lyrics that you need to worry used the word he. The end. If you don't use thing it just doesn't sound right so at any rate it just stay right here pigs Seth likely sell. I get that completely hey listen a lot of people. Battening down the hatches per say. Is to get ready for this what seems to be a monster storm the talking about. This may match. The storm I think it was in 1954. That hit the East Coast in the same area and hazel the and it was an unbelievably devastating storm. So are really really hope that some people's stay safe and we evacuate like they're revised to. Find shelters that bull sustain them and keep them safe and just stay out of the way of this storm. Again we said yesterday of people said it before material goods houses all those things can be replaced your life's camps that train and yet. It was 1954 hurricane hazel and its storied school stories homes you name it. So calm over sixty years ago this is that this is the hardest hit. Hitting stormont will you little experience over sixty years saying it's the storm of a lifetime. And and it's at a 140 mile an hour winds gust up 265. Miles an hour. And the amount ringing and everything else just. Just please states map objects can be replaced it wise to none so just get to safety Merrill my wife Amanda taught her parents tonight. And a they think they're gonna trying to mend their nor folk but and they think that there they're going to be clear they're going to be say it may seem. Animal analyze and then they're just some tough people out there Bada. And all lot of the media actually moved out of Newport News. So yeah their ships out there. You know they've commit now head out to sea for bad weather like this. Yeah I don't know if this means anything. But javy in it you ever heard of the ghost of the green man I have via. This is a spectral figure that has been seen in South Carolina on talent they have Polly's island and dates back over 200 years and according to legend if you see the great man. And massive hurricane is on its way but. The good news is if you've seen this great man your home will be spared and there's actually been sightings of this figure in the last couple of days. Piecing started in 1822. And it's it's been ongoing for for a guest of its about 200 years now. And it's quite a legend and there is actually video floating around on the Internet of this gray man so check that out if you get a chance. But I don't know if we need a legend to tell us who if you look at the settles it I keep people see that that things. You down and the worst part is it's it's hitting the state that you guys. Were pretty much agrees that it's our favorite state South Carolina in the middle DN properties down towards par Paul Allen and so forth. Man it's just it's terrifying. Got it done different and everybody speaks Fiat and they're talking about this thing possibly stolen once it hits the coast which means of just sit there for days and just pound the area so anyway if everybody be safe to solve a consent Ina and a bit of a lighter note tomorrow. Or today depending on you look at it Apple's going to be announcing their new iPhone lineup. Moral another thousand or phone weren't heeded the arrow they will be announcing the most expensive phone yet and Ali it. Keeps on going out to be over thought that's it's it's it amazes me now. You know ten years ago when the iPhone was introduced in 2005 right 2000. Seven somewhere that someone in 2004 still using psychics or via ES of more than neighborhood of my nose at the iPhone X or ten was commemorative of the ten year anniversary and that was that lesser two years ago and of I lose track of time only knows where about a decade into the Smartphone craze most of us can't even imagine. Walking through our day without the Smartphone in our hands. And it's getting to the point where these things are costing a thousand or over a thousand dollars and more than a home computer more that's my point their more than only. We would look something like ten ounce on Twitter post is something about two weeks ago. Saying and we finally reached a point where the year your phone has more expensive and computer. And of course man some people agree with me and then you you always get that one theaters now I'm now structural won't mean man look at. Davis hit it really is true and done and I don't think most of us don't think twice whom we when we need a new phone we just go sign up no granted. You know Verizon or sprint or who eighteen to whoever it is tends to bill you over. You know an extended periods you don't get that hit all the ones because you have to give them a child injury and are yet. But this but the bottom line is we're spending that kind of money for device who walk around her pockets of most of us don't even use them as phones much at all anymore you know the whole uses change completely to yet. And him and then of course you get my Mormon daughters. So Torre she'll break a screen on that thing every week and Steve has just as bad and Steve and you know that Steve he's horrible with his phone I've watched him go through like three screens and a month month and a half's time. Thank god for insurance let's say amen and you know not do what I've never broken screen a minute phone and I've had you know iphones for a while since a 3GS I think was the first one my god it's a liberal one screen on my phone ever so I don't know how people can pretty much make it daily in their. In now upgrades in the price will be over a thousand bucks as the starting price although the good news is some of the older models like the iPhone eight I have a seven. But the eight which is now considered an older model will be cheaper than it is now so okay so the be dropping the prices on most. So you don't feel minded a generation or two older technology. Get eagle of the resources on those to eat on access our alliance area so anyways if you haven't Jeremy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond their reality radio like that FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under really read your dad Tom you can find all the stations where Aaron across the country. They'll assist counseling drunks checked in Austin you can also download Smartphone apps which are logical listen line of catch parish shows on the ago. Or any night you want to worry that relies just click the listen live button right on the website to listen from the website or click the listen and chat. In a connection or online chat room of the Greek community people JD and myself hang out there as well. It's often like minded individuals are urged in the paranormal to download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to this affair. And read it for us because it helps push it forward gifts or down and that's what we really wanted to. So tomorrow it's black eyed children night. Or every general black eyed children this is a creepy discussion we had before on the on the program for our sales acres blackened piece descent and I delivered on its ticket for area. But this discussion will be very very interesting with Sara Clancy she's Clancy she's an author. And that she's written books about the mythology behind these black eyed children believe people talk about. These black eyed children if they shall be your heart house and they tried to get in. Do you let the men they bring evil indeed your homes in eight seems you have to inflate and yet you can't be you don't open during their walk through you've got to ask the men. And it's funny because we very much like the whole mess behind the vampires. You had to invite them into your house in you wonder where that came from and and a lot of people but it just FaceBook live video in where Aaron is bringing this up a lot of people alters the parents say I want this black guy. And children thing it's just an online I miss home now if you really look back through history. There's claims black eyed children and black eyed individuals. Showing up for a thousand years soul. There's talks of this it's not just an arm or anything don't let that don't let that mislead you just because it's online doesn't mean it's true. And there's a lot of strange reports out of it deep way way back. But tonight and take it a step further just because it's on line doesn't necessarily mean it's not true. So we'll keep an open mind as we go into our conversation tomorrow and what's their clients like he says of course of its online doesn't is not true at least your modeling pictures. Then those are not true so what do you think. What do you think what Elon Musk isn't on Joseph Rogan and show smoking pot. What do you what do you think he talks about. You have no idea that he was. It's why I saw I just know I saw some I saw some clips of infect the stock market started to tank because of their scene that's a type of effect he has. But in yet no I don't I don't know what he would talk about other than only knows that that blue Wall Street right now is in a bit of a turmoil because of his erratic. Behavior that's what I yeah I want to scans scare today Ilan mosque in many of you animals you probably know who he is he's the billionaire behind it Tesla and and numerous other things while. He was actually on Joseph Rogan is show and smokey prime video and that teach their own kind but teach our artists that but he. Brought up that he believes that we are probably trapped in the matrix like pseudo existence. I know he's talked about that before he's one of those people. The upper Echelon of what we consider intellectual people that have talked about this matrix concept in the past or he's far from the only person I mean they're usually. Yes physicists. Cosmo all artists and philosophers who all. Believe that this so it is simulation I think is very compelling but he was talking about the universe is thirteen point eight billion years old. So any civilization may have arisen through the cosmos has has had loads of time to hone their technology. And so forth. He talks about how there's possibility that. Any of the civilizations who might have started dealing where it's. These this matrix type stuff. Very possibly could've created this and also offer that created just endless multi verses. He says there are many many aces simulations. You might as will call that reality can call them multi verse. The substrate on which these simulations are running whatever it may be it's probably quite boring at least compared to this in the simulations themselves. They went on to say would you would you make a simulation that's boring you'd make a simulation that's way more interesting than based reality. Citing video games and movies humanity makes it which are. Interesting about life and anyone on this whole thing and it really makes one he's he's thought to be one of them the smartest people out there. And it's definitely strange top Jim. Well. As we learn more about quantum science and quantum physics and and these ideas are to converge research to see more more reason to think. There might be more to this than we thought in the past. For sure relic and I agree with that so on the I don't know who you're probably and a and a matrix into all the well either good or bad who knows and depends on the program tonight we're going to be talking with doctor Raymond moody. About the final words project and we're going to be listening to well he's going to be sharing some information on near death experiences. Shared death experiences and a lot more where to take a quick break a lot more time to listen Jason GDP on. Jason Teague tonight are we talking about a lot of things including near death experiences. Forgot about the afterlife. Where are we talking about the final words project or guess tonight doctor Raymond Moody's by the way visit his website at the university of heaven dot com that's the university of heaven dot com. He's written a number of books including life after life glimpses of eternity. And the light beyond paranormal doctor moody welcome to be unreal to Rio it's great to have you on our show tonight. In Beirut thanks so much thank you. So let's talk about its this first I just wanna know what is the final words project. Well this came from you know I don't know what that a lot cheaper treachery medical Ph.D. in philosophy first. And then I want to medical cruel and I had studied. I was just full watched her language and logic when I was a professor of philosophy. And once I had gotten very interested in that different patterns. From. The words that don't make sense a little it felt like an abstract top that is very important and watch. And Graham and some authors people would know with doctor saying that Lewis Carroll to light tanks that are. Count intentional and meaningless and so I had studied the different types. Unintelligible utterance or non plan. And why it started work in home toward another. Debt many patients or talk nonsense for example when their total area. And many people what is that I'm sure you're listening to us that they get delirious they just go. On on on or schizophrenic patients tree trample wall make up meaningless word. So point unnoticed all of that he bombed. That that the people who talk nonsense involuntarily. When they're ill. Strangely talking Danny calling this find patterns nonsense that people in golf courses and Lewis Carroll. Create one thing they are writing it deliberately and so. An and many people are gonna Youkilis. Will have that same experience that. I feel most clueless terminal ill patients should auto parts of long haul and. It wants. It was a very common occurrence. In the last few days called. Life for the last few hours. That people would start talking nonsense. That we would talk and toward to the family members who who served time. They would only yeah I knew when he was even when he was talking and it was nonsensical. That sound now own deep in the back come on nine and it made for an up and down. So many listeners right now won't be nodding your head. Because this is just that are common moment solid talk about this those six or eight years ago and. Lisa marks in this and University of California. Lingua a lingua. And before she came to mind some of them aren't just two weeks before it comes to rehearse not too much seminar. Her father who was very unless psychologist. And coal. She noticed an animal refuge and he was talking yuan. Nonsense. So she. I immediately got onto this and has done a fantastic. Project. Where she stands up interview people who have told her that. The final words aren't there locked one century is sort of Mac and now. Thought the language is that people speak and the last few days herbal. All right doctor moody we're gonna take a quick break only come back we're gonna get into all that so. You'll listen Jason NG EV. PR phone number for. Later in our discussion in the open performance is 844687766. And honored guests tonight doctor Raymond moody. His website is -- university of heaven dot com he's written many books including life after life glimpses of eternity and the light beyond paranormal. And doctoring and their doctor moody we were talking before the break about Lisa Smart in the final words project we had lease on the program gush. Probably yes sixteen months ago or so. That's try it and she actually love to that your your show you know. Yeah we agree we had a great time talking during that whole concept is it is fascinating you use the word. Nonsense and you certainly don't mean that it derogatory. Oh no not in a derogatory yeah any more than you know do a lot music it not send doctors say the front. You can call playground crimes and such and it's very important to him science truth and science. Non sentences used as a place so there and it's something we held on tool. Something clearer console for example. The big development science right now is that they. To most powerful explanatory system ever did not master of the general area Ehrlich at about. Quantum theory but the difficulty. Is that when you combine that could that have equations what you get it. Mathematical nonsense soak. No this is not like and that's common a leader at a negative term that the an important area of language that kids because. Think if you can't club doctor for an extra. Right it's something about the rhythm and cadence of those phrases. More than the words themselves in it that means something especially to kids. Yes and also it as a mind bending thing in many ancient cultures. Nonsense formula we used to call out the pan or should. Propelled the shop went over to the other side and magic words were taken seriously back up and down. Sometimes that gets extra and the literary tradition. So some people make remember that live feed from 1988. Beetlejuice. And have a media and call I am. A spirit and he says and for millions. Start at times ninety shades promised they're trying to. Strive to the living. To dead now come alive or something like that. Yeah this is a very important department language. As you studied these final words for the funneled toward project is Lisa assembled some of these and you've heard stories coming in. Do you start to get a sense of where these words are coming from and what the experience. Is of the persons passing as their uttering those words. I really. You know her book. A war that trash so I think it is really going to be clash and the study of the. This can thank him. I'm born I think is that. When people have of Syrian usual experience that doesn't fit into ordinary word. They they will try to use nonsense as a way to describe your experience and a. 11. On neurological conditions showed this so beautifully is. Call senate Asia that's where that input from once learn from one France. Triggers an experience from another person. In your month like people say that as they'd listen to music basic colors spam before monetize our. I think my share out there and let's say things like that big chicken place. Two round my ground and out. Wards like band through the rest of the political mechanics mask that you can that. People what this conditioner just trying they're the best they can't create. To put their experience has two words. We know that people. On their death beds. And has surpassing experience and a number of extraordinary things. And those of who've been in those rooms as those things were happening often are scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly what's going on I mean. There are reports of not reports I mean it's commonplace. Four. Someone who is near death to be talking to people that of pet pre deceased them. It's cards are commonplace. Yet it's commonplace for for people who are near death to have visions of of whether it's people they know where he sometimes people they don't know. What is happening there Rudy. Well look how good how are Chinese I'm so glad I wanted a lot and cost him too much or go resign him. Very careful on making it about making judgments and entrances. You know relive and cheek question is that we don't know. But after talking with thousands and thousands of people from all over the world on it and near death experience. Or shared their experiences. They have different. Com experiences that nightclub near her experience except that they weren't ill or injured they were standing there. They're excited for Larry who did and there's a person but there and done and got. Bystanders will say things like that they felt that they themselves out of their party and a company there it's unlocked ones upward toward this goal line. War. They say they exceed vision. Contradicting. Person that signs person's well complete transcript diet come into the ground and it just is usually this is very common knowledge among people who. Help the terminally ill can people around that last period are. Apparently found the week experiencing. Some sort Romo for help keep that six squirted to the press got. Yeah I should really say that preference that I just want to now religious right. My camp with here cynical and sarcastic about religion and down. So I'm just I'm you know to me it's a big blanket in my education that world and. Could this day ideas that they're convenient path turtle actually very counterintuitive. And I. I was. I had studied astronomy from the top seven or eight years COLT and. But you know quarter and happened to me over the years and we have to be completely honest with few flying around. I have a chance if I heard things from physicians. And trauma patients. What well I won that literally and I am open to male I think some years ago I was in Italy and lecturing on near death experiences land them. Very nice surgeon approach me afterwards and calm. You could tell that he had been trees something which really had. You know effective manner. So he did he told me that some months before he had been going into an elective operation nominee and very serious on up. Carol young man who was actually an overall good health and that was smoked all and the thing. Bad might happen during the surgery but India now the patient at a cardiac arrest. Surgeon wants a maple carry on and com. So it was really just deciding insult that you like elder discount on what you isolated standpoint. And at that point senator dole or are they operating rooms swung open panel Bowman came in that he first well why can't. We can key element Kramer on that topic for full and he's kind of outlook interface to Trier 040s she sang. And he realized she was trying my husband is not did she that was held in that. Waiting around and my Huntsman came to me and if so did you think he did Adam and he becomes and here telling you that they should not it. And the surgeon thome was just so astonished that he doesn't even remember resentment it. Well resuscitation. But he did and we'll sit after Earl while the patient arch started. Dating again and he said he was there and the recovery or when the patient regained consciousness. And he said the first thing that patient sent to him with a solid couple bought my body and there were getting you down there and I could tell you I would stay and I just. Kept trying to tell her mom and I am not there and that you wouldn't your cell line. Went down and took me. Waging war on hand and trying to get my I want to commend iron carry on not and. That's one that comes to mind but I can tell you half a dozen other stories like that prime position to that and Patrick calling. Participated in one wired out there and there. There outpatient near death experiences. And slow. They sort of simple minded explanation. That this all has to do with oxygen. Deprivation to replying well I don't know want to explanation. That. It can't be oxygen deprivation because the crying and they. Bystanders. Or not knoller and leisure. Has just happened to be there once somebody else after the war and that great and if I'm experience means that there are some other. Factor or factors and fall here. Well in the first of that that storage spring so much credibility to to that experience. But secondly do you think that there's some there has to do with some sort of a connection to those individuals that are close to them in their life. For whatever reason being able to. I guess to know more web part. First step for our first however. In the over the years not had many cases all all along. Shared their experiences. From position to just. Were leaping end to a situation that never patient and one that really interest or are they shared their experiences is that. I had quite a number of cases news or are people who were there the that tried different kind person and. And the person died debt. The bystander. Content so that today. Impasse quickly co live out in that time or free if you opt eighty. Person who passed away now killing this is utterly shocking and. And not at all like to sang I am not even looking forward to sitting you know my own life creepy I'd much worst idea that there might be solved. Spectators. Here but for years I heard these same spec. You know a bit and she sang it was all of the once world people who were Iran. Close to that individual who died and so you can sort of mentioned this however. Few years ago I got a communications. Problem. Doctor to tell me he was called to the door to resuscitate a patient main members trinity. And the senate and he literally since sustaining this guy he was surrounded by of these images. Obviously pretend. To have that. This man's life. So. You know something very. Unusual going on here and I am. You know science and 28 and it's not it's this is not into scientific problem but it. We can't think of any clear way and half won't get confirmed Christ taught. And I think there's so many of these have nominal. Com. Experience has hit point two on the other kind of bowl off. Human experience or you know the way people work near death experiences described it then they say that. During that near decked expert they can be found themselves and interstate. Intersecting spears reality right that. On the one hand there either. They're the line door consciously. Work and then. Title column help hyper real war battle people say her. I hear all the time people were more real mentally ill Wednesday. Go out of their bodies and had at least during all of this experience and can think there. The cool body on the operating room table and they give the nurses and doctors and so on and so. This is I think the blue just. And the good indication of my aunt interest thank this one is about com well because but he. That he does trauma surgeon and golfed and that's what. Understandably. Reluctant to come forward but it basically happened some years stack is very nice. Graphic artist. Just how to blast was and take or call crash in which is should wife was killed and one of his children. And he survive. And not losing a land and the process that it came very close and. Had a near death experience than it is couple some years later. Than them. You know all of us is that you know they process things buying creative writing. And so I encouraged him to ride out what she did and then years later. Sent me the manuscript which was very good and a couple weeks later cult actually she's shown. He can really needed to mention that doctor's appointment this has been polling this experience because. Patients. Are generally reluctant to share that's what they're doctors right so. So he apparently called the doctor and and I luncheon with the doctor Karen and you spelled that they need to send. Tilt of this event and turned the doctor and very solid and well that night he came into the hospital and we were kind of down because collect all your life. And operating or. And and I kept that other cases I mean there's this. So this very adamant trauma surgeon now about to come now where. And so I think something really fascinating is this going on here. Well when you start having the medical professionals who see this every day and in many cases of may deny its existence start to come forward and talk about. And share these stories it as a whole new level of credibility to what's going on. We're gonna take a break here so we'll continue on we'll talk about near death experiences and how doctor moody actually coined that term when we come back our guest tonight is doctor Raymond moody from the final words project and you listen Jason G. He'd be on really reading back. Online next hour 844667766. Times like these. Our discussion about near death experiences with doctor Raymond moody. A doctor this a particularly short segment here but I wanna just Tenet revisit the phrase near death experience. You give us account. Of a gentleman who had. Technically I guess died on the table his wife came in told the doctor that he wasn't dead the men said after he came back that he was. Above his body watching but is that what we understand is a near death experience Asia who coined the term in 1975. Yes yes I found out about it and play so actually click on the early great launch first fascinated by these. Stories of people apparently time and were and so have in 1960 father because battery steady at about three years that an actual live thing. Human beings doctor George Ritchie. Who has such an experience it was. Psychiatry professor at University of Virginia and to that time not tall with a literally thousands of people from all over the world to count as of basically they say that they get out of their bodies and they. So their own bodies found below that they feel they go through passage where they had to a beautiful lie. They made me deceased relatives Santana. Say they're like and send review and make contact. Transformed. Saying that. What this thing weren't in it and then there's all the balance is. Trying to learn a law and then turned. So this is pretty much the world one pictured me have been steady buying up. That this has all over the world. We're talking with doctor Raymond moody and you should visit his website it's the university of heaven dot com we'll get into exactly what that is in our next hour. He's also about several books including a life after life glimpses of eternity and the light beyond paranormal we've got a lot more talk about. On the other side of the break like I said phone lines will be open at 8446877669. If you have any head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forests than had to be under daily radio dot com. He finalists stations we Aaron across the country can download Smartphone apps which allows you to listen line of catch pass shows and join me online chat more on the go. Or and it relies just click the listen lifetime and join us online and he can most of the show right from the web senator Hank and on the chat room on the web site. Quarter to take quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason JGB and I. It's Tuesday unless it. It's in your stuff somewhere between welcome Dioner I'll agree with me Jason was male is awesome achieve each. Tonight we're talking with doctor Raymond moody about his work on the final words project plus some of the books he's written including life after life glimpses of eternity in the light beyond paranormal. His website is the university of heaven dot com we're gonna give bring him back into the program just a moment. Tomorrow night however the topic turns to the black eyed children we've talked about. This topic on the program before it's an ominous discussion. Full of a lot of legend in war ends and creepy pasta thrown in there as well mean some creepy stuff related to these stories. It really is and there's a lot of claims of people having these experiences and seeing seeing these black eyed children black eyed individuals and Simone claim that they're trying to get into their homes or act because they can't come in with value and fighting men. We're gonna cover all that can really get into depth about what possibly they made peace and make she tune and it's going to be agree show tomorrow with a with Sara Clancy. Yes it's going to be good when don't forget to stop by the new website in the FaceBook page beyond reality radio for both of those give the face of page alight to join our growing number of people have followers on. Social media so they know what's going on things we've got happening that are beyond what we just want airlock. Stuff happening while I just love the daily I'm I'm receiving probably gotten my hundred to 300. Alerts letting me know new people signing up for a for the website through chat and to listen online and all that which is is greatly greatly appreciate the support you all are the ones who are making the show's success and we greatly appreciate. Once again our guests tonight doctor Raymond moody we're talking about life after death eternity. A lot of things kind of go hand in hand with the discussions particularly when you're talking about near death experiences before we went to the break we. We talked about the phrase near death experience and doctor would use it was in 1975 you coined that term. Do we still don't understand. From what a near death experience is. As a related to how you defined it in in in in 1975 or has the meaning changed. Well I think that the maybe maybe it's stayed pretty constant it's basically com. They're there is a common pattern of experience. All over the world and which. People report these same elements are there experience and there are about. They can't get gainers so common elements including leaving the body and going through passage forehand meeting once this extra relatives and things panorama of your life and so on. And not every person has all of those 161 person may have. One or two or three years some mesa seminary and some people have a hole. Picture and it seems to correlate pretty well what. Come close to. There somebody got. In these extremely leak it cardiac arrest that don't make any medical and try actually. That people by the book shouldn't be alive and because there. Cardiac arrest went down for such a long time. And they tend to have the good ones that are. More complex. So long. This does say worldwide phenomenon and it's really not anything you either they're the reason why. My book which and I wrote in dot. Com and published next year. And the reason I think picked up so quickly was that by that time. There were just lots and lots of people who have undergone gone Tom resuscitation. After. Cardiac arrest but for the time these things happen. Average save some money you came close to death and the and take quick it would be that they would I think that. In the modern world we have techniques for bringing them back from close call well. Seventy what this book was my book was published. This was just such a wide scale have people always say hello Raymond you were so courageous to bring that's well. I'm not chicken at what I'm afraid to bring this subtle because. And I knew full well that anybody could do well. Let them and they would just take the time to ask around among Merrill trying to get it. It's just that calm would would. Shortly after my book was published a letter from a psychiatrist. This felt he was reading my book on an airplane and the Allman fitting experience. Can Campbell glancing at an event unleashing what shall and a battle. And then he that well but the cash interest is hook the people who almost kind of get around the body he says the wall when. Her eyes grew big and she finished the story Brian actually told him that. So this is just so calm that by the time my. Book was published anybody who put a little effort and treated. Trying to verify it for themselves what has success. Well and many to many people in your profession would be a little standoffish publishing something like this because they're worried about being scrutinized but again the near death experience and in all of this the more and more. People you talked to. You you realize that it's it's a very well known home while the only thing that's it's a big topic. It is and a certain amount of you know there is some people as we both realize true. You know and it's understandable that some people are just times. Very reluctant to think about yeah it's as well one could prevent that by shedding help strong and that's common. Human response so that but anybody is interest in and that's been able to try on gun cases it's just that. And I think some people there it actually you know it's just not in their makeup to want. Wanted to look into this question of day. BP and it's cute kid they have taken because. You know we're all gonna face and now where I'm sentence before and in many people might change. Packed. It through each point courier you accommodate two more talent he rarely do you. Reached that point especially if you got your whole life thinking about it like now where. And there's just no big deal mean now want to hurt and the trucks. Line on crack here and idea. Tony year old and a seventeen Euro and I deal it could expect. They around a couple more years on my my daughter get you know. On her. Leave the net service state brought otherwise you know the danger here so it is getting caught and backed. Trapped on the medical profession where you go for broken elbow and for you know your. Surrounded by achieved some liars and you know I just. I'm trying everything I can't to avoid that fate because that's saying that too often from. And the hospital. No we've heard we've heard that story. Most of us have on the ground. Doctor moody is death the end. Well you know something I just say that man and I and I would not try to convince any everybody has to go through their own. And also will tell you that it's still very counterintuitive. To me because I act if you're not raised religious it's. You know as harder and harder to that later in life start thinking like spell it com. What a way to provide so that I'm not trying to and that's and Donyell. Equal say that you I've bridge support or I get out. There's just too many things that put together and I now. And as counterintuitive. As and I did there's an afterlife is in the I'm almost forced to say now now it's. Oh logically there's still no clear logical way to prove it after. Although that's about to change we have now entirely new way of thinking about things that go my fair. And so there are ways down trees. To remove this kind of investigation. Forward. Thought. I think in the main town people are gonna have to go through there a process. In terms mania. And I you know it was not an onshore enter. Place that's there does seem to be some reality to this and got around to thinking about whether about the monitor. And you know you hear people all the time say no way all water after Ike but no one have. I've had plenty of friends Karen Malek we're just hopefully it not true. And that is you know that's very common view this well and on and I understand that. Perspective to man reached this point why just sort of an underfunded. Like as the beginning a middle a man and a. And I was comfortable with. That Tom. It's kind of shaking me up here at age 74 to have to maybe come to terms where. You know that is. It's strange inkling that this bill seems to me that. I gather that your consciousness. When years. Revert to a different trying more kind of reality where it's not. Orient and so long that time and space tracks people saying that. Once there into the further stated existed at that time stop there's you know passage of time half and that there is. Not really special relationship this way experience. That. Mort like if you don't think that's something you'd see you can just sort of pulling it out. In your mind without having to Mecca. Tripped across standard that sound. But I've heard thousands and thousands of data including many from my own dear medical college. And Brown. Deer is a great tackle where you walk into it and why you wanna play and why do. If you need him here and I can make chick Corey. And Anthony has a Ph.D. in physiology. And also I am going. And he's a professor of orthopedic surgery at various cane in. Hand in 1990. Celtics. To Anthony was hit and the neck and multiply. And test. And can't you know what I had that ankle and he had a cardiac arrest that. During his cardiac arresting it was a sub centers are call his. Pamela was having family reunion or something but he got out of his body and it's failed Gupta what was going on slow. But after his his experience. He had never have any interest whatsoever being put. And true that he began to development interest income again and can't having your current turning him in which he was playing the same music comic con search today so. He actually won it learned had it just transcribe mean Craig Campbell earned and I play that well and. Now in addition to being sustained. Professor of orthopedic surgery and now want concert again not this well and that. You know I'm I have to walk every you know I mean it's it absolutely essential life well then you don't like. Not not not like. Just hit content feel good mental health there everything you get to wal DM and. And I think we do that too many of them under I have heard in my truck is like heart. And so I think if I'm injured my foot what do I submit mind shall sit collegiate Korea's surgery. Absolutely you know. Well and I could say the same thing about a lot of other. Medical specialist I'm not there and that's. Kind of experience and they unanimously tell me actually. So it is certain point it occurred to me as the kind of paradox and my world like man stick. Submit to their medical expertise. And yet that the same time to question very unanimous opinion that and I. Experience it was real sort of certain point that this show it's really very Eric. Mind boggling. Now so much so much of it is we have to go to break here and we come back we'll have a short sag member and talk more of this with doctor Raymond moody and phone numbers 844687766. Going into free for 46877669. Illicit and Jason GP. Don't forget tomorrow night's black eyed children wins Sara Clancy who's an author she's written a trilogy that is based on the mythology. Of the black eyed children tonight we're talking with doctor Raymond moody. And this is a particularly sure signal we have a couple minutes here but doctor wanna ask you about your belief in divinity. On you said that as you know a child growing up you didn't really have any religious beliefs I think that's what she said. Has that opinion changed. As you've been involved in this work. Not really about religion I'm still not religion and religious. But a hand out and do quite sang yet. I do have a relationship with god it's a matter of fact. And I'm almost finished and you thought have been working on for fifty years call. God is bigger than the Bible and it's a battle. What I've learned about content from mine. That thousands of people have talks where you have had a near death experience that plan. I don't think. God and terms of belief. That could go leak because and I arraignment lady and the limited person and. Any belief that I could front middle and about con because they. Weren't saying is I have a relationship. Can't and Diana. I pray and stuff like that but it's not a religious. At all. Belong to any organization. Well I think I think that that's always the Smart a Smart way to go nobody needs a middleman to strip. Pray to god. That traffic and I just thank god that. Some of those folks talk about is. Not anybody else that wanna meet particular topic. You know like the latest camera that mounts part of the universe is about a 150 billion trail well. Let's say there's four planets to door that's 600 billion trillion say and they. The cat course about one out of that thousand on this earth like. And that means that there's a bottom. I'd say a billion trillion per cent non universe well. You know to me it's just an amazing thing to try and getting enough. That and at all transparency can be worried about to get a gas slid them down the tree you know what I mean this. Can you name it. God is bigger than stuff like that. And still. As solely a great are it's we're gonna take a break there's a lot more come phone numbers 8446877669. You listen Jason team. Appreciate you joining us what you're listening in on one of the great radio stations around the country carrying the program. Or you listen on one of the streaming streaming options it's all important to us and we appreciate you being there and we love to see your list of radio affiliates growing and thanks for you being there in ages well I citizen into valujet and I'm I'm not here tonight plus a lot of time tomorrow at filming porpoises are newer Oreo I mean for for for filming purposes exactly so. Hold him back to be on reality really our guest is doctor Raymond moody. And we're talking to him a bowel final world words project. And your death experiences shared death experiences in so much more they sure hang analysis doctor moody. Thank you guys are content. Let's take a minute and tell us about the university of heaven now we've we've mentioned in and in other parts of the program that your website is the university of heaven dot com. What's that older title. Well you know and 74. And can't get two wonderful kids at home and I am getting a little cool to trap and for years and years. I have cornered the situation where I can call him. And did courses all over the Internet so Lee and mark my friend is an expert and and so on September 20 were going to launch and we're gonna teach courses. That we teach over the Internet. And also albeit in a revealing really tension it. And many people who have. Your desk experiences. For example will be interviewing tree come. The wonderful orthopedic surgeon and talk to. Now earlier. I'm gonna be talking about with evident Alexander my trend is. Former professor of neurosurgery at Harvard who had a near death experience. We'll be talking more graphic artist and trauma surgeon he. And and Patrick near death experience during his son treatment a patient and. And the idea behind this is you know Asia is there's just so much. This is an important call that there is so much. Ridiculous stunt put out here and so forth. Lisa and I are the result today is to make this a very serious approach to increase literally big question. And you. Interview excellent. People who have dropped. People really thought about this Sen many of them being positions because they're on your desk. My favorite professional activity with the possible exception. Talking more Mercury. It was a program. Psychiatrist worked as one for awhile and had that was a really fascinating phase of my career because I got to talk. Several hundred you know murderer so over a period of time and down. Well. You know that kind of dangerous profession that so I'm happy he created. We're just we're looking forward to launching death and create we intend. Having experience to take our courses and you know there's opportunity to. To watch him the courses and can ask questions and so I'm really excited. We mentioned religion a few minutes ago. And we've been talking about near death experiences have you noticed any pattern Ernie differences between. Near death experiences are released the description of those experiences by people as from differing faiths. Do you at all and they're controlling interest in 'cause when I went to China and Japan and India and act. I was really expecting something different. You know actually find countless. Pretty much the same now it's an also. People have near death experiences for and there are well that they are religion certain law. And for some unknown reason we doubt that not everybody is come close to adapt from your epic career. But it doesn't have anything to do whether they were or. Whether they were religious sort. And one change you do see is that people will say if they come from a certain religion. They'll say well there are no words. And so on and force. To sort abused words like you know from my traditions that it's it's not accurate debt. This is if the experience as far beyond our ability to put that work. And people will chair an oral Lee. As a general rule. And a dear and near death experience. People become disinterested. And things like denomination. And they tend to say that I realize that mind. Say it has just one part of the picture and kind of fell as the general overall. Is that it's not time very closely to religion now. After folks have had these experiences. Regardless of religion regardless of geography. Headroom did you notice any kind of pattern in a change in their. There do with the way they live their lives or how they view their lines. Yes now most of this with the exception of guerrilla and should stick couple cases a hum. Most of this I'm I'm new to people by definition only after they're very trying true. I had to go on what based about the change and what their price and some world can say that generally speaking. My impression is probably the same as yours I got our troops country you got your short broadcast. And I think that we. A week. Probably. Grainy. Ten to. It's the people are pretty much decide it all for right to it and end. But everybody seems to be chasing. Some people are chasing. Knowledge like me and I had to doctoral degrees for almost 31 port street of the measures that been a lot's. At. And at my age I can look back on the net realized that well really all. It doctoral degrees by age 31 quite that. Yeah I'd bet my life. With my nose and a book. So I chased knowledge some people chase power some people should explain and some people change money but whatever. We're chasing before this experience people Commerzbank and that what they learned from their experience what this is all down just to learn a lot. But can face saying they see this panoramic review like a whole car. A time line hologram that consistent every single action bit of effort out of their life. And wondering your review these actions they don't review troops on. They did that action. Rather they repeal it triple. And feelings so that people would come back and are quite so. If you see yourself doing something named as somebody and you get the panel back and org you see yourself going up. Lot of action and then you feel good feel and so. What people come back and saying is that yeah that what is important as law however they all sign that it does blanket any each year. It's like the way to put it is that. You know let's face it very difficult to get through the average day went well wanting to choke at least one person grind. That trails to. And people saying that that doesn't change he reached at pat you Stiller and that human existence. But they do. And it does work I mean I have known some of these people for decades and you can say like bank. Really put some monetary. Discipline spiritual course and you to see that. Other people's side in addition to the love they felt that they. And then scenes of this review where they would learning thing that debt debt that was something that thanks. Dot com has the good things followed very often been able law. Take courses and so on after they're experience to walk and then amount. And this is a distinct minority that there are people there. To. As an after effect to their experience. Become harder. Or musicians and then doctor Corey. And I met this woman out. Point thirty years ago I guess now on Toronto and it never had an interest in art which isn't very accomplished artist. Award winning artist than Toronto bet chief and she brought become more pictures to show which she said she'd never had any interest. Until she had a near death experience convention could come arc and then became very. Successful for these things have gone. Very powerful tax on people absolutely. Well doctor moody when we we've talked to a lot of people had near death experience and and or who have actually died and have come back. Now and a lot of them also claim that it seems to open them to. And being able to experience more than the average person that makes them more sensitive the start yeah I mean. I hear all the time since this is something you are you have some. Oh yeah the first ever heard that was woman named Francis. It was a receptions for one of my dad. Medical colleagues. And she hasn't had that near death experience and she says that. Ever after that when she would present examples she is insured get alma. And I am elevator or somebody that she can just sort of pick out that feeling from what they had been through an X. Yeah here this full ought to. So for whatever reason it seems to open them up maybe it's just because. At some point they've passed over to that side now they have some sort of connection to it. Or by ignoring everybody and I gases. And it seems to open up. And parents are responsible a lot of people. So this is pretty weird stuff happening and now it there is definitely not for a pro structure of large. And prolong your language would have a mansion my career what are turn them through. You know I give up this is just fascinating stuff and that they worry all console it's. And and it's that the whole debate structure is designed to take keep people from waking up to the net traffic between. The white people want to debated it's people who sort of. And critically think it's forty L on the one hand and then on the other hand. People think that it has to be oxygen deprivation to try and then. Both of those points of view are just ridiculous from the large weird deal in real big problem here and say. The classical difficulties. With trying to think rationally about the notion of captor for. Stated very beautifully by David you know live from seventy in the land it. 1776. She was one of the founders of what we call scientific mind. And he'd say that a mere lie to freeze and it seems difficult to prove and mortality of well. Some new species of logic it's required. Per. And some new ankle consult them line that they may enable watched through. Comprehend. Watching and what he was giving. That in mind we hand out and the logic we're now in 48 trillion. Won't hack. We can't release solved that afterlife question and we'll ask would work on our own mind. And why in the dark continent faculty and how. And we can do on the line and they're always doing that she can you can. Work on your mind as such where you can think logically about things that don't Mike's friend and once we do them then they're there were entirely. True. Investigate this after La question and a genuine serious. Why am I am not care psychologists anybody's to LG and performing any change. That they have scientific elements of an afterlife that's baloney it's. Science and 28 team is not to plant still not there. Not not the right method. Doctor Marie we're gonna run on time here we've neglected our phone lines we've had some callers are what it jumped to the phones here in and see her we are the least get one of these calls in this is TJ. From Rhode Island he TJ your own with doctor moody. All right thanks K then thanks JP thank you doctor movie house thank you police say. I'm like Afghanistan. Claiborne kettle was smile on Ben's trying to following won't say sorry if some poverty here your plate. Yeah due to bridge. And the let's not forget and they have the bigger impact that a bridge and it's OK my question is because I tend to be secular material let them believe that localized consciousness foremost. And it generally. Now what are you what are your views on generalized. Extra sensory perception where. Many of these things can be picked up by the fact that a brain is transmitter receiver and they can create these things from. Just the fact that people around a while it's undergoing stress as well listen this phobia. When it comes to a lot of the unintelligible. Like hate to say it would gibberish when people are donning. Well I'm mean this is a great question and I ticket probably age. Studied neuroscience at an outfit for him under interest student bureau sciences and. As part of my education as well and yet I think that the mind body problem is still a philosophical question. And where I am on it sort of I think that the ideal luster right not in the sense people have entry and I Dale's status sent. Idealism. Has signed George Barkley for example eighteen century. This idea that that only reality is consciously trying to ideas Emma. And. That is what we think of the physical world as a projection of conscious. On us soil completely lacking although it was well. Cover a Scientific American couple. Years ago so. I think conscious and instill the real veil makes. You see I think I am not skeptics in the Jenner did you know people well that people would call a skeptic trip no one word name but it shouldn't. It's philosophical discipline that was formed by a hero and a countdown. And about say tree twenty or the little 300 big city and. So. To name. It's just not correct that you can go from recurrent patterns and year consciousness to me. Conclusion. That there isn't external political work. As we think and in terms of matter. So but you know once you get into that different. Do holistic point of view or the materialistic. Toward the lot with apple alcoholic. Or. It's very difficult I mean there's just a dozen. Might like. Pre established harmony and occasional Islam Matt. Caucasian. Interactive you'll have a man down and ground. But knows who's neutral moment so my main it's just. But I I just you know I've never been able ferret tank pulling out of the ideal position to think that consciousness as the primary at all. TJ thank you so much for those very insightful questions were just out of time bombed out to many thank you so much for being here. It's been assassinated discussion we're gonna have to have you found that at some point. Hey great list and I can make a challenge to I think that we can reformat people's minds to think about the logic and I can shoot and shoot that. Material appear anxious to and then you can make up girl Emma. Absolutely do that lightly back on to discuss that you have a great night thank you so much credit. Looking forward to talking with your guns again thank you so much as thanks for the listeners today. Pencil and I were to take a quick break come back or wrapped things up dosages and TV Dioner Eleanor. It shows beyond reality really great conversation with doctor Raymond moody tonight we appreciate him being on -- what was at least a Smart was that -- him Smart and Lisa Smart a Smart was on the program body yearn Yale and I go you know we talked about that final words project pretty interesting stuff yeah definitely a big shot well and thank you to doctorate in mood you get at him on again make she tune in tomorrow yet Sara Clancy on the we're going to be talking about the black eyed children great topic in real interest dosages and javy beyond reality radio can -- tomorrow night at. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's in the week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know it's stopped going to finish in the agency hello and maintain some peacekeepers will Jason both smoke and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.