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Ted WIlkinson - Vietnam Vets of America

Jun 1, 2014|

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It's hard I NN news radio 930 WB and this is de -- good morning. Did you President Obama on Friday. And a few minutes ago such urgent -- premieres on resignation. With considerable threat. I accepted but until this morning. The VA needs new leadership he does not wanna be a distraction because his priority is to fix the problem and make sure bets are getting the care that they need. On Friday the president did announced the resignation of veterans affairs secretary Eric consecutive. -- in second gave the president some sort of internal accounting that showed basically in some cases especially at the VA medical center in Phoenix Arizona. That's schedules were pressured there the fake information to make it look like patient waiting times for medical appointments we're nowhere near as long as they actually work. There's also an investigation looking into whether people on those long waiting list waiting for treatment. And died let's talk about it -- Ted Wilkinson is on the line from Warsaw New York Wyoming county. He's a former member of the national board of the Vietnam veterans of America. He's also the VVA state director who served two tours in Vietnam was with the twentieth engineering brigade. Two bronze star with valor also recipient of New York State can pick US service -- the highest award the New York gives up -- combat valor. Mr. welcome and thanks for your service and a thanks for joining us this morning you're welcome give me your reaction to the firing of general says that he wasn't necessary do you think. Yes you know I'm still. Cheap second usual. Dedicated to veterans. Now. You -- -- somewhat -- Who got what he says problem that is. Itself. But. This has been. Going on in 2000 and there's been reports I have heard rumors myself. I'm sure he must have heard rumors that should have been looked at long time ago we're now. And media and the bring it to the floor for a what is it you've heard in that regard from other veterans. Yet tomorrow. I'm not. And the alternate director for national board. For Vietnam veteran American -- state director. Amman are object in Stockton again. Communication -- for all these rumors from across the country. Different probably at least -- -- including Hawaii and Alaska. Well. It up I I hear. And I think they go on and various. And different not. And it seemed unusual. When you say this you're talking specifically now about the long wait times to be seen the books that may have been -- covered all up. Yeah. Now. There have been and in good director I guess and -- An awful being -- at the media had pushed. Al veterans' claims were delayed taking years and PP yes the -- it'd be he garnered 16100. New psychiatrists. In -- veterans affairs system. Can handle. And it's one thing after another he has what can he keep taking -- out. Every everything that we need to start Vietnam veterans we hit a couple -- -- Issues and still needed to address and he and he brought up she make our condition Lou Gehrig's disease and parkinson's may -- presumptuous or. Let them are very good job that this. Is. Criminal like it. In Kenya and that veteran. It is willing. To lay -- your life for an American. -- them. Now. Are allegedly. Paying these people were willing to take a veterans' life can help themselves. And add just 180. Degree opposite. Of the way. Veterans and when you speak. To help them out there. The program. The setup so they can get promotions. They can get their bonuses. Based on match at all. BP BA and believe that we need a different way. To measure performance. The current system. It uses. Not obviously not working. So you think the mandate that someone be seen within fourteen days this whole waiting Wisconsin should be scrapped. Well you know what's most important right now -- -- but most important right now is that -- Yeah independent. Very very inspector general. Sluggish 17100. Order -- -- What are waiting to actually grew niche. They're just not get put in the system because that kind of -- in that doesn't start to reported an assistant so they won't put in an assistant. -- Get Americans in America right now is our biggest concern is. Do you still get these seventeen on the -- looked it looked maybe we'll -- Obama president. To. Mobilize the National Guard. Even FEMA. We want these guys that ever since reading these players to see. We don't want another like Cosby present this is our most important issue right now let's get these guys taking care. How do you do that do use outside doctors I know some people have suggested privatization. Well we're pretty seventh. These seventeen under right now I'm I'm saying. That within three days they need to be looked at -- the most serious but more stressful and saying that the president can mobilize. That guard reserve or National Guard for thirty to ninety days what. To bring in the medical thing. People run and I am also. He must -- and saying this trio actually. In -- If he what is. Is. Let me we don't want to lose another life and. Outside are saying. It is good can be good. But then I'm sure and there's billions at all that there shouldn't under quite -- -- mystic especially if he's specialist. Looked up to six months to accuse maybe more sometimes to get out to the so outsourcing may not very well be an answer. This sounds good but practicality. It probably won't work. So let's say they've cleared out the back club what kind of reforms would you want to see the next secretary take after that. All what I looked. Recommendation. To me out. I hit a couple -- Sounds like you've got -- The nation's biggest -- financing. Like to see. Vietnam veterans of America would like to see an emergency supplemental appropriation. Of a two year. Money. Located the minimum not amount to be -- and has billion dollar to be used solely for direct political career. Deck the big issue there at -- But but confirmed there had been paying you isn't it great you can make more money is -- that period billion line. -- That money would probably be answered everything. And -- and -- Faldo and that you're with angry. And then speaking accomplish -- being up another subject of the day yeah it really irks me. There have been problems. With community. For many many years here and -- little -- Congress and it didn't say but don't you didn't know where action Turkey's name a lot of picked under contract but. Well you know election year they are jumping on the band played -- all let's take care of our merchandise support elections this is disgusting. Once it's not that their actions technique went to replace. They'll probably forget all about this but during her campaign to go harboring not. I accept part of the veteran issue. One road and they're gonna churn rate around -- forget about. Talk about your service and how often you needed the VA what experience have either you had or other veterans that you've talked to locally. Our. Well -- -- -- -- Across the country ranges from. Generally good to very good. And now. A few that are often excellent. We hadn't been lucky. Our healthcare system. In and buffalo in Western New York buffalo to -- and -- -- fact I believe and -- -- -- -- -- -- We are well taken care of our appointment. I had no personal problems now I used to tour they used. When I get out of the servers in 1972. It would probably be a shuffle. In Egypt then shuffle Geron will be a bit. There. World War II veterans that opinion that the captain is but they'd be learned the game. It would blow it got better in the ninety's. Learn a bit and then the mid two thousands it's really. Com leaps and bounds while I'm talking about this particular area tested now I don't know yet speak for all the other. But actions. Hospitals but I person is not. Going to me that's one thing we. But Vietnam veterans of America motion and request. Net all of VA health care he. Meeting with veterans. Perhaps -- I Motley team should get their input. This has been going on for many years. Our buffalo. Has done -- I get to be one meant. Eight. -- -- I meet with the director. Counsel and treasury conflict. So. We if that helps you know they in the prior input and we we got a little problems. I could picture that if that was in place and all the other facilities of red flag would have probably gone up sooner. Director would have seen the problem before people died. Well sure yeah we've -- Its. Bottom line is greed. They they were willing to sacrifice a veteran. To put money towards to benefit themselves. There are it's and you find and and many group. Walker likely EP go to restaurants sometimes you need a waitress communication function numbered. Or that he noted he cannot it and you mean that they you know but she facetiously. When they need. Some people ordered her to get a big check in at all. What do you find that wouldn't be patient amendment civilian life. Greeted. The percentages are high for veterans. Working in from -- yen and the malveaux trajectories that you don't understand that. And they care -- it's a brotherhood sisterhood route with that should. -- The roach told deeper than just doing it because that they can feel good thing it is part of shell. I would like to see. Our our. The government give -- no -- system. Money. To have our veterans. They come back trying to in the medical field. Yet to pay it and for every. Year of medical they're required to give at least two years of service to Veterans. Hospital. That would that would help Chris. Should consult they go through security medical school that they have to work twelve you're. I hear what you're saying about what you want to see happen what do you think will happen how does this and. -- -- Capello is an excellent question that I don't know if anybody really has the cancer. He took. It would take crystal ball hadn't been right now. Thanks to the media. They will let them somewhat. But let's say a dirty election -- diamond people don't need cam playing regularly. Lose they won't care about defections. So there's talent and. About congress and you know. Haven't really been getting dinged on nick convention. Indian -- -- in the campaign director going to be kicking the veteran that's what's gonna happen. You're just going to be. Water over the -- actor after smoking. Were pretty much out of time is there anything else you needed to say. Are. You -- I really appreciate you giving me an opportunity. One billion dysentery. Are discussed in. Issue and then. That may be a -- I'm that it doesn't like to think the median guess for bringing it to the forefront because that's the only things get done. Mr. Wilkinson thanks for your time and your welcome think they've got that America. That's Ted Wilkinson the New York State director of the Vietnam veterans of America.