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  1. Fire Chief Matt Giacomini , TW 715am


    Thu, 9 Feb 2017


    flammable materials found at 0:24

    She meant jacket really is no updating us he is from lake shore fire to a player over here the fireplace. Old potter arrival. Fire is coming through the through the alpha side. Through the roof are off the bat we all went defensive. Nobody went inside. Surface water. The fireplace that the very flammable materials inside. At some propane tanks in there we got through the garage door cut the drug store open. Four water on it. Protect the from the propane exploding. How do you approach to borrow new builders. Potentially flammable material that I would guess it's. Just make sure and that we off you know protect our guys. Make it's that they were safe. That we got a line on the propane tanks cool it down. Indeed I've received business was close and when her hero no radar right now no injuries are reported. Thank
  2. Trump Supporter Pens Rally Song


    Wed, 13 Apr 2016

    WBEN's Brian Mazurowski talks with one Trump supporter who is ready to rally.

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    Donald Trump supporters are on the move in Western New York today a door to door campaigning effort kicked off this morning at the Ellicott square building downtown the same place where trump fans are picking up lawn signs that were made available today. Well we're gonna be giving her signs out to family and friends go Donald Trump we are so excited for this team sit com we needed this for why don't. I've made up a little song form
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    Mon, 6 Apr 2015

    Hear Brian Mazurowski's hard-hitting report on a WNY crisis

    erie county found at 0:34

    to panic this would be it at the worst possible time Western New York is experiencing a shortage. Of pussy willows how did this happen well. The weather. This is so what are the hazards of buffalo weather we did not have a good spring act on nothing there won't be coming but not in time for things thing missing from a bit earlier. And the weather is cooperating. That's Bernadette power block one of the organizers of the annual dingy state parade which just who won't be the same if the reason enough pussy willows to go around we asked Erie county executive mark pulling currents if it was enough of a concern to declare a state of emergency. I have to consider that as time goes I helped plot to my folks in the department inquiry planning. And culturally unit to see if this is something that we need to be exceptionally worried about in potentially bring puts fuel in from another part of the country. I'll block who's currently walking around with artificial pussy willows admits she's a bit concerned well it it kind of is a crisis in that if you have one of these wishes
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    WBEN's Brian Mazurowski tells the story of what could have been a surprise Rolling Stones concert in WNY

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    The Rolling Stones are expected to announce their next tour today and for owner of the sunset date beach club Sam Bobo it's bringing back some memories. Or install or looking for a venue to. Com on and coached by boat basically

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