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Analysis of Tea Party Split

Mar 28, 2011|

Former GOP Chair Bob Davis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been telling you all morning about the tensions on the local Tea Party movement tensions sort of put it mildly. Let's sorted out now our guest on the live line is Bob Davis former Erie county Republican Party chairman. Now all political strategist and a frequent contributor to our program hey Bob good morning. Okay what do you make -- above all this arguing and name calling between the major players on the local Tea Party movement. A little surprised frankly. You know they had. Some momentum last year obviously taxes but across the country are split -- congressional races. You know what a what a political party has infighting it's it's never going to be good idea that they -- -- failed to accomplish objectives. This really goes against everything the Tea Party stands for 2000. I think buses and it says yeah I think I'm I'm rather surprised by at all. You know I think maybe it has delivered with you know -- again. There's success last year and you know people are you know joining their movement -- Obviously I he's got a bill for their. -- about Tea Party activists have told us and live in -- news as far back as we can remember. That they do not want any elected or appointed leaders. Do you agree with that kind of thinking is as good idea. Our Italian evening and at some leadership. I guess that wouldn't agree with that I mean they've got to have. Some leaders of the party you know it's like any other organization without its. I don't see succeed. What are your thoughts as far as ramifications from all this infighting when it comes at a 26 congressional race in the special election in many. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is Jack -- who -- almost from the Republicans chatter between quality of the democratic candidate hit the Oakland -- I'm not sure. You know which candidate will be adversely affected by having Tea Party candidate on the belts is. While the Tea Party activists say they'd like to endorse James Corwin believe they sort of have insinuated that now. Jack davis' Akron millionaire businessman who apparently collected and presented enough petitions to. Qualified to run against him to hold gold -- Corwin -- and Murphy the green part again of the and who's run for congress before now did he in effect pulled the rug. Out from under the Tea Party activists. By saying he wants to be the Tea Party candidate and apparently he may get deadline that was petitions qualified. Well they cannot be qualified institutions. She will get that line. My understanding. I want to confuse want to confuse voters. Yeah culminating -- you know a special election is confusing enough to voters like about any the general election elements like ordinary. You know people aren't used to going to the polls in May have a -- school budget. And there's going to be a lot of confusion in their missiles this compound. And also David -- -- we learned over the weekend. Does not have the required paperwork and to be on the ballot. Now do you really think that that's the case or does the cynic in you wonder if he cut a deal somewhere and has something else lined up. Well yes I haven't heard of how many signatures you -- I get a file petitions. Well in Albany heavily and if that's probably the city. I didn't follow put them up does -- -- that would qualify. Well wasn't -- a number of signatures. It was some required form that was supposed to be with the signatures but he didn't. All right yeah yeah there's there's a lot of people -- -- interest filed like. I totally let out there you know we wanted to run for congress I think it if there was. Any intent. That is their arms or somebody else like has learned that result. -- about thanks for joining us this morning -- totally out. Bob Davis former Erie county Republican Party chairman -- -- political activist.