Kevin Gaughan

Nov 3, 2010|

on downsizing victories in Amherst and Erie County

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- orders tonight to approve the proposition to reduce the numbers come -- from from 75 members. They're they're they're not 130 cute -- governments. In New York State and only six of them have seven member boards -- tonight not just bought and the yup. Anyone who attended a Amber's town board meeting for the better. And you are public assembly meetings -- unfortunately borne witness to you need a record bitterness and politicians -- and in the likened. But to bear in mind that the purpose of reducing the number politicians is to increase its order so now that we've reduced that board audit I'm -- web. You know what courage that that Amber's redesign their -- -- format so. So that citizens not have three minutes or two minutes to speak but a five or seven minutes so that we could have not a lecture in our -- board but rather conversation. Which both public servants in the constituent collaborate together to solve problems and not. As effort -- about. Well first and foremost are. On our -- are long past two smaller government and and and the stronger economy here in Western New York. Voters' decision to stop to downsize -- recon legislature has a large step I yup my sense in in the past couple of days. -- visiting folks and top title Wanda numbers to and Cheektowaga. My sense is that. The actions by politicians in the protectors a couple of weeks go to tried. Remove the propositions on the ballot in. Necessitated Arctic resources and time and taxpayers' money -- to put it back on its its served just to make county residents. Even more determined. -- to make this change and they were predetermined in the first place so I'm just thrilled with the support through with the outcome. At the end of the date -- when you include all of the costs of a staff in the Lichen and legislators. I think -- experiences. Is going to be substantial. More than a quarter million dollars. Per year and so that's a well over over a decade that's almost 20/20 million dollars in property taxes. And we have to bear in mind the purpose of reducing the number politicians to increase citizens' voice. The our challenge now is to ensure that as we draw the new content legislature district. That we do so in ways that that not only protects but enhances city. What people of color and I don't recommend strongly that they are -- legislators that we worked together. And that we retain the great consultant perhaps the Brookings Institution in Washington. -- autistic community and they undertake these matters to ensure that it's done properly. And waited strengthened. Community boards and I look forward to contributing to that effort. I view this this -- in which are so privileged to to participate argue that this apiece whether -- village government effort which we had to difficulties and challenges this year but I'm thinking about how we can. We can revisit. Our -- board our county legislature and of course -- -- forward to attempting to try to work -- statewide referendum on downsize in the New York State Legislature. I do it all to peace and and what are what this is all about news. As we all know. Too well. In the communities. Such as -- that. Lost now almost 280000. People I'm out private sector jobs and 30% of our young people -- time now to design a government system. And local government structure that doesn't -- called -- stuck with just ties local property taxes in America but rather -- -- -- And I think much work remains here but between downsizing the largest town. Government and are in our community in Amherst and also -- legislature to nine -- -- taken an important step closer to home -- and I'm not I'm looking forward to get a good night's rest and not the Indian decent haircut and it back to work in a couple of days. While Favre will be the next town or village that you were looking at downsize. Well I'll that this is this this year's over. Yeah we're going to regroup a bit and we have volunteers. In not. And outcomes such talk a lot and -- Adam -- Aaron again this effort but I speak out about a month ago to. Two Webb got the citizens across state to see we can't. Find a way confined to India proposition before state -- here to reduce the size of bark at our state legislature so. Yet we're still just warm it up here.