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4-29 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Who leads to battle each state charges. So all federal -- -- a violation of civil rights shall issue a pretty big deal. That of course is a small camera M when he mentions federal in this story of mentions that. Bill Hall -- with the US attorney is looking into this as well meanwhile internal affairs department of the buffalo previous handling their six officers. Have been suspended. Administrative leave so that means there off duty but they do get paid while it's being sorted out and New York. Other question I'd like you to answer is do you trust the police. It really going to be wilders me to see that only 43% of our audience. -- does 57%. Does not. And and -- we'd like to know how you feel about cameras this was recorded -- -- if I'm not mistaken a cell camera but -- got back up on one of those. Our cameras up on the pole. Also your brush with police -- maybe something as simple as that traffic stop maybe something more complex. I keep in mind when you're listening to these collars there's no way for us to verify once somebody makes a claim that something happened. We weren't there you weren't there and in some cases they weren't there are so. I'll have to apply apply apply apply here we knew we gonna try to suppress anything but we want it to be is responsible weekend. Let's see a lot of people been hole for a long time let's go to Tom in Niagara Falls on her on WBM. He had good morning Andy. I'd side with the police I think people get enough credit. And the other guy it was what I believe in my opinion with the drug dealer earlier treat or prevent drug error. I think WTI. Is leading the sales and -- I wouldn't call it -- at all appeared at -- the true beating. He would have gotten -- caught up. Broken ball or something you -- there are broke and ripped open finger. All of a bit system just the mere trickle miserable this year baby needed a little bit different -- thrown his way. And not get the ball -- -- -- -- Well as others and others said that guy's mother said that a one time he wanted to be a couple of -- Cops don't carry around crack cocaine heroin and Merrill Harlem. Well yeah I agree me here. There were maybe think it meters from the support Annika given a little bit of law because maybe that would street -- well obviously you litigated many. Our guidance for all you know. Well. In what we've seen certainly in in real life situations. Would they wanna make sure that he is secure. Because of their of their own health and welfare is very important to them so maybe the -- Rodham. Maybe not we'll find out as as this proceeds. The the right thing to do is. With the adrenaline flowing the good idea is to stop and -- and listen to what the policeman has to say. And indeed you'll be better off by it and definitely do not Amal. Well I see a familiar face and -- friendly familiar face it is and I didn't even closer that's not sign. It's an eerie county sheriff Tim Howard does share powered welcome to the show welcoming everybody says that they didn't do it at. Last time we had you here was will we had the roundtable on the bike path rate for Chicago which was fascinating. And answer your question as though the head of the Erie county sheriff's department how important is it for the public. To be able to. Trust the police department palm it to its crucial come crucial vote to our success. Com and you certainly see in neighborhoods are and -- in in a geographic curious was there is a lack of trust and then people are willing to open up and told police for instance. If they witnessed a crime because they don't trust the police. Who really care about the crime so trust is critical to law enforcement success and our ability to have to serve the community. When an officer is being trained some of the obvious things will be the physical training. What about the psychological training because there's a lot of stress on the job. A lot of uncertainty in the job you're dealing with situations that you don't know how they're gonna come out what kind of psychological training. Goes into way a person wants to be in Erie county sheriff's deputy. -- while there is a psychological background exam it's pretty standard the most law enforcement agencies use it. On the -- that -- actual practical the practical tests. On the isn't very long and -- crew before there and a stressful situation -- they overreact to it. On the it's usually dealt with and sometimes of losing the officer before they complete a probationary period. On I think is she kind of the same thing in sports sometimes when you're involved and so often heard a little bit of rational. Home and then -- would blow the whistle politically yet I'm like it occurs it's worth your soul. Focus in the what you're doing that may be ignored the will someone offer may be something you didn't perceive that there may be just can't. Check cure your anger your motion your commitment to what you're trying to do we can't stop at the messages may be -- onto the muscle. -- before the brain reacts way. Always amazes me and I have to admit Obama cops fanatic I watch every show and I know it's edited may choose which ones are showing all that. What amazes me is the strength of people especially when their eyes on on Angel dust or something like that. Where it takes three or -- some -- even more officers to subdue them. The average person with that -- that's a 160 pound guy how are going to be but you look at that it's remarkable. That it works out that. Where you said it well Angel dust you shall honor aged as well call it out not all actually every mag good victimize days and eroded to. It was Angel to us but I do remember exactly what you said moments the next morning seeing the individual that we fought with the night before that was literally. Doing pushups with my partner on top of his back Mary I'm doing doing and he was well over 200 pounds in -- we saw the next guy he's the guy and the next morning. On you feel a little ashamed that he bailed out along with the person that small but again there's just something else going on in that body. -- cardinal if they ever call -- Roseanne's kids see you as well as the only Angel dust now -- Got today. I announced they actually captain and the I think it's really easy -- I'm not really sure it's four in the beginning we had imprisoned and Albert Richardson but it means I used to take. Carolyn and her exit takes aspirin for children that was that from eight so now I'm not asking -- comment on the bubble situation -- these officers. But it's difficult. I'll win something happens and it's in it's in the newspaper whatever because it really kind of but paints a picture of all the departments and all of the offices when we know indeed if there's anything wrong at all. It's -- -- small number of people. Hum that's that's Wilson and it's a spit in and I like to exactly how you said that shows a great open minded. Com I was on the case very similar to this just stood not long before. -- my left the state police it and after incidents investigation. Of was attacks native American protests. I'm an 81 and wish there was a terrible video. On showing or potentially showing. Police brutality that once it got pounded the individual frames. And they -- the piles of people often come out that that there was a whole different story -- only the officer. Knew about two and it's sometimes hard to say this is what our -- is telling us fraternity and trust to supervisors involved. And to get to the truth then I'm sure other people will be reviewing their work in the end. I'll see I've seen -- have people kicked out via windows or cruisers and it's in remarkable things. Like that how do you feel as the head of the sheriff's department about cameras in Asia. I'm great both in the jail as woes in the tires. Com I think it's a it's a matter saying if you have a camera -- you don't have the camera everywhere. On the fact something occurs and it's off camera everybody always thinks it's. It's the police that a responsible for the off camera thinks all community and you can wanna think it was 99% a year. Jack -- covered by camera the one thing that happened off camera why why was that. But I mean I think more often than not the cameras show the truth and it discourages people. I'm from making so I think that'd be the truth is sent her deputies free independent. Numerous occasions much more often than it is gone the other way. Well we thank you for your time you know -- your cool -- and I always refer radio and let's let. And as chairman and eventually your support the Second Amendment one are gonna get in that today but thank you need a patriot I know mine to thank you very much hear anything sheriff Tim Howard Erie county sheriff's department. Thanks to a sheriff Tim Howard from the Erie county sheriff's department. For shopping and as luck would have it happened to be in the building recordings Ambien recording studio. We're doing this subject than. As we would have meant absolutely and get his expertise and we thank you for stopping by as they said the last night. In viewed him as well we have the roundtable policeman. Involved with the bike path rapists and that show was fascinating. It was so fascinating. That I was doing the show you know. I wanted to -- a show rather than to assure that good. As far as they got the DNA. Evidence that they needed and then and now -- Of the noose tighten them before they finally got to resolve very very interesting police work in and good police work so thanks again to share power. We're asking do you trust the police. Unfortunately you know only 43% of our respondents. Which I you know I odds aren't going to be -- to show favoritism. I would assume. That most of our listeners and this is gonna sound really like you know bragging. Don't have a lot of intervention with police. OK I just guessing it's. From all of fifty years in buffalo -- it. But even without our people 43%. Say they don't trust the police 57. 43% to 57%. Say they don't so that's that's not a good sign and as I said. -- -- and if if there is a bad officer out there and we don't know at this case in buffalo nothing's been proven. It's just middle management if there's a bad apple and that bunch. It really makes it more dangerous for the other officers because as I said if your being approached by a cop -- you have a trust in the police that's one thing get a result. The trust. You think anything could happen you know -- do something really really -- And then it's not probably gonna have a good outcome for. So that's why it's important to weed out. From the outside and from the inside any bad apples in any police department video cameras -- urged Arafat Wednesday. That that -- happen to them -- police album. And you heard it retired officer at the beginning officials say their very happy to have him too because oftentimes that. It's big it's takes their position that what they claimed actually can be shown on video. And brush. Where the -- -- like. Let's code to us in Hamburg so Iran WB yeah. So. So load -- what do you think do you trust the police is the basic question. Now. We my family his hand. Problems. We sent my gesture was married to lock in and action. -- They had -- problems and was -- she had to go to the hospital. And the police never Avery came and made the report that was twenty years about. Had a problem with her husband who was a policeman. Yeah yeah and so once they found out they never came and checked the report. And daddy. Are pleased. -- Jerry in your eyes and they never get told where. A great great club. That they I'll take care of the children. So you're saying that they don't follow the rules like you are your -- required to. Rural. All right so we you don't you don't trust them so you'd be in the 57%. It's which is the majority right now. Okay thank you thank you very much soup. Yeah it's. You know here's the deal so sometimes we see. The result nobody likes to see. The the lights of a police crews -- back -- them I -- with a friend of mine wants India as a right along. Sanctioned me here right along with a state police and even riding along when they turn the lights on while I mean it has an impact and nobody licensee that. What's your first thought oh I'm gonna get a ticket. Oh my insurance is gonna go up all I'm a big trouble because I didn't get the car inspected or you know who knows what. Most of you don't know Richard tail lights out license when it's burned out as the public that. So when that happens. You are not very happy and you get apprehensive. And you're not used to dealing with the police. And -- -- so after that it got kind of in the back of your head you know you're going too fast -- do you want to have a subsite or whatever. And it was a minimalist deal. Really compared to a lot of things -- -- -- results series. And then you're looking for things after that. So what happens you see you see a policeman. On a cell phone. And they say how come how come we can't talk on the cell phone while driving but. This policeman can. The rule does not apply to the policeman the seatbelt rule also doesn't apply to the policeman. So bit of breaking the law this is this is allowed under the law but that sticks in your head of favoritism and of one cop stops and other cup. -- maybe for speeding. And doesn't write in my -- we know that while we don't know it but it might the assume that they wouldn't write each other up but yet they -- there was a time remember what we had a problem in buffalo. Where a buffalo. And buffalo cop wrote a ticket a parking ticket on the for a federal agent I don't know if you remember that or not so it was I think it was an FBI guy. So he has so I care apparently does happen but that was rare enough -- enemy that knows. For openers. But what I'm saying is so you see them doing things that we can do your on the thruway and you're doing 65 and he comes flying by you. Without lights on or siren or anything like that. And you're saying well if there was some emergency when the lights being on the siren or some kind of notification. Just flying by so how come they can go faster than I can without. Being an official police business but we don't really know what the person into. But you kind of make it up in your mind because you've got -- -- wants out from the cops doing this and I -- so that might be part of it. We want an overview do you trust the bullies. Video recordings cameras whatever. Your brush with the -- as best I know. Used to be calling angels plus I've got to show was but he CPU is of the initial. I'm sorry I'm not from my drug moment namely I don't know. We'll bring back -- more after this. That he would get the Letterman is a slot. If he did not get Letterman slot he had to be paid five million dollars okay well Letterman decides to leave. In the cold air is coming in to replace him and so Craig Ferguson. Got the the ultimate they're good -- kiss of five million dollars so I think I would like to state publicly. That if anybody wants to give me five million dollars on behalf Italy thank you very much if you say I am so sick and sandy beach. And so does know what I was a kid on KB under the covers my mother father as they shut that off. That was no one out 210455. C a bump I'm going to pony up five million dollars and see if that'll buy him out. Believe me a major -- once -- men I've ever deal Chris and that's -- got to get a contract that if you don't get that you get five million dollars. A -- they knew that before this is doing is a president they didn't know that they just went around looking for people to realize that a five million dollar -- waiting for a. -- and you always know who's got nowhere reply shoot even temporarily provocation like are times when I go on vacation arm off. And a substitute hosts it's in here to fill in for -- if people like them that's fine if they don't like them they write me. -- nothing to do with choosing. I have absolutely. Nothing to do with choosing them you have as much say in choosing when I go on vacation those who feels that as I do. I'm just telling OK so don't -- they'll write me. And I'm sure I can hardly wait -- Capuano comes in fills in for me again because they'll call him it'll be fun. And I'll call Americans go -- and we can do like you know a community call with we could -- a three way call. That's the yup that's got that good set that up -- -- margin. Our let's go to Kathy and see what she thinks about police in Niagara county Kathy you're on W via. And -- -- -- I have that that was one of those ones listen guarantees. It covers as the lord your. God. Debbie instead I have to say that I have the highest respect for Ken Howard in this average policeman were like him. I would be making this cop. I'm I I have had just. I would also have to just practices with. If there wasn't police unions standing up for people that shouldn't be about four and that there wasn't. Code blue where some policemen feel they have to stand up for our. -- the other one no matter what -- -- I wouldn't be making this topic and had two experiences that are rather unusual. One being I won't mention talent accepted say that it is that being suburb of buffalo. I'll Wear this sell one policeman not. Head back and molesting -- that this town where did his record and like I can knock -- in name names -- his child and she. Ran away to him myself and my husband. In in trying to help her we need to get police escort that the time had lived in Lancaster were kidnapped -- township I'm speaking -- and we would have. Did. That this rogue policeman. And that's being nice I would show up in Ogden Dodd in uniform he'd show up in our driveway and his shop his Saudi talent. Cop -- we were very much I'm told -- And I can't carry that we never bombs and it and I'll get to stand up -- went to court in -- -- got a high paid. Later I'll buy it but it was an act. -- -- -- -- Internal bureau of investigation of that talent can do it after he had been caught shoplifting in any but -- got to be shot but that it keeping them. By -- rarely -- internal affairs actually came and interviewed. After yet they came twice in the beginning they were kinda hot spell when we need. Actually we're just trying to help the kids. You know. But -- after he got in trouble than they came back and said to reunify they had a file on him that was in -- showed it -- that. I'm so that was not Katie -- unfortunately. People they didn't know that situation standing up firm very bad guys. OK you have a second soreness and. And situation is more -- I. Mentioned I've alluded to it I won't mention that -- in Wyoming county but those supervisor works for the sheriff's department in her husband was the detective and there's lot intimidation going he'd show up at town meeting with this guy and he would talk this summer but the decision that we're fighting for our property values that Arab. All the -- not. If it was very much that there is what you get. What you like anything out if you get up by taped a political job in some cases. Did like we all know if people stand up for the politicians that are bad then. It's a shame because it encourages other ones that do the same otherwise I do have a general. -- but because. Varied and very -- situations with both -- and I -- suspicious type I try to treat each case individually you know my feeling about that particular officer. Well okay I'm -- jeweler gave us your perspective on this and thanks for sharing and thanks -- listening when I was on KB aversion. I love you guys to agree I I that didn't for morning tell the tell I have to it's our turn to have adopted them obviously you know. Which is more than Tim Weiner does so I applaud you thank you thank you verbal. And let's let's go to one FaceBook before the break we could Chris. This one comes from mark uses I trust the police their human and people should really step judging them based on the actions a very small percentage of people. Those who speak out against them will be thanking god that they're there when they need. Absolutely I agree with that a -- of the consignment and the question I had -- part of why it's important. I assume that the -- answer that -- why it's important. That the public trust the police force is because if they don't bad things can happen. You're liable to do things under duress that you wouldn't do if you trusted the police department. Now does someone bring -- betray that trust every once -- of course they're human beings. No matter how how much psychological testing is done there -- no matter you know what kind of evaluations. And performance review was and things like that. There's some that are -- slip through as a way it is they're human beings. But don't you we can't judge mall by that -- think about. I'm really surprised more guys now think about all of the stress that that -- these officers there are dealing with. And all of the unknown situations -- unknown outcomes I think they do a remarkable job but every once in awhile somebody slips and it's important -- -- be dealt with. And that's -- the buffalo PD is doing now the mayors talked about it the police commissioners talked about it. And we'll -- word bills 80309301061692. Music star 930. The amount of surveillance is amazing but I think what happens is it keeps everybody in public service. And private citizens honest. Because you never now now on the other hand a cynical person might say you'll lose a brother. Big Brothers here in the government watching so little punch but I think that it's not a bad thing overall. Sean Hannity is hurry here now I didn't know anything about it's there's a lot more to his deeply flawed character according to these media reports. The basic question is that which we've been asking all day RWB on web poll. And has a surprising number from me is that when last we checked approximately 57%. Said you do not trust the police. 43%. Said you do trust the police which is not good that's -- that's the wrong set of numbers Airbus so we're asking you. Do you trust the police and what about video recording and cameras and things like that now all the police people we talked to including the sheriff and some. With some -- retired policeman or want the cameras because they say it's it shows that they're doing the right thing. And what about your -- brush with the police -- may have been something minor may have been something more than minor just your thoughts Visio which take away from. Let's go to them he's been waiting a long time here let's go to nick on a cell phone -- here on WB yen. I may be our real. -- and I I was over the last -- source. Beating on -- and did I am Mike who control that -- heard -- he looked at you side. All but anyway I won't short spurts where. He liked old jewelry out beating Likud Party information. Brandon -- bad. All need a bullet down and I'm just weren't they alert you know not every we stopped there is going to be -- -- Elevate you know they do have. Discretion and other words speed limits are advisory. And if they think. That there was it was inadvertent. And the end of the right condition I think that leaves a lasting impression -- because. And now you're going to be super observance. -- -- -- so that's good yeah I think most people could give a good example of how they. Didn't write -- up and I'm glad you have that story yeah I'm -- not everybody's a hard case. And you know I set my cruise control. I don't. I don't really try. To speed. I don't really say hey. I've got off fabulously hot car here although I haven't -- our cars but I think I'll see what this baby can do no I think what happens. Is that what happens the most people is your speed creeps up on him. And if you don't keep an -- ball on that's phenomena are suddenly you're over the speed element and it depends on how much over if you are caught as the weather -- of them right and up. But they do have. The discretion. To its alleged goal would would just a warning last guy a sixteen a 55. He checked his license insurers make sure everything was Kosher and as long as it was escape most mornings and that's good and they do have that most people don't recognize or know. The speed limits are suggested. It's. There's these at -- suggested and they don't hold in bad weather. In other words you could be on say on the young men. In a snowstorm and you can't ignore 55 evenly can be going 55 every other day when it's not a snowstorm. The media it's prudent speeds under existing conditions so that if you're going 55 and a snowstorm. That's that's your -- dangerous certainly in an ice storm or cut everything down. But they do have that and that's why some people get written but some don't my advice to -- as I -- I only had three tickets in my whole life. In the first one I was driving Conosoga wagon out west for the big goal rush but -- in the three I got I took the same thing. I just gave them what they asked for no lip didn't suggest that maybe they should listen my show and give me a break now nothing. Wachovia a fake name asserted given to. They write you up there right you're up all right. It's the the big court case comes and you do what you're gonna do get that taken care of the insurance continued which are doing just move on don't don't get -- never gonna win that. Never ever ever are you going to win that so don't -- And are all right let's see how about listen in on a cellphone when -- on WB yen. Yes -- the odd years some years ago I was at my house and my roommate. Call Ryan came walking down the street too intoxicated. Screen Meola -- street. They all worked up about reply called the police. They came they -- -- out a year. Go go. By other beer hard you know from other -- what about the definitional let them my life which are complied with in my room eight. Don't want a war from Iowa which I had no I do you are. -- out in the parking ticket that I shall we totally forgot outlaw all. Daddy taught me on the weekend. -- -- -- -- the police Kolb. If we're all -- -- -- -- they would call my parents that would on the mystery. I did not enough money to bail myself while it was not a weak and they took we got the police station. -- Which most forty yards when a 12100 dollars of my bad at all. Which I've never been Iraq to before I had no criminal war occurred about law abiding through that and that god fearing woman. I had a call marketer and my mother wouldn't let me go and why -- I -- It took me and point guard on the police station. Thank god my sister had a hundred dollars cash on -- you know they are all a dollar per couple power then ask your own question daughter -- What my college education in my. I I don't know -- accused of -- out to -- style -- stupid parking it and it was so embarrassing and humility. I'm surprised that parking ticket would cause I don't know this but it would get as far as a warrants. That you know that you know I know why he. I understand something getting lost if you odds you got a parking ticket you put a majority of forget it's where I can understand that I'm surprised that it got to bet. And you know what should euphoric. And I Belmont that went out with a hundred dollars and welcome to let me go. Yeah -- -- that's not try to duck or beyond it yeah yeah I think it is. You know there's the letter of the law in the spirit of the law and one what is said that if you're good a good citizen just get it taken care of him and aren't OK ansari of sorry you had to go through -- While I didn't know that I understand that happening. People have winning lottery tickets -- this place on a parking ticket at a parking ticket most of us -- on the parking ticket. More of a nuisance than anything else. One was when he thirty bucks something like that's going to be the end of the world financially for you in knock him after going government cheese short. And so yeah it's not a top priority forget about it maybe gets lost to those weapons surprise ago at the vote the point. That it would it would warrant a warrant so to speak all right that about wraps it up but don't forget it's 2 o'clock today the National Basketball Association. As they press conference that talking about the media but the owner with a large mouth and that would keep him for what's going on there. Today on his regular thirty we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on WB Adam thanks again to press and high end. On his home in his mails them but he'll be back tomorrow see that.

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