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8-8 Beach and Company with Michael Caputo Hour 1

Aug 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well good morning buffalo. Welcome to beat -- company here on these radio at 930 WB and it is 908. AM your late for work my friend you battery up. This is Michael Google in four sandy beach sandy is out on vacation he'll be back on Tuesday. And you've got me for today. Idea. Got to tell yeah it's been quite a week there's been. A lot of time last week on with talk on for Tom hourly and things have been going one by on this -- commission -- And Andrew Cuomo the governor. Impaneled a special group to investigate corruption in Albany said they were going to be. Free to investigate even himself and for eighteen months but unfortunately. For the rest of New York. -- can the commission after just nine months one halfway through there entire process. Because they got too close to friends it is vendors of his colleagues of his allies of news. Well that was it for that so much for clean up Albany but we have a great guest here in buffalo today apparently according to the news. Here on WB yen Governor Cuomo is coming back again Santa Claus dropping gifts on election season. And will probably hear more about bad as the day goes on I doubt he'll be excited to talk about the mess that he created with the -- commission. I would meet for either -- him what an awful awful way to go in through an election. He's are going to be -- talk certainly about more gifts for buffalo will be passing up a beat any whistles and candy canes. Because indeed. Then Chris Rangel but he's on his way in town right now what a treat for us here at buffalo what a way to start the weekend. To have a guy like Cuomo here in town. The funny thing news. You don't hear a word. Out of it's a lot of anti Democrats and certainly almost the -- there are several Republicans who were saying nothing. About the mess he made about corruption commission we understand today. And news reports that are coming out that they're actually investigating. The US attorneys investigating. Whether or not Andrew Cuomo and his. His lieutenants his enforcers. His group of men we called local proxies. Whether these men. Actually broke laws if I mean I've reds are read this I've listened to everything were read everything that some. I'm absolutely thrilled to see that we're getting the word were actually seeing a little bit of the real Andrew Cuomo here. I'm giving. His opponent Republican. County executive from Westchester -- -- a shot. But I'll tell you this at their stories out of that that describe what he actually did it doesn't look like there's likely. If there's any. Any offense is any felonies any. Any violations of law but we have here is a violation of ethics and we've always known. Andrew Cuomo is ethically challenged. And in fact in and in 2010. When our our favorite son here and -- in buffalo Carl Paladino ran against Andrew Cuomo. I worked on his election I've actually managed his campaign. And we edit. A -- if you want a clean up Albany you have to start with Cuomo but instead of starting with Cuomo we elected Cuomo. And and he promised himself. Cuomo promised that he would clean up Albany but he's actually just made it works look at all the facts around in the -- commission ladies and -- Look at everything and understand that this extends all the way to buffalo all the way to your backyard. The peace bridge is a mess because his lieutenants have been messing with that and intimidating people pushing it pushing the governor's agenda. Even though it's violating all kinds of -- all kinds of standards and it's. It's it appears that he's forcing this new plaza down the throat of west side folks who were worried about the increased pollution -- will certainly come. When all of these trucks are sitting there idling in spewing exhaust into the area look at canal side. Where his cronies. Including Sam -- Have been have actually messed it up so badly -- -- it's almost like the keystone cops were managing a major construction project. Although the -- the keystone cops would probably do a better job but the canal -- project was supposed to cost one million dollars because. There were so many mistakes made by Sam -- and use and it is a political henchmen here in Western Europe who all report and snapped to when salute. Of the OJ Governor Cuomo. There are so many mistakes but he tried to fire. Actually did fire on. -- an -- longstanding. Successful business here -- -- construction company and blame them for innumerable delays which as we find out. In. In the our court proceedings that are happening right now these are wrong mistakes are made by Sam -- and other Cuomo -- What he did it more and more on commission and Albany. The governor's doing here in buffalo too but don't take a look at the peace bridge problem. Where they're manipulating and -- and laughing about how their brain washing the public don't take a look at canal side. Where this is going to cost the taxpayers fifteen milk. I paid zero million dollars my friends out of your child's future because -- Hired I need. Political henchmen have somebody with any experience. To manage this guy so arrogant he he he fired a company I unceremoniously. Unceremoniously. Completely. And actually is attempting to ruin them. A long standing to a two generation construction firm -- being destroyed. By sand point and Governor Cuomo. I suspect -- -- Cuomo knows all about it there's nothing he wouldn't do to make sure his agenda no matter how lame is being is being pursued there's nothing he wouldn't do. Two ashore there and liberty stands in his way is destroyed welcome to buffalo Andrew Cuomo welcome welcome. We can't wait to get. More exposure on problems we can't make its way to shine the light on what's happening with the commissioner of what you did were counting on the US attorney. To expose you all the -- down on the line. To talk about this and other issues here on news radio 930 WBA and after these messages. -- Michael who here for sandy beach here on each company's. Thirty WB Ian is 9:22. AM. To two. It be interesting for me today you know I've never been able to sit there and win cinema Bob still some is going to be on you'll be on at 11 o'clock they might listen. Of that broadcast on C -- beat whenever I can. But here's the problem I haven't. I think -- told you probably have the same problem. I can't get away from the kids long enough to see movie that's true I have not been to the movies since I've been married. Really and over years -- my wife loves movies too and she's just you know if she could go to a movie. Once in awhile ago in the we have a six week -- and and a less than two year old she would it would maker it would make everything sure you know. I have my twelve year old in town from Manhattan for the summer and she pulled me out to this movie Lucy. First movie I saw since the last time she was in town and we have we managed to break away and -- in other flick. Make a point going to move -- the boy oh boy as if she's not a town I can't go. There's just no way I was at cinema Bob anyway because just in case something breaks we find about babysit a wonderful children. But -- that were nervous habits or Bob at 11 o'clock camera in the report that. But at 930 here in just a few minutes it's very interesting anniversary. Of this today. It is the fortieth anniversary of the resignation of Richard -- house Nixon the all -- president to ever resigned the office and in the words of writer hunter -- Thompson. Democracy's. Greatest mutant. It's funny. I don't know I I I really respect and admire Richard Nixon to back. I had an incredible opportunity to meet him. Not just meet him that drive him around Washington for a couple of hours one day I was -- driver when I first moved to Washington. For a lobbying firm. That that represented Richard Nixon. -- in his later years. He would always come to Washington to give private council on foreign affairs to presidents and -- to the leaders of congress he replied quietly. -- in to a limo. Driven by one of our drivers and and it was beaten quietly go back usually on private aircraft. But one day is he at a meeting cancel I was driving in the media at a meeting cancel. And all he wanted to do was go from monument to monument and I was driving around the former president. Listening to him tell me as if I was important enough to talk to open the front seat what each monument meant to him I remember sitting in the parking. The Jefferson Memorial. And we drove him. And the regard there at the driveway that stop -- Internet sports drug and price spiral dominant windows mice that were just what -- receive the money you can't do that. And now President Nixon rolled down his when he said hello and the elements that please go on him Mr. President. We sat there and he pulled me all about it is that being his favorite monument. And what -- -- And it quickly became my -- in fact. I would visit that monument in my time in Washington. More than any in and I'd never forget that we actually sat in the Jefferson memorial park for about fifteen minutes will be. About news whose affection for Jefferson and what that meant. So at that nine right after 930. Commercials over to have Roger Stone. On the phone Roger Stone was the eight principle and that lobbying firm that I was a driver for a principal. And new Richard Nixon very very well he was that many I mean the Washington Post calls him the keeper of the Nixon when he. He not only was a staff member for Richard Nixon in the committee to reelect the president they called -- I think for a reason. But he went on to advise Nixon and help -- free of charge for many many years until that Roger has just come out with a book called. Nixon's secret it's a very interesting book actually got a chance to read the galleys before when. A very interesting take on the president of the one thing he talks about is that John Dean. Is a completely lie year. John Deane what's the one who these -- aimed. The break. And then engineered the coverup of the break and then through the president under the boss John -- -- out with a book the same time. Just -- we for Roger stone's book and claims that he knew nothing about it. Until the media found -- And if you read rogers' -- Nixon's secret which is out I think now are on -- He goes through in great detail. About how well. John -- news absolutely lying about John Dean has made it could rear out of Watergate he's -- he travels the world. Lecturing believe -- -- not on ethics. On ethics and he gets paid a lot of money for whenever anybody tries to tell the truth about him he soothes them. And recently in recent years he's been losing those lawsuits. Roger Stone told me he would love to be sued by John team because of the discovery process. I don't think John -- would dare soon rock style dinner very interesting stuff I'd encourage this two. 22 and in we brought that we with the shortly after 930 Roger is calling us from the studios of news Max TV where he's being interviewed. About his cookies on a national media tour. An incredible book something I would recommend you read. An interview at 930 that you really in -- but what about what better days in the fortieth anniversary of the resignation of Richard bill house Nixon. For Andrew Cuomo. To visit buffalo just to give us a little glimpse into what it's like to be completely. We find out today in the Wall Street Journal. In an article written by Eric Orton and Christopher Matthews the other Chris Matthews who doesn't get rolls up his leg with. Whenever Obama parts. And according to their lead paragraph federal prosecutors are examining whether New York governor Andrew Cuomo or his staff. Directed an anti corruption commission to not refer cases to district attorneys for prosecution according to people familiar with the matter. That my friends is interest. Somebody in the prosecutor's office is leaking -- there investigating. New York governor and we know that they are probably going to look him in we knew who. The that that what he had done was certainly an ethical and just remind you he impaneled the -- commission the commission to investigate corruption. And it enabled them a subpoena power told everyone that they can investigate anyone even himself. And that is that is the got close to him his lieutenants Larry Schwartz. We call him our local -- Our local proxy call that the commission and said you know you've that you subpoenaed. But somebody who works for the governor you're gonna have to pull that subpoena back makes it -- -- -- continues national poll that back now. That's exactly what -- -- or anything illegal about that we don't know but what's interesting listen to the words in this lead aircraft in the Wall Street to listen to us. They're investigating whether his staff directed an anti corruption commission to not refer cases not the manipulation of the investigation. Shutting it down and stopping them from referring case. That's interest that's a fault in this case. I think he's very dangerous for our guests today Andrew Cuomo not WB and -- although he always has a standing invitation here. He's coming to buffalo to bestow his -- opponents of election. State to a nightmare -- -- messages were proper Roger -- about Nixon's secret here on. News radio 930 WP Yan. Well we're back here ladies and gentlemen. Welcome buffalo to beach in company earned his radio -- thirty WB yen at 9:37. In the morning 937 folks I'm gonna dive right in. With Roger Stone. Eighth I Nixon friend a very dear -- in print and on the fortieth anniversary of Nixon's resignation. Roger is releasing a book called -- secrets and boy oh boy is that -- blockbuster Roger thanks for -- and I know you're real busy. Mike thanks for having me and I guess I should say right at the top are going to be at the at least bookstore in September -- First signing I think the -- second shining read announce shortly in the buffalo area so I look forward to seeing all my friends you -- Western New York. Well it's it's it's exciting to add to your last book on JFK and where you allege that Lyndon Johnson was behind his assassination you had a full house over there talking -- and your book became. A New York Times best -- you have the same hopes for the spoke. Yeah I think I really think we can do quite well because it's very very different under. Books that are out for the fortieth anniversary of Nixon's resignation -- book is more balanced. It's not a lot letter to -- Nor is excoriated action -- on the liberal folks. It's extra good with the -- he did some terrible things had some terrible things make some major stakes are. He also opened the door to China. Got to salt agreement with the Soviets. -- Israel from annihilation in yum Kippur war. Desegregated public schools without bloodshed violence. Gave this environmental protection for the first time. Clean Water Act the air -- And the military draft that was important when you meet EU like. Immediately east. He gave an eighteen year old vote on the list goes on and on he was progressive and very successful president. And fortunately all of that gets forgotten because of the mistakes water. Well you've been excerpted on the ABC news website. Also is I think I saw one on another mainstream media where you're getting more attention with this what do what do people finding in this book that's newsworthy. I think there's a number of things first what the CIA. Black hole to -- that -- is which -- Troops from Vietnam that weren't -- great. Accomplishment getting us out of awarded John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson plunges deeper and deeper into. Doing that over the objections of hard liners CIA that pentagon. With the CIA it was supposed to the opening to China to a post to assault agreement with the Russians. They were posted tilting towards Israel and not Arabs. They were opposed to the. Now withdrawal. And I do is they try to assassinate him twice and they did John F. Kennedy in cahoots with -- LBJ. -- -- -- were to apply Nixon's life in Miami. I really fell in contract. Workers -- man named Ed Kyzer. Papers right now. Found out that he signed -- it was -- that state sneak back belt. Yeah I saw that excerpt on Daily Mail on on what an interesting story that and you actually have is that that CIA agents. Our papers she got them from is on his son is an absolute believer in this theory that the hearings until next. Yes see any he's got very good documentation. Is -- and I have included them in my -- So the idea that he did I think foreign to a lot of people that this. The military industrial complex hard liners that folks who later would be known as neo -- And we're not actions pro peace pro -- aren't policy. Well you also have taken a position and actually in your bookie you there's a review. Of John -- rate which is how tremendous is that your book comes out just a couple of weeks after John -- you actually have a critical analysis of the book and Europe basically calling John team a liar. -- call them out he's fraud and book. -- -- -- -- written distribute our local Watergate but he admits that he's air brushed himself out or. Because he is the car is the man who plans. And pushes and covered up the Watergate break came easing -- into hires G. Gordon Liddy didn't mean to break -- gemstone. Which includes Watergate break. Jardine orders that the Watergate be chased out six weeks before the first break. Jardine blood pressure CIA to put up the. Bail money Watergate burglars. He is the one who and an emissary to dangle presidential clemency in front of the Watergate burglars -- court. He's the one who authorizes the collection and distribution of hush money for the for the burglars so. You know he has really tried to -- asks. He role in this try to deflect all the blame conviction and others rule it in when she I think is still working. It's interesting your book Nixon's secrets the rise fall and untold truth. About the president Watergate in the pardon you'll actually. Say that he has every personal motivation for trying to break into the Watergate and steal those records. Yes I think. It's very east trying to of teen. Prove that the Democratic National Committee utilizing that specific call girl ring. To supply eight companion ship. For high level Democrats who are coming to Washington. And I think you want that information. Four blackmail reasoned sort of so that he can blackmail major Democrats. It may even go further than that I urged people to read book but I really think that's what to break in -- about. Nixon is leading McGovern actually. Talking point should start the break. These are Italy 249 state bowl. What could there possibly be the Democratic National Committee thing. I think that this is all about this. -- And and and it's it's salacious but the details in your book I I admit I was like a shot reading your. Your galleys the details and there are are very very interesting and in in my home my opinion prove this beyond a shadow of doubt that. Dean is out there revising history on a daily basis and he has been since Nixon announces resignation. Any any gets away with it because she's of course the host of the New York Times and -- to -- to -- and vote question post. Has Bob Woodward. We Ewing and John dean's book like acting lucky Luciano what he thinks about -- Right exactly what it. So you're going to be here you're taking a national figure book is available now on Amazon. He'd go to Barnes & Noble dot com -- Books-A-Million. You can go to that Nixon secrets dot com -- -- few words and -- she urged outcome. Given to a preview the book he could order and all those place. Or you can shore up that to turning -- on September -- I'd be happy to two aside for you. There's going to be a second book signing about what will be announced shortly so but c'mon now. -- -- Well ladies I'm an author and New York Times best selling author Roger Stone -- noted political. Consultant and a friend and confidant of our Richard Nixon author of Nixon's secret the rise fall and untold truth about the president Watergate apartment. Roger thank you very much for joining us here on news radio 930 WB and will be back right after these messages. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach on beach company. I've just received word that at 10 o'clock we're going to have -- mastery you know on the air here on the on beach company should be an interesting. Interview considering that the governors on its way here we know the governor's going to be appearing at 230. On go. Island and Niagara Falls and a big development. That didn't that's coming Niagara Falls when he against. What you should do it it would save a lot of time if you just pulled over buffalo. In through bags of money yeah you know I'm just throw the bags of money on your plane because. His programs and projects are likely to fail government projects normally do. But. If you just wanna go straight to -- vote just it's it's you're gonna bribes for votes here in western New York Jets dropped the bags of ammonium. A direct waited to boot camp long as one of the banks falls in my yard. -- would be -- still long -- form that it would be helpful. What we've got a lot of political stuff going on or around the Western -- effect I wrote a blog politics and white dot net. If you want to find out what's going on in politics and every morning I wake up I read about one point three billion pages. Of the Internet -- the newspapers in the magazines for the news that you need to read. If you want to just like for I I -- connected and addicted to politics I read everything that normal people people. Who don't have that extra chromosome. Of I don't need to read that much just go to politics and white dot net in the left -- we call the breaking column. Ice I've put up 345. Articles all the articles you need to read you know everything about politics federal state and local. From Western New York perspective. Today on our I've I've posted. An article by Wall Street Journal about the -- looking into Cuomo in the Moreland referrals. And ask whether or not there were blocking referrals. Two states attorney that's an incredible. Incredible Angola and we all knew that quote was probably gonna walk away from the manipulation. An interference that he but he organized to stop the war on commission from investigating his own. Friends and colleagues and allies but they demanded that subpoenas had been delivered would be pulled back very. You mean the way that they did -- -- you couldn't describe bullies activity. Anymore. Any greater than just reading through the blow by blow how they did that also in today's. Game. You know we talk in here about Illinois being one of the most corrupted states in in the nation with all of the scandals that -- is New York rate up there as far as corruption goes. I I'm not sure of the rankings I know we're all dead last in business friendly. -- but I think probably first in rupture and I've. I pay attention this stuff I can't find another state where. Where arrests and corruption and things of that sort in the news every single day and where the governor himself is caught up and corruption scandal. I've not seen any. At all I think we're number one by far. We don't lead by a nose we'd -- -- lead by referral it's an incredible. It's terrible. It's terrible but let's talk for a minute about I just actually posted a story last night that I finally finish it took me for ever. For ever to put it together. What I heard that the library the buffalo and Erie county public library. I was trying to create a special tax district and they were kind of manipulating that whole system to try to create. Wait for them to tax. Us here in this area in Erie county without actually having any representation. I got curious and I put our freedom of information. Act a -- information law request him for all the emails that were going back and forth. That they were gathered. By the comptroller's office that it investigation. The report about a month and a half ago and I discovered if you look on politics and white dot net. Bit in the library director actually use taxpayer funds on politics. They were they hired. And Albany consultant. I think it was something or lines of sixty or 70000 dollars a year. To help them lobbied for more taxes using your tax dollars to lobby for this new taxing scheme that would give them the ability to raise taxes our reputation. In addition to that they also. Directed that. Let's call a communications -- -- I think that abstinence is the term but let's caller communications until they directed her to. Organize. That basically if you read these emails and if you write a post them and link to them on on politics and -- they've actually. And instructed her to organize. An endorsement. For for Poland cars. It's an incredible story they were they there were their consultant was. Was leveraging her contacts with the of the library association of New York to influence the New York united. Teachers. New York State united teachers union too -- to move toward endorsing. Endorsing on carpet and it incredibly. -- cars during this whole thing was very resistant to library. Manipulation he still to this day as opposed. To the library the special taxing district library. I'm he's been straight up to this whole thing of it's an interesting story it shows how. Your tax dollars are used often times in ways that. I would think would be inappropriate I'm not sure if it's illegal I'm sure there are. There are lawyers that can tell you that but in my story and I think it's very important I encourage. The Erie county legislature to do their job and find out why the library spent taxpayer dollars to lobby for -- And they also ginned up political activity. In an auction that we all know here -- it was very close in 2000. Very very close. It's it's very interest at what people will do with your tax -- I I got back from my my for information act request I got back a stack of emails taller than my daughter huge. And and and in other other. Documents attached -- those emails an incredible amount. Of information there -- communications consultants was absolutely involved in the politics of the of the the Erie county executive's race in 2011. Trying to organize an impact at one point -- Alba a pull this up. From the article she was actually she's she was laughingly saying that she was being a little bit. A little bit sneaky. And heard doings trying to introduce one problem cars supporter to another. And it -- of the in the end that teachers union did donate 150000. Dollars. Through the academy the president county executive's campaign but honorable he has stood there behind. His his statement that he does not want -- taxing district he certainly I can imagine that he knew that was going. This was going on. But its interest politics and white on that ticket taker redirecting to find it. A little bit disappointing that your taxpayer dollars are going -- lobbying for higher taxes. And indeed. Getting an that your your -- -- textured -- But that's that's we're looking at here in the work week we -- we've -- corruption and manipulation and inappropriate use of taxpayer front's top to bottom from Albany. All the way around the local level we've seen that even our local towns. But now we have. Governor Cuomo coming to -- violent. And landing that we don't know what he's going to announcing they never actually we'd never even know what he's gonna come because he's afraid of protesters coming in you know whenever. Cuomo comes town Rus Thompson and N news. It's a group always end up outside of letting them know exactly what they think. And I've been they've now that the governor doesn't announce anything at a time announces that just in the morning just before. He arrived so that the media have time to get there but his opponents have no opportunity. To. To oppose him and and to protest that -- last I became the -- head. Sam Hoyt actually calling around trying to find out if there any protests could be inundated. But we're going to be back right here on newsreader at 930 WB and we'll talk about. These issues with gubernatorial candidate rob -- you know the Republican candidate to defeat -- Governor Cuomo. You'll be on right after these commercials here on news radio 930. WB. --

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