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4-29 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And lead to -- state charges of -- but federal charges. Of a violation of civil rights shall issue Tuesday. Pretty big. That is all Camry a noted defense attorney talking about the suspension. All of us six of buffalo police officers with the accusation the cruelty was involved and and -- brutality. On -- you know on a stop. And we'll see where that goes the internal affairs of people are investigating it the mayor has a made a statement. The police commissioners made a statement. And obviously as we know everyone is innocent until proven guilty while we got an update to the news on that. -- tanner stages test. Apparently in the bubbles goals as the and he used that tanner staging test to figure out Hala how you're maturing physically. And a among the tests are. Pubic hair growth. Investigations. And so a lot of parents and I -- of that and I'm thinking. About how schools different now now they measure pubic hair growth. I remember when I was -- school my mother -- chart it was on the door in the kitchen. Here's -- in the fifth grade here's Andy in this X -- look at how -- India's. We never use the pubic hair growth protest the beat tanner staging test was not available. I'm thinking a lot of things gonna happen I could have been on the girl's softball team maybe a block that out I don't know maybe I don't habitat distributed as well we're just we suspended group were to repress I know how you I study for tests like that -- -- a gas that. I graduate after cram for but you know I don't know these things that's why I'm not an educator. What we are talking about the he would do you trust the police. It's a surprise to me but our own web poll which we've been running all day 43%. Say yes. That's under half. 57%. Say no they don't trust the voice I trust the police -- I'll tell you this common sense says. There's so many X amount of people would do police work no matter how vigilant they are to make sure that the right people ran on the wrong people don't get -- I'm sure that there are some of slip through and are bad apples I've -- that's just human nature that's common sense. But I think by and large I definitely trust the police and keep this in mind. Without making excuses for anybody you and I probably about a couple of it touches with the police and probably four road going over the speed element. And that's it. The art such as you have with a police are more likely it is strictly statistically. That's something unpleasant gonna happen and so people who have a lot of touched with a police are usually the ones that end up. With the problems let's go to work salmon Niagara Falls Sam thanks for holding on WB again. I'd be more -- us. You know. There's real quick. You're the female caller -- a little bit ago about hypodermic needle -- in our -- leave their story. I'm a retired law enforcement officers. I believe buffaloes -- going there -- situation in the proper way. But you have to -- he can look at it from an officer's perspective. There is number one -- We deal with a lot of stressful. Calls you know we -- be professional. And you professional conduct at all -- You know he usually. We go at certain calls and a -- stuff like that. Are we angry because I'm sure a lot of our world here. So. You know something to play well. And even in the non criminal things like don't like him up fatal traffic accident. Think about what you have the -- during the course of a work day and not bring it all home and the way that the feeder or your family. I'm surprised to be honest -- you that we don't have more incidents like this because that is a very high stress job. Right now. Audio out there recently retired. And you're a month retired today. And I can certainly tell you. The way the entire county those things. We -- we had of. -- intervention. Around. In our stations so if something. Really charge those -- he's going to seek them out. You know. We. Want human being to pan some of us. You know. We have -- used to. And it's -- give it right through kick that guy's slippery guy well he -- on the ground behind disparate. The the arrest is never expected. You know not not you pick him up you know put him in the back of the patrol turn to pick him and it's an actual booking procedure. Explain to somebody who's never worn a badge the adrenaline. On a call may be what a man with a gun or high speed chase or robbery in progress or anything like that. Explain because most of us never have that that rush of adrenaline how tough visits to keep that under control while you're responding. It's it's it's very. Because. While we're responding even put lights and sirens. We still have to watch for pedestrians and bicycles of course mystery. Other oncoming traffic. You know we have stayed focused. Honored and 50%. If we don't. We only get wanted to get it right we're not Hollywood police officer. We get wanted to get it right and you know if we. -- commit -- it. -- it and that's -- that we could. Personnel recruiter and an innocent person. But the first thing here is -- we wanna get through. Really seen as quick as possible. And all these. Good music. Without. And the incident without anybody being hurt. Com we don't quote will call in shape we want to hurt disbursement. -- we we do not vote. -- -- -- -- And I can I Americans surely carry -- Lebanese people would be. The first what they're always the first one of the call the police remain. A broken fingernail. But certainly you know there are somebody else had called the police on them. They wanna call every name in the book they -- you know and we're not well you know. When you work you've just retired but were there times during her career where you said. I don't know if I can do this anymore everywhere really kind of builds up board does not doesn't work like that. I. Like he cited. At least. Every month of my career in my thirty years. Our -- definitely. While wall. Well our. Believe -- -- you believe me people know you do -- doing a tough job and now we've -- we used -- column jailhouse lawyers now everybody's a lawyer everybody's got a camera there's nothing necessarily wrong with that but it seems like you're under more of a microscope there's cameras everywhere. And -- just do the best job Buchanan. First -- lets you served your entire career and now you're you can enjoy your retirement and thanks short. Catching us up on some of the inside look at what -- must be like a reward which they are going -- yeah. For me personally. I would -- aren't always welcomed Cameron's. Because I always look at it then it was there for my protection. Well that's a good point that's why -- like the dashboard cams and now. Because there's a lot of times it really helped via the police with their perspective on -- thank you thank you Sam thanks for calling. Will be back with more would be -- company -- -- -- I'm thirty BBN. The -- -- balance is amazing but I think what happens is that keeps everybody in public service. And private citizens honest. Because you never -- well now on the other hands a cynical person might say -- speak brother. -- Brothers here in the government watching shuttle launch but I think that it's not a bad thing overall. And so there is an internal affairs investigation going on now for the buffalo police department. Six officers and employees on administrative leave which means at their off duty. They are being paid while it's being investigated. And were asking do you trust the police. And we've where I'm startled to find out to be honest with -- that 57%. Of you do not. -- 43% do and that's that perhaps not enough not an encouraging number. And -- cameras I think cameras are good idea and as the last the retired officer just told us. They like cameras tool of the straight arrows because it helps protect the bam we've seen cameras certainly in high crime areas. And there are a lot of police cars in fact some of police officers not have little. Lapel type cameras in different jurisdictions across the country and so that's that's beneficial and your brush with the police. Chances are it was not dramatic high speed chase robbery anything like that might have been something as simple as a -- traffic stop by two of your your memories that you take away from that in Austria 9301806169. To receive star and I thirty. A couple of a FaceBook entries their progress if you would this one comes from brought. He says in general I think it's healthy for people in a free society to distrust of authority figures and -- being -- only a minority of cops abused her power because of that. Is it still we monitor very closely but I think I do trust. Yeah I had and I think he's right -- that attitude that you have a large police department just by sheer numbers alone. Some of them are not going to be suitable. You do your best to keep them out. You do your best psychological counseling and testing in -- are observation or whatever but some of them slip through. The problem with the general public as you don't know which ones. And a so I I've always believed you be polite. You comply do which is supposed to do hand over the documents whatever they need don't get mouth feet. And get on live -- the ones that usually have a problem Melissa get multi and of course -- should have the discipline to. To just carry on with their duty and not overreact. This video as I mean I've heard people describe it I've seen at about six times. It's dark shadowy I know there's a bunch of people aware but I can tell the -- from the bed of from the guy the alleged bad guy and the ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well his mother says that an article by Lou Michel and TJ -- -- that. At one time owner's son. And the mother is named a net Louis. Senator 22 year old son John T -- A onetime wanted to be a cup however. Oh when they finally apprehended him they found heroin. Crack cocaine and marijuana is more drugs on him and a CVS store so apparently his -- thoughts of being a law enforcement office are long gone. Having said that the police still had no right to act beyond what they needed to to subdue him but if you are sick and I don't -- Judge -- showed today on cops Lima via TV show because it's edited the of those selected traffic stops. And that basically it's it's made into a TV show although the stops are real they pick and -- what you're going to see so I don't wanna I do bet. But I seeing our guys on that show there were propped up on on Angel -- that it took six or seven cops or stop. And especially out there especially ferocious -- a -- a smaller guys have put up one hell of a fight cops have to use a as much as they need to use to subdue them but they don't have to use more and that's word gets tricky. Have you ever tried and I high stress situation. To get it right to the line but not let -- get over the line very difficult as your heart ever be adultery your chest. Because you think you're about to be physically unharmed. Well if so. Then maybe you can understand -- -- let's go to a -- and I don't want to frank you're on WB yen. Good morning -- -- also you know what kind of -- elect viral wanted to be a tree took it all like. You're out. He traps in the city. Our our our job. I mean they really had a tough job and I think every big. Real life strip with east please drop reserves are not high speed chase. -- -- down -- Opt out. -- -- You know it -- people want to work average -- To tick away from the soccer or it will light sweet -- Al. They're like pork bacon being our smaller -- can be a forty by -- so what. What what -- it stops. They are super human strength. You know it appears they get more out. What -- expert for the -- stop sir there's some -- people. That aren't going. I think a lot of it is up to enter our support and doing so -- these people and they don't rule right. What it could bring down people liked it right the -- Are really trying to I want to detective Greg powers -- retired -- -- detect or Niagara fall. You know he -- -- a story that would make sure it's written in the legal or expand. It you know it. The story it actually be you know NYPD. And -- -- -- colors -- We're talking about reality here is. What. You -- the video. I quit early child what we're corner harder it was dark it early and Britain -- and our count. It wouldn't want Arctic are you wouldn't want to -- toward a -- for crying out loud so whoever took this radio is a very byters. What would -- to let. If I was on a jury and they asked me to describe what I just saw. I would describe it as dark shadowy night with a lot of of people and movement but I couldn't tell the cops from a guy they were trying to apprehend. -- -- lonely I looked at -- are you aren't quite sure what their act or don't doubt it you know it's it's really hard. And to determine what we're going to nobody knows exactly. What traits are between. Eight copper and what's transpired between the police you'd just kept it. -- mean -- you were completely sucked. Mean nothing if you were all kept up on rock. Well frank. I think you are in the same boat where basically we trust the police. But every once in awhile something happens is that shouldn't have happened -- I don't know if this is the case or not we'll see what internal affairs says thank you. We will return with the -- company do you trust the police. What about cameras. Do you think that's a good idea now we had a retired cops say they think it's good idea -- protects them so. We're back with the region governor a six city policeman. Obviously buffalo policeman. Are accused of brutality and they are on administrative leave -- paid by an off duty. And it's being investigated by internal affairs the mayor has made a statement the police commissioners made a statement. In this article by Lou Michel and TJ pigment Terrell. The here's part of what the column says. Here is what is known at 10:30 PM April 19 police noticed a speeding car in the Riverside section. They chase the driver. In his name was John Willett. And who ditched the vehicle -- ran away. When I'm police caught him they found heroin crack cocaine and marijuana on him in charge would intending to who sells on the drugs. But before it was book he was handcuffed. And from the appearance of a video and I'm quoting here. I was beaten by one police officer while others stood by. The officer responsible for hitting and kicking -- have placed in the heat. Either on Willits had or throat to keep him on the ground which I think is pretty standard I've seen -- lot no one wants these police shows. To keep on the ground and continued striking him after he was in handcuffs. And so that's the basic story. Now this may end up being a federal case. As US attorney you know William local. As been in contact with Dan Birendra who is -- buffalo police obviously and federal officials are considering their own investigation into the incident he recounted DA francs -- -- has also discussed the case with the random. So what I'm saying is this I think just if you go by sheer numbers alone. With the size of a department the size vote Buffalo's police. It they're bound. Just by numbers alone to have a bad apple or two and there. And let's hope that's what it this police have rules to follow civilians have rules the following Monday up when they go overboard that's when trouble begins when amassing. If you are trust the police I've basically trust the police. And I have my whole life. And apparently it's not shared by a lot of my listeners lawlessness and WB and 57%. A view and the servers are running all day do not trust the -- 43% to trust the -- it shouldn't be anywhere near that number and you know -- were in a very very high crime area. Of what I'm asking do you trust the boys video recording cameras. All kinds of documentation. About things that happen at seems like we have vote of more documentation than we ever did and your brush with the police have you ever run. And you're out of Russia could be something as simple as a traffic stop something as complex as. As -- as may be you know were trying to run from them although I don't I don't think that happens a lot with the average person. Might capitalize and and high crime areas but not with the average person. And your thoughts how how was that handle was a professional. Because I think we really have to whom they get the adrenaline is pumping through policeman's. Heart when. Indeed he's on high speed chart at chase or she is. Walking down an Alley though we are -- and hand not knowing what's at the other end. And things like that it's very difficult as this that I don't think I could do a job at one time I thought I might make a good policeman I wanted to be an empty. In the army. But as I -- Mora but I couldn't deal with -- crap that's on the street -- can tell you right now. I graduated from the academy one there be suspended about three days later that that that's about the end of infamy so I give the -- a lot of credit although they're not angels. They're not all angels. Some of them -- some of -- -- but so would this -- over gets resolved properly. Let's go to Randy and -- Randy on WB yen. Mind candy. I guess I'm in the minority because I actually believe 99%. A law enforcement had good content good motive. I think he could say across the board there's an apple at an average group mechanical. I think there's special circumstances in dealing with police and fire you know farm and they were on 2000. People at home run away you can get situationally -- an officer that's unknown scenario. And you're -- an end to a dark Alley what the potential of a man with a gun -- -- -- -- and it just hypothetically. Superdome as you say adrenaline and anxiety. Here's the -- guys together congregate and who knows what the previous call they were before going to the scene. That -- to get them pumped up and that in itself might have started motivating via precautionary. Action now. This are doing something wrong actually get there's some something that was -- that was inappropriate they should you know. Stand and -- on the other hand I think the -- that you meet. Profession that cumulatively. The exposure they've seen year and the year and in -- now. I think contributed to them and the ability to be extra cautious. I think the biggest thing is it probably to have those type of allegation. Periodically. And that -- Definitely in agreement with via the cameras in the car and -- predictable. The victim. And the officer I think keeps a lot of history. Of the real thing rather than -- word because people are real quick to reach out for public safety when their need. And real quick appointment they're going to feel that an abuse -- personal. Example is some -- supposed to -- -- their -- glacial once upon a time world. -- probably -- that side so you guys -- in the course of their put his lights on hold up. -- the guy over. And I proceed to throw it and I proceeded through the officer pointed to me pull me over and he says -- -- should you know explosion that has that attitude at all. I completely ruled that such as again. So I realized very sure I did that and go to court. And a little frustrated. And I have five police officers and the next door a one and one approach to what has grown up great people -- terrorists remember the human beings. Negative sense that's what it's the total traffic incident but one of my -- surprise said to me says eight. Jerod. Truth I did and should probably couple three kinda leader right. He. Even though remain -- -- -- at this time has figured this one page for the tree got away. You know he's putting contest actually. So you really have to -- really appreciate. The totality of it -- -- who really high stress anxiety. You know a lot of lot of factors that need to be factored and and ultimately at the end of the day you know the right thing not need to be done and I would hope that the you know just just does prevail he used the words and that's really -- I -- Well said well said I agree with -- -- -- right you hit the ball out of park thank you -- -- we will be back -- would be huge company under read united thirty we are WB. If you don't think that there's a camera everywhere in law enforcement today then you're fooling yourself. Some states have different laws but you have to do I need to think that somebody that -- -- -- can't go over your shoulder somewhere. Do you trust the police 43%. Say. Yes 57%. Say no at something and when there is a bad apple in the department and something happens that shouldn't have happened. That bad apple actually places the other officers and greater risk and I'll tell you why it's it's my theory. If you hurt if you're about to have an encounter with a policeman. And you know all that well I did some Iran I'm gonna get caught but. I can trust the guy that's arresting me your putting me in handcuffs that's one thing. But if you really can't trust them and you think anything could happen to -- well then you're -- to do something really stupid. And the officer would be forced to respond. So what I'm saying is a bad apple can affect the other officers out in the field in a very negative way. So it's very important for our sake as the public and for their sake as the police force. To try and keep that to an absolute minimum. Because that's the kind of thing when you really think -- you're going to be in trouble. Because of the you don't trust the officer that it he -- she's gonna do something that is not allowed to -- you're liable to do something stupid. And that's where things go bad in a hurry. What about video recording camera dozens street cameras and all kinds of stuff. As an earlier retired just recently retired officers told us. They actually like it most of the time simply because it protects them as well your brush with the police. I'd like to hear your story. And go bug Collison 803930180616. -- to preserve its star 930. And let's go to a south buffalo mrs. Kathy Kathy you're on WB yen. I -- well I don't think that they had 57% of the people didn't do that light or are. Unhappy with police officers. Death because they haven't needed one. Or the other reason is because. Probably they're great nephew or Indonesia or someone else. Have been arrested and held the big mean policeman get it. Always always always the people that. This has had -- -- slipped some or has yet the only numbers that have been arrested for the way. It's always been the police because little -- would never do anything -- just like this guys mother. All law you know debt debate mean policeman beat him up I don't know if he -- -- right -- but he should not wrong and you -- Kerry and dropped. And I'm real glad they got him off the street that he should be in jail. -- -- heroin heroin cocaine and marijuana so he had lots of drugs them. Yeah but the other thing is when you're in bed at night and you hear someone trying to get in your house you don't call your doctor -- your lawyer you called -- How did I hit one incident where my daughter left at home -- can't make. They live about five houses. And there are a lot of systems notified them some -- breaking into their -- went out. And I called Ned LaMont and -- can already -- but I -- an older. And by the time I limit I counted they were like seven police scanners they were everywhere. Yeah I it's incredible when you need to in Needham and obviously there has to be that bond that trust. I mean in the old days it was simpler cops are some cops a walk to beat you got to -- audience doctoral. And then they went to officer cars and now most among one officer cars of a need back up most of its time. It's a different world out there and it's a dangerous world. But I think the only people are dead dead dead man dead all police officers. I want to that he had and run and or one of their family members have been arrested or something and held a -- dead policemen get it. I've never little -- -- -- he had all -- the placement and this kid now you know looking looking for money and money right there together with them. OK I hear loudly thank you very much it is his mother. Policy. According to. Lou Michel and TJ pigments -- His mother did -- -- though Lewis. She's the mother of the 22 year old resident -- who is the subject tool we're talking about John Lola. Says that. I can't describe verbally the pain I felt to see my son plan pin to the ground. When an officer picking up it's -- and stomping on myself in my view is nothing is sent a chill through my body. Later she says in this same article that at one time -- considered being a policeman. However. At the asterisk there. When the police finally caught on Iran for openers Lotta people -- which is honestly. Because people get away I'd like to -- that. Now maybe when I watched every episode ever known to man by cops if anybody got a way -- -- it wouldn't run that episode but on Thursday. That when -- awaited the user caught the police have things go I don't know like radios helicopters cars. Armored vehicles. All kinds and night vision all kinds of good stuff that you don't have. But. When the economy -- crack cocaine marijuana and heroin. On and so I think that is days wanted to be your cup where perhaps over Chris why don't we do a couple of Moreau from our FaceBook page please. This is from Janet she says I was stopped by a couple cops on -- they Clinton was talking -- myself home but I wasn't it was in the backseat my purse. The cops were furious I was scared him and I -- registration or my insurance information I know this was an isolated incident but I'd be lying about said he did make me skeptical of the police. Well it you know there are certainly there are times when mistakes are made via -- And that's that's normal it's not going to be a 100% right but what is important is not to be fearful. That the cop coming to your -- door if you're an idea car is going to harm you. That is that's the real problem because as I said if you're fearful you're liable to do stupid things. What. The human beings have a lot of fight -- flight. -- where you either fight you stand your ground and you fight or you flee. Well if they appear like she was a woman alone in a car and suddenly the police are approaching her. If she has trust that the police are only gonna do their duty that's one thing should probably still nervous. But if she thought that they she couldn't trust them and think it happened. That they could find drugs in the backseat of her car when she's never used drugs in life or that issue was manhandled or anything like that. Then she's liable to do something crazy something out of character something stupid and that's when bad things happen. And so it's very important that they weed out the media occasional bad apple from the department. I think anytime you get a group a large group in any kind of a situation that have the same job or anything else. They'll be some more excellent -- There will be some good data that we some emotion via. And that that's the way it is -- -- with some policeman not everybody that wears the uniform. Let's see proudly. Displays the best acts of being a policeman. And I think it's up to the police themselves account weed those guys -- because they put you in danger. They really truly do. I have a general trust of the voice. And I I don't have many brushes with the voice and I think also statistically. The more brushes you have the voice the more likely you are not to trust them. More likely it is that something's gonna happen it's gonna be happy way. So the key here is that ever true brushes with them as possible. If that's possible take a break we'll be back for more. Would be to accompany -- news radio I'm thirty way RWB yeah.

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