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Jacy Nova & Thom Dre discuss strange & mysterious celebrity deaths

Sep 19, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Jacy Nova & Thom Dre about mysterious celebrity deaths including the members of the infamous 27 Club. 9/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Excuse I know does he stand east and your stuck somewhere in between what can be on an earlier review with myself Jason Hawes and it was awesome GGG. So I'm ready for a good week I'm ready for some really interesting and exciting programs with some really interesting and exciting guests with some really interesting insight an exciting phone callers. Which some really interesting and exciting results. My head hurts my back you know he had to say the had to throw that out there right for our wallets if that's how excited I am about it. Well it's just in you should be if you having. Head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com he find all the stations we air and across the country. And which we Aaron pretty much covering the entire country a lot of the states we have numerous stations and and or you can download the free Smartphone apps which allows you to listen life catch past shows join me online chat and more. We're winning that rely just listen now right from the website you can go to the website and never hand corner click the listen life tab. Listen right there won't browsing the web. So what I was gonna say about being so excited was the fact that tonight we're going to be talking about a topic that we've touched on in the past. GC Novoa and Tom gray are the hosts of the podcast called death by misadventure. And that name is might be a little bit misleading and he really read into what they talk about but they talk about generally pop. Culture celebrities that have died mysteriously. A number of those people we've talked about in the U 27 club of course in a rock and rollers and have that all died under strange circumstances at the age 27. Many times it was drug or alcohol related but other times there's still some controversies associated with a like Kurt Cobain for example. And then there's other people like Princess Diana controversy over her death. If John Belushi controversy over his desk. So there's a lot of really interesting things to talk about here's a look Cobb I'm not known why it is a little bit McConnell a but it's certainly fascinating and we're gonna talk about that would GC in town tonight. You world's going to be talking a stone tapes edited tape Saturday. And how homes buildings and after emotional imprints of past tenants and guests and things of that nature so it's definitely in India and benching topic tonight. Yeah a great one tonight and then tomorrow night Bob Zimmerman will join us he is an award winning space historian he's got a new book out called the cold the universe in a mere. The saga of the Hubble space telescope. And the visionaries who built it and we all know the Hubble space telescope has been in the in the sky for a long time now but it is yielded. So much information about the heavens and the and stars and solar systems and planets and galaxies. That we just could not give any information or at least any visual on before and this Hubble space telescope has changed the way we look at space. On makeshift wonders herald books can be calling. What a you know he always seems to pop up there a most times we have these universities always does and if yes can you don't know Harold boxes you have to turn in their tune in to some of the passion and and he's a really interesting individual. He has he's got quite an agenda quite an ambitious agenda. Always up on the cutting edge of space exploration. Capsule are it's so we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come you listen Jason GP Dioner. Fans Gary Condit is right around the corner scare columnist for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions film screenings in so much more scary con is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year although scare kind of self does not speak. Pete spirit come will be held at the turning stone resort and casino October 26 and 28 in. Romania or get more information go to scarecrow can't dot com that's scary con dot com. Error on our attention to be a great program set free tonight we'll bring our guests JC nobody in Monterrey in just a moment is one thing on a mentioned or I forgot to mention it during their first segment. There was a lot of talk and controversy in kind of a news story that has developed on a nowhere. When abruptly AES solar observatory was closed down by the FBI I heard about this but I didn't and haven't heard the details on why but didn't they just reopened and re they end Antonio and they did just reopen and there was a lot of speculation that Tom the closure had something to do with the some government secret where there was aliens or something going -- -- the government has keeps eager whenever I know I know they're so they're they're they're the most honest people on four that's why they're on the government whether or through their forthcoming their honest we know that we know that so before our our phone lines get cut off in the end we lose all collar beer sorry to reverse our defense flights haven't before but there was a lot of speculation that there was something nefarious afoot. When this was close now I'd also heard that there were several of these observatory is a close I don't think that's true. I think that was just this news story kind of getting out of control. But you're right there's the observatory was reopened and the explanation. Is that there was some criminal activity in the area which posed a risk. To the employees of the observatory. That sounds really Sanjay FBI because this observatory is located basic at the top of the mountain it's very difficult to get to if they needed help it would have been difficult to get them help. They decided the best course of action was to just get people out there told that. Situation like this are difficult to get sue doesn't mean the criminals who have had a hard time getting married well I think they've put us out of like the safest place to be at that. He yeah I mean I would assume but I think you were kind of did you know where these criminals were there were they were in pursuit of them they were in the woods it's very sparsely populated area and according to the FBI now this was just an abundance of caution. There was nothing to do with the aliens there was nothing to do with something going on in the saw on the data and one nobody know about. So we'll just have to take it at their take him afterward that's going on something's sounds really really fishy honest sir Alex does rate if any you've heard some inside information feel free gifts equality for 4687766. Non. So there's a podcast it's called death by misadventure and the best thing to do is check out the website which is the same name death by misadventure dot coal. Dot UK because it's on of the UK and our guests tonight. Are the hosts of this podcast. JC nova and Tom Drake hey guys welcome to the program's great to have you on beyond reality radio with us. Cheney how the kind of the day car and the congress that are. But we have Russia. They welcome the showcased. It's great to have you on let's let's first tell us what death by misadventure is in in the form of this podcast. Well guess I'm an adventure. Is a paranormal look at some of the most intimate. Celebrity and rock star that everybody should definitely venture into the corner term and usually. I'll. When someone passes away under tragic circumstances. And that could be. It could be anybody can be a drug overdose in keeping your car crash sure. Even jumping at a horrible compared to murder a quarter we'll wheel it death by an adventure and settle. Yeah I mean decided to take a paranormal look to you there any secret national soccer ball. But also look at it from an investigative perspective so basically you look at the back and we look at the mythical back. Around it and came up with upon cap and definitely. How how the broken well. Well there's nothing that's not in cresting about anything you just said it's all fascinating stuff we all we have this fascination with him a Cobb. Particularly when it relates to celebrities and celebrity deaths what is it about people. That that curiosity is just something that never and forgive the pun dies. I'm. Human nature of trying to understand why. Some. Allen has done something especially on the famed actor especially when you look at me position. You grow up on. Depending on what you grew up in the 80s90s. Whenever you're you might. How important. Music that you love and pleaded that the economy lurking danger in a different kid you went from you got married. On how the very symbolic. Relationship team from an emotional perspective. And as we were doing a podcast and investigating and doing research we started the patterns. Ugly famous celebrity rock chart of how they died from an astrological. Perspective. From a numerology perspective. Even prominent the way they actually power the way on many celebrities had passed away and either car crash airplane accident so it works. Anderson very bizarre circumstances than there are things to be content that international soccer ball. And you're able to tie that in view being a psychic astrology you're able that I didn't connect all the dots on the. Yeah and I darn important and how long it could be the neurologist and he looked needs. Members from a life and death perspective and how that courtly didn't choose how the person ha way. Let's talk a little bit about your work as a psychic astrologers just suing get a sense of you know how that comes into play here Waltz also a same question of Thomas and neurologist but how long have you been. Aware of your sensitivities and are you practicing. Psychic astrologer or is this just so skill you have and you happen he. Bring it to bear in your research for the podcast. Well I actually room. My psychic ability started at a young agent the agent four and near death experience. I was on a church retreat. And op. I would put up a little kid I put in the code. And I wouldn't. Drowning. And that don't want to see me in a close. And I saw actually had an out of body experience where I can seem like drowning and or the group that teenage late inning there. And I was able to get the attention of one's teenage boy who ran in the water grass and pulled me out. And afterward ever since I had a high sensitivity. And psychic ability permanent student perspective. When I was spotted lying yeah Christmas party and my grandfather wouldn't hackney Greek people elected to work. And this one particular gentleman came to the door and it didn't they saw him I just ran away and hid under under the dining room table and my grandfather that that would mean it wouldn't let them like kept throwing my grandfather that he's about demands. And and subsequently a few weeks later you that the rest intercollegiate women's. And I couldn't do it to the ability I you gain ratings are for people but on right now I'm. Primarily focused on on main investigative perspective what the pilot captain lighting. But. A group of clients say you reach force. The war primarily due astrology reading but. I'm also I consider myself the psychic well. We're JC let me ask this though on it when you had this when you all want in your drowning would you consider that a near death experience. And that's an hour. Yet I know you like underwater I mean I can remember that moment I would. I wouldn't dying I couldn't breathe I was I had well all the water and you. That would not let my spirit have let my body when I started. To basically go unconscious and I. All I felt standing looking out my welcome the common I was trying to get the intention of being. The teenaged boys basically my my spirit and it'll college. And the young boy with cable and seeing me and you haven't gotten me at that time I definitely would have died because I was unconscious when he called into the water. Okay and the reason I ask is because a lot of people who had near death experiences or that have passed on and come back. Tend to have actual abilities seem to open up for whatever reason they've beaten to become more sensitive than they were. Prior to these experiences or they just become more enhanced. It. The abilities that they they had prior. So do you think that that experience actually opens you up more tuned to being able to feel and see you sinks. Absolutely I mean I think all of that's how intuitive abilities that depend on. How open we want to be acting on children. Are her now actually psychic intuitive and and I think chair and sitting currency children are trying to assure storied than maybe they spirit are they out of I sent about a person they like and we're just like gum I think we're all capable of doing not that because. When you almost had a near death that stand down Cilic. On. Another window opens door another dimension opens where you've seen the light from a different perspectives. I think she Q a deeper and deeper level or deeper spiritual level. Know you said there about children and we always talked about numerous times in the showed children. Are open and it's anything there there are more prone to see things and at Colson because to him to a child anything is possible. It's not until we start telling them that they're invisible friend Bobby isn't real that we start shutting them down and mean closing them off to two possibilities anything being real. And that sort takes away that bill would you agree with that. Yeah absolutely absolutely I think with technology. And artificial intelligence and if anyone is like a salmon. The movie minority report. Common imputed ability I think we'll just continue to expand and grow over the next. Twenty years and I think twenty years from now of being very. Very common obviously common now where personal king can go getter readings. On. I'm there is still there and John. Slight stigma attached chair but I think that will completely disappear within the next twenty years. What are ask you Tom kind of the same thing here on as a numerology is first of all. How long have you been practicing and we've only got about. Almost two minutes here so you might not be able to answer whole thing will finish on the other side of the break. How long have you been practicing numerology and how do you bring it to bear in terms of your work with the podcast. Rommel and I was younger I first started. To vote in. Interest and number I would actually. Right public transportation allowed it recently. And I would always pick up but guys with the numbers and I remember right that route and I could tell you what Trout it would take you where would it take you. Eight times syndicate asked quote I need to go somewhere action note Tony which under the bus. And it specifically which when you would have to change. And then growing up like sports I only got interest and and a member of ball players by the numbers. So it was attracted to members and then later in life once I became an adult. Neighbor Ortiz started becoming very prevalent and I started studying at apple it. And they spend. We try to learn interest in things you using numbers when it comes to these debt in debt by misadventure. And I mean it's it's quite fascinating once you start trying to altogether. Yankee. Pattern compound patterns. What is certain. Certain gap slaying. Life outnumbered basically to get your boring in that outnumbered those that gave me they actually died. And drinking patterns of numbers like 39 lines. And so in a podcast content content actually take a look at the gap and breaks it down by an numerology perspective and and Condit explains. How that number. Played a little whisper yeah what he believes Clinton roll and a particular done. Aren't great. Very our guests are JC nova and Tom drain we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come to listen adjacent GP. Dioner million revealed back. The show it's beyond reality radio Jason and Jay-Z. Our phone number for later in the program is 844687766. And if you wanna join our discussion we're having a fascinating one. Tonight would JC nova and Tom Drake. Talking about their podcasts which is called death by misadventure check out the website it's the same name death by misadventure dot CEO. Dot UK. There also on FaceBook I believe under the same thing I have to be honest guys as since you have this the first time on the program I really expected to hear. An English accent on morning view but I don't. Jeanne one I guess you would call and narrator and Eduardo they eat you actually convert British. And also armed a couple of other whenever writers Mitch is is British. And also Paulina. In our web web designers of the conducting jobs. Is. British and should go to the web designer for a popular podcast called K I'll. But that doesn't make up for your guys' lack of so I I have to say I'm just we're gonna back flash circle I'm disappointed and relieved at the same type you sometimes we have to blunders and in the Texans when they're on the show but it's okay node and we're just getting around right now. But how did you each develop an interest in this particular topic like I said we all have this. In a morbid curiosity this is the fascination with him a Cobb. So that's not particularly unusual books but to take it to the next level and developer program about it must take a specific kind of interest. Well I think I am I went. Originally inspired. Black and hey what and tragically Chris Cornell has to play. I went looking and reading articles about what happened. And I came across the article in the Daily Mail. About it they hand the whole deal impeach. And they had died by just in the adventures giant red about a deal bogeys. And basically it was the British and they just didn't sign they're getting ready to do it 250 city tour. They had flown to Sweden. To get a concert it was just one day replying in the blank out the next day. End up they take on the weather and miniature. And certainly did and yet accessible and they had left the show around midnight no one lives drinking. End. Basically the current laughed and they were about half an hour outside of dot com. And the bridge it thinking to a bridge and all the cars are stopped because the bridge with open that would. Going to Alicia got through and for whatever reason that car went around. The other cars engines drove straight up the bridge. And it killed all of and so it would have been darn. And so I started looking at what was going on with them on top. Paranormal perspective are international perspective because it just seems incredibly odd. He hit it out to me is cute band members were due. And content that was kind of propel them cheap fix that. Diet and talking and ponds he from a numerology perspectives. And down that. The duck number wasn't sick but all their life number weapons that many Tom you can say what that you know what that managed. Yet and we'll all of the band members. Had collect power numbers six and a debt younger. A sick when I was looking into it. And usually that means that army forces are at work. And comments load one of the band members he was also at 27. And it that. We don't had been interest in the 27 club to go to battle that kind of ways raised our awareness. About this particular bent. Soon and so did you leave it there and you believe that there were supernatural forces at work on this. They yet because it's werder all members to have that same exact number is pretty peculiar. Could that's usually not. Other band that you we can do with other bands and not have the same. Like tap numbers that numbers or anything like that. For that to happen today and all it is young age and the especially when Thomas blow being point seven. I think it is abductors problem. Is that right. Cars are. And sir go ahead. They've been a mythical curse active when you look it's scary and usual good to see that happen and how everything went the next. And usually you know harmonious and balance that when you how when it seemed the energy is opt. And it becomes the very car next. It can be very destructive. And also. The key in the van had shifted because they accuse him band members and so they have the other you can't numbers but never had that that. Was it that you can't Lieberman and replace them. And then they they all that not a record deal but didn't human later they got. So they're very very usual and so we just need to start taking a look at all the other celebrity's rock star. That had died. In that diet. What we're going on the master logically what was going around with them from a numerical perspective. Or any other factor though in the pocket combine like. Investigated that what it is what happened. And then we come to mind all the other mystical side and very able to on about each story. OK so Tom how do you come up with a life path number. On an individual. What you do is you'll. On their birthday when you think the purpose so they have minded. July 14 1985. We think that that and yet it with the wind damage and a once you get that order it becomes twelve now to go live on eleven that's considered a master number you would stay and continued numbers but I did that well. They do want us to get that degree. And it at the warrant for order and get a nine is thirteen so your order back at twelve jet that a to vineyard degree justified. In my life the great thing. Like you okay you're totally lost it there but on those yeah so time and aren't so late I'm December 27 1971. So what would my life pass them. December 27 1971. They intend. Okay you. Mean. You do your business really. You feel like outnumbered strayed. Is that a good or bad thing. Very positive life pat number agree it is someone who can procreate have been. People financially attractive environments like your kind of the center of attention and your great RD. At the same time terminate your perspective action. As someone has been negative energy industry that could become of their party too much and I think just about that and take a lot of risks and chances. So I'll every every number has been positive. Aspect to it and also. At negative vibration and it really depends. On the individual but when you bring a group of people together. And I think that's true in any situation I think all of us can look back in her life and you might have your parents say oh I don't like hanging out of that person. You know they're about influence on you or hey I like that person's there could influence she is it about energy that a person brings. To another person and Serbs were being Ifill it's scary and they're very heartening. Relationship for some people but it comes together in this lifetime to change something and keep a mile beach. You know they came together at the band that created this great music. But that all of a sudden they left this world at a really young age. And I don't think it was meant to happen now play a lot of things happened after. The cart not the bridge. Three emergency calls were made eighteen. Swedish police say it took 45 minute team. Get to the accident which nascent Kagan and one of the band members with actually a lot. But he died at into internal bleeding because. You know emergency vehicle took a long to get better. And so after the person all the band members of the past behind. It affects their family and a different way what Howard let the family going to handle managing their kids at such young ages it changes. Your life you know instantly anytime hasn't gotten Elliott especially. You know it turns a diaper for the parents and when that happens. So there's a lot of life's lessons that are involved with die. So one your more recent episodes. What focused on the death of Brian Jones of course Brian Jones being one of the founding members of The Rolling Stones. An incredibly large personality. Tell us the story of Brian Jones and whiny that came onto your radar is a good topic or good subject for your podcast. Well I don't live actually a lot of people may not know this but he was the creator of the Rolling Stone he basically. Get the name book and the honor. And what I did a huge influence on the original plan on admiral Allen. And he had a very colorful life I think by the time he hit 23. You know already had four kids out of wedlock. And so he had to kind of larger than life. My talent he met unto Richard zednik jagr. And they decided to put that Dan together. And Condit should cop and huge Richardson and make jagr had a very strong friendship at. And he became kind of like the odd man out here and get a lot are seeing a lot of drinking. And speedily. And then how he actually got. Eight the payment op when he blew. Residual interest thing. And called fractured arm. And get having difficulty with the band Mick Jagger why you actually being controlled abandon trying to tell you that the leader. End. Basically he got crushed under the band and he has hired and then like a month later. You drown in swimming pool but what we're saying is if you did an excellent swimmer leg almost on the Olympic. Tight sweater. And they have had dinner earlier that evening had a friend overt kind of have a dinner party. They went out to the pool cue swimming with. One of the contractor builders. And particularly he had been having problems with the contractor over money. And that. I guess. His girlfriend had ran and cut how. You pick up on call and let the other girl there was. To get the captain of the enterprise and I'm sure it actually registered nurse and one of the one of the Brendan party and then. The contractor Kane and friend we're gonna get. Just kinda. And a nurse and out she online at the bottom fool and grateful amount of water. And consequently he died at the age of twenty and and it was. A tragic story Allen national dairy and just all things that. And gone on and we can end. Kind of play in some difficulty in a range from Burlington history but other fans believe Blake you know you. You kind of the sole underlings don't even know he's gone. There's just been part of what treatment children that he had out of wedlock ended up being adopted. And on. Basically went comic looking out here life. Number. Which was an amber Lyon. And then what was his cabinet number two on. He died on July 3 1969. And that number went eight which is associated with power money and yesterday he was talking about. I don't mean jagr wanna control of the Rolling Stone. Some believe that he was murdered over money contractors. This rumor even has that they had gotten into a drunken fight and match each round. Her it will take a break right now we're talking winds JC Novoa and Tom drain very there they are the hosts of a podcast called death by misadventure. You can check out the website death by misadventure dot CEO of died UK when we come back when he get into a couple more of these celebrity death stories prickly ones from the 27 club. All the opening up the phone lines next hour at 8446877669. Listen Jason GP. Next hour before. 4687766. I like to join our discussion we're talking with TC nova and Tom Drake. Posts producers. Researchers for the podcast death by misadventure. We only have about us just over three minutes here in this segment and wanna continue on the Brian Jones story for just a minute because. Wasn't through some speculation. That the last person to see him alive may have had something to do with his death and in fact wasn't there a strange reaction. By that individual. When he was called out to help. And I might be missed remembering some of these details but maybe it's almost likes. I think we did lose them you do I think we lost them when they went silent on us just before the break I think it's because we lost them. Obama's slogan elect is this an opportunity to talk about something else for just a moment. And that would be what we're going to be talking about tomorrow night we've got Bob Zimmerman coming on the program. He is an award winning space historian only find particularly interesting because of the controversy that we were just talked about earlier. With the solar observatory being closed down on. There were rumors that there were other observatory is closed as well and I haven't been able to find any confirmation of desperate don't know if that's true or not if that was just hyped. I don't know exactly what happened there but might my estimation here is that Bob Zimmerman probably be able signed chance and went on all of us. Well it it's just definitely strange to they would shut the place down you'd think at a place like that would be really secure. So if and I mean just trying to get people out of their fish criminals in the woods all around it. And trying to get them on there I would think would be more dangerous than just keeping them there and trying to keep please protected yeah I know slick has reached out to the folks to talk about the must see if we have our guests back JC with us. Yes here. Cut right. And so we have a couple minutes left here before we have to jump into the break again but I'm I was talking about Brian jones' death and who who the individual I think his name is frank. It was a last person with him wise. And then later when he was discovered not much later but a little bit later on he was in the house he was called out and apparently he jumped into the pool. He must have had advanced knowledge that that Brian was at the bottom of the pool what's what are the details of that part of the story. Our day we may have had a dinner and went out to the rule Brian and crane had jumped it will take a land. My girlfriend and gone and how into the own end and on the other people at the party had gone and side. And they had to and how they are like twenty minutes and frank are good humor and in hand. It was the nurse. He came running insurgency that it is yet wedding and it seemed lately just really that. And she said what they're matter. And fishing locked up by the got a high end you ran right pastor jumped in the cool and she's got a in an interview she said how did you know that Brian let them and she got. In the pool she found Brian at the bottom of the hole and then she went down and get them out and then bit. Frank Earl could hit contractor with just basically not helping her. And she would play you've got got to help me get up get up the pool of that time gig gotten him out of the forcing New England and but she went ahead and performs CPR on them early eighteen minute. And tell the ambulance ride. And then obviously when win the medics arrived they announced and dad. And that they. The corporate said that he had drowned and died his girlfriend had said that she felt like you know achievement and excellence glamour. Along with the parent that they did not believe it. Dad I. He drowned some people and that is secret or on any grounds other people believe that perhaps he gotten lighter argument. This gentleman trained. And I'll. You know frank actually drown him and then later just don't hit that bad. 100. There Brody. Had said that Franken can and that yeah actually. Accidentally. Killed Brian and got an argument basically any. It seems will not yet seen is a little logged in and experts who would die in a swimming pool to begin with drunk or not but then to have that person died when another person is in the pool or near the pool with few makes it even more. The strange. So it seems like there's a lot more to that. Absolutely and and we'll get into them a lot more arduous it GC nova and Tom Drake. In you'll listen Jason GP yeah. It's Tuesday. It's when you start somewhere between welcome Dioner reality radio with me Jason Hawes and the only sauce and GB Johnson. So tonight we're talking about two mysterious deaths by pop culture. Some liberties people that we we know from. TV nets General Jones. Now icons I guess you'd say. People like members of the 27 club a Princess Diana. Change John Belushi gotten few celebrities and of does died in mysterious ways many cases they didn't seem miss a mysterious and beginning the reports. There were given to us officially. Tend to point one direction and then after the fact things are to come out that make it a little bit. Less clear as to what happened we're doing that would JC nova and Tom Drake. I tomorrow we're going to be talking about space history specifically the Hubble telescope would Bob Zimmerman he's written a book. Called the university Amir the saga of the Hubble space telescope and the visionaries who built it. And I think it's interesting we'll talk about this with him torn right to that it was just announced that. Ilan mosque. The owner or founder of SpaceX. Can Tesla at. And Tesla of course yeah but Spacek seems to be the leading in driving force in space travel and exploration these days particularly in the United States. But they just announced that they have so her he has announced that he has selected the individual that will be the first. Passenger. If you will. To orbit the moon. It wasn't us it was not you it was not me. I notice all right probably some ideas rather wealthy Haywood is a Japanese businessman of billionaire and he it will be the first. Non astronaut. To go into space and to travel and do an orbit around the moon and he's actually gonna bring six people with him so he's paying for the whole thing. Check. While so he's done answers aren't actually the first is one of UB one of seven of centers will be doing it you know and in but it makes you wonder and there's got to be some. They have to go through some testing some sort of training before they're sent out there. But I would think it has an audited just do some say I mean I Tony I don't even know I mean they just strapping men indeed just don't move firm firm. It's 38 hours are over what it takes a hell. But they would also buy any because or you. Especially in the astronauts and and others in even when they put you on that plane that dies at that certain angle. And people are getting sick vomiting all over the place and I'm sure they have depiction simulators to Kennedy used to that and with his servant and a no it is having a conversation here during the break about flying. Because as we will get into. The discussion with her guest Jaycee and Tom. Tom one of the celebrities are gonna talk about died in an airplane accident we are just mentioning you know many of us have a fear of flying in a real apprehension. We better I guess in the studio tonight in he's won't fly at all. Say it would grant and I used to get on the planes in the very beginning it goes owners would be holding on like. For it firm with a lifeline should. But just became so I think all the driving that happens as well. And Steve would drive from here today California. And it was taken in freedom for 34 days five days. I can be there and six hours so are we it was always that stuff why don't you miss that many days away from the Stanley. So it's just became so normal I was on planes to the other you you know GB has on planes to three times a week. For twelve years me here's the question though would you be. Equally apprehensive or in this case more apprehensive censure no longer apprehensive to fly to get any rocket in going down the space yet because you know want I'm. I'm OK with staying in this atmosphere and on this planet. And in this society I have no wants to know and space I know want to go step on the moon it's just it's nothing. And Aaron I'm happy to see. And technology an Osce advancing. But I'm just one of those guys where. And I'm perfectly fine here on this planet a spring Jaycee and Tom back into the discussion. I talk about the LA at incident because is a couple things with that personal tell us how she she died. And tell us about the premonition that she had issues going to die. We died and a plane crash on August when he got to pound linemen. And that. She had gone into the Caribbean cute she is a music video. And before he had gotten on the claims he's well. You know belly change you know she wasn't really. Odd feeling good about the slide with a private aircraft. And she lives on and talking digging in to ask you let your portrait at the time. And he hit single hey don't get on the plane and she'd like now why you know I wanna come hot got to get on the plane. And it all these weird circumstances surrounding it the pilot that. It was flying planes that the plane was overweight and he didn't you know he basically wanted to send them the equipment behind it. How the second fight again that they relate insisting on. Now we have to leave now. And basically when the likes to copy crashed and then within five minutes. But it. What gets interesting as you get into this story has started investigating. It. She kept having that you re occuring due rule that she was lying. And that no one could touch her. And that. Basically all of her pain we're gonna go way. And it just kept happening over and over and over again and she actually get talked about it in an interview. Few weeks before she had actually died. And she didn't care in the mythical solo she believed in reincarnation and she did the movie queen of the damned and sociology that an Egyptian. In a previous life. And it could very mystical. Sold very very talented they had a lot of insisting that things are on it happened to her curling she rated beneath the other night. I can't. Serena toward. I'm seeing that. But foresee guy. And it wouldn't comment looking at the the life. Number that she had hit a life pat number let it numbers and then term. Yeah number seven which do we call I don't domestic. And that means that she had a very angelic quality. She was actually very very popular. Into the community when she was around before her dad. And know a lot of people express that she died late order aren't. And she did die on August 25 2001 did eager to that number nine. Which we consider it part numbers which means your soul and made that yet completed. It was apparent this year completed or spiritual life lessons. And won a good thing that got really interesting question at a very tight end and Lanny. Or her mother or her brother would always travel with app with her wherever she went whether she was doing and stay on what he's doing and music video. And that one particular occasion. But they did not go with her. It when she died. It's amazing how Morgan room at a time here and there are so many of these stories to talk about notes you have from other eleven episodes of the podcast are now. Eleven up attitude guide. I'll Katrina episode coming up we're doing Randi Rhodes from apia learn who actually died in a plane crash and also. Leonard energy. Which are standard tragic running in sand and several of the band members. Died in a plane crashed. And we're also I'm doing and I share and she. From the Manson murders were focusing just start sharing content link. The car wreck a relationship that leg. Very injecting her Roman Polanski used that day at chateau mark on September mono obviously at the very engine changed history of the haunted hotel but. The celebrity yeah John Belushi yeah. And when we. I'm sorry regard we have to go to break only get back from the break I wanna talk about that chateau and all the odd things that have occurred there over the years some of them leave for many of them you've talked about in the podcast before we jump into the break though tell people how they can subscribe to the podcast what's the easiest way to find it to subscribe to a. I'm you can describe. He apple via iTunes. I've been capped. How are not a pie. Google play. Or you can go directly to our web site. Who no good deal slips. I would bet that adventure dot the other dot UK or you can find it on these books. And get by mid adventure podcast. Are so we're gonna take a quick break and a lot more to come you listen to Jason GP Dioner relative radio. Ornstein but it how many of those things he read I think four primarily as the north through the bag Sturm break I look of the -- I way to keep up that girlish figure here's what she gets started you just can't stop and uses these are these goodies orange slices lament I'm real excited to try these you see these two as as a kid these spice drops are kind of a mixture flavor some for the house to welcome back. Begged for the program it's beat beyond reality raid. You Jason JV phone numbers 84. 46877669. We're talking winds that GC Novoa. And Tom Drake about turned their podcast death by misadventure. I wouldn't change the topic to Hollywood California. Jaycee and Tom. And talk to throughout the chateau Marmara and there's so many things that have happened. In that particular location with so many different celebrities including the John Belushi story which would like to getting to specifically but tell us a little bit about the history of this particular place. Tyler climate is a beautiful hotel on Sunset Strip. I'm about as an apartment building in the early 1920. And the studios led to rent that apartment stir up and coming starlet. And it. Eventually became a hotel in the but 1930s. And again the Hollywood studios with used that particular hotel. Hollywood starlet to stay there and they would. Bring theirs that mistress in there and party there and do what ever crazy things they wanted to do there are held away from. Paparazzi. And it is still a bit days you go in you showed how hard line it would should liquid light. Favorite place that you're always going to be celebrity. He could EJ. Gyllenhaal you can see. Oh lead singer apple Russell got to read that you get people every coming in and out there all the time. And it should get very beautiful and shifting has held it happens beyond it. And had all kinds that attract a kind of crazy celebrity's battle battling. Lot of interest in coming in and out there that are. Alive and also I think debt that the timing of the track celebrities didn't. And and spiritual and see at the time. Was sick to it was at this chateau that served as the basis had a connection an American horror story TV series present a different one. I would probably lead to leap day. On the back of the hotel that they actually yeah to ugly actually a hotel that I'm actually downtown Los Angeles. That has been very gothic. Style is well. I would think that some of the story came from not. The John Belushi story he was it was a chateau number three storm that correctly. That she revolution died in. Yeah I believe she was partying that night and I. He actually party that little bit of election had been staying and arm Bartlett number three. And he had died of of a drug overdose. But what was injured saying it earlier in the evening. Robert yeah I've got I Israel and several other celebrities didn't you just partying up a storm. And he wouldn't wish it a woman that was a known drug dealer. And unfortunately she. See I gave him too many drugs have been locked in there and drove off in his Mercedes then he you guys had. But this friend. I found him in the morning but. From a market perspective there was an interesting aspect view it as well maybe I'll want to talk about. Yeah yeah so he didn't. Unload Mercury. Let it like huckleberry is actually members treat you like the like parties created. A pioneer comedy. He's remembered for some reason than it days from and now as a stand up comedian. And hit that number it was wine. And he just died and it really is our way you went to one man and how it all went down says you look around for the past and there's an interest in that that would be like you got. Yeah being. Life have never nutrient tying him up eleven under treatment we got pretty pretty interesting drama supernatural respected that at all so all the other. Anything that happened that evening but there are other groups within the hotel let out a certain type of energy and are positive well. Just to wrap up the John Belushi story before we go on to break here he was in his thirties so there's another three associated Debra what was he was 32 is that right. They re like wow yeah that victory I get rid of retreat and light up the numbers break. But he thought he was well known for partying really hard anyways. Yet that is very true that is very true diet the other circumstances around it we're quite. I usual and even the woman that gave her dad who died Cilic back eighteen month end Chris then. And the other interesting part of it hit you with a mistress but Gordon Lightfoot the record. Sister on Sunday India. Story. That would do it. Yeah a fascinating story. You know when you look at somebody like John Belushi and I think that's probably true with many of the people were talking about tonight but you you know you know he died at 33 years old and then you think of the volume of work and his contribution. To comedy and entertainment and it doesn't seem like. Any one person can fit that much into a life that short. I would agree and I think that's how did it when we look at the death number one and I want to play there's no one likes you you're not the line here you're. Iconic. And and I think it it kind of back in. I've put it from an energy perspective they've all vibration going on and it. And they they start collider people collide at the content together there is just all the elements were there at that moment and that was issued time. She used to happen over but yeah. Don't work as you said that you left behind. But how it affects every lunches today. The story of his life his brother and and everything else that didn't make her a very fascinating story about just one of the story in the pot catch. Or check out our blog that we debt. Allen Chris Farley and all and two I mean it's just some some amazing talent Clinton on that such an early age. Are we're gonna take a quick break a lot more on the phone numbers are 8446877669. You listen Jason didn't. Which what your favorite James Bond movie season is him when the stands out dealing. You always Christian and I'm Jason bond fan. Com or is it for error merits of porn movie it's. There's it is worth the price Levi's only when you have so little difference to your eyes password yes that was Cheney's today. Thanks Sonia. Welcome back to the program it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy tonight we're talking would JC nova and Tom drain they are the hosts and produces a podcast called. Death by misadventure. If you're interested in the macabre and the mysterious particularly as it relates to celebrities and other pop virtual pop culture notables who really really enjoy this podcast. It's really well produced. Even go to the website death by misadventure dot co dot UK does CEO Doug UK. And also check him out on FaceBook. Our time is going to start running short. Jaycee and Tom I want to talk about the viper room because that has a pretty you interesting story is well. Now if I understand it correctly. Johnny Depp was part owner of this particular place for awhile tell us why this viper room is significant in Hollywood. Out of the accurate way. They didn't end 1993. Johnny Depp became part owners. They did by program with Anthony Foxx. Who had originally a read the actual cola. And he bought. Johnny Depp is because Bobby even. Celebrity and Johnny got on I'll bring you much and well on that particular night which would actually how the rule. The River Phoenix. And his brother walking cane and a younger sister. Went to a party up in Hollywood Hills where Leonardo DiCaprio on all the celebrity war. And they invited them to go Palin go to the viper room there haven't been partying you know I don't and in. China's big big party anyway which can be up and and that particular evening. I'm. There are all the celebrities. Playing music update you with kind of a celebrity cam. Other Red Hot Chili Peppers just all hype and it celebrity at that time and actually that night. A River Phoenix. Get the speed ball. And he actually diet on the sidewalk on that. Well and while his brother and for that rather walking in the picture. And the ambulance came and I am but it mr. Leahy you'd have to wait and overdosed. And what is really good thing about it is. The story it even stranger. Is Anthony Sox. I did Johnny got several years later permit preparation and then for odd. And honored we're going to court and literally I think it was just a few days before even show up at court Anthony about the expected to win. The actual court Q he disappeared. And it is body has never been found it found his truck. I'm looking with a single father 217 year old girl and he just disappeared. And many people believe to the game that he was murdered and that his daughter actually talking about and eight that ended up turning over the club ownership. To his daughter. And sell. They have an apparent almost shell like trying to get the name of the show but it on the Travel Channel they actually went and ended up about talking sexuality. Yeah me. Like that the called upon it and many of the late in the event but decried the politics. Diet. Yeah it is a very dark storm bringing it is buried. Kind of you know what you expect from celebrity scandal but. You don't really know. It Johnny Depp has anything to do with the with the parent d'antoni font supposedly. The mafia might have been involved but that the club had a long long history. And what was even even. Interesting after the club was stalled there's entertainment maybe. That would allow you years at the called Molly. And it was about it is legal again in Hollywood true story. And it is ran by this girl Molly. And it was held at the bike program and you know Leonardo DiCaprio and all the big celebrity Ben Affleck is to go and play play poker there. And so your listeners that in big Lockett on Netflix probably for Amazon prime Molly and the great Lindsey. And it will tell you a little bit more about about the club and in the early like thirty's and forty's. The cloud you can be ran by mobsters hit with the previous strip are for the previous jazz bar well. And how that particular club had all kinds of interest being on the energy and vibrations associated with. Tom you have a book out as well called what's my number is now booked a a book for people. To determine what their personal numbers are or do you talk about some of the stuff that we're talking about tonight as a voice in the podcasts tell us what your book. You can't get on ever start you can get it for Kindle are here ever arms fire tablet but it. It create beginners guide is for people that wanna get into numerology late. How do you come up with your life path members. And all that and how old is determined. And then what those numbers mean for your your future pearl. Possible saying things like that. And it's only 99 cent and you can look at it on Amazon but yet it's anybody ever want to know how we come up with these numbers and things like that. It's been that book and check out. I wanna and just kind of throw a general question out there because we've made reference to the 27 club several times but we haven't talks too much. About. The folks that are on that list are there any other stories from that Lucy wanna share with us. I mean I don't pretty entry singing and Whitney because when Brian. Yeah the way they question I think it maybe 67 and later within the next year Jimi Hendrix and and Jim Morrison's. Diet. Jim Morton obviously died of the drug overdose on and Jimi Hendrix. Choke on his own vomit listen really got the one about important that I found particularly enjoy being. Is that you would impair an wind here is he went to the end girlfriend Pamela Lee bench Eric that the times. And huge crowd at the bathtub they basically that he died of the drug overdose he drowned in the back up. That really weird after that after he'd have to weigh. His girlfriend camera like cap hit bodies in the apartment on I eight. Until they were able to actually bury him and our cemetery and in France. And then Marianne Faithfull came out an interview a couple years ago and she claimed that her drug dealer boyfriend. Was the one that gave him more than that drug. But actually caught the overdose which I found them really bizarre and fascinating. And what other kind of harm actor. Apartment factored. Basically. Jim Martin left. Things you could call French club edit stipulation that. When he wrote the whale that he died within three years everything they've got good brother and sister and he died after three years that we would go to Q. His girlfriend Pamela and he I don't history here like Camelot. And Pamela died three years later the drug overdose. And generally never got along what her parents. She he absolutely could not answer it about her father. And her father absolutely hated him more than. But when a moment diet. Her father got control and general of the state and he today hammered. Operator controlled olives publishing royalty right I'm sure that probably tucked away by now but her family actually control. The publishing right you Baltimore's. Music. While that's incredible. What are you working on next I mean you so you have for so how frequent is the podcast and then know what we have on the slate. I don't weird podcast every other week obviously as you know you can't predict pretty average viewer everyday but the main thing that you got it every day. We have an investigative story you read shirts. And it schedule every other week on the next iPod kept the drop is Randy wrote. So would lead guitarist for all the weren't you about all quiet riot. He diet is actually trying to buy. We got a link action buried strange story they're out on lower. They stopped in the city of god that you like a lot of joy ride in the plane. And tell you hop on board and twenty minutes later he was dead dead plane crashed. Right next to the tour. And they found out that pilot you know had traces of cocaine in it that the I don't. Crazy duck and broke but doing Leonard Skinner. Which is another thinkpad story we brought against him and B singer and I'm Sharon aide blew that being the one about. And the mother. We'll Cherokee can do the plane crash ones all they only John Denver you got Jim Croce analyst goes on on. I don't put little Qatar where we are looking at how people die and paying taxes that are actually have been. I guess you know in years celebrity carnival of light on the act a little bit diet. I know that common diet and end. Believe that there is supernatural factor involved and and I I think it's that elegant as the timing from an astrological perspective. Is that bothers better ball. But it and the people some people are gonna bring out the bad news some people are gonna you're gonna have a very. Harvick relationship with them and you got to wait it out to be a celebrity acrobatic church. Everywhere that flipping out there that you had karma relationship than you're likely elect load you know how why don't they and that relationship delighted to have that friend and it. Certain things happen when you're with. Individual opening up his old contract together and you content together and sometimes these. Crazy. Stories happen her situation happened men and many other end in tragedy. Well let me ask this of UN Tom I see guys have talked numerous times about this whole supernatural force. Come on it when it comes down to what you think is in control of this supernatural force that's that's making these things happen. Mean. I believe there's several accurate ball I think I'm very I believe in god and believe. It now and in spirituality in. And I believe that when you come into this life time we haven't scared on track and things that we're. We're set to do and and people that we have a relationship let whether it family your friends or. Work made. That means you know work together and and many lifetimes and and we come together you work things out and sometimes. It doesn't this story doesn't always get in the way we expected. I don't cotton. Tom and I talked about trying to numerology perspective. That numbers have certain vibration and send. You know do you think how about the life and let and a. Numbers look like on keys are gathered any sort England what people would consider coincidences. I mean you look at Jim Morrison. Hit like pat number it was a one and likely get at least just like it. John Belushi is like you're pioneers. And super created an independent and hit that number was one. Which pretty much given like a rock cult status. And do you know. I don't think that coincidence I think there's something obviously. Working men and not just spiritual realm. God whatever that may be. And it. I just believe. We're on to something we do the show. Well and let me ask you this though with being able to find a life path numbers and so forth. How far are we from the point of honestly I know usually you need that death and that number implant that comes from the death but how far are you from being able to. I'm just pretty much figure out those numbers in general with him before the deficit because doesn't that open up the whole door of now you can sort of predict when a person is going to die. Me personally I don't think I can predict. Because you do need. That actual date actually at those numbers together to give you that number. So. I mean maybe would technological advances. Taking mentioned earlier like the movie minority report. Like it's quite possible one day. That we could be analyst are predicting things like that. And I look at it from an astrological perspective there is it like even if you think a lot say it and you go and gamble there's odd that there are certain. Certain docket and ballclub without a logical perspective and you're gonna have positive and negative train them. Why use. Do you put that energy makes it a big factor in and you're exactly failure lives and Inge mania your experiences that I feel almost like. You're playing a game and you're going on different level many times people people comment to our life. They get you how that comic relationship with the that you're spent do you share that experience elsewhere that experienced take issue. Is that you that you brought to heel and tore the celebrity that rocket that we've been talking about. Bad experienced Mountain View that you the other side and they complete their evil contract that died and I went to the other side. Whereas. Particularly ill letting you work your relationships with people and spiritually grow and he would. Moved to a new level of course people. Date they downstairs and grow it maybe they you know end up and Taylor and Michael Oliver. In other all of these circuit and didn't actors but I don't think that anything. Is. Who went didn't. I think it there ain't it grand design. And I think as we look forward to come true science truth. Spirituality YouTube. Paranormal investigation now we'll educate ourselves and learning growl. On how we will continue to view communicate with the other side. And and really find out about. Like that and bale between life and that. JC Tom Roddick time thank you so much for being here before I let you go will you please give folks again the information as to how they can find and subscribe to the podcast. Shorter you can go to our web site it got quite the adventure got the other dot UK. On eight on it look dot com slash death pregnant adventure podcast. And you can I looked in Europe I have that direct from our web site you can download it through apple iTunes. Spotify shirt and in. Go to play cap stocks that pot. We'll GC and Tom thanks so much for coming hang in all of us and I and we look forward to talk to you again at some point. You have a great night. All right so we're gonna take a quick break and come back a wrap things populace and Jason GDP on an island. It's 1150 musician today you completions and one of the most poignant. There are those was a day the music died. Alia chiefs Buddy Holly the big bumper Richie Havens all dying in a plane crash on if you remember who the and I'm sure people listening nobody who's there were smartest there were at least one maybe even two that were supposed to be on that plane but. They may miss the plane in the unit of driving and obviously they ended up living because the rest of them died. The that's what the song American pie is basically about. She's certainly has said did people he Jim Croce you know and the amazing Jim Croce and just so many others I mean it's it's horrible but Randi Rhodes I definitely attendant to that you know now I'm if you just I do know that you know I think Henry and he was just phenomenal. It's a good podcast come on listen do through the episodes before the show tonight and they do really good job it's produced really well it's very interest and aren't so if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Again FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com. You find all the stations we earn across the country and that this is closely being updated news stations being added all the time to check in Austin. You can also download free Smartphone apps. For android and iPhone which allows you to listen life if we don't currency scenario or even if we do. Or and catch past shows join me online chat and more. Or any night we are life just feel free to go to the website at beyond reality radio dot com click the listen I study to listen right there from the website or while browsing online. We're just click the listen live in chapel and the connecting normally chat room achieve he myself and a great community people usually hanging on during the show. While long was sitting there and him talking so. RA if you don't show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and just read it for us and helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about getting the word out so they should tune and everybody's Jason G if you can chill tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's entirely on real and radios. Yeah you know stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason long slow and it chiefs host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.