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Bill Samuels & Zephyr Teachout - Dems Opposing Gov. Cuomo

Jun 8, 2014|

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For the majority of this hour we're going to be talking about Governor Cuomo. As you know. Last week the working families party put up but quite a lot of opposition to Governor Cuomo but ultimately in the end he pledged that he would help them out. That he would support them that he would look to increased the minimum wage that he would definitely no longer support Republicans in the state senate. And in return for that he got the endorsement but there are still echoes of resistance to him coming from the left side of Democratic Party. My next two guests -- people that I wanted to try and bring in last week. When may be that iron was a little hotter. But nonetheless there is still a lot talked about here let's begin with -- bill Samuels bill is one of those who has been talking for quite awhile. About the fact that Governor Cuomo is not progressive enough he was one of those that may be a month back put out a poll that said he's vulnerable from the left. And it was one of those I assume bill that was at the working families party convention last week where you share. Absolutely thanks for joining us this morning. You're the man who was talking about running for lieutenant governor in a primary against -- local. Now your not. Why. -- opposition. Potential opposition has nothing to do it -- well. She's a perfectly qualified. Candidate to beat lieutenant governor and I'm from Western New York grew up and candidate -- York. And I am perfectly comfortable forward wreck. But this is all about Andrew Cuomo. We see many of us feel it is a mediocre. With the election night type personality and has not done enough. From New York State in particular for Western New York court. -- interest -- he is campaigning in many ways on the things that he is done for Western -- the buffalo billion. Start a New York all of these other programs you don't feel he's done enough -- New York. Well -- give Unix there. Out of business. And certainly would not consider myself and then by the good solid mother. Democrats. Are property taxes in western -- its Cairo rock. The reason is Andrew Cuomo is not telling us troops. In effect. New York and Cuomo are the only people in the United States that are so I think eight point four billion hours. In property taxes to the saudis. For our Medicaid program. I totally support a strong Medicaid program. But he's the only one that. If we say how the fund unfunded mandate of Medicaid over eight years. To be to do it like the other 49 states do. The property tax in buffalo but only property text goes down literally by 95%. He's trying to tell us this 2% property taxes they could deal it's a terrible. In righteous to New York. We world where he unfunded mandate of Medicaid. The property to exit the county goes down by 58. And he is. Docket count. In this speak since 1966. Our population in buffalo Rochester and Syracuse as he heartened. Tremendously. And yet we call assesses. The meditate. Program against property taxes decline. It's absolutely not truthful. In -- if we got to confront him especially in Western New York is not user. Were they able to take back that county sharing and bear the burden themselves wouldn't state taxes go up an equivalent now amount. Eat a penny -- And and so -- equipment that they go up and let's take a step there. Let's say you're a business person in your running. Only in Erie county and a gaga or Monroe. In here trying to bring in the business. What happens is you have a competitive disadvantage to every single county in pennsylvanians. Teachers across United States. Now if you reduce the county property. Then allows our county executives. To do a much better job of bringing in business the second thing it does for people that retire. They can no longer afford these -- out the checks they are leading our state. So the answer to your question is if you pay to go over eight years one I claim we will increased business growth and jobs. In Western New York in effect across. New York State. That -- painful part -- -- and you'll have less people or -- -- when they retire as they can afford to stay. And who actually Andrew Cuomo in 2011 counts four billion dollars toward the millionaires to -- time bin Laden this year. If you pay eight point four billion out over eight years its opinion here I'm telling you any top executive. You know 140. A billion dollar budget confined opinion if you don't do -- all yes you may have to. -- the income tax but at least it is a progressive text it's got to read. Almost not telling that your. Now that's the part that I expected you to say. Going into this I thought well geez bill Samuels is a a leader of the progressive opposition. Capital. You want to see the attacks on on the wealthy rise. What are some the other progressive causes more liberal causes that you think the governor is a slacking. Well let's take it that I didn't. I think income taxes cut to increased aren't saying who run the government like a business guy. You can lower property tax about doing it if you after you might have so whether rights a little -- It's 49 other states don't do it this way why is New York. Let's take education you were talking about school board earlier. Andrew Cuomo. -- a discriminatory. Anti minority. Approach to education and let me let me explain why. If you take the hundred lawless income. Districts. In new York. And you just start off with with the beginning funding. They received 8616. Dollars less per student. Then do the rest of the districts in this Y. And it's because. Of the property to its. In are. Approach to education. Is based on a constitutional. Clause that was written. In 1894. And we -- -- changed its since. In in these Levittown decision. 1982. It sent specifically. That the New York State constitution does not require equal funding per student. Now if you start out. With -- and institutions run by our governors. That sense. That you don't have to find equally start -- unfair -- educational system. Cuomo has -- taken visionary leadership to change. So the minute you put the 2% property to accept and purses radically reducing. The text. It in the opener rich neighborhood 2% of a hundred dollars what human creature into generational spending. Two dollars. If you live in the neighborhood it's got property valued at one dollar you increase by 20% so by definition. This property there -- As -- player. So the court districts. And he's done nothing. At all to really advanced. Education. Are you able to take him on on these issues without helping out. Republican candidate -- best Reno. We are gonna take him. And I absolute dedicated Democrat but there's nothing wrong with having strong Republican Party which. There's nothing wrong -- Democratic Party is not properly -- To elector Republican. I'm not gonna vote I don't know rap history -- American vote form. But I clearly. Will be one of many it will follow. During the campaign will ask both candidates. Argue in favor of reducing county property taxes rolling back this Medicaid -- Argue for eliminated this 2% text camp and fundamentally requiring something perishable. That every school district. Should get the same amount of money at minimum. Per student to -- have a whether I -- in court is to begin with we start off. -- -- there's a persistent pattern of outcomes that are deficient. In this school district. In the states should provide more money for those court. Districts to allows. Our students and families to move into the middle class and that this gesture you know answered those questions better than Cuomo then maybe you will be served the bush. To what degree are you prepared to press that argument being on shows like this is certainly one. Are you going to fund dad is this can we call this campaign. I think -- fortunately no. I when I announced that I might take on the working can't vehicle and it had nothing to do like. It was because. I knew I worked closely with citizen action in the working families party over a year and I knew required contaminate a woman. To be it's. And I would be part of that ticket making a contribution. It never entered my mind. That the working families party. Would end up endorsing Cuomo and and the only reason they did is -- she -- Fundamental issues. But the fundamental issues -- the work we've judged. Discussed. That left me isolated as sort of a last minute -- candy and while I will personally and priority has started. Travel around the state and these issues. For example and that would make -- and Rochester and -- locally -- Whether the press spends. Pays any attention to these other issues. Time will tell I will do my best I will be articulate. And I will take and Andrew Cuomo who's been a mediocre governor. But no -- -- and spend. You know millions of dollars doing so. All right interesting stuff bill thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you. That's bill Samuels and the man who at one point was talking about running against -- hopeful for lieutenant governor of New York State. Now let's bring in a another may be sort of possible candidate -- teach out she's a forum are excuse me -- Fordham law professor. Down in New York City she was a person who at last weekends working families party convention. Was the one pretty much everyone thought and and -- help me out I'm paraphrasing wrongly here. Everyone pretty much thought that it would be you or Andrew Cuomo he made those concessions to get the working families party endorsement. And that sort of left few alum called device summarized correctly. Hi thanks first of all for having me on the show glad you're here I don't feel out the -- I gotta tell you I feel. Unbelievably. Warmly welcomed by working daily Democrat. We. Ran a very short campaign against Andrew Cuomo and ended up with. 41% of the vote he got 50% of the vote in the end but I gotta say it's the opposite of cold I played. I I really made some wonderful connections there I was really warmly welcomed and and I -- know I'm now. Exploring. Whether or not to make -- run against Andrew Cuomo in the democratic primary. You beat me to my next question where does that stand. Well. What do -- core commitments and I first started thinking about. Running against Andrew Cuomo in. Actually march was as well it's gonna tell the truth that Gillick there's a little too little truth in politics these days so here's where IMAP. I really want to do I'd just have to figure out if I can put together the resources for credible run. Now -- listeners may or may not know. But in New York there is say. Pretty steep requirement in order to get on the ballot even actually contested primary. And there's a short amount of time in which I need to collect a lot of signatures. The practical questions are it can we collect the signatures in time we raise the money that we need to do that want to do that out the next week or so. Well I'll make a final decision. And to be certain here this would be the democratic primary working families is no longer an issue that's off the table that's right. One -- they're they're a smaller sized group why not. Go it there where he would need fewer signatures. No I I I I should be frank with you you know I'm working with my team and and nothing -- off the table but my my. Intention in my direction and my focus has been on the democratic primary Democrats. And I would love to be governor. But I also think it's incredibly important to have this debate -- in the Democratic Party. About what it means to be a New York Democrat. These efforts teach out is here. She was one of the people looking at the working families party nomination for governor. At a convention last weekend that was given to Governor Cuomo she is now talking about the possibility. Of a democratic primary against him. Zephyr first of all I have to ask you this stamps or I'm not the only in new York and I'm sure you're not gonna take offense but he's probably been asked that thousands of times -- -- You know where I'm headed -- Zephyr rain teach out. Yeah that that's your actual name. That in my actual in the last name is Dutch and right before and I started this round I asked my vote and they they have given me permission. To say that they -- happy news is that okay. -- out and I was born in 1971. And I I grew up in rural Vermont. There's a lot of creativity. And that my my name is one of the yes side effects that creativity not my my my mom and dad to my dad teaches law I don't get the wrong impression. Sort through a teacher that I thought was also perhaps a name that that proves a point that's the Dutch origin of interest thing. About -- let's get back to what you were saying before the break the idea that if you don't run it because the bar is high do you think or to what degree do you think. The deck is stacked against non establishment candidates. Yeah I mean it's say it's been heavy burden. You know one -- I wanna keep more broadly about what I see that -- getting on the ballot is one of many barge. Unfortunately the biggest bar is is raising money in general. And what what I -- in the state is -- involve politics and an economic. The system is ring. And unfortunately under Paula part of that broken system and I'm worried that he is not gonna fix it. One reason I wanna get involved is. A lot of policies in talk about it let's talk about start a New York in the different economic approach I would bring. But there's a bigger reason which I think we have an opportunity changed some basic structural rule. To make it easier for more people to come into politics and some basic structural rule. To make it easier from horse small businesses. To to rise and and and know that people reasons I would look together. Sounds like you're a public financing advocate. I am I I have for the last ten years when my real focuses as a lot professor at the constitutional scholar. And as an organizer has been pushing for public funding of elections. Now that the -- it would work in New York for electors you don't know. Is it an ideal system you would get for every fifty dollar twenty dollar contribution. That candidate would get -- six times that from the statement. This sounds pretty technical but it would transform the way candidates think it work because I wake up in the morning and thanks. Well I think I doubt about. You know but that's a crowd of fifty people. And -- talk that those people -- are ten of them I can raise several thousand dollars I'm gonna go talk to those fifty people. Rather plan a a large corporate or union -- Actually the way to estimate that up now. You know a candidate like me it's very clear that my job is supposed to be a wake up and think it's part and I can. About what policies that I have for the lines with some of the richest people in the world. -- right now. Why am I might take you a little bit test that you talk about the richest people world that there's also -- unions involved they're now. No that's right. I mean what what what I'm interested in is areas where you can raise money. Where there's small dollar contributions behind it -- that reflects the voice of -- greater. -- -- people and we got to be clearing -- them in my -- collected in unions they're raising -- from -- And those canisters small dollar contributions. -- lot closer to representing. Abroad or swap. However that we -- -- for our news break up and that's OK we will get to more right after this I promised. This effort teach out is here it's news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio on 930 double B yeah and good morning this -- -- Fordham university law professors effort teach out here. -- for about another ten minutes last weekend she was denied the working families party nomination for governor. It went to Governor Cuomo so now she's considering a run against him in a democratic primary. At first thanks for for being here tell me a little bit about the policies you wanna bring to the table. If it's safe to say that Governor Cuomo was too conservative for you. I wanna thank you go properly or getting a chance to talk to your listeners I've not been the upload a few times most memorably. In that 2000. I don't know if anybody remembers the lake effect storm -- not. I had a longer visit that I had planned but it didn't you welcoming -- Other than a big storm it got me way laid there and I hope -- play. If I do end up -- one of my first visit will be out to can meet with more folks there and and talk about what the possibilities are there so it's really thanks for having me on. Earlier this week on Thursday Governor Cuomo was in town. Talking about start up New York you have a problem with that. Yeah that not that. We've had very different approach towards economic development. Now. As as you you're listeners may now basically start up creates tax free zone around public universities. And that qualifying businesses don't have to take sales tax property tax corporate taxes. Basically. The economic development program is. We will essentially pay you look at you are really good deal to him. And that the ideas battle unleash them entrepreneurial activity. What I see -- the Vatican actually forming a substantive policy that we need for the kind of entrepreneurial activity I'd like to see in New York. It's only a short term plan because if another state -- for a better deal those businesses are going right out the door. So what I'd like to see is more a focus on the real issues. In this way of business group. Let me -- -- for this tomorrow my understanding though the start -- New York is. That tax free period for both the business and their employees. Is ten years long doing -- -- mean during those ten years wouldn't we babies getting the economic gain of having those jobs here. Not long term plan and it doesn't it doesn't actually. Do any thing after the Spaniard and it doesn't do anything if their overseas opportunities instead. I like to see that that is. Money that we would say from not basically paying businesses. Go into infrastructure. Going to school. Investment schools -- not attain your pre plan it's a plan for a lifetime. Think as I understand buffalo has them some crumbling infrastructure I know it's doing its best addressed that I'd rather see more state support for that. And also are in our finance policy a real support towards promoting local manufacturing. Family restaurant independent retailers. -- the whole suite of policies need to go to the details but the fact is the governor of New York says how wanna invest in the long term. Innovative strategy small business strategy in buffalo its not about and a few businesses to comfort for a decade. That Al be one of the focuses on my campaign I changed around and another which is related is is education I just feel like this governor has a proponent begin. -- started by proposing one of the largest cuts to education funding in state history. Even though that didn't go through the school have been relatively star. Visited the school iPad only in record at one visit to schools so I don't see. Is -- fundamental concern an appreciation. But the important. An education plays in our economy and in our in our citizenry. I hear your criticism a little bit of schools there I hear -- criticism of start a New York there. And in some ways you're echoing Republican candidate rob best Reno are you different from him. I think we have that basically different approach towards income tax policy. Although after Reno as a similar critique. Some of the problems with schools. I don't you know pushing for the level of full funding that I'd like to see. I want it right now the the tax system in New York is upside. Very wealthiest people actually -- add up all the taxes. Became a less as a percentage than middle class people. I'd like to see much greater investment and after Reno would all kinds of areas that Republicans talk a lot about small businesses. But unfortunately. In the past several decades really set the early eighties. You haven't seen that kind of systemic investment in the lending policy that you need to actually allow for the small businesses. I hate to ask you this right on the air because if -- a tough spot. Were sent to get some phone calls and would you mind standing as staying with us -- longer than the person you'd be able to. Actually on I have to get to church I got about two more minutes. Okay all right then then real quickly talk to me about this to tell me. About. The split in the Democratic Party are you worried. That -- primary. What you want to do that try and pull the party to the left a little bit. Are you worried that what you would be delivering to Democrats is similar to the trouble that Republicans have split on the national scene with Tea Party conservatives. How wanna be clear I'm not just about pulling that democratic part of the left actually about representing the people of New York right now they do not have a choice there's basically a Republican and Democrats clothing and -- Republicans now and in the blue state I wanna represented. And I also want to raise some idea about business and industry and manufacturing -- enforcement think had been dormant unable to left. And right. So I'm not that light is that where -- I I -- I believe anything at all my students now my deepest commitment is to democracy in open public debate and I think it's about time we have more into. All right in light of the fact you gotta get church what have you on a longer later in the right here once once you've declared we'll take some phone calls that. -- thanks for joining us. But by that is its effort teach out she's a Fordham university law professor she's talking at least about running for governor against Andrew Cuomo. She's the one again that last week and last Saturday was the hoping to be the working families party nominee. That went to Governor Cuomo and as a result she says OK now. -- am a Democrat anyway now I'm looking to run and the Democratic Party.