Sean Kipp

Jul 20, 2011|

Republican candidate to replace Sam Hoyt in the 144th Assembly Dist.'s special election Sept 13

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If you're with -- in the same time slot last week heard a conversation with Sean Ryan he's the Democrat running for Sam points a 144. Assembly district seat in north buffalo. In the intervening days the Republicans now have tapped -- -- to run against him on their side of the ballot. And Sean is with us now this morning nicer sir thanks for being with us. Good morning -- it's a pleasure to be talking. Glad you're here tell us about the process that led to you being picked. How did it play out this past week. Well I have been following the news suburbs of Sam -- it's a resignation. And after the that rumors had started the session on primary candidate Mike on -- it was going to be chosen to run. And that not much speculation I'm on the other side I decided to reach out to be. Party leadership -- in Erie county and the city about football Grand Island. And -- expressed our interest in running. And so after interviewing with all of the leadership pure locally. They decided to -- need to -- a -- I'm honored to be why do you want the job. Well I want the job because I believe this is an opportunity to need to make a difference. As. As a resident of the district. I'm concerned about the about the dysfunction in Albany. And and the direction that does the government has gone. And as somebody that is an outsider and I think I can make real difference. And and a lot of ways you just have something that that many others have said -- I don't mean to pick on you specifically but there are. A whole bunch of folks that always say. Government is bad government is dysfunctional we need to fix government and then in the next breath they say but I wanna be part of government DC a bit of a dichotomy there are now. Well I think the only challenge percent of that too often. Again it got respect. I I am an outsider I've never been elected to an -- to off just before. Or had any direct involvement in government and and if you read the the textbook. A description of what -- represented government is is it calls for every -- citizens to take take -- participate. And then and then return to their to their everyday life and and a and that's and I intend to do so I think that that's how I district. You've never held elective office have you been part of the process committee level. Donor or anything like that other than a citizen voter. -- I've worked is in the private sector. For my entire career I haven't had any direct involvement in any committees. And they said my my my experience that I bring to the table is it is from the private sector. Let's back up and give me the quick 32 -- if you can't. I may like on western New Yorker. I grew up I was raised actually Easter are and I moved about on 2006. I live actually on the waterfront involves what. May 2005 graduated UB. And I work -- the town automotive group as -- manager for the on based. Contrast yourself to Sean Ryan and the democratic candidate on the other side what do you think the biggest difference between you two is. I think the biggest difference again as the fact that that I am a true outsider. I and I'm not somebody that's looking to make a career out of this. I I I wanna make a difference now and and that inspire other people to be able to do the -- And I think that that's really what's needed is should somebody that's not controlled by special interest somebody that can. Can make a real difference somebody that's true outsider that's I think what my biggest my biggest difference is between my opponent not. All right now I I had -- your opponent on the show just last week in this very -- same time slot. At that point we didn't know that the candidate would be used so I asked him and a general sense to contrast himself with the Republicans. Here's what He had to say and we'll get your comment. Why I think there's there's just the mood in the country and some of the mood in the country is that you know government as a cause it's because -- -- Well I don't think government is secure all I did I do think you know government is a if it can be a great force for the public good. We know whether it's strengthening our our our our state university says Gomes. Strengthen her community college systems there are some very good things going -- but once again government got to run efficiently. It's gotta be productive and -- people oriented. Your -- Well you know it. And I listen to I don't know that there is entirely -- -- -- but you know I think again I I can get a solid answer to that question -- like different from. I opponent that is in the sense that I'm not. An insider I have no connections to Albany. And and -- patient somebody's needed church -- represent the taxpayers. Of this district and the question your. -- and really promote some some real change. I I hate to say this on but I think the district is about three to one democratic you've probably knew that who oh. -- Yi is is this a symbolic battle I guess what I'm asking there. You know I really don't pay attention to those kind of statistic. I think their their party politics -- to get into debt and the voters vote on issues. And when they go to the polls on September 13. I'm confident they're gonna vote based on that the leadership that they think is gonna make a real difference. In Albany. All right Sean -- this series the Republican candidate for the 144 assembly district let's then talk about some of the issues what are your thoughts on the Cuomo budget. Well you know I'm glad to see that the that the Cuomo. Administration along with C legislature was able to it to pass. A balanced budget and on time although I think that's something that -- should should always be done we're expected as. As everyday citizens and Stanley about from budget almost no reason why state government should and shouldn't do the same. Do you like the State's property tax cap. I think they the property tax cap is a good start but I think without some real. Reform of of the unfunded mandates that are passed out from the state. At the property tax cap could -- -- creating more problems and -- Because so is that the revenue it's the revenue is is not there and the unfunded mandates continued. To -- there then the look at in the locality municipalities are gonna are gonna -- their own budget conscious. If they heard the same same questions for your opponent last week you're picking up my nose my next question was mandate relief. What kind of mandates need to be lifted. Well I think that -- that they need and the two biggest. Mandate. Items that that need to be addressed our. Our Medicaid. The Medicaid mandates as well as the state pension. Mandate should have you know just specifically here Erie county. The heat it's the almost every dollar that comes and Erie county property taxes is going out to. To cover the Medicaid mandates on state level. And -- is looking forward into next year. You know there's -- to be obviously 2% cap on property -- 3% increase in those. In those mandates so that as -- that is going to. It's gonna cause some some budget issues fort Erie county. And -- one precious one sharpest thing. Address -- the property tax cap means for the school districts because Medicaid is certainly more about account the issue the school district issue. But there are also facing -- property tax cap. Right there at their face in the same camp and their fate in the same. Issue of these unfunded mandates and and you as you look I was reading through a list. And pages. You know there's just pages and agent. Things that. Local school districts are apt to do by the state. You know excessive amounts and reporting. -- and again I mean there. -- have to -- staff accordingly. Provide the infrastructure. And paperwork processing to do so. And there they're going to be strange to -- challenged. It's there if they're not able to get relief from Matt. And internal not able to arrange additional revenue choose to do some end and that's not the entry that we don't we don't need any -- you know increases in taxes. To the residents of this district right now. The analogy that comes up when anyone talks of Medicaid reform is is basically. A manual or a buffet table white items if you think we need to us shrink the table and I'm guessing that's what you -- One items would you pick off the current -- I don't know that not necessarily that shrinking the table I. I don't have any particulars. At this point -- I think that we need to do very carefully examine the system out make sure were. Avoiding any abuse of -- and make sure that there's not waste occurring. I think that's very have to start. Again I don't have any particular I would surely that can't we need to make sure we've -- really locked out. County executive Collins has proposed having each county kind of decide what the offerings are within their own county. He has a suggested. That dental and -- -- care might not be something that Erie county would necessarily. Be willing to pay forty -- great. I believe that they're seeing the local governments should be allowed to make decisions. For their constituents. Without being mandated. To do so by the state level by the state government -- -- and so I'm not familiar with secrecy opt out legislation that. I -- -- columns was promoted. And and I know that that was put on the table beginning of the year that it does not go through but that's something that I will be pushing for. Unelected. You know and should be session that the early part of next year. Talk a little bit about economic development what our needs there what kind of things should we be doing -- that we -- Well you know as good as a graduate of UD. I think that we have that passed SUNY system our art our education system here. At the college level is just terrific but that the problem has is that the people that are graduating from. Are Sunni schools there are moving out of here in reasonable not just because. They're in the jobs don't existent and the reason that the jobs to exists is because. The companies are are not coming into town and -- and setting up shop here. And so we need to really look hard at that what we can do to improve the economic climate the business climate. In this area to allow companies to to relocate and end to -- to create those jobs. Governor Cuomo has proposed these regional economic development councils. Kind of built around the idea that each part of the state has something that they're good at that they could at least market themselves for. Regional. Not just councils but but concepts the idea that buffalo would perhaps concentrate on medical. Downstate might concentrate on nano technology what have you. If you like the idea. Well I think that it's it's good in theory again I'm I'm cautious four more layers of bureaucracy more. -- you know more more influence. At that level as opposed to a you know figuring out how to make these and the environment. More. Acceptable to business as that -- that's factors is that the cost of doing distances just to I. And and until we figure out a way to reduce that. The business but it just aren't going to grow here. If elected He would -- would be replacing Sam -- He was there for nineteen years. Tell me what the best thing you can say about Sam -- -- what did you really like about his nineteen years. I think that you do daily news. I think what what's more important is that what the way actually I'd -- -- Again it is that I'm an outsider. And I bring I bring a fresh perspective to those I think to a lot of unresolved issues. In this cemetery I think that. There's still. India and the need for four more economic development more development. But waterfront. And and I think that there's just a lot of things lot of I'm done business -- the needs to be an -- taking care. Sam was not always a supporter of Sheldon Silver the assembly speaker are you. I don't obviously don't know personally. But. Yeah I'm I -- -- much looking forward to to working with him. And and open. Whatever legislation were able to propose. We can get a fair fair shot at can vote on it. All right Sean thanks for your comments this morning and in any closing thoughts. No I'm actually gonna head over to the Italian frustrating now and and meet some of the voters so. All right thank you for -- time. I'm glad you were able spirit this morning thank you. That's Shawn Kemp the Republican candidate for the assembly's 144 district. He's running against Sean Ryan by the way if you wanna listen to both sides of that equation -- we've got the Ryan interview from last week. Up on the website already a belated they would have Shaun kept there to.