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Obama No Child Left Behind

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  1. Trump, Sanders. Clinton.- UB Prof. Jacob Neiheisel


    Sun, 5 Jun 2016

    primaries supported Barack Obama wrecked. There has been talk ..... don't report. President Obama would never got elected if ..... I have to tree submit to No Child Left Behind than George Bush I mean I had ..... going to be a referendum on now Obama I don't think that. I think

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    seeing that happen most former Hillary voters in the primaries became Barack Obama supporters in the general election. What happens that those those differences between the parties become very stark. During the general election campaign
    come home. Right how ultimately those who supported people other than Barack Obama . After the primaries supported Barack Obama wrecked. There has been talk put out by the trump camp and unless out there. That he has an opportunity to really
    media reports. A lot of times it's what they don't report. President Obama would never got elected if he was vetted properly by the media they cover up and Hillary Clinton. She's got so what
  2. President Obama Year End News Conference


    Fri, 18 Dec 2015

    President Obama holds his end of the year news conference.

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    This is the CBS news special report a news conference by President Obama . I'm Dan Murphy even in the White House briefing room the president will shortly have an opening statement then take questions kind
    which led to that TP PE trade deal. It also gives mr. Obama the chance to look ahead to what will be his final year in office and here's the president damn good murder right.


  1. Sam Radford- Buffalo Schools parent council


    Sun, 12 Feb 2017

    two over the last year you know with Obama I don't know Aaron you know. Gotten ..... probably about the security is not a vote Obama . Talk about vouchers is that something ..... under NC LB. Uttered ordered sealed my No Child Left Behind I'm sorry. Well I was leadership

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  2. 12/23 David Bellavia Hour 3


    Fri, 23 Dec 2016

    person. That stood up against Barack Obama or his policies was a big. This is what ..... few years ago when black support it but Obama . There's at least one key steps of ..... the world's Jeb Bush is of the world No Child Left Behind that was a huge push towards. Taking

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  3. 11-22 Bauerle and Bellavia Show Hour 3


    Tue, 22 Nov 2016

    Sun Tzu says never allow your enemy to regain their feet.

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