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  1. ABC News: America in Crisis Special


    Sun, 17 Jul 2016


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    will be done here is NBC news correspondent. During pitcher ski. What President Obama called it cowardly and reprehensible assault claimed the lives of two police officers and one sheriff's deputy in Baton Rouge , Louisiana . Eyewitnesses on this Sunday said they heard dozens of shots before the gunman a 29 year old from Kansas City named Gavin long was shot dead. Officers had been responding to a report of a man in a trench coat carrying along gun. Police did not say whether the officers were targeted or shot during the commission of the crime. Whatever happened the governor of Louisiana called unjustified and unjustifiable. This latest violence came less than two weeks after a black man named all in sterling was killed by Baton Rouge police. Followed a day later by the Alando can steals fatal shooting near Saint Paul. And days after that the killings of five Dallas police officers by a gunman trying to avenge the other deaths a pattern of violence. That the governor of the we Ciena said just passed to stop. Tonight the sheriff of east Baton Rouge said all of law enforcement is grieving he's had all six of the officers shot today worm married with families. One of the city cops killed was 32 when had been on the force all of his adult life. ABC's Chauncey Glover is on the ground for us tonight in Baton Rouge Johnson what's the scene there now. I guess leaving the scene here is of course you had a lot of media here.
    with a gun. The authorities have said nothing about the motive but President Obama said today there is no justifiable motive for an attack of this kind. We'll hear more from the president in a moment. First we return to Baton Rouge ABC ABC's hit a pilgrim is on her way to the scene now. If I know you've just arrived any immediate sign of a tension in the city. No immediate attention there is an increase patent that plot or at your at it very clear. That lot force at all its gate is healthy how bad is that they sort that. This city eerie at eight app to app out. Near the Louisiana state police took charge of the investigation leaving the Baton Rouge police department in the east Baton Rouge sheriff's department time to focus on. The officers and and especially of those that were killed. We heard from the state police
  2. Full Dallas PD News Conference - Friday Morning


    Fri, 8 Jul 2016


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    conclusion. What. Who. All involved. But let me just state. Just some closing comments about. Dallas police officers. And darkly. Some of the bravest men and women. You'd ever wanna be associated with the he video footage at the
    But please pray for our. Strips. Through this trying time but he. Dallas police chief round. Now the mayor Mike Rawlings. That. There are public safety officials. That. Protect our cities and our institutions. All across
    gonna redouble my efforts on that. You're listing to live coverage of Dallas police . Briefing this morning. On the ambush last night of twelve police officers and that city it five of them are dead this is Dallas police chief David Brown. And Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings. The protest freedoms speech freedom of expression. All freedoms we fight for without lives.
  3. Taste of Buffalo with Brenda's Bites


    Thu, 7 Jul 2016


    culinary arts found at 14:58

    1000 dollars scholarships for children who are pursuing a degree and either culinary arts or hospitality it's agree. The idea and you also hit young lady who won the design competition. That's the posters each year certainly is Jackie sees actually home school she's a senior this year. I got to meet with her the other day she's a wonderful bright young lady and at this the poster that she designed which is our cover art fervent guide. Is is just it's stunning she's a very talented not that corporate picture on my FaceBook page yeah I look at buffalo common Aaron gallery and again. Ladies and wish you all the best in how it's it's kind


  1. Andrew Peters addresses youth hockey brawl


    Mon, 27 Feb 2017

    Former Sabre Andrew Peters discusses his involvement in a brawl at a youth hockey game he was coaching on his WGR radio show 'The Instigators'

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  2. Alan Colmes on WBEN


    Thu, 23 Feb 2017


  3. Mayor Brown at Peace Rally


    Sat, 4 Feb 2017