WBEN's Tom Puckett

Apr 13, 2009|

the push of an expanded Route 219

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- cadres were greatly benefit from the completion of the route to nineteen projects as doctor seven to mortgage on and off continental one. A group looking to develop an economic trade court or between Toronto and Miami. Many -- scrutiny or would on an increase in the gulf region and product -- -- -- talking about. -- call it will be about hundred million dollars of any counties. About eight to nine million dollars. Book to get a discount. -- John and says Erie county would see a net gain of up to 2300 jobs and a hundred more in -- raucous Kelly. And told us some recreational activities. I'm including trucking. And then number. -- John and says if we're to nineteen were completed 433 billion hours of traffic delays would also be saved over a sixteen year period. Tom -- was ready at 930 WB yen.