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8-1 Beach and Company with Larry Hunter Hour 2

Aug 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- a way it's -- Larry hunter. News radio 930 WB EN. Or just an hour away from the -- Shia -- still -- hope you stay with us on this real good looking -- -- looking out the windows here we still total blue -- looks real real nice. Light breezes sunshine like it like it like it. Equus says it won't stay that way for the whole weekend spot. Enjoy it while we got it. 8030930. Is our numbers start -- thirty of free call on your -- are you offended. By a certain words. Do you feel that there are. Sports nicknames that should be eliminated such as Redskins. The -- newspapers have determined that. Because some people are offended. By the word Redskins which is -- nickname. For the -- -- sports teams. That they are not going to print. That word in their paper anymore. Some people feel it it's just more politically. Incorrect nonsense. That. You can say just about anything you want an offend somebody today. And it. Are we getting just -- sensitive are we getting too politically correct. With every little word that police day. Many times when I do a show here afterwards when I I meet some people only say you know higher merger showed today. And in all there was one caller that offended me it's like OK so. So get over I. I mean do you think every caller. Is exactly what I want them to say no I I want you to say what you feel what you think your opinion that's what this is all about it's an open form where you'll have the right to share your thoughts and opinions. And do it in a reasonable manner. I don't always have to agree with you needed a sandy art Palmer Mike -- or hurt him -- anybody we don't have to agree with you. And something you say might offend us. But in most cases as long as you are reasonable. We let you say it anyways this is America. This this is where people died. For the right for you to have an opinion. To share an honest fought. If you use a word that offend somebody. So obese. Can anyone go through life and not be offended of course not. And my parents said to me a very young age get over it. Get would be your life there's more important things to worry about what somebody said. Or may have intentionally. Or even accidentally. Offended you. You know the word that offends a lot of people who were over fifty the word birthday. Think about it day holiday to debate when your birthday nevermind. Giant big deal. But. How did we get the word African American to only mean black. When their are millions of people who are white. Who would -- -- born in Africa. Should we be using the term black African American and white African American. Or would that offend people. I went through a list of words that supposedly from Google are offensive. And it will get your calls in just him and I promise I'll get your calls. I asked Google to give me a list of words that people find offensive. And Chris you're in a sports I'm and a sports. We talk sports a lot. Here's a word that can be considered offensive and it blew me away. -- JO CK. Job while like it's about calling athletes dome is that what the unknown -- -- it's an insulting word for some run from Scotland. I've never heard that -- mean neither -- in that sense but a few -- talking to someone who was from Scotland. And maybe you're talking about an athlete and you would say man he's a great job. The person from Scotland might be offended. Think the politics. It's Timmy it's just gotten out of control it's gotten too far. And it's time we just say enough is enough yet over yet. Tim from Grand Island thanks for calling this morning -- I area it's going good thinking how are you self. Are never good glad to hear. So our area in America. Makes two homeless and proud -- I'm very proud. Yeah I'm also proud of my telling decided in my polish side. Nothing wrong with that either. You don't know where. Lot of good people came up around this area. I know Western New York. Let the pick in my hand. I've been up and down just about every road. Are there any names of roads that offend you. Don't -- it would have been because when I'm out making a delivery. In. In a blizzard in Pennsylvania. And I'm going through the bad quarters up and down -- -- and -- can't find any street -- committed -- -- thousands of. They're in the words I can see the houses and. You know. I wanna say something -- might offend somebody. Yeah I I just I've gotten to the point and and why is it a news story why is it a national news story. When somebody is offended. I don't don't we have more important things going on in our in our community and in our country and in our. Our world than somebody being offended because somebody said something. Now of the word baby. Think about baby like OK. I mean it could be a cute babe. Or it could be a hot -- look at that -- -- if you've got a woman. And and a a newborn child and someone says hey look at that baby. I mean the child. Doesn't even know what you're saying and the woman might be offended even though you weren't even talking to her or about her. Going noise as they had been at the other day. Get over it. I mean get on with your life there's got to be more important things in life than worrying about the nickname of a sports team. Or some war that somebody said and and many times it's just accidentally. That offends you. I -- I ain't it annoys me -- necessary for enemy but it annoys me when I hear all the hyphenated Americans. Yeah I get -- a little bit for it. You know I got better things to do. Yeah yeah I wish more people that Tim thank you very much Tim and be careful driving down their Pennsylvania. And I appreciate it thank you very much as great. Have a good day like that it's Friday it's the weekend Thompson buffalo this morning he's also on WB you know points out. Martin Larry. I'd like now I'm trying to figure you -- -- my sensibilities a little bit getting that. And then you know joking or that there are I didn't believe -- is a big difference between. This course seems to me. Like us -- and thank -- -- the French elections and -- And then -- I think you're just talking about like they need to. You eternal underdog the one thing and I'm just saying that I believe that is totally different between those two things. Yes I agree that you get people -- -- percentages. They think that should be independent language is on them. I think when you have a large group of people. Who basically. Saying that the Indian Americans think -- -- -- This strange. And and there's some legitimacy they're absolutely. Dead instead. Saying hey hey -- Don't get better things to think about. We should say okay -- Strikers from vocabulary we've got a group of people in the you know what a derogatory term I think originally an eight. What can strike in the vocabulary and move actually -- So when it may only be without comment and a lot. All right thank you -- appreciate your call here at WB yeah. 803 on 930 is our number or open for your call and thoughts and opinions even if it may be offensive -- it. Start -- thirty is a free calling yourself. Sports nicknames. Are there are some offensive names that you think should be deleted. Or or eliminated fortieth think as a society we're just getting a little bit carried away. And it's time that we take care of some of the more important things will be back with -- AccuWeather right after the -- Let's go back to the phones and we'll have up to a beautiful Niagara Falls welcome Jack to the program hijack. I don't assert. That. Well I'm proud of the fact that the term fighting Irish is still around. But doesn't offend me develop my Irish Catholic and I've been in Notre Dame -- for the better person -- -- And that has been to the school a few times of course some games that just. Who -- athletic that there academically. There are up there and habitat. -- fighting Irish does that offend me about -- effect particularly. Phobia does -- some. Some some the spirit of the thing. The Irish. Along with other people. Eventually came to this country and fought for this country letting your group -- snipers were taught and trained and they were usable and awards for independent. That's. Partially ripped through the term prospect to. Com I have heard to many people save that the term fighting Irish. Is offensive that has a negative connotation that they just should be referred to as the Irish. Well -- doesn't. Does offend me for fighting Irish citizen get -- -- -- -- on the field in Detroit. But I've also heard people say. They should get rid of the term Irish because there are number of black players on the team and none of them have any Irish ancestry. Well when you come under the cover all the school. As good as Notre Dame. With your average for four years -- matter who you -- then. If you're playing for the -- -- scholarships so the benefits and so forth so. They'll. And that's the way I feel anyway. So basically if you don't like it get over. Yeah I've. Katrina there are a lot of black players and and players voted nationalities are proud to be average for the forty years. Yeah yeah and they don't seem to be offended do that. -- -- now they played their best of them become could've been from a best and they and in sports and in life. There you go thank you Jack appreciate your call this morning on WBE and we're heading over to tell -- I got frank on the line with me this morning good morning frank. I think if the people who feel that -- that. Our blew a little -- Padgett took two. That you -- Asian guy and I think technically a lot of -- and I. They don't think it was optical illusion people who are completely neutral towards certain groups of people patriotic -- I think I think it will play out. And spent too little American groups. I try and they had the solution I wish the food and try. And let them. It would -- but it speak to aren't. And you work and god I just didn't like that -- -- struck out and identify an upfront that. Chocolate that from. The Olympic. All of the food and good luck and I'm pretty sure people like -- big -- and at the all of -- all the all the CIQ. Is it good and I just get -- because little. It. Until it's -- it's strange. In -- Even in little industry. And water and the complaint. Everybody. In our society now a little particular. -- second. And look at them out of the weird. That I had a really -- resource are a little importance are upset about. And and let me since the Internet is an insult -- -- people who. -- -- -- -- There at Oakmont starts swearing at people little insult like pepper and I just don't understand all of that -- The people washing their -- in the key and that's where we can be directing it in the direction. Thank you frank he would be frank used -- word that is offensive to some people. And I -- didn't even know it because it wasn't intentional. He used the word warriors. They they were warriors. That's that's a term. That can be offensive to some people it can also be used as a compliment. Two people who have had to battle. And done an outstanding job. But it could be offensive. And goodness gracious do we. Want to step on somebody's. Suppose. Especially in the summer when they're wearing thin air holes -- Let's head back to Niagara Falls got Jake would meet this morning hi Jake. Doing good thank you. Yeah you know I agree with the last caller that I I also might -- Irish a lot of fighters. And art or harder though. And I understand and I got a lot of our people are proud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All our people being mean -- feel like it's another thing -- that we were saying all how. Can mayor and are you want expect it from out -- are tired are white. I feel like a lot of a lot -- out here are German leader. Anybody from from your liking Levy called European -- and we all white or Archie and equals. Norton. Norton and you know he's got -- Canadians are all I called -- I've heard that -- sort of by RTE negative aren't negative torture or. At a lot about your art or a Donald. You know about how we traded but I don't know I don't know -- -- -- really picked off by media. -- watching Greg and at the end of a short to not. Be the -- are. Outlook or do you. Does does does anybody honestly think that a group of individuals. Sent down. When the NFL started. And they added teams and they had a team in Washington. Does anybody really think a bunch of people sat down and office and said. Let's get a nickname that offends somebody. Of course not. You know here are angry and Barbara a lot of native American and I regret over Iraq and herb you know. -- you know I got I got a response well but a lot of them probably. See it working native American. This point but that is called -- And oh yeah I feel like. You're single or. What you walk out of that but let's go out of our way you look at all the people -- Jake. I got a break for headliners but thank you for your call. Could be newspapers put out of paper weekly round to here recounting most of the communities that have access to it. And a couple of weeks ago they you wrote in the paper that they are going to cease using the word Redskins. To death by sports mascots. At any level. The land canister high school sports teams. Their nickname is Redskins. So when they report on them they are not going to use their nickname anymore. There's been a lot of discussion about the Washington Redskins and and their neck nickname -- that it's offensive to people as I said to our previous caller. Do you honestly believe. Then when Washington. Got itself a National Football League team. That a bunch of people sat down in a room and said let's find a name that offends people. I mean do you seriously think. That's what went -- and if you don't think it went on then why is it bothering you. There are so many nicknames. That could offend you. And many of them have a a relationship. To. Native Americans. Which some people call Indians which happens to be a nickname of a team in Cleveland. There happens to be a team in Atlanta called the Atlanta Braves. That's an Indian reference or a native American reference but some Indians are offended by the term. Native Americans. Have we just gotten the point where it's getting a little ridiculous. And there are more important things to worry about van. -- nickname of a sports team that offends. A few people eagle three on 930 is our numbers start 930. Is a free call on yourself. It do we or should we be considerate of others. Absolutely. Plot. Are we just getting a little over sensitive. Is that does everything have to be. Offensive to someone. As I said earlier it appears that blacks have tried to say that. Only blacks can be African American you can't be white in the African American. But what is the reality there are whites who are born in Africa who come to this country. And therefore they are African Americans so should we take white African American and black African American. Why can't we just -- American. -- Why can't we just beat American. 8030930. Star 930s free calling yourself. Joseph is with me Joseph good morning -- Morning their tree quick things first of all I've heard. Native Americans when they're dealing with government corporate issues particularly in the state. Over -- issues. They referred to the government. Sometimes as a white man. And that -- and and hearing name like that but I don't think anyone get their panties in a lot over I mean I I definitely do you think. Or overly sensitive these gangsters. At all on Indian reservations across the country. Number one name for his football team is a redskin and I read over the past couple months. That or election year or so there's been a movement. To try him. To get some of these -- who had the name Redskins for decades. To change their name I got to make I wonder because we want to what you care about all this from white columnist Ellen Howell sent submitted. And yet on the Indian reservation. That's that that's a popular name for their school work. A little extra option and the third -- -- say is these. If folks former -- only in its children a tornado in Oklahoma. Are these local newspaper can report that four ball below me in. Killed by tornados in the state that border the -- excited access. Because if you look up Oklahoma its origin. -- from wanted to native American languages in the land of -- people. Yeah and I think it's the -- top. Indian. Our nation that they they took the name from four Oklahoma -- And there are they no longer gonna call on Oklahoma sooner to be Oklahoma State cowboys. I mean. It's ridiculous to a point in I don't know I I. I think people look for -- to be on that bike nowadays and make an argument. For whatever. Yeah I I don't think many people know that about Oklahoma and and let's -- there was on movie and play named Oklahoma. And the name. It it's similar to -- hall buffalo I mean end of the name of the city of buffalo came from a French name that sounded like buffalo it really wasn't buffalo. The state of Oklahoma the chalk talk. Indians. Were native to that area and when it was taken over. I believe. The aid. Somehow lead that term chalked. Made a reference to. Oklahoma. O o'clock HUMMA -- a local humane and eventually. It became Oklahoma but o'clock Cuban law. Literally means red people. That that's what it means red people. -- so I think you bring up an excellent point is is the V newspapers now never going to use the word. Oklahoma because of the original reference to read people because they're also not going to use the term Redskins. -- yeah. Report you know it it is what it is and it I just think you know you're you're just. You're just getting too damn sensitive. Like if you look online you can find plenty. Of photo timeline. -- native Americans wearing. Burgundy colored in gold Redskins football team jackets. I mean if they were earlier funded by. You wouldn't think they'd -- weren't open. Yeah exactly Joseph I appreciate you calling and a very well our research there it it obviously he knew a little bit. A history about Oklahoman and the name there. And that's one of the reasons I I just love talk radio because people have a tendency. To not only share opinions but educators a little bit -- polls in south buffalo this morning good morning Paul. Good morning. I heard her before she made about when can we just you know watch is the Americans and they got to think in the -- that our -- Everybody's so busy trying to beat this fancy title this this fancy title that pretty sure. The reverend doctor lawyer what happened being a human being we just simply forgot to be human being and care about one another. Yeah about a boy I can't argue -- at all Paul were were people we we make mistakes. Where were not perfect. Neither is our nation. But if for born in America and -- for we are Americans why can't -- just be Americans nothing wrong with being proud of your ancestors. -- of their heritage nothing wrong -- being proud of the fact that. You know I'm originally from Syracuse. And I now live in buffalo. I like Syracuse but to be honest I loved buffalo that's why I'm here I love this area. But if if I went to someplace else in the country I might say you know -- a buffalo -- but. Our -- Americans and isn't that the most important part of being here in this country. I believe so I think that the the founding fathers are probably slipping integration right now because these -- in their country and we turn this country. Into basically a rock the world is it we have a whole bunch of adult children running our country. And that offends me. A thank you Paul you have a great data are -- start by. 803930. Is our number at WB -- Larry hunter for sandy beach today don't forget the movie show coming up at 11 o'clock. Right here news radio 930 WBE hand. Let's go back to the calls -- welcome George -- the program hi George thanks for calling. I would think that particular call them for elected in. It would be practically every one OK but equal laid. People who actually want to do inherent right because pick apart who do different things I think she would recognize that we are here. And I don't think if you pet the PW I don't anticipate it typically get anymore because network got an. Don't know yet -- media. With a purse structure electric in addition. You don't take a look at it being there -- Jewish people or. What he won out and it just like -- it would make it -- what they're doing mark record sitting together swat team. You agree that certain people can collect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because if you don't have any activity to a country -- it. Boot but you're fighting for you know and -- -- -- -- it looked -- -- it would. African American double -- -- -- -- On the ballot. I had got legal. Yeah and you know. Black people have been labeled. So many different names over the years. By whites and then it appeared that there were a number of organizations with with black individuals who wanted. To start using their own name or their own identity -- and it's like. You know when you're on radio it doesn't matter whether you're black or white it doesn't matter is if your heritage is European or or Asian. If for Americans. That's what we need to be and that's what we need to be proud. Look at the ability to kill each other every day over religion he looked -- things you know and any they'd look -- If you really like particular question to destroy. You know if you. I think I could still get -- they came up with the trial would -- our country back now I understand because that you don't believe in your country. You know what America -- -- -- that -- especially -- it. Arrived there one day when we don't have any right. You know in -- so I think I'm getting. I didn't get it. And do the nicknames of sports teams of offend you. Not at all. Not at all because it wasn't done maliciously. It would -- guy aren't you want Jimmy is in their dignity. You know any extra -- ticket -- You know the irony of this George is. If we didn't have some of those nicknames. You might have people be offended because nobody has recognize those people. As athletes or or teams -- -- -- you have to change and use some of our nicknames. It's like you can't get to a point where you please everyone so accept the fact that some people are going to be offended. And to my favorite saying today. Get over yet. Thank you very much thank you George appreciate your time this morning please call again sometime okay. We're about five minutes away from news at the top of the hour here at WBE and then Bob Bob stills and will join us. With the movie show this morning always looking forward to that. A let's go up to Laporte welcome George and say hey George what's up. I'm just wondering if anyone I'm sure that we should crusaders. Are crusader I -- but the essential to -- They -- Christian who say it better that we. If it is offensive to them so be it. And but your point is well taken. You can find people who were offended by things for -- the littlest things when that's not the intention. I mean we have so many words within our language. That can be taken in more than one way a word I used earlier was -- It could -- be used as a slang for a woman it could be used as a term for a child a newborn baby. I used the word gal a lot GAL. I many times when I referred to a woman I used the word -- Most women I know I. Aren't offended by that but I have run into women who are offended by and I don't think it's negative -- in in or negative in any way. But it's just a word that came into my vocabulary when I was younger and and I've used it for years what's different from the word gal. -- the word got away. OK except for the meaning to get all refers to a female and guy refers to a mail. It. It is at the word guy offensive to you George. Now my artwork so that we should -- Change crusaders my orders basically to report -- if you if you don't count him out you can find that a lot of things are censored. -- do -- NAACP. Colored people I'm not sure that a white person to -- should use. The term colored person yet that's part of the NAACP. Excellent point excellent point if it bothers you again my favorite three words of the day just get over it. We have more important things. In our country in our community in our society to worry about than being offended by a nickname. Of a sports team George thanks so much for your call this morning you have a great weekend now okay. Nice to hear for a couple minutes away from the news at the top of the hour and again the movie -- coming in but -- -- will be. Promenade into the studios here and don't forget we're going to have a question for you you can win some movie tickets. And some food at ten Taurus pizza as wells and make sure you stick with it. We will try to squeeze in one more call if it if we can then. And again I I. You know I love the being newspapers I think they do a very very nice job for the local communities but it but I think. Going to this politically correct not willing to print the word Redskins. And as a reference to a to a sports team I think it's a little going over the top I think there are more important things to worry about and in the newspaper. Then a nickname of a sports team. We have the Kansas City Chiefs we have the Chicago Blackhawks there are a number of references to native Americans or Indians whichever you prefer. And it in a better offense you get old for just just get over it. It's great weekend here in Western New York so many things going on so many festivals and activities things to see and do we got a pretty decent forecast. I sincerely hope you're able to it to get out and and have a good this time this weekend if you're boating. This weekend just remember to keep your eyes to disguise. If you see some mud darkening clouds had to shore otherwise I think AccuWeather is going to give us a fairly decent week it. Unfortunately I don't have sufficient time. To take any more callers on this topic. So thank you to your callers a number of great calls today and thanks all the callers. Who have joined in this weekend on the sandy beach I was I have sat in for. Sandy I and that we look forward to -- talking -- you again in the near future but we're here for another hour with a movie show coming up. And if any of the movies that we are going to review -- you. Yeah -- get over it.

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