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Michelle Madhok

Jul 23, 2010|

CEO; SHEfinds Media

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You've heard of Christmas in July some stores are trying to bring out the jingle bells of cash registers today with Black Friday style specials Sears Kmart Toys 'R' Us and target among the retailers. Taking part. Michelle -- hack CEO of she signs dot com on the WB Ian lifeline and Michelle. Good morning you're shopping guru. Tell us about this new holiday Christmas in July is this desperation or inspiration on the part of retailers. Well you know valuable bit cooling off right now right now that's for air conditioned store. What's happening and the storage you are nervous going to put all their eggs -- that port quarter when it crick spent -- they usually get in the black. They're trying to -- -- C -- and that they are looking nervous that they ordered too much. -- the holiday people are shopping because every. That the economy looks better when they order on the elk and out -- not look at the great they wanted to start moving merchandise now so it -- July today. Well Michelle we checked out your website this morning she finds dot com there's no indication on your site though. But you're celebrating Christmas in July with -- any big sales went up. What we're going -- they were good because all the help we're going on and I you know we played online shopping for illegal here at your -- how you can still be some shopping. Frankly all Canadian offering back to school discount starting today for their Christmas in July that they're doing -- -- that would offer coupon code -- fifty dollars bought off. Our free shipping -- -- or fifty dollars with coupon code and you know you can get it straight from your kitchen you. You know is there any danger here starting Christmas sales before like September I mean or is it. Okay because most of these are online and you don't have to look if you don't want to. Okay there must be on line -- bail -- -- buy it online and look into the backfield. And you know. It's partly back to school to advocate target and they are hardly think that be great. McClintock college like towels and sheets here march weighed down comment only on. On target only sport where it's starting at 3 AM that morning. The first start arguing in -- like Kmart playing Christmas music. In historic between ten and I don't know -- you know -- that vehicle early. We shall do agree though that what -- is for sale this. This weekend on line. Really have to be achieved. I have to be agree. Deal or are you might -- -- think you'd think you're hot product from toys that are on sale now that might be sold outcome holiday like to go ahead it would not now. But didn't -- worry heightened security get a big screen TV for that one where you gonna put it. That question okay clear her I think Michelle thanks for joining us this where we appreciate your insight. Thank you know what she and dot com and mom -- okay and Merry Christmas in July. Thank you Michelle man -- CEO of she signs dot com.

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