Dr. Ricotta Interview

Feb 19, 2014|

Dr. Ricotta Interview

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WD EN invites you to tune into health here's Susan rose with the information on how to lead happier and healthier lives. Today I'm here with doctor Anthony were kind of physical therapy manager for envision health and Williams felt a -- -- Describe what the physical therapy practice and vision involves what the physical therapy practice provides treatment to people suffering from pain. Injuries and physical function limitations. We work with people who are out of work out of sports and out of their normal activities because of an accident. An injury or surgery. His begin injuries what types of injuries do you typically see continue practice we see several kinds of injuries including strains strains spinal problems including spinal surgeries. A joint in arthritic conditions. And the kind of treatment that you can provide to them let's talk about that we used different kinds of modalities such as laser treatments heat and ice ultrasound. In electrical stimulation. We also have spinal traction and decompression. We focus on exercise instruction. We also work with partial training mechanics. And general health and wellness issues and you see not just athletes an injury victims know we see on other kinds of patients including. Teenagers one of the big things that we see a lot legally or teenagers with. Headaches that are current for no reason or no accidents. So we really try to get to the source of that headache and trying to help them manage their condition and concussion victims to -- received concussion victims and physical therapy is started playing -- -- integral role in a concussion treatment and trying to get the young adults back to their sports how can people find out more by visiting our web sites and envision health dot com or call 631. 3555. -- A healthy and keep listening to tune into health brought to you -- news radio 9:30 AM. WD and.