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4-29 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Does region governor -- -- major talk is not here Saturday he's an Albany testifying as to whether cheerleading should be classified as a competitive sport. -- white washed out -- He tried to be a cheerleader but he didn't have elect scored and now he's trying to help those those people with lesser opportunities and even be so. Presence air Ryan's air and I'm here and let's get Roland. You know why because that's the way I roll I'm just telling -- I'm on a roll today I feel really good even though the weather sucks outside -- it was not bad when I came and by the way today it was supposed to be. And I guess it was ago kids' day where they sell newspapers on the corner I had my money ready. I'd had it because oftentimes. My wallet is in my briefcase. Which sometimes -- in my back seat. So it's not it's not easy to get it if your you if you had to get go while you're on your way to work so I have my money -- didn't pass one single corner. Where there was anybody out there I don't know that was. Whether or later if I came into work too early but. If you if you see them be careful this is very dangerous time when they do kids that. Because everybody gets excited about. Here's the paper is the money you want change Bob Bob bought and don't watch out for the traffic and also be concerned about that. A meanwhile Tony really is not here today but we don't have vote we go to Bryant and Chris is at master control today so we're gonna want to talk about. I did not know this I thought I -- about cars but I didn't know this. In Tucson Arizona. Got hurt his suvs horn blaring in his carport. So he gets up to find out what's wrong he is thinking as I would think that of the truck was being stolen no I don't know I don't know. The truck was -- -- on his house was on fire and apparently and this is the part I didn't know. That's a big heart and will already repeatedly sound when certain components are exposed to high heat I did not know that. So as it as is about to melt -- that we give you one last warning. That I'm melting I'm melting and -- guy get out of the house that's a denial I was not aware that. Now so I've been to this place. And Cody Wyoming first Cody Wyoming named after Buffalo Bill Cody. Went there are several years ago on vacation. With -- first and then to Cody Wyoming. Cody is a great sound they have a world class museum. And this is what the stories about the Cody a museum has acquired an old -- made famous by. The Lone Ranger. Yes the Lone Ranger is COLT 45 it's not a mullah courts -- actual gun is on display at the Buffalo Bills center of the west. If you go to there western museum. And you should if you go to -- it's fabulous I mean they have a regional Gatling guns everything really. Spiffy and if you're like. If you like the old west guns. The Winchester is the colts and that -- things like that they're all on display there and they have a rodeo. Every night during a summer and in in Cody so. If -- whatever destination Dakotas and replace the audit Hugo. A pretty soon you'll see the COLT 45 on display the Lone Ranger the ranger. Always got the good part of a show in in TV because Tonto had to do all the grunt work. The of the Lone Ranger would always and Tonto in the town okay to get supplies Lone Ranger and never got his own supplies. He always send his -- Indian companion and faithful companion to model. And he was say something like. Otto when it's on and pick up some supplies. Now you know what was gonna happen. I was gonna get caught and -- you know that I knew that already know that. I don't probably knew it true but he was a faithful companions or when I -- and they usually -- Tonto doing menial things. Like looking in the window or something and and and they would that they would tied to bottle up in the Lone Ranger would have to go -- and it's and get him back. The thing about the long range of television show I watched it as a kid it was that she easiest sets that I've ever seen. Like if you only if it's if it's not like -- here I'm not sure where it is but I think it's applying. Look at the rocks. I think they could only afford like three rocks and they moved out of the plants are a little bit but the rocks of the same. And using the Lone Ranger in a close up and there's the rock and kind of memorize with a rock looks like not the rest of the actual rock. And then a couple of scenes later where do you love galloped twenty miles samurai. OK so just watch out for that. Cheesy but the Lone Ranger always be a good look and guns too that's how -- can tell the old westerns. Not hats everybody goes okay he's got a white hat on he's good guy -- -- bad guy not on all. It's their reg it's what they have their their guns and their holsters. The of the good guys always had fabulous guns pearl handled. And every every. A place that would put a bullet there was a bullet you know and hand tooled leather and some album a two guns one on us in the while strapped down to their legs. The bad guys forget it. They all grubby old Steelers. -- they they have like three bullets in the cartridge belt that would be about it. Anti gun that was absolutely worthless that's the good guys -- guys is look at their guns and also. Also the bad guys always called the good guys by their last name. So just remember that these are things that when you're watching old westerns and these are things that kind of enhance your viewing experience because. Plots were not a big part of them I'm telling -- that they really weren't. As that that's not always got caught you know is gonna happen when somebody tried to control the water rights. Bad things happen. Org Russell cattle even worse things happen. But I love available westerns hey guess what the bison steak on the Louisville bats and I think you're gonna have a -- that. At the ballpark first pitches -- 605. So check that out meanwhile to have a giveaway. I do have a giveaway airfare tickets to the BBO's know the score. Which is Thursday may first at 7 o'clock at Klein has the general value of fifty dollars 6449875. Call now a call. Will be taken a random and you'll win the prize. This is the third series of WB and BP -- nova scored casual evening. Designed to merge the music with the story behind it. Bring the audience closer and enhanced with a multimedia that's a lot of fancy words were really sounds good. Afterwards mingle with the BP -- and enjoy food and beverages tickets available at BP Euro bought or will be back after the break on newsreader I'm thirty we RW via. And unsavory brush with the law. Where things happen that you shouldn't really be happening but that's the job of the policeman to keep the community say. So what we learned is the during the OJ Simpson trial I I was going mornings in Milwaukee during the OJ Simpson trial. And so I watched it every day I watched every day that they actually were in court I watched it. And indisputable there's no question the DNA evidence was consistent with the entire plant met. And yet they let him off. And we couldn't figure out why go -- off. And people were angry because -- -- and then later on we found out that many members of the jury. Actually I've felt that they could not trust the police. And that they've had experience with the police that were -- unsavory. And because of that. They did not believe all the evidence that's why -- mark Furman was in dispute that's why. The evidence that chain of evidence was in dispute -- on whether it was a kept the way it's supposed to have been kept. So that was for many of us our first brush -- We just don't trust the cops. And and we saw that we didn't particularly like it why is it important that we trust the -- I'll tell you why it's important. They have extraordinary power. Think about like that's the cops can pull you over -- side of the road in coming to your home with a warrant hopefully they can do things that other people can't do. And up plus they are armed. And they have a badge and they have a nightstick and they have a -- some of them and they have taser some of them. And so it's essential that what we get stopped if that's the way we where we -- brush with the law. That we be able to trust the person because of it and trust them. You would do things that may be are not in your own best interest now I have to admit. That I marry a fanatic on Cox I've seen every episode costs and cops is on every. Third minute on television -- various versions of the original ones. -- cops reloaded. And and they of the various police agencies or whatever now I know. That the only. The only brush with the civilians we're gonna see. I have been recorded and edited and chosen. So I know that we're not going to see every one of them but I'll tell you this I always thought when I was a kid I might like to be a -- When I was a drafted. Idea I was determined that I was going to be the best MP they ever had I wanted to be. A military policeman I thought this is a job that I could really get into. They rejected me. That was it flat feet. Idea I guess it's funny because that term flat foot usually refers to a policeman block in this case I think that -- -- vitamin a good MP. And having said that I I as I watched cops I've set a million times. I don't think I could do this. Day in day out dealing where oh with people who are trying to get away with something either trying to get away. Hiding in places denying that anything. That day that they're caught with -- and -- That even a car somebody just gave ritual and told him have taken home because they -- they were a generous. So all of these ridiculous things that they have to face every day plus the danger. Cops get killed on duty all the time unfortunately. They get roughed up all the time and and sometimes things just don't go all the way you'd like to see him go one thing we don't know. It is if you watch shows sometimes. It seems like just too much. Because if you watched cops I've seen what I would call a minor infraction. Where there are six or seven cops there as they may have to rely on overwhelming force. And you never see a -- lose a fight or anything in cops because. -- if they did they wouldn't show -- probably about there at the assisting officers come in and there's a certain adrenaline going there. Having said all of that it's important that there are rules for us but there are also rules for cops. And we have to understand that but as I said. As I'm watching cops thinking I would have been a good MP and probably would have been a pretty good cop. I'm thinking I am totally unqualified to be appointment I can tell you that right now I wouldn't have the temperament for I just wouldn't. And so you can understand every once in awhile things go wrong but they have to be corrected. They have to be corrected to make sure that it's an isolated incidents and not something regularly happens within that department. The the story now is we have six buffalo policeman on administrative leave. Which means that there off duty but they're being paid it's probably. Defined by the contractors. What what allowable punishment terrorist. Wallets being sorted out by internal affairs so right now everything is just an accusation. If you've seen the video. And you can make heads or tails of your better and I am I've been told a million times of what happened but as I'm looking at a so dark all I could see was a lot of people. And a lot of motion but I'm sorry I couldn't see the specific things that are being alleged here. And we'll get into that we come back but the big basic question is do you trust the police. And also I'd like you brush with the law -- -- the laws probably. Not a serious one. I could say that. Probably isn't and I'd like to know how you handle atomic pop -- that they are you naturally get nervous when your road. In the presence of a policeman because you immediately go through your mind. When I do wrong because. Nothing ever saved pakistanis aren't even my clothes I don't I've found them plus. I will be back what mark do you trust the police -- your brush with the police on the trader and I'm thirty way RW via. Ads praising Democrats say they've H. We wait till 10 o'clock -- you update on the pubic hair growth story. Oh -- complained its -- -- we complain that we get these tutorials from Entercom. You know on on this or that it comes from the corporate level. And most of us have been around long enough to teach these courses. And don't like to take our time out that it but you know we've done them. And I understand the one from me Chris is going to include you were either I think at a corporations going to want to prove that where. -- through puberty in order to work here just a little jacked up and stand little photo would get a handle that because I. Was gonna handle him. -- all right the question is you trust the police. I hope we trust a bullies because that we don't it's very difficult and there are more likely with things that go wrong if we don't it's a web poll today though one of the results so for aggressive you can Google is the question is just in general do you trust the police and yes. As 43%. No 57%. 10. Really 10 OK now that's a surprise to me because I heard a poll being announced earlier. With John and so thousand but I did not hear any results. And now that I hear that that's that's not good -- less than half trust the police and more than half don't. That's that says something. Just say this before we take our calls. It's it's a very difficult job. There's a lot of people would do it into well. And unfortunately just if you just play the numbers game no matter how vigilant you are there's going to be some that don't do well. And that's the job of internal affairs and and other grow overseers. What the of the police do for a living it's not an easy job is a difficult job I can understand how it is how it can happen. And we do the best we can keep it from happening and so will see -- this a six up users on leave right now and internal affairs investigating. The two questions -- do you trust the police. And your brush with the police it probably has been minor but maybe not. Let's go to Mary and Mary and on WB yen. Good morning candy well candy and encounter with the police. But I didn't know complete I would like down the street militant. Where he met me I think they'll -- that -- -- not only be waiting right. So -- laid back. Kept going public and I and I think there. And toppled over. The pro. There was the play any pulpit and said the there is what you get 35 minute thirty. I can I say it's okay. He gave the -- five over alone. They get that they can -- cannot go to court on the 29. -- -- It video -- to -- -- shortages up ago. I don't know I get it. There's always that question if it's especially if it's an unmarked car certainly if it's got to the lights on top ends as. Police on it says that it -- cloaked by the way that was the best imitation of a siren I've ever heard -- and nice job on that so he had the how much did you have the paper of mine. I don't know operation carried a bit but I don't go away I -- captive. And not I I get got a warning. All that well it's good to have an uncle to -- well and led quite tribal over 35 -- what you're trying to do realize. I think maybe I trust the police. And you know I don't think they get the recognition that they deserve what they they on the streets. And absolutely horrible. That's why I said I thought I would make -- good policeman but I wouldn't I can tell your I would not last on the job very long because. I'm disgusted by what I see with that people total disregard for anything. I mean there at 88 babies. Born babies being would be opting to stay -- Horror. And I'm sure doesn't feel any apple but I don't polo I think they do all of -- Jihad. -- I'm not trying to brown -- anybody but I agree would -- and I think just by sheer numbers. Certainly some are going to be bad apples just by numbers alone but we shouldn't judge a mall by that thank you thank you very much. -- -- -- -- I'm surprised to be honest -- -- doesn't happen and I don't like this. And I'm not making excuses for any anybody I'm just saying a thing about like this. Europe -- high speed chase or you get a call that there is a man with a gun or whatever -- going and they are not knowing if this is the last -- you're going to be able answer. -- and then usually somebody runs it get shot have or are you gotta go jumping over fences chase them down whatever. And that you have to call for backup because the most most police departments it's over one million cars except in in some departments. And the adrenaline is pumping. But you've got to be your training has the -- going to be cool about it but in this case. The boot the big guys that is in the video -- ran they were chasing him in his car and he got out and ran. And later the they found on him after they got -- heroin are crack cocaine and marijuana. His mother says in this a story about Lou Michel and TJ -- that arrow that. One time he wanted to be a policeman okay. Well I assume that's before any media picked up heroin crack cocaine and marijuana. However there are rules you have rules I have rules the police have rules and those rules have to be followed especially Saab but with somebody who has the authority of a policeman. Carrying a gun -- other weapons the authority to stop you bring you to jail put you in handcuffs. If there is a great public trust and can't be broken and so the bad guys have to be weeded out and sometimes the bad guys weren't bad unfortunately. We'll take a break we'll be back with more -- company -- news -- 930 WB. A do you trust the police the WB or web poll says 43% -- you yes. 57%. Of you know you don't trust the police that's. As not that's not a good thing. To have that kind of doubt as to whether the person. Approaching -- was trust worthy or not let's go let's hope that that. It doesn't get any worse than that but there -- six city cops buffalo cops aren't administrative leave. Because of alleged and I say alleged brutality. I'd vote I've watched the video like six times. I'm sorry may minimize eyes Jack would dock their home -- something but I see a lot of bodies are a lot of people. But I can't make out heads details. Which ones of the cops and which ones are -- our big guy. So -- and -- will let that be sorted out by internal affairs and C word goes -- the rules have to be followed by both the people and by the police. And if they're not that's a problem. Let's go to -- Diana and in buffalo Diana on WB and do you trust the police I don't know. Know that I think that's a completely stop and and and you have to really was considered. Like the city -- Bob -- have a lot of crime. But little tiny town that the -- current lineup for example they don't have -- -- -- -- blanket. But don't know -- I -- than anticipated for. Like for thirteen years they batted him over in the city at Cadillac that they've made stopped I didn't give them. When he was and 200 that it is great you have to repeatedly without due to hypodermic -- one night I was. -- -- I would do that. Well they wanted to know we got the money to buy his house. And he got the money back out one who advocate was at buy -- Get agreement you know who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's nobody out there so you're you're climbing the dirty hypodermic needles me. If you're climbing the dirty needles used the. I yeah that's what they pulled out and then that it had aids but then and then give them. Oh yeah this is getting a little. That we are getting into La La land here and try to. You know we were told that tiger talked to -- to the point they would -- I'm proud that it would it would no matter how they act the secretary. Her -- than what the plan that would at the bit about everything but an event it would it would have the FBI. And doing my -- really can't do too much and I know you probably don't believe. Less -- it's yeah it hasn't been done but designer. It sounds like a George Noory caller to be -- duke -- -- -- so far are a lot to take your word for thank you. It's I mean it maybe it is true maybe it isn't -- wasn't there you weren't there she wasn't there obviously. That they jabbed her son with dirty hypodermic needles to trying get information out of them. Yikes that'd be a bigger story than this one against an -- that six officers on administrative leave. They get paid. But while things sorted out there off the streets souls who happens -- -- asking if you trust the police. And your brush with the police. Hopefully it's less dramatic -- let's go to Brian I'm Brian on WB. Cindy I'm on what -- illustrate used. I was arrested circle circle. Our domestic. And they told me it no constitutional rights. They said that. That obviously isn't true yeah and okay. What they did it and and and -- it's something called it. Casing is where you're in the back the cup car there and they'll stop short in your face was and so that the caged room. Where. Where knowledge that -- their absolute truth. You know I thought they are shall protect and solar. That's -- -- its most that's what's. And in -- kind about it and and that type that. Why would do what they just nasty you are there those are reasons aren't that. I had a problem with one of the guys are like yours ago what are you pull me over. Let him right plates collect our yeah. It what are what are blows -- it EU he says went for a plate on the car or wrong what you. There and and I is that -- I'm coming for sure what stood short for the right tool. And nephews okay. Accidental -- -- -- -- was. I access it and comical. In the -- you pretty well. Really we're -- Racial and cultural what else. -- you got hurt and I'm all the united it's well you know -- are -- beat the living. Yeah collect them actually you know I -- it it's it it it goes up and our numbers. Are still. So where did you -- two nephews died in in an accident or. Now know there are still -- A tremendous respect where knoller whose school portrayal. That does Sunday morning. But this very he nearly took an -- to somebody while mopping up. Well yeah odds -- good idea if you can keep from doing you are going at them. I don't and but. But then years later he says I don't didn't Paris -- sort. Well this is wrong -- that where there's an awareness of how many rights we have as individuals and and so -- that's a lot better than it used to be and obviously he has a history when viewership and brought that into the stop a thank you thank you Politico. Yeah that's a good idea. I've only been stop -- -- for a few times four road allegedly. One was 42 and a 35 zone Yahoo!. Another one I'd just gotten off the interstate and in Milwaukee. And when you get off the interstate the road -- goes to my house. I had a lower speed limit and I was going the same speed limit is that -- -- -- -- state ends and it's an affair. In the in the third one was on new wrote. But in the rose forty. And it seems like you walked forty and the roads I've had three tickets my whole life and that's my only brush with the police outside of drug going through the process from Cyprus government. But one thing that I learned a long time ago is keep -- Marcia. Give them what they ask for -- given proper documentation. Don't miles off and it will be you know hopefully a smoother transaction that a few miles -- vision are gonna win I can tell you that right now. In never gonna win they can always have more people they can always have more of any thing. You're not gonna win at that point where you have to winners later in court of forgets the court that sort is but. Don't be mild and off I never do ever ever ever. If I get a ticket this ticket so I -- it and get on whether that's that. But that's all that's about this is about something more serious. The of the allegation that there was brutality used. In finally catching a guy that was running only from the police at 1030. When they finally caught him. They found heroin crack cocaine and marijuana. On him so he was a legacy VS store with wheels however it seems like the allegation is of the cops overreacted. And the video that's it shows that some people although I couldn't make it out to me honestly. That the cops were using brutality which is not allowed in shouldn't be allowed. And that's why we're asking this its internal affairs is investigating the mayor has already spoken out and so -- the chief of police so. Do you trust the -- the commissioner. Do you trust the police. And your brush with the law 8030930180616926. 930.

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