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Happy Birthday wishes from all of us at WBEN!

Tue, 4 Apr 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ice and informed UV and we know it's it's it's your birthday and have a great life. Hi this sending these WB and first I'd like to wish you very happy birthday I was asked if I would do this and I said yes because I'm a nice guy. But I kept thinking about it. You know I had a birthday a couple of months ago where where you don't know where no order in the wrong I think you're right here from some ways it was proximity card. Maybe even an. But no and today's your birthdays and even invite me lousy piece of cake I just think it we have no relationship. I don't know you don't know me and Tony and author in the country legally but even if you're not I wish you looked very very. Happy birthday but I'll tell you this. I'm willing to go to jail. You yeah he's been sending me a PCK. Georgia the kind of guy I am but it 365. Days from now don't call me happy birthday. It's tough about it. They're both the year and we both want to wish you a very happy for him we're gonna actually get yourself. But we just decide that this would. Never think like Indian Xbox. Hole. Well but we'll just send this message have a great day. And that's safe opera today and gutless and many more groups to come.