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Madeline Smyth

Dec 19, 2010|

Author; Writing With the Stars Contestant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There is dancing with the stars and skating with the stars stars but did you know about the competition called writing with the stars would it surprise you to discover a local author is involved. Joining us on the WB in -- one analyst at Matalin good morning. Good morning you explain if you will how this contest works. It very much like American Idol. In that go around for the competition there five rounds in this particular competition. It started out with ten finalists and each round this elimination of two based purely on the vote. That -- cast online and are typically used dot com. Right now we're in round three which means we're down to six final. I'm still the only finalist from New York the only finalist from buffalo and what could be only six remaining finalists in the context. Now how did you get to have an opportunity need to become a participant in this -- he says something you heard about them published just publicist Elliot how'd that come about. I'm familiar with this contest. In years past simply used to be called American title. When it was run by -- -- publishing this year for the first time it's being run by Kensington publishing and they change the -- to -- with the stars. I had missed the deadline in years past I just statistic come to my attention until it was too late. This year I looked for American title and I didn't find it online so I thought well maybe George is just not running anymore. And began on June 30 I happened upon it but it's now called writing with a source and it's said that the contest opened. At midnight on July 1 it was only a few hours away I knew that it be hundreds and hundreds of entries. I had to race -- -- to get yet have a complete manuscript. No less than eighty to 90000 words. A synopsis -- and -- query letter and I got a hold on that evening and at 12 o'clock midnight I -- again. I know fight made it then because I only had dial up at the time it took seven minutes ago cross -- didn't know of hundreds god it has -- They were gonna cut it off at the first 500 entries. I didn't get any respect and responses as to whether it was received on the other end I can't put it out of my mind and forgot about it until August. But I got a call from Kensington publishing telling me that I was one of the ten finalists. Now. Not going to be easy to condensed eighty to 90000 words but if you can. Kind of give us a synopsis of what your manuscript is about. I well I'm all -- I would also direct the listeners to go online -- typically is dot com because this round. Which have particularly proud of is actually a back cover -- which authors aren't used to writing -- done by the -- a marketing department publishing house. And to this -- required us to write a -- a blur effect had to get suggest I will tell you. That it's Alina ballot I would ask which is the name of my book is sentimental like heavily Roberts and she's an American woman of Arab blood. Who has rebuilt her shattered life and swallowed her hatred of the Middle East the world from which your parents' murders came in Jihad on 9/11. When her sister disappeared from Saudi Arabia while searching for the -- mother's family. She must surely not only across the desert to find your sister but -- the depths of her heart to discover her destiny and what that really mean this. It's have to give her mother's people to give her own Arab blood and forgive a lot for the death of her parents. -- on the line with -- author Madeleine Smith she's involved in the national writing contest at Kensington publishing news for confronting this send. I guess women as well are re shoot the email address it is so what RT book reviews dot com is where people can help you out vote. Absolutely RTE book review dot com. It -- the -- actually. On the home page that you have to wait for -- with the start to come up its second or third item it -- sit right with historic vote now if you click on that it will take it devoting page in there I am. And I really need to vote the people in western new York and help me out two rounds one and -- it's still an amazing journey. What they've done for me this is still like climbing Mount Everest. And from -- -- feel like it was a flip backwards and somehow they're the Western New York hand that is extended to -- it takes me up that next step. And a little bit more about the writing process she said you had to kind of a scary to throw this out together. But I imagine you definitely have had this idea or an idea for this book or this -- manuscript. Kind of kicked around for right. It was written on June 30 -- -- -- put together and -- and get into the formats. Force submitting it to the contest but it was written already. I had the idea for a highly Arab that's going -- a very long time ago at a personal connection -- I was devastated on 9/11 like most Americans. They'll put a personal connection to New York City I'm from originally right outside of New York. I had the connection to Boston went to law school there and practiced at a connection to DC I also had practiced law there. I had family in new York and friends in New York that day I had. Colleagues -- would be flying out of Dallas as well as Logan on business. It was a have to say it but I -- also worked. -- lived among Arab Muslims and also worked for Arab Muslims in the pre 9/11 days. It was tough on all sides going around in the aftermath of 9/11 I was in the bookstore when -- picked up a book in the hero in the book. Within the Arab Muslim and yet. Not in one place netbook. Was there -- mention of Islam or the you know -- our it's -- religion. That whatsoever and I felt that we know so little about this culture how could -- a little how could we Americans. Think that god to save the world and our image in the image of Americans and so in that moment the hero of my book was born right it's not speech. I just voted to his face his people the land speed. And so he was created that it took a long time to create Aaliyah heroine of the she took quite a while to created a very complicated person with deep conflicts and I had to get it just right recently. Not there. But also -- -- -- finalist which is a very prestigious contest will me and said she's reading the book right now and she said. Some people should -- -- this book will create so much buzz some people love it and so people hated. With a look -- their hated they'll talk about why they love it and hated. And that I couldn't hear anything better than that. But that's -- I was going to end you know asking about the ultimate reward here but. -- -- try this from a different angle because writing is such a difficult field within went which to make one's way. You have any hopes -- aspirin aspirations are just getting this far in the competition will venture career. Absolutely I've heard that in fact it's Barnes & Noble has been terrific to me and on all the when night falls boulevard. They actually told me it's from America. That they have heard in years past even people who make it to round three in round four will get picked up by publishers because they've they've got some complicity through the contests. Now possible definitely look forward to looking for that one way or another one form or another in the future that. Matalin thank you very much and good luck -- that it's RT book reviews dot com and again the manuscript here of voting for for -- is -- errant pass. It is and unless stated that having trouble finding that army are typically insights from people has had difficulty with the it's a little bit difficult site. They should just check my blog -- life. I and they DEL I NE SM I TH dot Blogspot dot com have a direct link. I'm an on again congratulations so far and good luck in the future on this endeavor. Thank you thank you having -- this morning you welcome -- -- thought out and seem to you makers as happy holidays an analyst -- Arthur. And now she is involved in RT book -- dot com again you can -- it's -- -- -- on -- and -- --

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