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Sam Radford- Buffalo Schools Dist. Parent Coord. Council

Jun 8, 2014|

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Here's W. And what do we -- this -- car. We are talking a little bit today about the buffalo school boards specifically school superintendent Pamela brown. On Friday there was actually at a reception for her more of a rally and it ended up but turning out to be. A lot of people in the audience not only praising her and wishing she would stay. But to some degree there was an undercurrent from the crowd. Saying that the reason she's got being gotten rid of the reasons who must negotiate a settlement before new board vote votes throughout. Is that the attacks on her were rooted in racism. There was a lot of discussion from the audience at this forum that said that is the root cause and that's a shame. So we're gonna talk a little bit more about that the first and went to a place some of the remarks from that particular form. Pamela brown was asked afterwards after all these people went the microphone and said you know there's there's racism afoot here. She was asked about that asked whether she feels that. Board opposition to -- policies board support for getting rid of her is and it's hard because of race issues here's what she said. I'm I'm not not even enough to think that we are completely post racial era in this country aren't any other. And I think that we have. Understand that that. It's possible that plays a role when some people in some situation. What we have to look at what people. We have listened to what they say and I and it gives -- Also what extent there is that. To the children. Arms. When we listen to. Individuals -- are they talking about what is best for children. And is that what the primary focuses and I think that -- Give us the indication that means in terms of what is driving. Words and the actions. Of each want to. So she didn't specifically say it was racism was simply have to look at that we have to. Agree that maybe that's a part of it here's what school president board president Barbara seals never -- set on that same question. Have to look at some of the statements. That were made about. I think we have to look at you know the the best. -- whether or not embrace the I did -- -- and so it is one to believe it's hard to wonder. Let's bring in Sam Bradford now sammon is president of the district parents coordinating council. Europe I think that the public knows this much secrecy here you're black men don't -- them happen. The proper equipment but the reason I mention that is is because it gives you a perspective that that others might have do you think there is racism. Seen the move to get rid of doctor -- Outlook for -- took the of the comet that was made mean the fact that we do in the post racial society. That's not the case. I think it's unfortunate when we try to reduce. The transition the superintendent to issues of race or sexism. On the that the issue has Laporte this forum on Friday that at least from the audience that's kind of what they did rentals troubles and the ones like his -- specific to diploma. Like the unfortunate because it does not talk about the real issues that actually it takes us away. From the real issue which is -- complete with children -- -- leader in all issues that we raised with the war in -- Education Department clearly hear what you should have nothing to do race or six -- just superintendent didn't deliver long. That became question for us you know interesting that experiment for that matter. That I think are more important issues and issues races I don't wanna make a racial issue but do you think the next superintendent should be an African American. What I believe that I believe when I mean when we went to people that are productive and Utley -- Roberts by the most qualified to pretend that we ever -- in terms of credentials. What I believe is that we need superintendent who can dance and education agenda that's going to heal this region for an outbreak that's been limited to race or sex. We shouldn't female or black or at least but -- went -- most capable mean most importantly experienced enough. To be able to bring everybody together to collaborate to move this district forward. The board as I understand right now is sort of talking eventually about. A two pronged approach someone who can step in immediately upon doctor brown leaving. To take over the day today and then one of the theories that's out there. Is a longer term interim someone who can. Go in with say a set timeframe knowing that they're not going to have to be their long term. And really shake things up setting it up for a full blown national search for someone to eventually take over she'll have like the disordered data -- interim. And then there is talk about a two year interim reformer type who can get in there and get on the ground running. I liked the theory you'll see him but you know I got to see the person in -- -- okay we -- can't make a decision about because right now we need somebody to bring people together -- obviously as the district here coordinating council -- -- effort afoot right now the ball on Wednesday to give riveted Japan and so at this point. We look at some -- will collaborate with parents. At the polls at the solution try to get rid of parent organizations as though. We bet that right superintendent is going to be critical in in in this hard to hop a mean right now you just -- and it gets out of the business community -- that all the people like in the banking you noticing -- all the organizations have attempted to come. Right now when that's one of the bulls. Proper tool times in the history of -- public schools it means the right leadership -- that leadership should be based on experience proven track record of getting things done. If you wanna see someone come from. Another district who can say here's what I've done no question. Honestly need to Palestinian -- to compliment the the district but I like all -- -- and I don't really -- coming out about an -- -- the important thing -- I think here's what I've done -- -- believe you collaborate he is the results we got -- -- on the turnaround school to school districts so somebody who can convince me when we sit down one on one that they know that all of us are gonna be necessary in order -- -- -- There's education agenda and seize this opportunity yet I -- you enter this on the same way you did done on the race issue. Needed be someone from inside the district. Not necessarily but in stand I think there -- extremely damages. By having somebody who understands the history the politics you know we both have a lot of you know stuff that was going on us beer and so intricate as somebody who. New to the district have to get on the learning curve to come up to speed -- unless they've been to a similar type situation when we got a very strong teachers union strong business community talking a lot of strong personalities involved -- you have to have the right person so. I believe something local would know that already. But you know did not necessarily need to look for the best person -- A lot of the criticism and doctor brown is that she wasn't able to provide the state regulators. The state Education Department some of the stuff that they need it I know you in the BP CC -- talked about that. Specifically on the the the transfer program right. Is it -- given that someone from here would be more up to speed with what the state needs than a guy from Cleveland Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now -- because they didn't believe that they had -- -- -- district and coordinating council at the parents -- -- so they -- the street from an organization that was not from an elected -- appearance that was not a -- who could be extended all the states you can just in the -- -- -- to have somebody who understand the New -- -- New York State in -- -- -- state -- -- -- is important right now the state Education Department is holding back 36 million dollars because because the school district did not -- collaborate with parents and -- haven't. We collaborated prayers at this point the school district continues to say that they wanna do it all the way other than what the state Education Department says they have to do which brings us to devote you mentioned on Wednesday or you right now aren't the designated parent coordinating group. But there are kind it to others that are percolating out there. One of whom he saw come forward during the election time for school board. That was saying things are positive we don't need a lot of change and again and put and a half a million dollars got to put into your account by a national state teachers' union in at a buffalo parent teacher organization just a front organization for the union. Funded by the union -- and now I'm lifted pair -- and as the district and coordinating council is elected parents from every school -- -- -- the government council and we represented district -- parents district wide initiatives and that's not what about those other organizations there's also a group out of California sort of an officer parental rights group. There that is starting to be more active in the district. You obviously are part of a group that is here now you say you're the one right. It doesn't work. We're we we are no different indeed. All buffalo teachers federation which is elected bodies of representatives -- collected collective bargaining unit for the district no different and a piece yesterday and as a matter of fact. We're no different in the board of education it's -- which is elected by the citizens of the city of buffalo to represent the interest of all the citizens whether all citizens -- green wood or not. All possibly we will we do but they had a lip there appears that the building level -- building that apparent public Olympic council level in we represent their interest and that's just. It's as simple as that it. If the school board members are elected by parents by people in the district. Isn't that enough why do we need you because that's what good looks fixed straight losses you have to have a stake -- Because the teachers and administrators in the parents have a stake holders ultimately left a replica of the specific interests -- the war represent additional interest interest of all citizens also if I'm not I don't elderly parents exactly the air systems in the school district -- -- replica. Respect as they -- so that you Mitchell you have that -- Bieber. Do you think the state is micromanaging the district. Some if you 4557. Deals with that you're not micromanage. A much bigger problem unique peek -- optimist that it would just happen last week. It's good to board of education voted to -- Martin Luther King's school and 39 because the stakes at listened to school -- is -- come up to par you need to do that. And they decide at the last minute to do it. They get started -- they're going to do that we may make it into a medical campus sort of training center exactly. What you deporting. They did after no no -- would not have the opportunity to Trace their children to school in good standing or you gonna do with ended the year with take those children this middle school and put them and other Philly schools because they have to -- I'm -- digital do you have to -- You can do that next year so here opportunity for the board to act in the best interest of six under -- -- are gonna be displaced but what they do they think no we don't do that because we don't like to -- as the Education Department to do the -- this place. Unnecessarily. 600 Paris this was they would well. FB it would it would Albert is geared to respond to the state education and sensitivity and understanding. To the fact that you should not get to -- but -- local school board has not been listening. 8030930s. The number if you'd like to join us would love to have you -- Sam Bradford is here. From the district parent coordinating council and the city of buffalo school district BI obviously talking about. Schools in light of the decision making that's going on both now and after July 1. There is the movement underway right now to negotiate some sort of departure arrangement. With superintendent Pamela brown exit that doesn't happen by July 1 it's pretty much a given that she would be voted out of office by the incoming new majority of the board. What would you like to see in a superintendent make you are parent someone who has worked with -- group or one of the other parent groups out there. 8030930s. And number we would like to hear from people who are on the ground also people who might have any sort of vested interest or just an opinion along the way. 8030930. We'll take those calls after this it's hard line on news radio 930 WB -- It's hard line on his radio 930 -- yen. Sam Bradford is here from the district parent coordinating council in the city of buffalo schools 8030930s. The number back to the -- -- second. Sam your crystal ball I think is a little bit better than a lot of other people's. The new majority coming in July 1 on the school board has plans they've been holding planning sessions you've been kind of a part of that talk to me about what. You see them doing. Well the most important thing as the division between them in the previous wars and pocketing. So they actually able have a conversation about what's in the best interest of the educational future buffalo I'll be in control. By union troops in meetings with them have they put things on the table -- they said. Here's our plan here's our initiatives -- you know what's in your chair and for example would be one of the first things probably relevant to us is that they say they have a commitment to collaborate in Paris and discuss the possibility of that happened you know disappearance -- an appointment to the war and that gives us the opportunity to be in dialogue -- all going based partner. Purpose and it's so much so they want a seat on the board nonvoting from the parents can just like you have the students the students are anomalies in the war right now stands to appear similar thing. -- -- what you really really puts us in the collaborative you know partnership and a whole different level and you would say that the reason that's happening. -- because that's happening after July 1 is the reason why. On Wednesday there is a group and current majority looking to -- you guys -- -- tell us about it I mean I did the current majority is really just in my in my opinion you know operating on behalf of the union -- -- union feels. On the -- -- you know we're not where respect for them that they gonna come out and try to undo. All the work because obviously we're volunteers we've been volunteer and do this work we -- an all cases that we bought the board of education and -- them to take a look at before -- the state Education Department when he got to the state Education Department -- collapse if they wouldn't respond to -- this apartment we would have made the district better off. After the news -- when I ask you more about what they've shared what they're plans are but the phones are starting lineup so let's go right there Steven -- you're on the air high. I did morning I am Orioles the morning. Good I would that be meeting on Genesee street Friday. Yes -- -- email and eighty. Telephone message because -- attend. A lot of the board meetings they go to DP EC meetings on occasion to check him. And I I left that meeting feeling like it was back in the 1950s. It was the most racist. Portrayal bull by the audience and by even by the school board members as a white person. I felt like I shouldn't have been there I I left with a look on my face I couldn't believe that people like -- cited. Get -- and talking about Obama disrespect the president how. This is all about racism and Pamela brown -- she's a very nice woman she is a wonderful woman. Personally I like very much but the reason she's in trouble is because of the people that handled her this thing keeps people would have that meeting. And but they were talking about giving her. Gifford and -- million dollars -- within your power you know before the school board changes that's not right. It's not right. Share a sense of the comments from the floor because I heard. That's where a lot of these these these racism sexism charges came from who was saying it what were they saying. It is true so much is like. That that there there where the four white men calling them the for a white man or peer lord. I'm at these meetings many many times. Three of the four men at least voted forward you know like something that the school board would do what it was which I in my group B will commence. -- talking about four Weytman it was all about racism and I felt like we are back in the 1950s I'm old enough to remember but you know the black and. What what are patent counts out I saw with my own right. And there was also with. Those also prays for and they even used the word the sisterhood before black women -- -- -- You know it's struck me as funny that this meeting which was sponsored by kept the sisterhood. Pamela brown could've done a much better cap if she wasn't handled by these people who would they care so one get after another. That things that everything last minute is you know. It's the two biggest job to learn. She's gotten better I would say in the way that it was portrayed it was more like a job interview for the next job. And I was gonna get up and speak but I just didn't -- rain on the parade. A -- do you think you would have been shut it down. I felt very uncomfortable because it was. The biggest portrait of racism I think I've ever seen it on camera there was newsgroups and stuff here but it's I didn't -- -- that was even reported on it was like. Yeah -- that race card can't be -- you know it's ridiculous. Spaniard said earlier I think that that to some degree you think that the the union forces are putting forth the racism sexism argument is no question about it as a matter of fact I'm concerned as a parent that you know that they we actually -- district resources. Two on the Google global Paula now -- the letter went out to parents -- to to actually have a cheerleading session but something that was not moving the district -- -- me -- appear unconcerned about issued a fact there was -- money for summer school that there -- -- -- product after school that we don't have certain things won't -- in the -- to -- district resources talk about something -- the -- -- -- in the superintendent has already decide to -- law. Because this is just the unions in -- flat. -- in the minds of racism and sexism in order to have that become a distraction -- issues so we don't talk about things like the chronic absence of good teachers in the and a real issues that affect student educational outcomes and in the process used to think that imports from -- here but are -- trying to undermine the new majority does not -- trying to keep the conversation off of educational -- that should be the focus of all the school board members and particularly -- whoever the majority is at that particular time and I hope that we are not distracted as a community -- get distracted -- of sex and race and don't talk about outcomes we begin with children. All right well after the break we'll look -- more about what does the new majority is planning. Ross in Boston stay right there stay on -- -- at you after this it's hard line and news radio 930 WB yeah. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen this is Dave -- -- For the next twenty minutes give or take before Meet the Press comes your way at twelve noon we've got Sam Redford here. From the district parent coordinating council they are at this week's them and then their parents group of those city of buffalo school district there's a movement coming up on Wednesday to possibly designate some other group. As the official represented that has to sign off on all -- state plans. Sam if you weren't with us earlier said that basically an assistant. A plan to try and disrupted the things and keep the status quo before the new board comes in. New board on July 1 will end up voting out schools superintendent Pamela brown. A lot to discuss in that regard to an authority on 930s number let's bring in rust from Boston high. Either maybe strays that I'm calling from Boston New York but. I'm essentially you have been involved as I'm. Unhurt from decisions great grandfather a child in the buffalo public school. And I think we can make the argument you you don't have to apologize for being from Boston concerned about buffalo schools. Yeah always talk about the did the core of the apple updated the court gets rotten the entire apple goes bad. Buffalo is basically the center of the city economic development hinges on buffalo public schools. All of rising tide all the boats there's an argument we made -- more about it this probably that. The other thing and -- it -- -- -- -- to build that from time to time -- complain about WV and radio. And I minutes you know piece I am a little bit wary. Can you be talking about well traps. And that's the reason I'm talking about the teachers calling about the teacher's contract. Is there some way to simplify the teachers' contract essentially raise the teachers' salaries but take some of these provisions that seemed to totally destroy the discussion. About education every time it comes up and given superintendent when they come in -- better. Opportunity. To -- that you collectively bargain -- certainly don't want part time teachers in the schools. But come up where they have more effective way to deal between the board of education the parents groups and the intrusion. I know that Larry Quinn one of the newly elected board members said during the campaign. That he wouldn't mind seeing a new teachers contract that even gives them more -- As long as some of the of the other things like efficiency. And issues are addressed ceremony at Bagram -- back I think what you're talking about is the solution map is refreshing here's my talk about the educational issue others and sexism -- -- -- -- thought they just issued a contract and an -- disagree entity to. More money so long as there's accountability to go with that we must get better educational outcomes that more money. And you know some of those things like that bombed the duke had been to blow job -- comparable -- -- to contract. Palm is taken out the teacher Chapman right to decide when your school -- -- teachers being the captain of the colts is paid -- is decent after BP Paribas according to. Almost come to think that are not necessary toward education that we could take those who got a contract paying more money to do education -- stuff. I think delegate this move toward the right direction quickly. Police -- I think that that that would be somebody who would be very effective and hopefully keep a contract toward improving education because. We have to as you say reach out into the city of buffalo and get all the education standards up. Because if we don't all of Western New York is gonna go down we can't have these new high tech jobs without having better patterns of education in the city. Short turn up. Thanks for your call -- comments rose 803 and I thirty's number this might be a good point but the call out if there are teachers out there that may be wanna take a stab at what -- said. Or talk about. I have even heard there's sort of a split amongst the teachers you have those that are pro union and pro status quo and others they talk to any teacher -- the say. This is a problem and he's been addressed in the and they will want to tell you a or B or C if you're one of those buffalo city teachers would like -- join the conversation would love to have you -- now to. 8030930s. The number. To what degree has the new majority shared that kind of information -- -- -- again I want the policy you'll crystal ball tell me. What you think they will do in regards to the teachers' contract in regards to hiring new superintendent. Well coming out Tuesday if they're gonna make any real progress they have to do something. To begin to confront the fact that the teachers Patrick must be so I mean I think -- people in new majority talk about the fact that. Almost 200 million dollars billion dollar budget calls to you know retirement health care and just things it does not. Now ultimately contribute to educational outcomes. -- in -- you know basically is teachers in the allotment system that we're supporting it expects a new teachers that we can be -- -- he's -- that just don't just rationally logically unsustainable. Economically unsustainable and we have to have a rational discussion about the map that we have a good. Or will put people start to think about that and to the extent that we can confronted I mean you know he obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Alaska over more about superintendent at the thought she gave him have been able to -- -- in that regard to. Let's go back to the phones Tom you're on the -- high. Aren't as saying. The injured council of anything to do with the charter schools earlier -- a -- on on your columns. No new guitarist is America's house. As they've reached to you for. Some representation. No -- -- honestly we're we're a function of disrepair coordinating council spokesman for the local public schools not individual parents in our organization obviously -- have children go ball go to charter school and buffalo public schools -- you know obviously all. -- our public schools. And to say yes to education opportunity which we really investments also has the opportunity -- both charter schools and a traditional public schools but as they elected by the council is responsible for the parents of buffalo public schools. Why are you asking Tom I'm curious. Well I think -- has accomplished so much money on charter school. A parent councils could do quite -- -- -- -- in bringing these -- and having been part of -- whole group. Okay yeah well coached and structurally coming out -- the charter schools have a specific charter. In because after five years of a charter is no longer you know achieving academically they've set it down the whistle bear representation. I'll have to be made up of people who are vested in that specific school and you are you are some ways a creature of state Education Department regulation exactly and federal installations to represented all schools -- was we represented district body charter school is it individual institution representing the interest of just that school -- -- -- -- -- Lying. You know I'm looking possibly. Three things that are very important at district could could -- And the first thing is you have to have the cooperation of the county. If that kid is that going well and it apparently gonna meet at a teacher wants immediate K State's big cooperate negative that the rule. The second thing is that this school districts must lead. In a proper manner what I mean by that -- Back up your teachers if need be and whatever don't change -- in the happens and a third thing I am very serious about it they're biased media. They politicize everything you're afraid to say anything and you're a bad guy. Not good we -- it. -- -- -- -- You know let's get a real world I mean every if you're afraid to talk particularly good speed up what you're happy to talk. Well I guess about what degree is -- the first thing I'll -- you need a pair partner I'm happy to just district's tobacco market nobody. Thinks. You know as a parent who's been involved when the media really didn't pay attention education in all the things that we're we're -- on an immediate didn't it is in the back -- them. A lot of changes we've seen is because the media is paying much more attention and you know for example won't be in right now this is not normally biggest reason that you don't. -- -- -- -- -- org hello. I've -- -- before. But but I I get your point I think we've reached perhaps. We are the only noticed the illness when the symptoms get so bad that the patient has -- exactly. And and that's where you'd say whereas the -- okay. Sam great call thanks talk to me about what you know about the superintendent search to the degree that again you can sort of peel back the curtain on the new majority. Disappears one coming there as well there's a series 11 on an ambient air PP as a global people being considered dead you know ranks from people who are. Bomb got experience due to people who are met our power to district who people from outside the district so there's a serious conversation going on and so on that matters to me as a -- -- in that -- now waiting till July 1 to start this process that the process is actually going. To begin sort of July 1 hopefully we can have somebody. Carl Paladino whenever he talks about the next superintendent has said there are people and buildings now. That we need to look at. Know what's -- them I think we need to look for the best people possible armed but right now it hasn't been an environment -- -- eighteen because that you basically not a union personal support the union -- to -- you hear about the hired to -- we've seen as -- some staff people you know you know like for example on -- -- a couple of department who have the courage to stand up in the shop. While the staff person in the face of people. It opposition that acts or to become aware respect she didn't become works so we support staff people who do their commitment then hopefully they would those kind of people we consider. 4 positions in the central administration arm as well as to super intimacy at a decent. Let me fire names that you and I am not in this in this question I'm not saying tell me who they're talking to -- but just give me your reaction to these names. Distinguished the educated Julio is Judy -- the person that the state kind of put in place to. To sort of shepherd the city of buffalo through all of this trouble they have with. Meeting state requirements if she candidate your reading your book you. Since you have to be candid I mean because you know me seems to me to -- -- -- you don't live in buffalo -- -- -- she's been here signals -- associate have to be somebody we if -- fears and got a computer but until she started on the ground in buffalo and that's without an obstacle you've always got it right but -- -- -- you want to. All OK okay only -- that you know she's back too exuberant and adopting is a distinguished educator but it was obviously somebody with that kind of background experience he wasn't chief operating officer for the school. On the mosque in the so she's got this kind of back while she's actually buys long. I'm trying to Rouse who's now so clearly if you're serious you have to consider me I don't know if she's interested in them suggests that he's one of the people that look at that but she's somebody would look at. Guy I trusted name you reacted that's cool. Another name I've heard sometimes mentioned before they hired doctor Pamela brown. There was discussion of having again the kind of interim they're talking about now. Someone who can come -- set up systems set up some reform -- step away eventually in that regard. I have heard the name Donald overtly mention former superintendent of policies -- won -- these just retiring at the end of this year. He's someone that I know. Bob Bennett the of the board of regents was also looking at discussing at -- -- doctor brown do you think he's in the next obviously somebody you have. Take seriously and his relationship with state Education Department. Specifically the fact that he was on the joint intervention team -- came -- looked at closely global war on -- schools get some insight into what was born on in the -- me in the actually put out some stuff for solutions so he's not new to the conversation piece of me was global buffalo public schools and so again if -- seriously looking for some -- who got some of the things are looking for you have to be an -- of -- Dixon the interim superintendent that was there before doctor brown. Again announcing she's local she's been here before me I think issues that led to her not being. Hired last time I'll see I still out Beers you know was a principled and have good level experienced those challenges are still beer mean here at this peopled it with little bit more experience you possibly look closer. Talk more broadly about the kind of person. I and I look at the previous superintendent before doctor brown James Williams. And in many ways I think he was hired. Because he had an aggressive attitude. Those who wanted change wanted his kind of aggression and tell -- it's his aggression became something they didn't want something that became tedious. And I think the you can argue also I've heard this put forth by others not mean not my argument but. That when you look at superintendent -- ground. She was not always as forceful not always as outspoken and perhaps part of the reason is because. Eventually they were sick of doctor Williams being aggressive so they went with someone more passive now they're sick of someone more passive. -- does the pendulum just keep going back and forth between these two dynamics. Well let me just say both things I think there's some African Americans -- appears open to me should be thinking about -- -- our -- former deputy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't always happen you don't always get -- clearly about who's in charge in the you'd think more now that the board is in charge the staff vs the superintendent -- does that because obviously -- -- superintendent works for the board but the staff works were disciplined and so on a scale of James Williams won Pamela brown ten. What you want. Five are in terms of progress or another good way to think about -- saying you know obviously didn't gambled on their doctor brown brings an MB. Credentials that you would like to see you know James Williams brought -- we brought in. The experience you like to see he was a superintendent a lot of places he had assertiveness -- maybe some. A hybrid between the two but -- again. I don't think you should limited today you also mean you know this makes -- like a stretch even go this direction you -- -- -- -- Michael who don't like would -- them. He'll disputed -- -- somebody who came -- he was actually even in the industry and the right he came off the board and when he did it already he was on the board that he became their CFO NEC MCT and as a people person and he came and he got people work together he got that -- -- the board and look at what he's now goes. To have that kind of dynamic leadership. -- forma purposes technical education at the right leadership and they don't have to -- -- fire breather again using the only male example he's. He's sort of a soft spoken guy but is it. People person he gets the job he's a good leader -- -- -- the leader that can seize this moment right now the special time in history to buffalo. Every single child at a grassroots buffalo public school to go to college we got off economic development Africa and we got one of the most highly technological school district school discipline country wide ports every class would rightly right now to make buffalo won the best school district in the country and we need to with the opportunity. All right enough times squeeze a couple of calls after this got to take a quick break on the other side more with Sam Bradford he's with the district parent coordinating council. The parents group right now in the city of buffalo schools 8030930s the number and we'll take couple calls squeeze in a few before the top the hour right after this it's hard line. A news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line and news radio 930 -- yet about a minute or so left with Sam Bradford district parent coordinating council. To a large degree this past how we've been talking about -- the next superintendent could shoot could be should be. In buffalo schools and during the break you sits on the that I need to have your say on the air. It doesn't necessarily. Have to be. An educator if we're talking about administration for talking about running this thing meeting state guidelines meeting goals doing things efficiently. There is an undercurrent out there you're saying what top -- Take somebody like Al console on the -- and -- who have been -- former retired CEO via blue cross blue -- -- top -- know what some of his administrative capacity -- school district I think somebody like that -- reps as we talked about a little meals a -- not in the industry coming in. And make a big difference probably just on electorate if you were a betting man would you say educator administrator. If I was -- -- -- -- on policy educator but what I would hope for is the best person and it got -- an administrator I hope we could be an image. All right -- been -- that's coming on banks and -- -- Sam Bradford district parent coordinating council of the city of buffalo schools.