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Tea Party Tussle; Part II

Mar 28, 2011|

Rus Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friction within the local Tea Party movement Rus Thompson from -- New York is on the WB in my -- morning -- Morning yeah hey we've been hearing about all of this decisiveness and these factions in the Tea Party. This cannot be good for the movement can. No but you know political Internet. What caused this split or -- to get that I Alec big Leo at all but there. Our first evolved that technically or obstructing action. They do not share the Tea Party philosophy. They come from me I'm not just libertarian wing or right. That whole thing it's started it's what did in system. Last year on becoming a third party becoming a political party. All the groups in the area met a couple of different times at a restaurant that -- -- -- the restaurant. We met out there we discuss what was going on. They wanted to have a partner -- they want to distract electing people into into basically it -- put together party structure. One by one each group walked away that we don't quit the fight group yet another group who actually true -- actually changed on the -- ball college. And we we all walked away. There insistence. On running. Somebody as the people on the Tea Party line. That is what -- involved. In -- you know. What the candidates stance or what if what appears. Is a market they brought the machine is all that matters -- choice this year -- get it checked it was a former Democrat mark and it was party. You know you don't need a Republican or what chances. Just click here insistence on running people -- -- third party line that's creating a lot of this division. Last year -- the the Tea Party express -- -- organically heal what's correct and Carl Paladino. -- that -- didn't -- -- what Maryland and discuss things with him. He would not go a lot in this speak with -- get the -- part yeah. It did -- yet be yet they are a great within a few hours. The -- party spots went to Albany -- started bad mopping Carl Paladino. So -- -- -- -- -- -- here and it's are at the cheek article we have been meeting tonight. Up in wheat field are well. And people would come overcome more in order book to come on -- -- Shia many people we have we have closed at 2000 people that are direct email list -- almost. A thousand people. So where lies well -- -- -- Okay Russ know you like mr. connect Leo about a half hour ago mentioned the Tea Party line I mean is there a Tea Party line. What's it going to be called. Part okay it's gonna be called Tea Party so there will be -- Tea Party then once there's a line right. Jack Davis is running on on the Tea Party line. And -- -- that was created an instrument that's gonna be there are what the board of elections in New York State it will be called. -- -- -- You see where that goes up or step in to be in the -- him becoming a party the next thing will happen -- to candidates for governor are once they. It can't get a governor -- -- -- -- 50000 votes are alike they become an official party -- -- to recoup all of this. During the Paladino campaign a lot of people wanted to go to a party line we caught up -- all overwhelmingly. Came back do not use Tea Party. He didn't actually the second point one -- taxed enough already and the first point one with the taxpayer line. So that the that there really are our whole Portugal all the world of the problems. We'll what's gonna happen with this special election on the 26 congressional district as far as the Tea Party and the use in term loosely I guess it's ours is concerned here. I mean all this. We're gonna keep on dual -- -- but the other day you know it criticized because when he used the -- here. I sat down with Jack Davis had a couple caught -- -- -- right. I explained the camp the problem in the use of the word art as a -- I hold it what's probably going to be happening and it's gonna be coming from me. It's gonna become extinct why and it's gonna be coming from the national. You should never thought about using the Tea Party ads are ads the name of it like a secret YouTube and you save American jobs party. You know what every you wanna be due respect is consistent and -- gets beat by the -- Leo what struck me is what created the Tea Party want to Jack Davis. Now you get into these these accusations back and try to get ballot -- -- race all caught four. Megabyte one of the reasons why I was asking Republicans to hold -- on their endorsement process. What to get the Tea Party people an opportunity to -- a candidate like David -- -- Develop it was throw off the ballot over the weekend that's probably going to be breaking. But -- stroke -- over the weekend people want to understand the reason why you get he didn't spot is letter accepted. He said he did it was -- it was mailed in apparently. It disappeared. From college in transit -- capability is not gonna be on the ballot that we still rebel or wave breaks. Okay Russ I got -- I got to ask you this -- you are among the many Tea Party activists who we've talked to in the past and told us the Tea Party movement was better off. Without appointed or elected leadership now we're wondering if you still feel this way and the reason I'm asking this is because let's face it. Whenever we want news about -- New York we talk to you know because you are in fact the leader and who sort of on a car. I'm not a leader on the spot basically the spokesman for the for the people and -- I'm not a leader matter fact in any of -- endorsement processors or any the candidate that. That we've gone through so far the -- that would change Corwin I did not call. Okay -- support network capability I was not in the world. The board and it went back to be a local I was not in the world. And the reason why I'm not in the world was because it would actually not -- dissuade anybody at all with any of my opinions are what the board. Which is -- board members are. Okay big political -- I don't know what had any and to sway over anybody that Serbs on the border in New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anticipation is that it meet with any New York which it all encompassing five different groups. Any decision that made from in New York. Com from the board and it comes my ball but it's not my decision. I don't government executive decisions for anybody and that's the way to -- party structure sure but instead the on the other side EIL with the Tea Party coalition which the -- -- and oral. They make all the decisions and dictate to others. -- -- real quickly got it we're out of time but who does -- New York back for the 26 congressional district. We have an aura coming up April 7 CM -- -- -- you had not picked yet April 7 is in our April 7 up and -- all about are always Russ thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you appreciate it Russ Thompson joining us from T New York.