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5-14 Tim Wenger in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

May 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Get this thing going for next year it's 65 years six years maybe a little war. You're not gonna have something ready. So we're really talking about what happens after this week suspension over the leader of the social farm life. That we all know that -- -- mr. Wilson. There's going to be new ownership -- what Roger Goodell -- last week what we've been saying for years it if you don't get it go. United UFC competition to have. There is the gauntlet right that is George as he -- this morning with John and -- -- Buffalo's early news of big proponent behind. The a proposal to bring. Multi use facility including stadium to the outer harbor facility but. Into it or else right I don't subscribe to that it really puts us in a horrible position of negotiating. A with anybody whether we need is new stadium or where to put it. I don't like only bet I do like the outer harbor site. Carl Paladino not so much he's not a big fan of that he has big concerns about getting to and from that site I do too. But I think they can be addressed beforehand. Car although I do agree with also thinks downtown buffalo in Asia republics dealer to the immediate. South and east of downtown buffalo would be good spot for new stadium. I agree I do think there will be a new stadium so really that the conversation has seemed to shift to. We're the best location is Niagara Falls of the TV have been mentioned. Those are non starters as far as I'm concerned you know. -- given my thoughts on why. Particularly Batavia disturbed -- any sense to me at all. Niagara Falls like kind of sort of get that a little bit but then you're talking about a small proportion of the number of fans coming from. Candidate smaller number not insignificant but smaller number coming from Canada and I think. This is something -- can bolster the buffalo area and that's something we've been working for years and decades to do. So let's let's keep it and put it in downtown buffalo so what do you think do we needed new stadium and where would you like to see it. Downtown outer harbor Batavia Niagara Falls somewhere else tell me what you think giving you call 8030930. And Starr at 930. Also on Twitter -- Tim. WBE and we heard lots of opinion this morning about that -- different aspects and I'll throw this in their too because a lot of you brought it up and that would be the retrofit. Of the Ralph. -- currently putting 130 million bucks in their place right now to bring it. Once again up to at least -- double standards for the you know an NFL facility. For eight Sundays a year eight times a year. You know should we sink more money into the Ralph in in retrofitted. The team the franchise doesn't seem to think that say yeah. A great option I don't. Really think it is either. Personally. But one thing I do think is that we ought to wait we should hang on. Let's do that due diligence let's figure out. You know where are the options what the options are how much they would cost who would funded let's wait for an owner or an ownership group. Than present them with everything we've found out and we can go from there. I think that's just wise that's the Smart thing to do instead of this let's get it done and in just do it. Kind of mentality and I think that that that's putting the cart before the reports 8030930 and start 930. The number four year. And and -- WB yen on Twitter fail a failure on WBBM what do you think about Elvis. And the lit it up and not yet still. I think it would be it was chosen for the United Nations. The golf course she got him. You've got -- such areas around them. Here or Easter. In the old stadium. We could advertisement. In the paper this is an international. Team there at an all out. A peace area. Phil you've got Phil you've got way too much time on your hands they think first thought let's let's pick through a well you know Mecca call anyone crazy but let's pick through it first of all. An island you know in and of itself one way on one way off OK imagine Manhattan there's multiple ways on -- -- but you know one Leon one layoffs announced he is building another. You know we can't build a bridge we can't build peace courage we can't -- bridge down with that said we can't go on now. There it was a lot of building a bridge from Canada one time. Problem because it inside to west river hooking it up to what even rode in on the tunnel under the -- He had ended the whole airport thing I don't get who cares that there's an -- -- a smaller court. I can see here now without any apple going to major airport. Well I I don't think you could I don't think you can land the type of plane that we're talking about a Grand Island if that. I'm more -- creek area. And you know. Yeah I think there's there's all that trouble free areas at the outer harbor so what's the next target. We can go to Fantasy Island when we're done I guess it's created and again I'm not slamming Grand Island great place great town you know but it just doesn't doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me that -- I think you look at it looked like a little. Like a golden horseshoe like it had been -- you know we're all over it and the money grandpa and enact a ball. You know -- -- horseshoe on the economic it's not all material and in Toronto and be done. Yeah. Okay our -- -- -- -- but it's you make T made a good presentation you're not crazy. All right thanks have a good day failure Grand Island I don't think so -- I don't think you know north I don't want to. He Orchard Park you know it's in Orchard Park now obviously we're gonna deal that for the next seven years but. No one would be happier than the Orchard Park police department if the if the bills didn't play there anymore nobody would be happier. Up to bayonet and to me except for maybe a little bit overtime here in the -- but. Men and if they go to Niagara Falls the next -- -- person would be the Erie county sheriff's department they would have to deal but again the OT for the the deputies maybe he would be happy about that but not dealing -- all the stuff that goes along. With this Sunday in the parking lot. But that anyways kind of an interest in. Idea that that Phil came up with let's go to TJ and lack of wanna hate TJ here on WB yen. It beyond you know what I'll stake in is on looking at property right in the -- a lot of -- it's our chests and -- -- And it's a big industrial -- that figure that one building there right now. -- got its roads for access to get out get -- wrote to get out you know -- five or in any -- tightly and it's it's a cute open your -- -- there's nothing there. Yeah you're talking. You're talking on the the interior section of group five like insider route five. Yeah right okay I know exactly where you're talking about there's a -- in all chipped and -- their two. For the other side -- -- -- right that the nature preserve -- be north of that area right. And I like that they're talking about the outer harbor and got. Which which would be great but I don't like it -- like tablet a small area their place stadium. I was the next -- -- there's not a with the water there in general I think super tax rate there. Yeah if you ever go down there though I'm -- you go down there is so much space down there I don't -- spaces an issue there you know. And that's even with a state park that they just announced yesterday you know there is there's eight I heard the numbers of acres that are available down there. In a story and the station I think yesterday. And it's incredible how much space there so I don't think space is an issue access may be an issue. You know for sure or is an issue yes but even it would what you say isn't that far from the outer harbor so I can't. Can't argue there I don't know how that areas owned or you know who owns it at this point. The outer harbor you know we talk a lot about because you know it is indeed an option in the city of -- behind it so the thoughts DJ. -- take you appreciate it. And I will continue this conversation now when we come back also update you on a flood watch for all of Western New York yes a flood watch again. For the entire region through Friday and it starts this afternoon. At 2 o'clock we'll give -- details along with AccuWeather. Coming up next and we continue the conversation right up until noon. As I sit here for sandy beach weather we need a new stadium and if so we're we're as the best -- -- the outer harbor or downtown buffalo what do you say 8030930. And start 930 -- WB. A lot of people they look at a peaceful and they say now what can I put in the land. Well not the weighted ball process goes you got to start with the EU. And then find the right piece -- land that you. Maximizing every possible element of the use that you could possibly do. Indication of the outer harbor one way. There's one way out. Also indicate the outer harbor where our Alltel all pumped out. Where are honest services restaurants and whatever. All -- all it infrastructures. Downtown and I didn't get there -- at this stadium site and the owner -- I don't know -- you -- -- again and that continued finally got all because you're not about our ticket is now in the availability on top. -- what you're here for sandy beach at 1123. On AM Wednesday morning almost an afternoon. Sandy hopefully Dak tomorrow not Phelan. Totally up to speed Europe to health today. Tom buy -- this afternoon following rush at 3 o'clock talk and stadium as so many people are whether we need one and if so where should it be 8030930. And star 930. John out of Eden is on WBE NN John I think you don't think we need a stadium right. And I'm not saying that idea. I'd like canola strongly the old one. Well it's not necessarily. Well maybe it is what's wrong with the John that. It's obvious status symbol for somebody. Now it's that it matches to status you know because it's. There are people would go to the Ralph and in people that are supposed to know what they're talking about would say from a site line perspective it's one of the best in the NFL but. That's not all there is to it I mean they need. You know from the from the NFL's perspective in the owner's perspective and marketing perspective they need to be able to make. You know money on this thing and and it's very limited what they can do out there wasn't designed with today's standards. In mind in that that's the problem -- trying to retrofitted. To get us through at this point you know could it work long term I guess it could. But they're saying ideally. To meet the needs of the NFL we would need and new stadium I concur I don't wanna pay for it though. Now I know what listen this is what I am this is what I am asking. All we've been hearing -- stadium all the time from 7:30 on this morning Oppenheim. And stadium. But I've never heard from the other side of the client. What is it what is -- the cynic -- me that restrooms. Where were out of gators something. Play as it is structurally there are problems I mean aesthetically there are problems and then as I mentioned you know from a from a marketing. And profitability standpoint there are problems that's what's wrong with -- You know in my house is 55 years old I mean. From a marketing scandal and I better get a little one. Well that's an entirely it's not a very good argument run -- I'm sorry John and its not a good argument you picture that you're not trying to make money by people coming your house I mean it's different. I would if if I could solve a thing else. OK and that it doesn't make a lot you know make in a lot of sense to me I don't you know your house has nothing to do that and I don't know that that doesn't doesn't hold water with me there's there's no comparison. Whatsoever so let's move on let's go to believe this is Donovan in a car he Donovan you're on WB EN. I'll veto it pretty good are you. Okay two points. The studio. There could be a multi use idiom okay agreed. But I would also like to see. The ball well they'll play in the bad weather so we can retract bill that is an outdoor stated -- a -- product for. Other venues. In older events. Yeah I mean that's definitely something that's being discussed I'm not sure if that's you know you know the only option they're looking at along the waterfront I've heard both covered and uncovered that. Yet retractable -- up in Toronto I guesses is a good approach this. But they can't open -- stadium in bad weather for some reason. It's not. -- and all the bad weather but if the bill and we all know all. The while playing in the weather. Well you know you say that but if you if you arrive at the waterfront in the new stadium in its its thirteen degrees and it's blown snow sideways and you arrive for a bills game I'd think you'd might be surprised at how many people might wanna see the roof closed. Definitely in the other place was by I got to agree with everybody don't want sit in the city awful because the city has to. We made mistakes in the past the you know you have the subway above ground. You have this -- equitable through the middle of your best park which is -- of the greatest part in the state. And usually in the Erie Canal to build. But what ninety yeah. So I -- aesthetically you know I like. The fact that either. The water fought each daughter harbor or even the republic -- site would be very tight deal. Yeah I tell you -- it should be you know we're gonna do this and in someone hopefully in individual or group is going to invest the money that you and I but. We go to this expense. I do think it should be a jewel -- on the crown of of buffalo. I think that can happen on the waterfront and likened to I think you can happen downtown I just I think you mentioned earlier. I drove through Charlotte not too long ago and I tell you when you're. I'm not sure that's 95 there or whatever the route is that goes right. Yeah if you look over you see that new stadium it's like whoa it's lecturing the face and it's like while they got a -- and and it looks awesome. And I can just imagine sitting there and an evening in and watch my game I'd like to see something like that. What you tried doubt guilt about how well what you see the -- deal with the light on the fireworks -- it's it's it's like yeah it is a that Olympic thought everybody say -- yeah everything -- how -- you got the restaurants the hotels. You've got infrastructure -- lead the world to be removed and replaced beacon we can build stopping partner in and out but it to somebody that's a bit about Grand Island -- -- -- Yeah -- will Batavia is actually do you know I don't know how real that at least it's it's something that's been fronted Grand Island was just you know guys thrown it out there and -- it didn't. There are so it was. Our it will look at data and I'll see in your luxury box -- right. Well Larry thank you. Thank you very much that is that Donovan checking in. From his cart today says downtown buffalo that is. The way to go I agree with them and I agree with the outer harbor those of the two spots and I also agree with private funding for the most part. Private funding -- organ of the -- something in outer harbor he can't get there you can't get home. Will fix that we'll fix that part first. Unlike what -- guess at this morning fix it after the got to fix that first and then integrate location 8030930. And start 930. WB yeah you're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey there -- toll free line is 1806169236. Obama for a while forward -- between -- Well what the natural place to put it if you what is your only hope that Rochester and and well or tried to -- you -- great location. But -- you think about it. That is Carl Paladino. He called in this morning to John in season after he heard George has sealed his talking on here. About the outer harbor site and -- talked a little bit about the the Batavia. A -- is pretty pretty fervent as you might have gathered in that comment. About having something in the immediate downtown area and he suggested the republic steel site which I think is an interest in one. And certainly doable one in that rate of their near. Larkin -- so that's a good spot I think the outer harbor is a good spot if they can address the getting to and from issue. Over there I think the other options are kind of nuts. I don't like Niagara Falls as a location I don't mean as a place. And added it's certainly don't like Batavia won again. Is a location that. Anything against Batavia just don't think it's a great spot for stadium and I think we would probably here at the point where. Retrofitting the Ralph is probably not. Gonna gonna work it's not on the table so. It's I think it's just a matter of when not if so if -- wind where's it going to be in downtown buffalo in the outer harbor they seem to be. The most logical things and you know the other thing too that's interesting a lot of people brought up is whether this thing ought to be -- or not. There are those people who. I think it ought to be those who don't in those who think it you know should be retractable situation like up in Toronto so. I say you know it's going to be on the waterfront or frankly in this environment -- is not a crazy thing to do. As far as the weather you know because of the weather that we yet so. 8030930 and start paying thirty those are the numbers as we continue here Tim -- for sandy beach on WB and ambled out to west Seneca. And say hello to run on WB EN Iran. Are you doing today pretty good are you. It -- right now -- the it is. It's quite adequate because I mean. You can have anybody come from other and -- No matter where you exit that stadium crowd that night deals. -- -- Yeah Iran no one no one's arguing that did their view is -- to Ralph that's not the problem. I think what you guys. I think you've got the people of -- our troops are. They're against the reds stadium always have been because. Deal lord of the one instead turned around and say it's true peace concert to -- You couldn't have any -- made no orchard buy it because they were dead against it. Yeah Iran agree that I live in Orchard Park and I don't I'm opposed to the stadium up there it's been there since I was a child it was built when I was a child. I don't think you know the people of -- Parker behind the you know getting that stadium there or or you know moving. The bills to another location and it doesn't make sense sense to me the sight lines in the stadium yet they are good in a lot of people think they're among the best in the NFL but. There's a lot more to the NFL and to a game on a Sunday then sight lines there's a lot of different marketing aspects that go into it. A lot of things in in a multi use is really important I think as we move forward. Scaling a facility. Or having the ability to scale facility two sides. If it's not going to be for an NFL and it's going to be something else you need to be able to scale for all those reasons I think that's why the Orchard Park site. Or the current Orchard Park side nations -- is just not a viable option. Nelson in Holland -- WB and Nelson. Good morning chairman Arafat immediately carriers such strong for the spring -- are familiar that tide pools and appropriate for the public -- -- supper. And -- it was a success -- but it sure that. It was taken down for strategic reasons but in the course of this thing I was approached appropriate corporation and LGB. To purchase a property courses street which support that colonel nor a poor poor people alluded to earlier -- We had during the process I eccentric and placed a sign for the purchase -- that -- -- a partner. And I don't know what this thing I have -- to the spoke to the -- where some developers. Who were front people for significant. Entities in the United States are part of that and what we identified on that site. Its accession into potential extension of the rep tranche it down to and -- we have struggled move that the chemical car. It would encompass. -- in Morse right or some more development projects like that stadium. And then there's also a part of a processor is -- street. And historic east of the the streets -- The excerpts of the women and be right that was slated to be an extension an alternate route group -- -- -- -- -- storms -- skyward. Well part of the whole thing that we had a getting in shape contract combatant by and -- corporation to develop them grow and so epic. Eighteen hole golf -- course. And eight -- twelve months a year manual. Patrol project with the -- the rapid transit. These are real message this year. And along with this was conventions under a huge conventions they would really bring development. Area. All of the process that would spur development will support for a don't -- five sector with the bulk. But what we don't want to do is crucial. Structures are in the war on I think that's what it's almost like the Niagara street ordered the intersection -- -- That has been an impediment to access to the Mac the ripper for years. The same -- troop withdrawal stadium that's that can be used -- time. Yeah and now that Nelson they'd have to build -- I agree with you I I don't wanna be an eyesore on the waterfront and if they just -- the Ralph Wilson Stadium model down on the waterfront that's exactly what you do. But I mean if they build a beautiful. Aesthetically pleasing and multi use facility that can be used twelve months a year -- I don't think it necessarily needs to be a nice. Were were -- problem in the water for. So I don't believe I that we can get around buy tickets fires and oh land site. And and that type of construction vehicle while the state of the elliptical a cover -- Burnham runnin' rebels of that of that site. But they would be well taken -- aren't site by the use of export that as a power for -- -- For one thing that I was assured by could policeman walked. People from camp that told me not suited DoubleTree hotel don't -- Norwich. This would provide a true extension of that repertory that would probably to deter the river current project in the state. You've got such street exit right there and get the another -- that was beat just east of there on every street took another entrance -- that 190. You get South Park got so much right structure already in place for traffic the company apart traffic all across the board. Arts and also you're -- output Q -- you know you're you're definitely in favor of something in the immediate two self buffalo you know Carl Paladino is idea. Okay Nelson that thanks so much and remember that the the green after talking about there was an interest in project appreciate you bringing that up. -- Ari thanks a lot Nelson appreciate it. Yeah I mean I agree with -- I like that I -- -- the idea of something. In in that area just don't think it's the only the only option in the transportation issues on the outer harbor. They don't they don't bother me you know. The other thing is you know we mentioned we don't want put an -- were in the water for no one wants to put an eyesore on the waterfront but I also think we're obsessed with green space to mean. We have -- now we have a new York state park it's going to be up there and that's great we were setting aside a lot of space for green space in public access. We've done it on the inner harbor with canal side we're doing that on the outer harbor but we don't need one huge park that extends from you know buffalo would. I think we can have some some development out there that would drop people that don't wanna walk around you know and in green space nothing against I'm just saying you know I think we need to. I'll open our eyes a little bit and in expand horizons to to include everybody so. And that's why would be a part of the reason I think the outer harbor is it's got room for just about. Everything out there residential. You know stadium -- multi use facility and the greens face -- we've all ready. Set aside. Hey if you've been in this town for awhile and listened to the radio station may remember something called rapid fire while we got a bunch of people on on hold and will be come back after the break we'll try to get to everybody. Before the top of the hour so be concise be clear. Load up the lines and will will let you have your speak on on this whole situation about a stadium do you want one where do you wanna. And give me your your opinion your two cents he heard from the experts this morning on WB yen now wanna hear from you. 8030930. And start 930 Tim -- here for sandy on WBE. Tim Laker here for sandy beach she's out today hopefully back tomorrow we've been talking about the stadium issue they did all morning long and Buffalo's early news. Five different opinions and now it's time for yours do we need a new stadium and where. 8030930. And start -- thirtieth set churned through some calls as we lead up to the 12 o'clock news. With Tom pocket here WP -- here's David Lancaster Dave you are on WB yet. Dad could have there don't you do. -- OK I just joked that that they helped out a bit at the car and they're read to eat -- -- the art but. That the outside of the stadium of that road. Or are. Actually part at bat. That's billions of dollars. So people don't have the want it that although -- -- Now we didn't say it now under what the I have to applaud. Well they're all good at the end of all body I agree let them do it I don't be -- -- -- -- at -- Or that they. Went the other -- the idea. Yet there's -- -- 130 million dollars and that facility the just robot. Correct and ideal -- while at the end -- -- but it. I couldn't get you right here but I -- -- -- I wouldn't be that state. The people and I look forward and he got it see now I feel I probably won't -- -- that -- -- -- population. That -- that they are that it that sort of body stop. The four people aboard is mark and I think we should try to help that Obama. For the spotlight no matter -- -- players. I -- look -- back to work well. Our Dave thank you very much appreciate the phone call and from Dave we moved to Bob in Amber's state Bob your on WBBM what do you say about all this. Okay thank you guys aren't just 100 guilders two point actually. One that like to go back in the history of little desk at one time we are proposing eight domed stadium convention charter. Had my capture. I remember. And we would have retained the ball well brave. We were first in line for a Major League Baseball. Franchise that ultimately went to. I think it -- San Diego. OK okay so the penalty because they were being squeezed by Ralph Wilson. Broke the contract which -- trial. OK so he could viewed as the open air stadium -- Control finally wore on is due in court. That can only instituted the point 75%. Tax sales tax that just paying for the law shouldn't. And we still pay you for that lawsuit. For a stadium that everybody wants to put away. Check complement like to make is nobody's spotted a pivotal play expect. One would be wrong with trying to reclaim some of that Bethlehem steel land which is condemned for everything else on the world. Google sufficiently. To put up the stadium park commodity got all the -- the world there. Yeah I do it I know there's there are concerns there a bit of contamination and you know why they can't just start -- you know there. While they could start digging a larger share crucial thing over with whatever's available these days okay. Because. The leak itself might not be useful for anything else because of the contamination along the shoreline. Pushed general -- pollution. Dumping job to extend our property out into the way right this -- This flag and all that other kind of stuff like couldn't be sure for that which something into the -- technology. That put the stadium there a domed stadiums convention center. -- another option Bob thank you very much and let's. Go to one more here pay here on WB and what's up. And talk to me I am talking do you go ahead of I'm in certain. I agree it's got to be in the city of buffalo. And it should be a multi purpose stadium he's spending these kinds of money for. Ten times a year uses crazy. And on the ostensibly what color of the -- -- site but. If that works or should be there or some other areas of the city that maybe can. Are being cleaned out enough Irving. But it should be in the city and a multi purpose and appropriate -- available in the city and the art harbor. Okay Sergio thank you very much appreciate the phone call and Mike in Hamburg. You have the privilege of being our final call today and WB and in this issues in your opinion a year -- you have the final vote on what we're doing here. I loved the Ralph. I think it should be either refurbished or adjacent stadium being built right next to it there's enough parking spaces around the. But can accommodate anybody. What as the thing that the -- -- -- the Ralph right now. The concourse you need more concessions stand even put on the outside I don't care what people go out they go out first cigarette not anymore. All my point being any good beer distributors everybody's crowded they pour the beer -- there not the limit. Think they need more on TV in the concourses so people could see the game. It yet they've got to TV is an art direction apple mile long he can't think. It can be done but the money to good use the stadium looks wonderful. Okay Mike thank you very much and and enjoy the games you know he brings up some good points I think a lot of what he brings up though is being addressed in this current retrofit. You know they're they're adding to the concourse making more space there adding vendors. You know they're integrating different types of things that are that are going to be available on this seems so a lot of that is being addressed. At the stadium there's certain things that they say they just simply cannot in the structure out there addressed. Some of them being you know more boxes that are needed. Two to generate more revenue for for the facilities -- You know I think the best is a new stadium somewhere else not on that site and I think the reason I think is. Is to bring more concentration of development in to the downtown buffalo quarter reaching a lot of development along the waterfront in the medical court -- along canal site. And some development albeit mostly green space and the outer harbor. Let's continue that -- bring it to the central focal area which is downtown buffalo or the immediate adjacency of the outer harbor. Orchard Park doesn't do that Niagara Falls doesn't do that Batavia. Certainly does not do that so I think downtown buffalo the way to go the outer harbor a lot of private money. Lots of space. Shovel ready this fix fix the -- transportation issues how people get to and from. And it's easier way. Because in about a week or so AM Tim Wenger sitting here for sandy beach. Hopefully he's back tomorrow Tom -- coming up after Rush Limbaugh at three and top pocket with the latest on that flood watch for all of us next on WP Kia.

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