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John Potash discusses the use of drugs as a weapon by the intelligence community

Sep 21, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with author John POtash about his books that outline intelligence community efforts to use drugs to adversely affect specific parts of society - specifically those that do not agree with Government policy. The targeting of rock stars like Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur and others is most apparent . 9/21/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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And came back on all the same day I dealt with some horrific traffic by the way folks who live in that metropolitan area godly issue but it is not for me I will take my one traffic light. Village of Cooperstown any day Jimmy would either winter weather give me snow gimme wins I'll take this any day over that. A lot of friends who live in New York you know and I'm there Austin and a lot of them actually. Leave their cars outside of New York they old their old literally. If they're traveling is all it's always my trainer subway but. So they'll leave their cars and Darian Connecticut and other areas. And if they need a car they'll they'll go that way Ingram and so it's insane but. I keep I have been to New York so many times and let me tell you. I love the city I hate getting there yeah I see getting out of there then it's a nightmare. It's you know the only way to live in the cities if you've got a limo driver and some generally that you'd be stuck in traffic I was going to get a bottle of champagne in the back in us and I would just try to start the show because shares added my boat was I don't even know what I said to them so little you don't usually aside. I don't know that I honestly I was like has he been drinking and that's. All I can say is it's been a long long day and I got here just in time he's too good to be part of the showed an idea executed well welcome to be on reality radio everybody if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond their arterial. Like the FaceBook page for us and had to be under reality radio dot com. We can find all the grace stations where across country that looks is constantly being updated you can also download this free Smartphone apps. That allows you listen the show life catch Paris shows do all that on the go. Or on any time you want in the relied just listen right from the website. Like clicking in the operating Cornel listen life tab or the listen and chat tab. You listen right there from the ones I hang out with a great community people to chat room or just while browsing the rest of the way. Yeah not to beat a dead horse here but I just to clear about this driving in New York is in a problem it's still not driving when you're sitting in traffic now moving. That's the problem that's what I wouldn't be able to tolerate but I hope people. Download. Episodes of beyond reality radio and played them play those podcasts. As they sit net traffic there's a woman the time go there yeah Walton a minute I'm in a sit there and say no driving in. Downtown New York City is a problem that's so I that that partisan by the removing I'm OK with the state we've got a really really interesting show tonight I'm John. A potash will join us he's an author and filmmaker he's written a book that discusses and researches. The use of drugs by US intelligence agencies to control and actually in some cases to eliminate. Opposition. Leaders people like. A black panther leaders people. Who might not agree with maybe the philosophy of the CI AEA and I know we're gonna end up losing their connection by saying things like this has always happens. Or the FBI or the leaders of those organizations. On it's really interesting we're gonna get into the deaths of people like Kurt Cobain which we actually talked to demonize well. On job and one in. Tupac Shakur. And some other very high profile. Deaths slash murders slash suicides slash we don't even know what they are but the mysterious. And as they relate to the drug use and how it may have been influenced by these intelligence agency. Well and there's so much evidence throughout the years to prove that they have moved the if they use drugs and sentiment certain communities through their own agendas. And I'm sure will be getting into a lot of that mine and a warm and it's going to be interesting is going to be scary in this can be content. Herschel yet it's gonna be good all the way around tomorrow by the way is a best of as every Friday night's program is Monday we have William hall and Jimmie and Tony go. Joining us they are authors investigators and researchers and we're going to be talking about their book that's called phantom messages. And then Tuesday were going to be talking with Daniel dust until ski. So which and an author who are we talking about her books only wild Heath and Bible for the untamed woman. And and women's most wild three keys to liberating the which within. Great shows coming up for sure absolutely so Terry you wanna talk about terrifying. This poor people agree so it's all I can say I don't know fear of those and I'm I'm in a vacuum at the moment OK a giant cobweb. I don't know I was governor about the only covers over a thousand feet of beach increase. One single combo numbers as an elected colony of cobwebs with a colony problems and yes. Residents of the town in Greece were there and sort terror fire earlier this week when they discover that spiders had covered part of their beach with them Armas web. Then and the nightmare web apparently appeared overnight in the town of on an announcer Ito like oh or whatever it was noticed by by members of just inhabitants known yet exactly it's just from Jack. Measuring over a thousand feet along the massive problem created it's just a terrifying scene as it covered plants and just endless endless different things on. Spider specialists consulted by one media outlet assured residents that such an occurrence is not unprecedented. And that despite his pose no danger to people. Or where the plants they were covering. But I mean there's a thousand feet Webb's by it listens when I look at it okay I mean I don't know much about women swimsuits. On but I think some remain himself so be the difference Crusoe swimsuit on verses are no there's so folding spider silk is gonna feel the same memories and an uncapped year as anyway as which she also explain the spiders likely built their web on the beach. Because of the areas warm temperatures high humidity an abundance of mosquitoes to provide food. I don't care it's a thousand feet and spider let them and it reminds me an arm do you remember that eighties movie were will Shatner. Oh yeah absolutely all that I was most. It was William Shatner but there was on the that the actress and that was actually quite an accomplished actress and it was kind of on the issues in this low budget horror movie was it done. Horror spider I don't know what it was but either way it was yeah I will work Lastings Lizzy was flying over and everything down. On the ground was covered in Webb's measure I always are some in the plane and actually watch that rather recently it's kind of funny. I guess I mean am I even seen essentially probably eighties when they're a look it up but I mean you know so it but that's just that's terrifying thousand feet. I mean literally your beach governor 1000 feet of labs it's something that red off there's everything right about that. So anyways if you do if you don't militia from iTunes or anywhere else just to us a favor and rate the show forest is helps push it forward makes it easier for people to find. That's what it's all about getting the word out. Or to take a quick break and we're going to be joined with our guest John potash. Author and filmmaker and we're going to be discussing the US intelligence target targeting of ethnic leaders and communities so. Syndicate were really wished he showed tonight elicited Jason javy. You know neither. Instance. Defends scary kind. Is right around the corner scare congress for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions films brings in so much more steering column is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year although scare kind of selfish about spooky spirit come will be held that the turning stone resort and casino October 26 and 28 cents. Former New York get more information go to scarecrow can't dot com that's scary con dot com. It's beyond reality radio. Jason campaign everybody's happening for a night we're going to have a great night we've got a very interesting guest tonight is very interesting topic. John potash is our guest he is an author and filmmaker his website is his name. John and his last name is spelled PO TE a SH so is John punished dot com. His book is called drugs as a weapon. Against cancer drugs as weapons against us the CIA's murderous targeting of STS Panthers Hendricks went in. Cobain to pocket and other activist John welcome to be unreal the radius Greek debt beyond tonight. Comics coming on gel and a look Fortis. So let's talk about. How you've developed a curiosity in this particular topic to begin with it's not one that it's on everybody's radar but it's one probably should be. Yeah well ahead. And they own problems with drugs and I was in high school they'll lucky there was only an abuse issue and I was able them pretty much wean off for them through college. But and I became the drug and alcohol counselor after college. And to. Just was doing research on society hearing alive inside stories what was going one drug world Baltimore. And then doing so my own research on the side of one and two on the sea ice and kill a true program and on the music scene. What says you know love music and this is in the starting at like ladies early ninety's. And still would just ended up finding. A lot of stories out partly by called the cold calling. For example two bucks accord lawyer. Talking to Courtney love's father. He's doing lots of other researching different on these different musicians in these different activists talking to different black panther leaders. Duck and tuck it different members who are. As did the scoop students for democratic society in the sixties. It's not being anti war movement sixties and that's where I got some information. So what's the general premise here. We're talking about it a US intelligence agency linked to drug trafficking or least. Move moving and you put pushing drugs and a certain communities. Yes a part of it is what Gary Webb revealed. In the years yes first borrow article in need mid 1990s. A Baptist CIA cocaine trafficking. And despite the media coming down amber tending. That it wasn't. Well done investigation in the Washington Post in the admitting that the inspector general the CIA has said they were drug trafficking. And CIA it was joke trafficking. And I have a clip from sixty minutes. With Mike Wallace interviewing the head of the CIA trafficking. You know millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Exceed a ton of cocaine literally a ton of cocaine into the country. In 1993. And sets of some of what I've talked about an error is it you know major history. That wealthiest families in this country being involved in the opium trafficking. And that started with a yeah China opium wars they call them it was six forcing China open their borders to the opium. And oh did the you can see opium sales that they had outlawed and and city's wealthiest families. May too much money up the opium trafficking and they became. In her married and supported. That JPMorgan found ways the rock star found ways. And those sitting a quick look this down with this country that rose up and never stop to the evidence says they never stop trafficking. And then when they were involved in starting the CIA in 1947 they put their own family members. At the top of the CIA hierarchy and had their lawyer Alan dot. He belongs to acting CIA director. So it's a long history of truth trapped in the this CAA then took over to the duties and still. They were testing cocaine of course you know that vote then I made three there were caught but. It was. Frontline did this special on the fact that the CIA was admitted their memos. Trafficking heroin from the B Vietnam area going Vietnam War. And the best seven chosen John Stockwell former CIA agent you know instead on film. That you know it's just so yeah agency worked with in that time were trapped in CIA for rejecting heroin from. The golden triangle area over all around Vietnam. You know. Where the CIA and the United States. Says that there's so loud atmosphere that what I get also into detail in the book is that why they were trafficking LSD. And that was used as part of operation until ship. To target activists. And that was used against this since for democratic society but I thought they used. Well in in regards to musicians. Trying to manipulate them. Q let's start using that didn't start using other drugs two in this certainly promote them. And then within these top musicians say it's sobering up the game went activism they were done away with. And the best evidence shows is that the US intelligence. Who or British intelligence was involved in killing from the start musicians like John Lennon Jimmy Hendrix. And of course they exit actually show with Kurt Cobain and two option court. And you bring up the MK ultra is for everybody else there was the CIA is yeah it was it was admitted the CIA was trying to do mind control. Using psychedelic drugs and and that that's out there for everybody to read the documents on and everything else. Yeah and I just wanna make sure all the listeners out there are aware of this and sell it started long before that but that's actually one. When they really started. Doing these experiments on a lot of people I and it came well. Yeah and they ate and killed just started 1950 jury. And when officially to 1964. In any change in name can keep searching for 1973 UN. CIA director showed all the documents but they found. About 30000 documents in the financial department that they didn't realize they had a shred also. There's two uncovered and suspicious some of what was going one. Let us see agent with the blowers in that same day it actually went much further after 1973 but these she's different names. So he added that a lot of documents are out there and teach the experiment with dozens of different drugs or when Edward bella Edward arsenal soldiers and most of the soldiers thousands of soldiers. That they were trying all these different drugs for use as what they caught unconventional warfare. And most of think of warfare has been you know warned foreign countries but actually on the evidence shows and document showed that they were actually using this drug. One and activists in the United States and in Britain and you know in certain countries they wanted to target. Domestic activists you know that goes in there there agenda. And I know that there was also talks of at the time in prior to that the actually used it on some of their own. People and some of their own you. Agency personnel and I knows. Netflix to handle little shell based on something ironical warm wood or or something similar to that so there's a lot of different formation how their on this but. It's just it's proof that this has been going on for a long long time. We're gonna continue talking about this plus John's books plus some of these celebrities these rock stars that Tennessee to be at the center of much of this controversy including people like. Kurt Cobain to puncture core I John Lennon and others is a great conversation coming up on the other side of the break. Our guest John protests and we're talking about man drugs as weapons against us the CIA's murderous targeting of well just numerous people and we'll get into a lot more that the phone number from waiter is it 446877669. Until free date for four. 6877669. Listen Jason GG. Ingredient Jason wants to beat Johnson thanks for joining us. Also thank you to all of the radio stations were carrying the program lives summer about some actually delay it's sometimes in of people might get a little bit confused. I'm if you try to call him getting a response speaking of calling we are are going to open up her phone lines in the second part of the program during the second hour. So right down the phone number it's 84468776699446877669. You can join our discussion we're talking tonight would John potash he is a an author and filmmaker. His website is his name John potash dot com he's written a couple of books very very interest in books were talking about them tonight. One is called drugs as weapons against us the CIA's murderous targeting of STS Panthers Hendrix Lenny and Cobain Tupac and other activists. And the other is the FBI war on to puncture core and black leaders John again thanks for being here let's talk about the first approved for the first book for just a moment. That specifically talks about two pucks a situation is very odd. And still like unsolved death. And black leaders what's going on their specifically. Well that starts with the fact that there is. Some activists raided an FBI office in 1971. And found. Thousands of documents of one what was based analyst carpet till intelligence program that the FBI I was running. It yeah I was running that against leftist. As starring in 1950s lead going into the 1970 in 1960s and ending in 1971 point. They're documents were stolen and leaked to the press. And basically kept going to help pres because for short what targeting. Let this in general look particularly brutally targeting black leftist leaders. And so they targeted she is the target Martha king and Malcolm X and student non nonviolent coordinating committee. And the number of black leaders. And for in all kinds of ways but including murder. That is scary enough and so too toxic poor people don't realize is born. He knew the Harlem black panther leader pressing issue quarter. It has been it was formally the head of the Harlem backed candidates on the mission or that she took over at one point when he was in jail. And so he was born into little black. Activists family. She says she raised them to be herb black prince of the revolutions without that you know in the sixties. An early seventies but down he was raised to be an activist he went activists meetings from an early age. And then he is elected. As the national chairman of the group but the new African Panthers which was attempting to replicate the black enters. And that was when he was seventeen years old and that is a very censored aspect of his life. Not not reveal many places. But I talked to his. Business manager and his oh national lawyers took to the moon but national lawyers businessmen to play what titanium. Confirmed that. And they were heads of another activist group called the new Afghan people's organization. And says to park was our radio national activists leader before he became a rapper so. Whistle blowers FBI such as them what his swearing in said that to want to help prove continued. After they said they could sit down 1971 when they're found out. They said he's changed the name of the the program. And so of course they would have targeted to park once you start adding wealth and fame that activist leadership and that was. You know that was what happened he went. Stopped by the police supposedly for jaywalking and nearly killed. Deputy first released is first album's first. And TV video came up this first album. And then there was. Attempted to use his shooting on the Ed Ed currency sensible. There was another situation I don't Wear in Atlanta where cops. We tend to be off duty but witnesses say they rhetoric about cars smashed his car window. And shout according to eyewitnesses I talked to India the had to land that. A newspaper instead admit this is the way it happened. And they were using a gun is stolen from an evidence socket to do this and they call that early damage to put down in case she killed someone. You know what illegally. And that's why he's here to putt just rebel have a card grabbed his. Bodyguards guns shot back in self defense. Here's a black man shooting a wait please after Atlanta in getting off completely. Because arguing the evidence shares I was about to. Murder sentenced to pocket that in 1993. And so aids is gonna go into it then you shout again in New York City and according studio. Right before they're about to come out the very in this sexual assault charge case. Where you was clearly not guilty. Andy when they found him guilty they something they found not guilty of sodomy you know ten TO attempted sodomy. We're me read wherever gun possession and found not guilty of all major charges. Against except protecting a woman's butt against a well the only thing is done deal yet. And that's according to court documents that show in my book. But for that he was giving up to four years in jail. As okay and this is a woman he had consensual sex with him in the court has as many as which they have the court documents. Is his lawyer gave me all the court documents it's says she admitted. Kissing his penis more at polio public dance floor. And they had consensual sex afterwards. And eerie it is to with a woman a consensual sex with he touches are but against her will supposedly and he gets four years in jail. So this is from the so that was going on with the against Stupak both wars using shot must Vegas. John Lynch I'm idea when you ask you this let me ask you this real quick the you were talking about the documents from the FBI. Where were stolen and gotten cans of the media but as anybody ever charged from the FBI were talking about documents that talk about. What drugs and in murder and everything else was anybody overcharged doing whatever happened those documents were never released online yeah online but I in the papers Specter of. Yet US says church committee held their news. Held hearings. And in the mid seventies partly basin has documents getting out there. And city had to close down the program they're forced to close down the cone the counterintelligence program. People actually getting in trouble you know certain people were you know at where fired at court you know FBI agents. You lost in the director's lost their jobs but. How many people really got in trouble squared off. You know it not nanny this set these I mean you know of course administration changed. Mort got out people lost their jobs I think Cooper died somewhere around there and but it was it was kind of put on his lap before he died. Ms. Jaeger who were the former director of the FBI. And so you know like you if they're just so powerful US intelligence is so powerful it's just not that many got people got in trouble except. The fact that you know law there's a lot of secrets were revealed a leading the fact. That well over forty members of the immediate lives the lives in the work for the CIA. And so called Bernstein. Wrote this seminal article that was only published in. Owns the magazine 1977. Despite his being with you Woodward and Bernstein with the Watergate. You know muckraking he did. And his article it just prevents would you assess church committee found was that all virtually all of the major media heads. We're living two lives in the work for the CIA. So that's how they could carry out other operations is saying cover up their operations is as. They were working in the major media was working with them on these things they have enough and that's why it's so that we have radio programs like yours that allow this kind of information get out there. Well and let it and what we found out I will we found a we've even seen over the last you know 1015 years. Is usually instead of government officials being fired they send to be transferred to other department. Were moved around somewhere elsewhere now people can. Can't find them that DC in the the buttons still retain their jobs which is insane. Right and still. There are alive. There are FBI whistle blowers CI whistle blowers like quote my book and there was an honest police officer named Russell poll. There was a high level. Homicide detective for Los Angeles police department. We've got himself as part of the investigation of biggie smalls murder. Who befriended two boxes for the kind of split them up. But down in investigating big east small to murder in LA he's found. That is still police officers. Dozens of them more at all levels of debt through records to pucks courts let's record label. And that they actually murdered they need to cover up their murder of two bucks a core. And that and when he try to come out this information. Eight AD mowed it and and he was forced to resign and disorder press conference try to get his information out there. And he kept investigating up until about. 2015. When he was opry new evidence and to the actual shooter was to west LA sheriff. And in that meeting he you know suddenly has a heart attack supposedly. And it is dead now that they're not. And so they tried to do to read major motion pictures based on him. For example China get movie uses to play this guy wrote to pull. And use it to come out September 7 or which is the anniversary of deduction course murder. And I saw the previews and a bunch of meat and movie theaters you know assist about a month and also and they announced that it was shut down. What can come in August say early August they stayed shut down the release. And that was seen as that was a major motion picture Leonardo DiCaprio is that the playbook support for DreamWorks. They were completing their picture and or local pool and US intelligence set that movie down and let's just slow China's new playbook support a movie before that and accept that movie down. Still it's really hard to get this information out there. But it guy did great working in exposing what was killing one and what was going homes. Bigger than just to box according murdered two pocket actually. With his black ethic and the assembly. Jeanne peace chases screen but encrypt Stew out LA and throughout California. And then throughout the United States and he got gangs to start turning want to activism. The point that the Latin kings which is the former. Gain turned activist group in the sixties. They got the I'm certain thanking the young lords got the Latin kings which is the biggest gain in New York City. Q eternal intact and hasn't stopped dealing drugs. And that was his biggest threat to pop's biggest threat was effect they get so many games this stop stealing drugs around the country. And eight hurt profit margins of the biggest traffickers which is US intelligence. And even more so it hurt its profit margins. Of the banks that laundered drug money to the tune of 500 billion to a trillion dollars a year according to the top yeah UN officials that study these things. So that was really led why Tupac was that worrisome. So. To sum this up and we have to go to break here but to some the sub is the mechanism that we're talking about a funding mechanism was the is the intelligence. Community where they. Interest in the trafficking of the drugs for four for monetary reasons whether they funnel that money elsewhere used internally or whatever was. And when these celebrities are these high profile individuals. Started to break for free of their drug addictions or use. And send the message message to others it might be doing the same that's when they became a threat. You know I think it's two things I think it's actually a little bit less the money that's partly the mine's probably the money it's probably official control. And so these you know the eight the outcome of the gate to stock in ways they couldn't have imagined so. I think that way Q1 of the other concerns that Tupac was that you it's sobering up and who is engaged Quincy jones' daughter Kathy Jones. And they want him to promote weeded out off for everyone beginning I'll at times that they can just. You know just be vegetables in it houseplants and hardly do any activism. And so they are awarded uses drugs in the black community is because it keeps them off fighting each other. And really not getting anywhere they're always under illegal various thumb when they are constantly doing illegal activities. So I think it's really just as much about social control at money. You know in terms different means they're involved in and drug use and drug act in judge trafficking. But with the way community. There is same thing it's a Batman the king didn't mean musicians like the dignity too about that promote the weed in knowing sets they're bringing up. They're promoting would be promoting sobriety. It did him away. Same thing with people like Kirk Vivian javelin John Lannan was covering up. And was getting more and is activists and yet he had it's just it was watching his kids and any team that these two albums. I use actually it's changing his life color and are we go to break we're gonna get into specifically. Those stories of cobain's storage and one in story and others when we come back. Are you listen Jason NG he'd be on Eleanor they'll. Back to the program beyond reality rated Jason JT or guesses John potash tonight he's an author and filmmaker John this a particularly short segment so I don't wanna get into any of those stories that we kind of chatted about. Before the break but we are gonna get into them in the next hour. So let's take a couple minutes tell people what they can find on your website where they can get hold of your books. That kind of stuff. Very well let books are available. The judges weapons against this is available at Barnes & Noble. I don't have won their bookshelves. Not they say these you can get them one of bookshelves in two or three days you're term. They're both available on Amazon. Got to buy it directly from the web slate if you wind assigned book for example. On the film based on the first book that go into a square black leaders is available on Amazon and my web safe. Judges weapons against this that's so home is coming out in. November. And we'll wait to see which platforms it's going to be one video on demand platforms. Is that only occupying Terry. Is that so much documents is that a document Terry. Yea it's a documentary it's been shown a different film festival and won best documented they awarded if you don't that's was now on it's going to be. Chilling her reaction is Chicago's. Don't let O'Connor and justice for all. Film festival and that's on Saturday the October 6. And it from eleven to 1 PM. And im the 1 PM and so he can take out and just straw owned vessels let's say about that if you live in Chicago area. But so is this in the places he can get my work. Our and it's in this great on my distressing moment when everything about the film. That work that you did have for small it's it's it to takes the information the research in the book and presents it but he also I think brought things from other. Who works as well to kind of support your position. Yet it did yeah I used clips from a number different documentaries. And number different and they knew Israel's and things like that I have a number whistle blowers stating what I say you know in my book. I quote him as saying yeah alive when different is programs yet. So John do you believe that this stuff is still going on today that the government is still blowing things like us. I do and the evidence is there I mean I research had a you know adequate and in my research this. Did all together for the book you know and maybe twenty. Twelve or thirteen. For example to get out between fifteen but. That's seen signs of it everywhere sure I mean they'll. Just to put an agent human understanding of what I'm saying about official control what is is what it. Quote there's in 1950 and that C directive National Security Council directive that the umbrella. Group for the US intelligence and general and they just basically say that. Psychological warfare it neat being described as psychological warfare is due propaganda. To influence people thoughts and actions to that. This said Dixon moved in the direction that they control his desire for reasons they which they believed to be their own. And so that's what with skilling once they know they can't control less. Just by sheer force because they're small numbers verses the populist which is huge. So they guessed that believe we're acting Airpwn interest when they were really acting in the interest they eighth time in. In influence us to have you know and so that's certainly the biggest influences in young people flies for example of that Iraq stars. Haven't seen me you know well Australia and where meridian into a lot more of that only come back. Are you our guest John potential we're talking about drugs as weapons against us the CIA's murderous targeting. Many individuals and we're gonna get into a lot more that he listened Jason javy. Beyond million radio back. It's Thursday and last Friday and he's coming yourself somewhere between welcome beyond reality rating with me Jason Johnson meal is awesome GB Johnson did and I wanna apologize or announced the united government. A united city. What the heck was that well I mean we talked about it in the beginning of the show we talked about it last night we said when we start talking about these topics. It it never fails the phones throughout the Internet goes out the lights go out everything you know that something happens every time and we just had to get Howell and two from us. And literally where we're on break during commercials and sit and talk only javy back and forth and then boom everything. Here just goes to my connection you. The connection to to Westwood. The team to whatever they came back just let it like thirty seconds before when life again. Yeah I mean thank you for bringing him back whoever's review of to the powers that is your precious gesture is very much. Now I don't know John our guest tonight John punish has experience at this a job he ever have that happen to you when you're talking about these topics something just mysteriously. Goes wrong you know the full mine disconnect says the Internet goes out is that ever happening you. Yeah it had happened a few times. I mean I I you know wiest jokingly talked about it happening here when we're talking about these government topics that you know in my joked about but it had in the show every time and that until that Torre talked and you know ghosts and and you know we're UFO's analysts government can. But it's just I don't whatever it. I bet they have had I've had some radio station that there's syndicated they do is say well we is that something happens never happened just before. And says I've heard this before yeah. I mean I can't imagine they they can react that quickly but then again and you know they do they've they've they've got their gear in their eyes and their nose on everything it seems. So I guess right is John potash he's an author any filmmaker his website is his name and dot com he's got a couple books to his credit drugs as weapons against us in the FBI war on two blocks your core and black leaders. And that we will have the phone lines open if you wanna join our conversation as long as they stay on the US government. It's a 446877669. Just a quick reminder tomorrow night will be a best stuff program Monday we've got William hall. In Jimmy I don't need Petit and Hedo joining us they are authors investigators and researchers will be talking about their book. Called Santa messages. Hutus who we talked through Daniel dull ski which an author and we're going to be talking about her books on how to and liberate a witch of the which woman within. And and just so it's going to be great Marie in Michigan and. Very so let's talk about Kurt Cobain. A bit. John that story first of all you know there's there's there's this whole angle that you bring to the discussion truck and a government drug involvement. Then there's the whole Courtney Love angle. Somehow I think the two must cope collided in in your in your explanation of events so let's talk about what happened. What the latest information isn't how this all relates to the things you're talking about. Sure so. John Stockwell you know CIA whistle blower said. That and just yeah I've backed itself with tons of other information that basically in late 1970s onwards that but it's in the nine onwards. CA is involved. In cocaine trafficking in the Afghanistan. Area. And so that continues up to the late eighties early ninety's at least. And here they have tons of supply of heroin coming out with a call the golden crescent for heroin corn triangle in the Vietnam area. But now the golden crescent state terrorism topsy you know heroin producing area of the world. And the CIA's parred the truth attracting a lot of coming in the United States. Says they need their demand to match this supply. And so that they get to they go to the musicians that your track to try to promote it. And it is psychological you know I argue and I see the evidence that it is psychological profiling of musicians secede they can get to promote it. Kurt Cobain fit the bill because you have masses stomach problem. He's dabbled in heroin. In the late eighties and early nine yeah I guess it's up to 1990 that he says he said it diaries. About six times he chided. It's to get rid of its message stomach. And so he comes out with this. You know I'd never mind that soaring up the record charts. And so he fits the bill still in come into his life comes to love his record soaring up the charts. Courtney Love comes into his life. Courtney loves history is fairly bizarre. This day. You know from mothers. Now a memoir and other biographies say she was going to counseling since 11 Dumars says. Two years old that is just three years old stone account economic counselor for a living. Decide on the side my day job counseling lies you know outside job is writing in the making. And I've never seen it to a studio in counseling before but they're receiving counseling. And she tells her father. Later father is kind of taken out relies byters super wealthy parents. And she does your father later that her counselors were having sex with varying giving your cycle hypnotic drugs. Which turned out to be until two drugs she names on the exact they recycle hypnotic drugs they were used its new. Met her head out there and the quick sex from an agent to be eight years old can cause splitting of the mind we'll look. Decision by day's stories because a lot of personality disorder and they messed her head up so much and then her father tells me. And raped in this zone book about his daughter in the hole and Kurt Cobain. That. He incidentally introduced tiered system to a guy. In Ireland. New. Who ends up travelling what went there for six weeks and his brother. And this guy ends up when his death bed in. Is that 2000 it doesn't five he admits that either working this CIA at that time. And hey Ed. You know UCLA agent that he is CIA agent travels there for six weeks. Takes her to London where she is seventeen years old she has a thousand it's developed the order. She is the topic what was and kill track activities in distributing this Ellis steep for free to the hole all the music scene in London and Liverpool. And getting all these these musicians. They get that it for free and try it. We white what do you know Jason Kidd in the sixties what year are we talking about that she was doing this at seventy years. If in the 1980s. They can't which uses the teenagers seventeen years old under the guidance of the CIA agent. And see and I have his name and his brother's name and in my book. And the brother. The evidence says it's at he kept a relationship with their so opt out today. So here's C isn't she comes into Kurt cobain's life. Get him using heroin daily for the first time according dollar as friends of the first time you start using our air windows with our. She gets knocked up and he says he married Serbs did do the right thing she's pregnant with a baby. And but she didn't make her sign a pre nuptial agreement. Still see meanwhile see it are ready. Mayor radiation are you married another rock star in LA before that. He was scared to death very try to get it get divorced from our but it he had. Mob guys come in and beat them up. She already been prosecuting for the Japanese mafia which is fifteen years old according to biographies of her. She admitted prosecuting at the teenager for Asia mafia. You have the quote if summer letters said that whatever biographers you know has in her book. And this is an award winning biographer you Rhode battered and still. She is you know her life is unbelievable but although all the evidence says is that she was doing US intelligence getting. Where is she knew it even fully knew it or not. And still the issue is is she's dead those that didn't bleach and if private detective it was a former Los Angeles Police detective. In Tom Grant. This year it all the incredible evidence that she was involved in her husband debt. Meanwhile she you know we even have anyone hate he is going to hate and evidence myself a lawyer saying. That you wish she would divorce thing I mean he was divorcing her right before he died. And that's dead is he supposed to suicide note look like so when it copied his handwriting. Some say completion date she had you know it down her practicing his hand writing in her. Herb in book bag when she was over the lawyers plays except in after book bag. And lawyer Rosemary Carroll says these things themselves color you know film by Tom granted he. Saying all they think it's a grand and she did notice is being heaped everything's the same as being eight but. It's on the you know and in the films that completes sale. Yes he was involved and then I got another hoax says it has to polygraph test for the top goalie differs saying. That see you quit love up to 50000 dollars to kill Kurt Cobain. And then after saying at all so important for make themselves Kurt and Courtney died several days later. Seriously you know saying that and so. It's. There's so much evidence against her but then I have one to eight. The father saying yes you know I accidentally I incidentally not realize introduce her to the CIA agent then escorted her. If for six weeks with with his Brothers out the CIA agent and in the billing is for the things she did. Mandolin and so it is part of you know her life in this intersection of her of the CIA. Yet they did that because they won Kurt Cobain to promote Maryland but actually before he died he was he would sobered up. Philly native blood tests in Rome when he you know it. Wendy has blatantly it's good to me we have not that she put in here is drink. They found no traces of heroin a month before he died. Instead it showed that he was an arrow and act at that time. He said he I saw the stomach problem with the rate in bed with them integrate with great style like mad. And that you're completely clean and sober at that time and yet. You know they say he was an error an act at that time and I didn't you know kill themselves. Yeah it I I saw the document Terry soaked in bleach and it was very very compelling and it's surprising to me. That tell law enforcement didn't take some of this little bit more seriously and look into the so many legitimacy I mean there are some very very compelling if it's there. Yes that thing is that guy who is head of Seattle police at that time. Apparently you know the head the investigation of curt Cobain. Committed suicide say we. You know any investigation this is the homicide just for show we are only considering this is a suicide so. It purposely we're not trying to look for evidence of it being on the side despite the kind of evidence. I'm grant brought them the evidence that somebody used Kurt cobain's credit card from his wallet several days after he died. This coming to get out as a while who is is out of involved in his murder. Hundreds of salute that is like that they didn't get it checked stated the shotgun for fingerprints. For a long time they take it is yet they melted down the shotgun they gave the body back did the love decreed me you know immediately they. It took apart the whole green out. Scene the crime scene there's just so much cover up of so much evidence. Including that ton of heroin in the system that always should have killed him virtually instantly within seconds. And the top of forensic pathologists in the country Cyril Wecht is there all the top initiated. He's an eight year old guys that he never seen anybody shoot up a lot heroin and kill themselves. He says that he thinks that it was a staged suicide. Homicide made it look like a suicide and have him one yes same avenue on his program in my fell. So. Yeah that was that part wasn't shown and so completes presidency of the justice says you know I can't think of the single case in my history. So actually shoot up heroin and then sheets and so that's crazy that makes sense and when does that's pure pleasure when you. Shipped heroin you know Allison comes suicidal than blow your brains. Yes so many so many reasons that should have been looked at more closely we have to take a break we actually and a little bit long here to be a short segment we come back. Are you listen Jason did he yeah. Looking back the show which. In reality greatest phone numbers 8446877669. We're talking with John potash tonight he's an author indie filmmaker. John I'm this zoo's a short segment again here and we'll get back into talking about some of these celebrity deaths particularly the ones. One took what John Lennon. And some of the other minority talked about Tupac and Kurt Cobain but on. Yeah as a filmmaker do you have other projects in the works her are who went to two films other than the one that we just talked about are you involved it. Yeah I'm not involved in any other films the moment I'm just working on novel now own. In May be out of this from someone that I'm not sure but I you know another major project says novel right now. What's the novel tells about the novel. It's gonna be very entertaining. Version of went to let you know so himself I have. In my book like my second book led Mort just semi out of they ought to biographical. And attaining self with the drug world but just to try to just humorous. There's there's so much entertaining stuff there that. You know I just makes fun of in the drug world you know. Trying to find that side of it up. We have found just about a minute here before we have to go to break from age youth vote asserted you realize. That this was kind of an explosive topic did you hear from feel threatened to yourself personally anybody. Phone calls. It's. My. Skin testing Stanford Witten. And mail camper wit. China semi last. My films to people they didn't get there in packages in the open and then close began without the aluminum and things like that happened to me. Yes felt threatened by them to take weeks is. I am communicating with those emailing back and forth with insuring those swift. Guy and gave me down in the LA area. Suddenly find several days FM talk until that he is diagnosis stage four cancer died. Within six months. And somebody actually sent them he. Letter three months of force saying people talk but the typing just talking not just. Went fine and socialist states force cancer all of a sudden. And it's doses. That would happen to be months before he got that letter didn't think much of it. Let yeah actually it was cyst invaded in two William Morris's top talent agency in the country. Before that and so I think that. Intelligence really worried day if he used William Morris is gonna take the morning is gonna explode. This is a great writer great researcher and his very sad to lose him does does very scary to be talking to them as the forty. And the way with his brother thinks. US intelligence did away with and. Just carry just carry this that night you know anti government potentially might be able to get. No way do it and it's just becomes a terrifying situation. Our guest is John Puerto podcast. Author and filmmaker were discussing his books that pretty much covered. Government conspiracies and all just there and selling of narcotics in different areas for their own agendas. Bernie get into law Maury Wilson Jason TV beyond. It's actually the this city crime can. Masks we appreciate you downloading program and we'd ask you don't like it forests are recommended to whatever you have to do what you to do with the way you like them or you rape then murder. Uranium in the usually rate it now sales push it out there and it is a silly podcast it's must its rating in being rated than they normally they show that we in the back yen somewhere along with her is like the 2000 new podcast every day showing up on and iTunes are one of those that's really more than that now the latest dance for popular. Anyway thanks for joining us were whether you listening that way or lives on the Internet are great radio station during the program our guest is John potash and we're talking. About two the CIA and other intelligence agencies' involvement in drug trafficking. And how they've used that trafficking to influence on so the communities. Within the United States and and I bet song I played coming out of the break John is kind of the lead into the discussion about John went in the song's called doctor Robert and it was Johns was at the dentist John and enjoys. Santa's that they went dead in their his house for dinner one night and he slipped them LSD for the very first time. Relay and they put in their their copy without them realizing it. And it's that same year earlier in the year the deputy director of and killed Travis get them torture program Robert latch hook. Bihac area who is rat Ernest Hemingway's longtime editor and friend. You know the book let the long stint a blown away in all history and in that bookie says. That rubber match Brooke. Wrought under the LS the agents and money to London early 1965. And told the agent to get Ellis he has many musicians and as possible leader in the year at this stand this. Doses you know puts it in the copy of John Lennon George Harrison without them realizing it. Some analysts curious about George Harrison said he didn't know Ellis he was never heard of before. And so gets and shipping for the first time and then I argue loads of other undercover agents. Manipulated and tried a second time and see and think they actually like it on the and so that it's part of this history of having gotten opinion. The Beatles this started promoting us civilians and certainly yeah. How does that story continued to the point where John Lennon it becomes a political activists in New York City I was they try to deport him for very very long time. You know obviously there's there's the government had their eye on him for some time. Yeah it he said he said that him and the other incident Beatles like we're always against. War and particularly against the Vietnam War. And so he always felt that way but down yes because divert him from being involved in the political activities. Then he meant Marshall McQuillan in Canada. According to people closest McQuillan is two said that you're being used to being duped. By British US and British intelligence into promoting acted. And understaffed and usually just get get back to your activism. At first to admit equivalent for saying mean he's being duped and mitigated but some days later he went back to Mcquillin. And needless until May decide to get more activism. And that's when he eking out stronger against the Vietnam War he came out you know a strong you know very strongly that black and there's the those to the Merv it was Merv Griffin show talk super about a week. And had Bobby Seale the founder of the bartenders or in the ad. Just think clay is al-Qaeda activists national activist sorted shell. And Billy came very active at that time so they try to take away his green card in the judges' support them you know and so he kind of was under heavy pressure by the US government. He started laying low yet Yeltsin said that. He does is losing his mind on that sit. Yeah actually considered Julie holds in his head this country canning that I could expand his mind music is getting so messed up and ask that. But then he got away from it that we from the drugs he had developed a heroin problem he eats. And is serving his kid and then when he's coming out of retirement as semi retirement. And put up this two albums and that is you know lead a march of protesters said the union. Protesters. Common announced that the Newsweek is we talked about that that's when in a row Reagan was coming into the presidency and that's evidence from a British attorney who has the the LA crime reporter for its you know London newspaper. Is seven year investigation goes until John Lennon and he concluded that the CIA actually it's behind that. As is and they are as and they hired Mark David Chapman to shoot him. They manipulated. Chat with drugs and hypnosis to be involved in the shooting. And then another another biographer. In says the name that guy in good shape or download it to other. Named in between I would think I don't know and they found that you would say yes CIA operative and may have the CIA leak. Since the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba is a former Cuban. New. Who basically became the doorman just months before at the center in the murder talent. And Hewitt is second gunman never thought is to make sure the job was done correctly that they exceed towards them and. Now these efforts by the intelligence community are they were rogue. Efforts are they shadow government efforts or are they sanctioned by the the whatever in minute administration has is in power it's time. I'm not sure I don't think they're road I think there. Any idea of what people can do say is that there's different cliques in the CIA in most powerful quake is the one. Attached is either the deputy director of the director. But that did director kind of get director is coming go depending awaits administrations it's more like a deputy director. We're someone's second or third underneath that there for a long time in the candlelight first. That had their most powerful quake that seemed to be dealing these kinds of operations. Right let's I've I've kind of neglected the phones here let's jump to the phone minds this is Phillip in North Carolina he Philip welcome to program. By. I certainly don't and I are one of the biggest reasons I wanted to coastal zone thing John partial what he's done. On out of I was reading. Behold a pale horse but we and Cooper eighteen years there. And six months before 9/11 he predicted not alone animal without your knowledge being shot and killed by the cheers are Apache county sheriff's department in the in Arizona. They they didn't contact the either police department where he lived. Here and John you need to know. On what you do is dangerous. But our armed I really thank you for you do want if you do it for profit motive. I'm okay would that I'd make a lot of money. But you need and you need to know who and you were talking about it clicks within the FBI and it is here is not just yet the CIA is booklets. Our main search operation paper clip Nazis did in from the sides and their two. You know answer and got all current players you're dealing with a all around player. And so many of those people are recruited or skull and bones. Yet time and then my book there's certain. So yeah I president about. In Italy. Trooper to end its base that. That'd that he died but he did reveal that I have read a whole book ever parts of his book and yeah he's got some very uninteresting. Predictions they came seemed to be true yeah. Would seem that you're. The way his books it's not written well it's to dislike is thrown together but I think what happened was he knew he should be killed. And he wanted to get the information out there are. For two reasons one he won the American public knows the other was he thought he got the information out there probably did it would lower the chances of Indian field. But he had his family moved out of the country. Years before they actually children. But are like I say that I appreciate what you do when and I'm hoping that you will inspire others to follow him. Follow your path because this country desperately needs people to speak the truth. My hand there's so much disinformation. Out there to. There build the listeners the American public need to be. Does nick have disarmament to deal with this. And so Blake so many of us in the public accountant because what you. Did help us get to the truth. And to say this country to allow us in the poisoned and the pots and it has been. We've been put down on us. And rob and also a bit off once so listen opposite. Thank you Nicole. Yes thanks as atrocious call thank you so firm fir road Chiming in here and I think one of this one of the consequences that were suffering from. Would this new media structure that we've got where you know most people get their movie news from FaceBook now as opposed to getting it from a newspaper. An and so many newspapers have just vanished because it's not a profitable business anymore. Is that the funnel for news is becoming increasingly strained it's being throttled and it's all flurries through Google and FaceBook now. You know they're very few. Mass media outlets that don't funnel get their news funneled through two giant tech companies it's it's it's kind of a scary situation. There let's some it would and he we've got time and a five or six minutes left here I wanted to ask you about the legalization of marijuana and does that fit into any of this discussion at all. I'm obviously it's something that's been talked about for a long time and now we're seeing it start to happen around the country. Well I am neutral on that issue I mean I don't want people thrown in jail bird position of lead. The smoking over the weed. So enact in that instance say I think I'm I'm for legalization or decriminalization I'll just say. On the other hand down west see too many people are just smoking we all the time and becoming. House cats not able change anything in. This is to make kids jobs I mean really distilling and I had school in Iowa did the same respect and we too much not school. And that this seemed to you know Sele I wish people. Would smoke weed less if they're gonna smoke we have dollar and then just realize that there are being manipulated distinct. That this is a way the only way to have fun in this is in which you do for fun in the end of doing all the time it is predict is that enough. If you look he's smoking too much and then that just. An alliance which is you know but if people can just do it every now and then and you know the plea no armed though they're also putting. Did releasing that we put stuff they can hurt people's minds is that also worried. You know load there's a heroin epidemic. That's being talked about. Frequently these days is that part of this overall effort by the intelligence intelligence community. I think so it is it different is it that way is not only they're making a profit off with the opium crops in Afghanistan they control. But you know they just they having so many communities. Being affected by a family members you know carry heroin addiction. And it just hurt the whole family whole community and makes it harder for them to do anything to change society but that for the better while it is worrying about their loved one. Is that they get their addiction. I mean they you Karl Marx in famously said that we're I think it was Karl Marx and with that religion is the opium for the masses however are opium is an opium for the masses to. Except that that the and that's that's just mean that's what they were originally using their using opium to quell the masses this city in at the masses. And former US attorney general Ramsey Clark when I talked to him about what do you think the governments doing with drugs in terms of society says I think the governments using drugs to sedate and divide the masses. And that's Libyan doesn't sedate people and you know it is referring to this thing kind of idea that Karl Marx saw in the eighteen hundreds that was tapping in England and. So in other words is pretty much trying to give them the right kind of drugs to just meld them all and let everything get him. Yeah they keep them quiet and not try to change some things which is in not that I get the egregious wealthiest. I'm controlling everything which is what the case straighten out seven and not. You know it's the wealthier the wealthiest to getting wealthy wealthier and the masses are getting yeah we're kind of getting squeezed more and more and you know we're just stranded. And women when drugs are involved it's just makes it harder to change anything for the better in our society. So as you sound the alarm bells on this particular issue. Do you think it's enough. To make a difference or how much more work has to be done before this had this issue actually gets addressed. Yeah I mean night yeah I'm says sensors the other guy the guy caught in referred to him making a profit off this one when your. When other mainstream media is senses is much as they do my kind of work. It's hard to get the word out and it's just am lucky that the Israeli decisions a year to help me get the word out but still very hard and very censored. And so it really takes a lot of word of mouth and you know look in the film catches on a bit. That word of mouth but to take a lot of people doing these kind of things that hopefully make some kind difference in. Will again when the film coming out. In November. In November so we definitely gonna have you back on after that comes isles wouldn't discuss that as well. But and I can't really say that they do they do try to censor a lot of normal individuals like you talking on on the certain subjects. And now our show covers all these topics that tend to be censor whether it's this whether you have foes in payment so we use of that great. Yeah and John thank you for being a brave enough to bring this to the public consciousness and and being willing to come on the program and talk about it as Phillips said when he called. You know it can be a dangerous trade to be involved in whistle blowing and to be involved and of the shedding light on things that are meant to be. Ko over by the people that are perpetrating them. You're welcome thanks so much revenue it. I have a great night. Right so we're gonna take break we'll come back and wrap things up there you listen to Jason GV. Dioner Ellen revealed back. He had forgotten to ask John against John potash one more time about his website in his book so I will do that for you. His website is his name John potash spelled PO TA SH dot com John potash dot com. His books are there he's got two books right now they're both. Kind of circling around the same topics what we've been talking about tonight won his drugs as weapons against us. The CIA's murderous targeting of STS Panthers Hendrix Lenny and Cobain. To pocket and other activists in the other book is the first one actually the FBI war on to puncture core and black leaders are both listen on the book. Or how on the website seeking no get all the miss your interest in mr. To fascinating topic India's brave individual be bringing this stuff to light because he's the type of things. That as we just learned people get killed four. And I totally agree with you it's it's definitely one of those subjects were. I don't know there's just so much so many strange things like go on with the government. In you do you have to be concerned when you when you start talking about things like this things that of course that they don't want I'll. And it's it's a scary situation but kudos to him for stepping up and in doing yet. Tomorrow we have a best of program for you our Friday night to a schedule is that generally in the Monday William hall and Jimmy Petit and -- will be duke with us to talk about their book. Called phantom. Messages anytime you use the word phantom in the title of the book and then you add the word messages. His balloon creepy feeling up my spine. So Erica Marcos text message and can seduce him and and then Tuesday cat Daniel dull ski on. Which an author we're talking about her books the holy while he's in Bible for the untamed woman. And women's most wild three keys to liberating the witch with him at at the. I'm laughing because our wins and I guess I guys that because funny we've asked our guests are right to provide us with the phonetic spelling of the name schools were not that bright we need to know rather obviously to pronounce right. So run its Robert I think it's gone Nomo. However in this phonetic pronunciation the first souls Sobel heap he spelled BOW no back to be bowl or bowel right to be there O'Connell and me can be either. It's not one or the other generally the generally it's used things genetically that are that are not that are on ambiguous and that one's not but anyway it's hockey with him about the two row. I'm which is a documentary and also the 21 faces of god and some of the things he's got a lot of projects under under his belt we'll be chatting about. Some great shows coming up that's gonna do it for us serve but he had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality very elect a page for us. And that will catch also annual synergies and GDP on really reveal kitchen Quechua. You don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's entirely you don't really renews. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.