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Tea Party Tussle; Part I

Mar 28, 2011|

Allen Coniglio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There is no doubt lots of tension among local Tea Party activists let's get right to us. Our first guest to help sort of threw us as a member of the local Tea Party movement. Alan tonight Leo Allan good morning and thanks for joining us. Let's try to sort out what's happening between local Tea Party members or factions. As they are being referred doom reports but to commit Leo whenever you hear the word factions. It's sort of conjures up images of notions. But people don't get along now people on the Tea Party movement don't get along with seems to be the case how can you get anything accomplished. Good question -- we have and then not getting a lot accomplished in some areas and we're a little bit concerned at times about that. But that's seems that the way it's it's gone so that's very good question John. Ellen what is the the name of the section that year -- and of that of the five different that we've been hearing about and how many members do you have. Well we don't look at it in terms of members week we are not. That we don't count numbers that way and that's never been the way we've done it. And the original Tea Party coordinator Bob lower out Russ Johnson is. He has group -- wedge that has been calling myself since the beginning about multiparty. And that's I'm registered. With the national Tea Party movement. And out restaurants in first is itself -- move is in new York and I don't know but the numbers as far as. At the college bills but we were the ones that did. Our most of the tea parties or am buffalo including the Tea Party express last year and we've had a number of other events as well. And that that's it's more I don't know anybody that and -- that the Tea Party is that the very. Loosely organized. Movement there is no official leadership there is no official role. Two up people's movement and that's kind of it's very hard on this. And he'd like you just said is that part of the problem and that there is no leadership. In this movement. Well it may -- but at the same time he -- pretty. Because if there's anybody. Giving orders from the top down all of a sudden you've got something like the Republican -- Democrat party. And outlook when you have a situation like that political corruption. Cronyism and you know and patronage in the whole thing we don't want that we're not a political party. And at this point it doesn't seem like it would be wise to become a political party that that's this is part of the problem and also part of and so. You know mister command Leo we've conducted many interviews over the past year or so about the Tea Party. And like you say it is loosely organized most of the Tea Party activists say they don't want. Any kind of organization that has a top leader. That you know ostensibly could wind -- -- being a dictator. Do you agree with that analogy or. Well yes dinosaurs just talked about we don't want. You know we've had opportunities -- to vote. Stall some -- central leader we just don't want that we see what's going out of the Republican Democrat machines and we don't want to become like that. We want to be up people's movement and then that's. That's what we're -- to be. Well what this this the different factions for and against Jack Davis what does that mean for his candidacy. I don't know what it -- -- candidacies. I believe that's the people have a right to choose -- authority at irreparable sorts. We in in order to get on the Tea Party line he had to get it was thirty but what signatures. The period of two weeks and he brought up giving. I believe the final count was over 121000. So and a sense that the referendum right there. That people voted with their security they could have voted. Get a moderate voted not in my and that's what they did the -- to get on to the ballot. Now we have the chance to vote for somebody who is not a Democrat whose battery problems. OK Ellen you just mentioned got a mom the Tea Party line now we thought that because there's no tea parties there was no Tea Party line. So what will this line and say how would be designated. Well this cal state long runs just want the corps living in the north and it's not a party its line to place war. People to -- For a candidate who's not doesn't belong wanna -- official parties. The laws are very difficult to understand and interpret but. And understand myself and I started I still don't probably under percent. Well we have to mistrust towards the best -- he does all of our. Interpreting the law -- and he's. Without him I think it would have been very difficult. To navigate. That fact last year during the week men -- DiPietro last year in the last election fifty ninth senate district. And we had to do the same thing it -- on the ballot. And Dave was the only Tea Party line candidate and all of New York State and -- and when you think of that. That he was only -- -- like candidate all of you know state we still had the other factions working against us. They did not want. Our our Tea Party candidate they want to install there -- they were an agent double -- you know. Tea Party candidate. He's not a party guy and from the start part of the Republican machine and we didn't want that we don't want. Deal with the machines that -- we're all about we party had been in place it's gonna go with the Republicans. Their machine all the Democrats we don't need to do it in where are you know we're already set up that way so -- -- -- to work with Tea Party so this is the last thing. We tried to keep our people and we decided to change the system reform the system and some people are satisfied with the and there they -- working with the people wrote in place I don't think that's much improved. Is there any chance you and Ross Thompson the Ross Thompson faction can get together resolve your differences. That I don't know are there about some other things going -- that really have not and up there above board as far as I'm concerned. And I don't know it's possible. -- I've never wanted this site did not seek this. The split there it is dividing in the back to call. That happened. It's not something I wanted it's there now what do we do we have to deal that but. I don't know we were done pretty well it's what this all started. Mr. connect Leo thanks for joining us this morning we got to move on. Thank you much that's a local Tea Party activist Alan can --