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8/14 - Tune Into Health - Westermeier Martin Dental - Dr. Martin Interview

Aug 14, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB EN invites you to tune into health -- Susan rose with the information on how to lead happier and healthier life. I'm here with doctor Jeff Martin from western Myanmar in dental care in this morning we're talking about new approaches to dental implants. You know doctor Martin -- and doctor west admire -- have been at the forefront of dental technology what's new in your field. Pluses and we're really excited to introduce our miracle down and plants which can replace a single truth groups of -- or even an entire archived T. All -- that can be used to stabilize loose or poor fitting dentures. What makes miracle dental implants different from others what makes a miracle dental implant different from others. Our implants are a 100% American made and are designed to last a lifetime. Plus it's our process that is used for the miracle dollar and plans. That's just as important. Is that listeners need to know something they may never think to ask. They need to know -- tremendous advantage of having dental implants planned. And placed -- restored all under the same roof. This virtually eliminates miscommunication. Between the trained actors responsible for successful outcome. This is a game of fractions of millimeters that can make the difference between success and failure are great resources a website at 1888. Implant. Or you can also attend this -- implants seminar tonight seminars at our office and East Aurora on main street. Just off the 400 there are still a few available seats cost 652764. -- Stay healthy and keep listening to tune into health brought to you by news radio 9:30 AM and one of seven point seven FM WBE and.