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Gov. Cuomo On NYS Senate, Lt. Gov Hochul & The Bills

Jun 8, 2014|

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this -- Devo coming up at 11 o'clock Sam Bradford this year from buffalo schools district parent coordinating council. We don't look back at some remarks made on Friday by superintendent brown about. How she feels as she was subtle about it but basically she said look at what people and opposition to mean have been saying. Their could be racism at work here and then she went on to this is part of reform touting basically the things that she has done. She then went on to say that there is progress but she is still looking at obviously leaving the district because after July 1 board members are pretty much. Given that they're going to vote her out of office she's still there. We'll talk about that coming up at 11 o'clock I still wanted to to spend the remainder of this hour though on Governor Cuomo he was in town on. Thursday of this week. And -- said some interesting things that I had never really heard before I think it's worthy of bringing you some of this. He talked a little bit about lieutenant governor Kathy Oakley was in town to tell these start up New York -- tax free zones where businesses that set up near universities. Will have ten years of no income tax for their employees and ten years of no tax actually on the business in New York State. In the process he was saying many of the things he said about the buffalo billion about an emphasis on Western New York. And the thing that made me prick my -- up -- kind of knew this but this the first time I think I heard him say it. He also said that when it comes to his administration. If he gets elected lieutenant governor -- local becomes lieutenant governor. He said he would then also put her in a rule. Primarily being sort of his emissary to Western New York let's hear those kinds. You have never seen as much focus by upstate New York are on upstate New York by the state government. As you have by this administration. In modern political history. Period my lieutenant governor Robert Duffy former mayor of Rochester has been magnificent. Taking jobs one focusing on the upstate economy by the way my new lieutenant governor is gonna be just as good. Focusing on the upstate economy in Western New York but it became a focus. Again not hugely significant but I was the first time I heard him say that specifically she would be concentrating. On economic development issues as did the current lieutenant governor Robert -- Now on another remark that he made in minute conversation with reporters was talking a little bit about the New York State Senate. We've been talking all morning this morning about the working families party convention last weekend. In order to get their endorsement he pledged some things including. A change in Republican Senate Leadership. He's running ads right now that says he's been bipartisan that he has worked with Republicans and Democrats. In some ways he's kind of use the senate Republicans as as. A way to whip the Democrats into the position that he wants he sort of whipsawed one against the other. Democrats won majority in the 2012 elections. There was some independent breakaway Democrats. That lined up with Republicans to give them the majority in the senate. He said that he would basically target them as well. He's backed away from metal -- he said no I I certainly want a change in leadership but we can also work together he's taking a middle ground there. And some of the analysis about all of this has speculated that. By taking on the state senate the mostly Republican mostly upstate state senate. That he would be hiding. Western New York. And upstate New York. Out of power because if the dead Democrats took the state senate chances are the leadership would be New York City Democrats. So there's that concept a reporter actually asked him about that and set -- you're talking about upstate New York you talking about buffalo billions you're talking about boosting the area. What about the state senate and the lack of empowerment that you would be handing. To upstate New York if Democrats got in power in the state senate here's what that exchange was about. Governor what do you say residents living -- -- -- -- which represented by. Republicans right now -- concerned about losing influence and Albany. If Democrats take control old house. When I know. Look we are in the -- three -- Political season now we have political conventions going on Democratic Convention Republican Convention socialism conservative. In the -- conventions. So -- into the political season people make up their mind who to vote for. And that's what normally happens and then we'll go back to open and we'll keep making the statement Thursday. I'm right now the other thing that I wanted to bring you sum his comments about the Buffalo Bills stadium want other topics after this but it's it's an extended chance here where we get to hear. Where his thought processes have evolved in Africa to. Part of the process. Two. And yes -- states but concerns. Well. I have concerns yes. -- concerns in general. There also concerns about the Buffalo Bills. Look I am going to do everything I can to keep the bills in buffalo. I think they are great asset. For. Buffalo. Remember it's the only football team that we have that actually is in our state. So are we do everything that I can. There are a lot of reports there are a lot of rumors frankly I don't think anybody knows exactly what he's talking about it now. Because I think it's a developing situation. By definition. So. We're trying to do everything we can to keep every option open. We have this stadium and we went through this just a couple of years ago we didn't negotiation. Where we got a seven year extension. Which I was very pleased to get and and thankfully. We got that done otherwise we really have a problem today right. So we have the seven year extension. That we originally negotiated. We're doing the improvements to route which we discussed. We also said at that time we would look good in new stadium. The commissioners says he thinks in new stadium. Is advisable I don't think he said. Went as far as saying it's a condition proceeding to them stay anybody commissioners said. The new stadium. Would be advisable. So. All options open I wanna do everything that we can. I'm not gonna respond to the rumor of the day because. Again I don't know that anybody knows. I am talking to every one -- can talk to. I'm tracking down as many rumors as I -- track down. And again with flexible we wanted to do whatever we can do. If it came down to a new stadium you -- now talking a large expense. Is no doubt about that. And now we would have them look at. Look at it literally the facts and circumstances. Of the stadium you have. Some stadiums are -- -- stadium some stadiums are part of a larger economic development complex. And a number of people raise a good point witches. We just started the renovations. The current stadium. And that's complete those renovations so. We're boosting the balls are being with flexible. And we want from this day and is. Things get more definitive. -- will respond according to him. -- -- in favor of a complete overhaul Ralph Wilson. Hate him you know we aren't. I am. I want the bills to step. And when we find out exactly what the terms and conditions will be for the bills this day. Then. You know will address it. The the transaction that we already negotiated a year or so ago. Was exactly that seven years and we would. At that time the the anticipation was. We would modify the existing stadium. And that's what we don't. And our thought and belief at that time was that was enough. In total fairness at that time we also started the new stadium. Committee to contemplate a new state. So we can't say that the conversation -- the new stadium has taken us totally by surprise because we had this conversation last euros. And again. I don't know I don't know again there -- A lot of people who are interested. I hadn't heard about a a Canadian company but it doesn't surprise me either. And I've heard all sorts of options I've heard some buyers aren't used to be keeping your buffalo some people want to move it. Some people on -- -- in the states and reform movement of the country. So we'll see let's let the dust settled let's get some specifics. And find out what we're actually dealing with -- factual basis. And then -- addresses if if it's modifications to existing stadium great because we're already going down that road. If they said well it won't stay unless there's a new stadium. Then we're going to have to probe that discussion. What do you mean by new stadiums and new standalone stadium as part of a larger. Redevelopment economic development project. And then it's about the money right. And then he went on to say from there that if they do and a building in new stadium. In downtown buffalo something has advocated before by the ways says if there's a new stadium should be downtown. His remarks here moved just a little bit away from that. Saying cost is going to be an issue we address but if we put it downtown there is enough economic development spin off he says. As if it's part of a bigger complex that that would make it worthwhile to put state money into.