A College Roundtable

Mar 30, 2009|

featuring Vice President's from Buffalo State, D'ouville & Canisius.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Three you live in studio guest this morning to help sort the -- help paying. Vice president of student affairs of buffalo state college John Hurley. Executive vice president of conditions. And Robert Murphy vice president for student affairs and enrollment management. And you'll college was -- -- start to with you let's talk about rejection letters acceptance letters and all these students -- waiting for. I'm wondering if maybe the three you can weigh in on this this question. Are are you guys expected to send out more rejection letters than usual because of the economy because maybe of decisions have been made. Not to attend school or college or to maybe delay attendance. Well we are. Holding on rejecting enlargement as students we actually have. High levels of application. For most of this season are applications have been up about 13%. To. We're projecting that overall our applications will be up over 10%. By the end of the year. But we are not rushing to reject student. We're taking. Rejections at about the same rate as in the past. We want to make sure that. These. Applications will hold up and become an acknowledgment. May be with that the next to our John Hurley and and Robert Murphy. A set the scene forests in terms of applications that you're getting at that Johnny contentious and then Robert and it do you fall. Well I think it's a different situation right it's supposed to public schools. We are seeing implications. About in the range what we expected this is Whitewater ever this year and next. For a school graduates so expected implications via bit but they're not. Overwhelmingly. And that we are running rolling -- application basis so. We literally. Application deadline back in November we acceptable those students are we going to accept that Christmas. And we continue to roll through the season accepting people. Accepting people as they yet as they apply. Our -- mr. Murphy navy you can talk about the situation do you go in terms of the applications that you're getting Iowa our situation would echo summit with -- and set our applications are up a bit they've been growing. Over the last three -- four years we've reached. Record number of applications but that the growth has not then. Huge in the sense of of hundreds and hundreds of additional applications coming in. We too have rolling admissions. We are kind of I anticipate that the private schools are waiting a little bit because. We'll see with the public schools -- going to be doing. In terms of students' decision making process. Our deposits are probably a little slower this year than they have been in previous years and we anticipate that is. Economically driven. As well as waiting to hear from some of SUNY schools will wonder on the subject stay with -- what are you doing to help families are having problems with financing. We within we have. Will be considered very aggressive. Scholarship program at the institution. Students can come in and with qualifying grades earn up to 50%. Of there of their tuition. So we we are marking those heavily. Letting them know that there are out there is a variety of other scholarships that are available we've created a couple new scholarships. That are actually full scholarships for students as well. Mr. -- how about you. But no way to -- look at Princeton survey and thinking about the defective. Parents worrying about the finances of higher education and saying that it's adding to their stress levels. And actually don't machinations we have a a very sophisticated. In very large financially for 98% of our students are receiving some sort of financial aid. Lot of it is merit based meaning it depends on how will you do it and you're wrapped in your high school courses and how well you did your SAT. But we've formula pegged out for that and then on top of that. We look at that the federal financial aid form and we assess need and we earlier need based state and happen -- so. The the average -- financial aid package it in a place like nation's colleges about 20000 dollars for commuter student. In about 26000. Dollars for resident student. Now I know sometimes private schools can offer better deals and then on the public schools when it comes to two finances. But our of our endowments down which would infect scholarships because of the economic downturn. That's right and that that's a challenge for schools I think in varying degrees it depends on how larger endowment was going in. And how much you were relying on the -- endowment fund your scholarship program. We were getting about. Four million dollars out of our scholarship program. We have three in studio guest this morning -- pain vice president of student affairs at buffalo state college John Hurley executive vice president of -- -- is college. And Robert Murphy vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at. -- we talked earlier this morning with you about the increase in applications that buffalo state is getting a does it mean that admission standards are higher now because of that. We are really benefiting from our increase in. Honors level applicants. About four times as many of our applicants. Our honors applicants as opposed to last year and I will definitely affect. Our admissions standards as you know soon he has challenged each of its campuses to improve the profile of entering students. And with the issues increased number of freshmen and transfers are up. 18%. Oh we are able to. Improve our profile because we are selecting from -- larger group of applicant we are also. Able to. Offer. Scholarship to those honors students that would be very comparable. To the discounting that's done at the private institutions. We've been able to. Increase our president's pro -- and other. Honors scholarships in order to make buffalo state which is very affordable. Even more affordable. As you know about 75% of our students are financially applicants even though we are very affordable option. John Hurley from conditions college -- Robert Murphy now from do real college are you finding now because of the economy. The questions about the same in aren't aren't. Is it more rigorous now for a kid to apply image of the our own. When I'm asking is doesn't SAT test results and -- ACT test results matter more now than the than before. Well I think date they manner. A great deal on the admission process we actually it Kenny so I think if if if -- to choose between the two we tend to favor the high school they averaged a bit more than the AC -- the SAT. And primarily the regents courses because we think those are our good indicators of of college level work. So will look through a transcript very carefully but but we do we balance both of those simple that that this standardized test in the high school average. In determining admissions mr. Murphy. It would be the same it to you -- we we look at the whole package as much as possible for four of the students who apply. And take -- for some of the programs that are much more competitive really need to deal little bit deeper into it and that just slipped it. Only in SAT score any seat -- -- need to look at the whole package. Now he'll mention different buff state transfer applications are also up -- what about -- key kinesis and youthful. We do. At do you oval we have a large transfer population. We probably will bring in about 40% of our -- students. In the fall will be transfer students. We attract a large number chance for students in our nursing program. In in that position assistant program and an -- though completion program so we do to attract a large number transfer students and number John is that it it Kenny. Just it isn't quite as high it's it's probably in the more than fifteen to 20% range although. Where am trying to do you have a better job of retaining. Every student that we recruit now sober putting a lot of emphasis on the net and that relying so much entry answers Robert because of the sudden renewed interest and nursing. But your phone's ringing off the market deal. -- seen has has skyrocketed in the last few years. There is huge interest in and out there. There's a great job market for so that families and parents are very interested in it as well. Because virtually students could be going anywhere in the country to work almost anywhere in North America to find -- -- owners and. And lesson and we go around a two to 3-D starting with hail from both state message for students hoping to get in about state this fall. Well. If you're talking about a dream college I've always thought buffalo state as a dream college because. We are affordable at a time when affordability. Is. G in addition to. A relatively low tuition and relatively low cost -- financial aid is available at buffalo state. And what we are offering students is a higher quality educational product. And so we think of buffalo state is just the right size neither too large -- too small. And clearly one of the most affordable options in western New York. -- go ahead from tenacious. Well it can nation sweet yet we like to encourage students to apply a visit us on our website and and apply and in terms of the the competitive nature that the sheer. It's it is it is competitive but but. You don't know until you -- it take a look at what you can do so we that we -- students take a quick look close look at us into a visit the school. Mr. Murphy went away and. When I usually say to students in terms of of their college selection processes to. Take a good long look at -- institutions that they're interested in. And then the last thing income reduced it to listen to their stomach what is it what does it feel like what is the what is the sense that you're getting from the institution. I think it do you will we offer very personal education. We offer a lot of individual attention to students and a great number of our profession or are majors. Have great. Placement rates at the end. One -- just -- one more quick question and hail from Ball State let me just pose this question you as from a caller. It was about financially and our discussion on financially -- the question was our students ever accepted. On academics alone students are always accepted on academics alone. -- our students are accepted based on. There qualifications to benefit. From the buffalo state experience what we're interested in is the right effect that buffalo state. Academically. Is the best place for any student to gain. The advantages in life that they -- I guess what this caller must've been referring to as -- financial package. That would be available to a but apparently they're looking at a scholarship -- what I would gather from this question certainly once the admissions decision is made. We will. Tried to meet their financial need and and it's. Through federal and state. As well as institutional aid we are pretty much able to meet the financial need of every student who we accept but we accept students based on. The academic fit. Are we appreciate all of your time where we're out of time this morning in studio with us. -- pain vice president student affairs at buffalo state John Hurley executive vice president nation's college and Robert Murphy vice president for student affairs at do you -- college.